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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 5: Screamin' In The Hood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside the penthouse suite of a very fancy hotel, Cryme Tyme members Shad
Gaspard and JTG are tearing the room up so it's more their style. Both men
are wearing baggy blue jeans and long black t-shirts, and Shad is wearing
a white skullcap as he crashes on the large hotel bed. "Yo dawg... That
home boy Nitro was really cool about letting us use his room..." Shad says
with a laugh.

"Yeah boy... Homeboy knew how to play the game... but damn... this place is
so... White..." JTG laughs, "Needs a lot more color... or an extreme ghetto
make over..."

Shad laughs, "Man... we ought to go into that home decorating business...
we'd show them how things are like down in the hood..." Shad says as he sits
up, "We can make some mad green in making shit look different... got all
those folk doing the same shit, but they suck... We'd be off the hook."

"Yo, yo, yo, yo... we should start here and show the home boy down at the
front desk... make some quick change..." JTG grins as the door of the
penthouse suite's door starts to open and both members of Cryme Tyme look
over to see the WWE's most dominate diva Melina coming into what was her
and Johnny Nitro's private suite. Shad and JTG both smirk as they exchange
looks and then they look at Melina and go, "Yoooooo home girl!"

Melina, dressed in a short jean skirt and tan colored tight-fitting top,
places her dominating hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she narrows her
eyes into a glare as she locks her dominating, fierce eyes on JTG and Shad
Gaspard "Just...what do you two think you're doing!?" The "A-List" Diva
snaps as she shakes her head as she surveys the Cryme Tyme styled hotel
suite that once belonged to the "A-List" Couple of Johnny Nitro and Melina
"...And where's Johnny!?" Melina yells slightly as she grits her teeth

JTG gets up from the bed and he walks over to Melina, "Yo, yo, yo, yo home
boy... had something come up down in the hood..." JTG says as he puts an arm
around the hot self proclaimed most dominate diva. "And he didn't want this
big room to go to waste..."

"Yeah home girl... Nitro... gave us... his room key..." Shad adds with a
smirk of his own as he relaxes on the large hotel room bed.

Melina keeps her dominating, seductive eyes narrowed into a glare as she
shakes her head with her teeth gritted "Well...I don't want you
get...OUT!" Melina screams as she points at the door of the hotel room.

"Whoa... home girl... relax..." JTG says as he keeps his arm around Melina,
"You need a trip down to the hood... cause all that screaming ain't good..."
JTG says as he holds Melina as if she was a close buddy as he starts to walk
Melina over towards the bed where Shad is.

Melina presses her dominating, luscious lips together as she turns her head
and glares at JTG as he walks the dominating Diva over to the large, luxury
hotel suite bed "You better get those hands off of me!" Melina snaps at the
fun-loving JTG.

"Damn home girl... you got a real attitude problem..." JTG says as he takes
his arm off of the hot 'A-List' diva, "You really need a trip down to the
hood..." JTG says as he then pushes Melina on the bed, and she falls next to
the large, powerful black Shad Gaspard.

Shad looks over at Melina and smiles, "Yo... what's up home girl..." Shad
says as Melina's right hand is on his large left arm.

Melina shakes her head as she sits up on the bed "Listen! If you two aren't
here for a good damn reason...then you two better leave!" Melina snap as she
grits her teeth as JTG kneels down onto bed, joining his partner Shad and the
dominating Melina.

"Yo, home girl... what's a matter... you ain't getting down to the hood
enough to see a good thing?" JTG says as he places his right hand on top of
Melina's tan colored top covered chest and starts to feel up her large tits
through the material.

"Yeah Mel... your home boy wanted ya to get some real screaming... straight
from the hood..." Shad says as he puts his right hand on Melina's thigh and
slides it up underneath her short jean skirt, which completely shocks the
hot 'A-List' diva.

Melina raises an eyebrow and smirks slightly "Oh really? Johnny did that for
me?" Melina asks she slightly licks her lips as the dominant Diva eases up a

"Oh yeah home girl... in fact... he wanted us to be all ready for ya... but
you were late getting here..." JTG says with a grin as he starts to pull up
Melina's tan colored tight fitting top, freeing her large firm and hot tits.

Shad smirks, "Yeah... we been waiting for ya for hours..." Shad says as he
undoes Melina's jean skirt and starts to pull it down from her waist.

Melina presses her lips together into a smirk as she sits up a bit more
on the bed as Shad starts to pull down Melina's jean skirt for her hot,
dominating body "Maybe...I shouldn't have been so rude before..." Melina
replies as she tosses her soft, wavy hair back before she turns towards
JTG and begins to lift up his long black sleeved t-shirt "Mmm...Johnny
must've told you that I love being with two guys..." Melina says with a
smirk as she finishes removing JTG's t-shirt before she places her left
hand against his smooth, muscular stomach.

"Aw yeah... he did..." JTG says as he nods his head as Shad Gaspard tries not
to laugh.

"Yo, home girl... homeboy said you ain't ever gotten down with two men
from the hood..." Shad says as he removes his own t-shirt, revealing his
powerfully built upper body as well as his skullcap. Shad then unbuckles
his large belt and starts to unbutton and unzip his baggy jeans.

Melina turns her head and smirks over at Shad Gaspard "Mmm...well I've been
with one...but not two..." Melina says with a soft laugh as she turns back
to JTG and begins to unbuckle the belt around JTG's baggy jeans before she
pulls the belt away from his waist. Melina licks her lips "Man...I love
threesomes..." Melina says as she begins to unbutton JTG's baggy jeans "I
should have known Johnny would have done this for me..."

JTG licks his lips and laughs a bit, "Yeah... home boy... was pretty excited
about it... in fact... he was... speechless after we were done talking with
him about it..." JTG says as Melina starts to pull down his baggy jeans in
order to free his large thick black thirteen-inch black cock.

Shad stands up from the bed and lowers his own baggy jeans completely to let
out his big black meaty fourteen inch shaft, "Yo dawg... you think home girl
can handle it in the hood?" Shad asks with a grin.

"I dunno homie... home boy said she can get loud over nothing big..." JTG
replies with slight laugh.

Melina presses her lips together and smirks as she raises an eyebrow "Ohh...
I bet I can handle it in the hood...I'm the greatest Diva to ever be in the
WWE...and I'm the greatest fuck you two...will ever have..." The "A-List"
Diva replies with a confident smirk as she turns towards JTG and sits on her
hands and knees in front of him as he kneels on the luxury hotel suite bed.
Melina reaches forward and wraps her smooth, dominating hands around JTG's
thick, hard black shaft and begins to stroke her hands smoothly against his
hardening black cock.

"Mmmmm... damn home girl... you're quick to get a hand or two... on the
situation..." JTG says with a bit of a moan as Melina pumps both of her hands
up and down the length of his long black stiff shaft as it becomes completely
hard in her soft, yet dominating hands.

Shad gets back on the bed behind Melina and he reaches between her legs and
places his right hand against her smooth pussy, "Mmmm damn home girl..." Shad
says as he rubs Melina's pussy with his right hand while stroking his large
stiff cock with his left hand.

Melina glances over her shoulder and smirks back at Shad as he rubs his right
hand against her smooth, hot and dominating pussy "Ohhhh...mmmm yeah rub that
pussy!" Melina moans as she guides her dominating hands quickly against JTG's
fully hard, black cock. Melina tosses her soft, wavy "A-List" hair back as
she turns her head to look in front of her at JTG's cock. Melina licks her
lips before she leans her head towards his black cock and presses her wet,
soft tongue against the head of JTG's black cock as she starts to guide her
soft, dominating tongue around the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yeah home girl... but I'm gonna do more than just rub that
pussy..." Shad says as he moves his right hand back and forth over Melina's
pussy before taking it away. The powerful black criminal licks his lips as
he positions himself better behind Melina and slides his hard, dry black cock
into her tight pussy. Shad places both of his hands on the sides of Melina's
hips and holds her still as he starts thrusting his cock in and out of her
warm, tight dominating pussy.

Meanwhile in front of Melina, JTG puts his right hand on Melina's shoulder
as she circles her soft, wet tongue around the head of his thick hard shaft,
"Damn home girl... you like taking your time... but that's not how it goes
down in the hood..." JTG says as he puts his left hand on Melina's head and
pushes her head down so that she takes his cock past her lips.

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck..." Melina groans as JTG'S hard black cock passes her soft,
dominating lips and enters her hot, wet and dominating mouth. Melina presses
her lips around JTG's black shaft and starts to smoothly and quickly bob her
head on JTG's black cock as she begins to suck on the fun-loving criminal's
cock as her hot, dominating body begins to rock back and forth in between
Shad and JTG as Shad begins to slam his powerful black cock in and out of her
tight, dominating pussy.

"Awww... yeah boy... home girl's catching on to how we do it in the hood..."
JTG moans as he keeps his left hand on the back of Melina's head as she sucks
on his big black cock. The fun-loving black stud starts moving his hips back
and forth, thrusting his cock in and out between her lips.

Behind Melina, the powerful Shad Gaspard smirks as he pounds her hot pussy
with his large black cock, "Mmmmm... ohhh damn... she is off the hook..."
Shad grunts as he increases the pace of his powerful thrusts.

"Mmm...ohhhh fuck..." Melina moans against JTG's cock as she lifts and lowers
her head on JTG's cock as she slides her warm, wet tongue around his cock,
coating his cock with wet saliva as her mouth dominates his black cock while
RAW's most dominant Diva sucks the black cock of JTG at a quick, rough rate
as she pushes her hot, dominate body back against Shad's powerful black cock
as he slams his cock deeply into her pussy.

"Awww fuck yo... homie... her pussy is off the fucking... hook..." Shad
groans as he slams his shaft swiftly in and out of her pussy. He holds onto
her waist and pulls her back harder so that Melina's hot ass hits against his
firm waist.

"Mmmm... yo, yo, yo, yo... dawg... let me get a piece of her..." JTG groans
as he lifts Melina's head off of his saliva covered cock.

"Shit... a'ight homie..." Shad says as he pulls his cock out of Melina's hot
tight pussy and taps his cock against Melina's hot ass.

Melina raises an eyebrow as she glances over her shoulder and smirks at Shad
Gaspard "Ohhh yeah! I want suck that dick!" Melina slightly
shouts as she turns around on her knees, so that the dominant "A-List" Diva
is now facing Shad while her hot, rounded ass is facing JTG. Melina licks
her lips as she wraps her smooth, dominating hands around Shad's powerful
black cock before she opens her mouth and guides his black cock into her
warm, wet mouth.

"Damn home girl... you said it... and you got it..." Shad Gaspard moans as
Melina starts bobbing her head up and down on his long, thick meaty black
cock. The powerful black stud puts his hands on Melina's shoulders as she
slurps on his dick.

JTG smirks as he looks at Melina's hot smooth ass, "Damn... that's a ghetto
booty right there..." JTG says as he smacks Melina's ass before he starts
to push his own black dick into Melina's warm, tight dominating pussy. The
fun-loving black criminal grits his teeth a bit as he starts to swiftly move
his cock in and out of Melina's pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhhh fuck yesss!" Melina loudly shouts around Shad's cock as JTG
slams his hard, thick cock inside of her warm, wet and dominant pussy as she
bobs her head smoothly on Shad's black cock at a quick pace as she slaps her
wet tongue against Shad's hard black shaft. Melina twists her head on Shad's
cock as she firmly pushes herself back against JTG's cock as he thrusts his
cock into her warm pussy.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he closes his eyes and moves his hips back
and forth as he thrusts his huge black shaft in and out between Melina's
dominating lips, "Awww... damn... fuck she belongs in the hood..." Shad
groans as he feels Melina's tongue slap against the underside of his dick.

JTG holds onto Melina's sexy waist with his right hand as he bangs her pussy
with hard swift thrusts while smacking Melina's ass with his left, "Uhhh
yeah... ohhh damn yea..." JTG grunts as he starts to slightly sweat as he
drives his cock balls deep into Melina's cunt. Melina gently presses her
teeth against Shad's powerful black cock as she orally dominates Shad's hard,
thick black cock. As Melina quickly bobs her head along Shad's shaft, her
teeth rake back and forth against his shaft as the "A-List" Diva begins to
take Shad's black cock deeper into her warm wet mouth. Melina slams her hot,
dominant body back against JTG's hard black cock as he swiftly slams his cock
in and out of her dominating pussy as her hot, rounded ass slams back against
his smooth waist. "Mmmmm... ohhhh damn... whew... fuck home girl... you're
really off the hook..." JTG groans as he starts to cum deep inside of
Melina's hot tight pussy as he keeps pounding her cunt with his black cock.

Shad Gaspard keeps his powerful black hands on Melina's shoulders as she
sucks and slurps on his large thick shaft. Shad leans his head back and moans
loudly, "Ahhhhh ohhh yea... awww shit yea..." Shad groans as he starts to cum
inside of Melina's mouth, giving her a mouthful of his warm cum.

"Mmmm...ohhhhh fuck..." Melina moans as she lifts her head off of Shad's
black cumming cock and tilts her head back as she swallows the large, warm
load of cum inside of her hot, dominating mouth. Melina licks her lips and
glances over her shoulder with a smirk as JTG pulls his black cock out of
her hot, tight pussy.

JTG licks his lips and smirks as he taps his cum spent cock against her hot
ass, "Damn home girl... your home boy really set this up right..." JTG says
with a grin as Shad gets off of the bed.

Melina presses her lips together into a smirk as she sits down on her knees
on top of the large, luxury hotel suite bed and raises an eyebrow "Mmm...why
don't I go get freshened up a bit...and I came back for a bit more?" Melina
asks with a confident, slightly arrogant laugh.

Shad nods his head, "Yo... that sounds like... a very good idea..." Shad
says as he glances around the hotel room at some of Melina's items that are
scattered about.

JTG licks his lips, "Yeah home girl... you go freshen up... we'll be right
here..." JTG says with a big smile.

Melina smirks and nods her head " better be!" Melina slightly snaps
as she lifts herself off of the luxury bed and begins to walk over to the
deluxe luxury bathroom and places her hand on the doorknob and begins to
slowly push the door open.

After Melina starts to step into the bathroom, both hot members of Cryme Tyme
look at each other and nod their heads "Yo... lets go..." JTG says to Shad
and both men start to quickly gather their clothes and get dress in record

"Yo... let's grab some shit... the pawn shops are gonna love some of this..."
Shad says as he grabs Melina's travel bag and starts stuffing it with some of
Melina's loose items that are in the room.

"Yeah homie... hurry up... hurry up..." JTG says as he grabs another travel
bag and he picks up a pair of tinted sunglasses, which he puts on. "Yo, yo,
yo... how I look?" JTG asks as he wears Johnny Nitro's sunglasses.

"Like a white boy..." Shad laughs. Meanwhile in the bathroom, Melina is
walking to the sink when she hears a moan from the bathroom.

Melina pauses and raises her eyebrow "What the...?" Melina narrows her
eyes as she looks into the mirror at her reflection as she presses her lips
together and slowly looks around the luxury sized bathroom of the hotel suite
"Hello?" Melina asks in a slightly arrogant tone.

A moment passes and then Melina hears the voice of her 'A-List' boyfriend
Johnny Nitro coming from within the bathtub which has the shower curtain
drawn closed "Uhhh... help..." Nitro groans.

Melina raises an eyebrow "What!?" Melina shouts a bit as she takes a step
towards the bathtub "Johnny!? Is that you!?" Melina slightly yells as she
reaches forward and grabs hold of the shower curtain before she slowly
pulls the shower curtain open to view into the bathtub.

Inside the bathtub, Johnny Nitro sits there naked except for a pair of white
boxer briefs and his hands are tied behind his back, "Melina... thank god...
fuck... you won't believe what happened... Those two... black... thugs...
fucking jumped me and stole my stuff..." Nitro starts to say but then pauses
and looks at Melina with a confused look on his face, "Why are you naked?"

Melina's widened with anger and shock "What am I doing!?" Melina slightly
snaps "I'm doing what you had arranged for me! A three-way with those two
black studs from Cryme Tyme!" Melina slightly yells but then pauses and
raises an eyebrow as she looks down at the tied-up Johnny Nitro in the
bathtub "Wait! didn't arrange for them...did you!?"

"Arrange for them?!" Nitro looks up at his hot and sweaty 'A-List'
girlfriend, "Those two jerks knocked me from behind when I came here to
get my stuff!"

"They did what!?" Melina shouts as she grits her teeth and sneers with
dominating anger as she grabs hold of her soft, wavy "A-List" hair and
gently pulls on her hair.

"They stole my shit too!" Nitro says, "And... you fucked them?!" Nitro asks
as he tries to free his arms.

As Nitro looks at Melina, they both hear from outside in the main room of the
luxury hotel room suite, they hear both members of Cryme Tyme yell, "BAIL!"

Melina grits her teeth as she glances away from the bathtub and at the open
door to the bathroom as she and Nitro both watch the professional criminal
studs of RAW, JTG and Shad Gaspard, flee from the luxury hotel room suite of
Johnny Nitro and Melina. Melina narrows her dominating eyes into a cold,
fierce glare before she tilts her head back and releases a heart-wrenching,
glass-breaking primal scream "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"


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