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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 7: RAW Bangin' In The Hood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Towards the end of a match that is taking place on Monday Night RAW, Cryme
Tyme is taking on Trevor Murdoch and Lance Cade in a hard fought tag team
battle. Both members of Cryme Tyme are dressed in baggy jeans, and are
dominating the two tough wrestlers from the south. "My god King, Cryme Tyme
is on a roll here... Looks like nothing can stop them now," Jim Ross, the
voice of RAW, says as he calls the match.

"Oh c'mon now JR, Cade and Murdoch just need the right moment to regain their
composure and the tides will turn in their favor any moment now, "Jerry 'The
King' Lawler replies as just in the ring, Cryme Tyme hits their big-time
finishing move called the G9 on Lance Cade, and JTG covers him as Referee
Jack Doan counts the 3 count.

"Looks like Cade and Murdoch won't get that chance King, Cryme Tyme just
picked up the victory with the G9!" JR exclaims as Cryme Tyme celebrates in
the ring.

Lilian Garcia, wearing a black skirt and a white top, stands up from her
seat at ringside with microphone in hand, "Here are your winners, CRYME
TYME!" Lilian says into the mic as the crowd inside the arena goes wild for
the WWE's resident criminals. Inside the ring, JTG taps Shad's shoulder and
points at Lilian, and Shad nods. Moments later both men jump out of the ring
and approach Lilian.

"Now this ain't right JR... what business does Cryme Tyme have messing with
Lilian?!" The King asks as he watches Cryme Tyme from a safe distance.

"I don't know King... but it looks like business is picking up... Shad has
just lifted Lilian over his shoulder and they are carrying her out of the
ring area!" JR says as he describes what has just occurred moments ago.

"Kidnapping! They are kidnapping Lilian! Someone call the cops!" The King
yells frantically.

JR looks at the King with a raised eyebrow. "Will you stop King... Cryme Tyme
are just a couple of fun loving guys... but even I have to wonder... where
are they going with Lilian?"

* * *

A Short time later backstage, Shad Gaspard is stilling carrying Lilian Garcia
as the two fun loving professional criminals make their way straight to their
locker room located on the far side of the arena, "Yo, yo, yo, yo homie...
this is off the hook... home girl is gonna totally love the hood!" JTG says
as he walks ahead of Shad.

"Word..." Shad says as he adjusts how he's carrying Lilian, "You a'ight home
girl?" Shad asks Lilian as JTG opens the door to Cryme Tyme's locker room and
allows Shad to enter with Lilian still over his shoulder.

The stunning and naturally beautiful RAW Ring Announcer, Lilian Garcia,
laughs softly as she shakes her head while being carried of Shad Gaspard's
shoulder "You guys...I have to be out there for RAW..." Lilian slightly
pleads with her Cryme Tyme capturers "I really need to be out there...we're
in mid broadcast" Lilian says with a soft laugh as the powerful, strong black
stud Shad gently sets the beautiful Ring Announcer down on her own two feet.

JTG shakes his head as he closes the door "Nah... they don't need ya out
there... they can get home boy... what's his face... oh yea Grisham out there
to do it..."

"Yeah home girl... you already seen the best part of the show... me and JTG
taking those fat wanna-be cowboys straight on down to the hood..." Shad adds
with a big wide grin.

Lilian shakes her head a bit as she softly laughs "Seriously, Shad...JTG, I
really should be out there...we still have the women's match and the main
event still..." Lilian begins to says as she gently cups her soft, gentle
hands below her smoothly, toned and tanned stomach that is visible between
Lilian's white top and her black skirt.

"Aww c'mon home girl... you know you want to take a trip down to the hood..."
Shad says as he slightly flexes his powerful arms. "

Yeah Lil...besides you're covered... everyone saw us carry you out of the
suburbs to bring ya to the hood..." JTG says as he crosses his arms just
above his crotch. "Ya don't wanna head back too early... and miss on some
RAW gangsta banging..." JTG adds with a bit of a laugh.

Lilian lowers her head and shyly blushes "I'm really flattered but..." Lilian
begins to say before she's cut off by the fun-loving criminal JTG.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo..." JTG says as he steps towards Lilian and stands next
to her, "Home girl, loosen up... you gotta see what it's like down in the
hood... and we know you don't get down to the hood often enough... so whatcha
say home girl?"

Lilian sighs as she shakes her head "Alright...fine, but once we're done I
really have to get back out there..." Lilian says with a soft smile as she
glances over at JTG next to her before she glances in front of her at the
strong, powerful Shad Gaspard and softly smiles.

"Sure, sure home girl..." Shad says with a big smile on his handsome face
before he starts to unbuckle his leather belt.

"Yeaahhh boy... home girl's going down to the hood, yeah, yeah..." JTG says
as he starts to do his own belt. Lilian Garcia smiles softly before the
naturally beautiful RAW Diva and Ring Announcer takes a deep breath and
places her soft hands against her white top before she slowly lifts the top
off of her body to reveal a perfectly fitting black bra covering up her
smoothly rounded, firm tits.

"Whew... DAAAAAMN!" JTG and Shad both says at the same time once they get a
look at Lilian's black bra covered round firm tits. "Damn... those are hot
toma-ta-ta-toes!" JTG says as he pulls his belt through the loop of his baggy
jeans, and he quickly unbuttons and unzips them so that he can push them down
from his wait to let out his foot long thick black cock.

"Home girl... you got fine body... damn..." Shad says as he removes his belt
and then undoes his jeans so he can drop them down from his waist, freeing
his thirteen-inch long black dick.

Lilian gently bites down on her bottom lip and blushes "Oh...thank you..."
Lilian says with a soft laugh as she places her hands against her short black
skirt and begins to lower her skirt down from her smoothly rounded hips and
down her smooth, tanned, gorgeous legs as she reveal her hot black panties.
Lilian steps out of her short black skirt and stands in front of the
fun-loving RAW criminals of Cryme Tyme in her hot black bra and panties
before the stunning RAW Ring Announcer kneels down in front of the two
professional criminals.

"Mmmmm... ever seen a couple of big '40's' up close home girl?" Shad Gaspard
asks as he puts his hands on his waist as Lilian looks at his and JTG's large
hardening cocks.

"I bet she has... all the hot home girls seen big '40's' before..." JTG says
with a grin, as he looks down at Lilian and winks, "Right home girl?"

Lilian softly laughs and shakes her head "I've seen a few...but nothing like
those..." Lilian innocently replies as the naturally beautiful Ring Announcer
reaches forward with her soft, gentle hands and wraps them around the
hardened, thick black cocks of Shad Gaspard and JTG. With Shad's cock in her
smooth left hand and JTG's cock in her smooth right hand, the beautiful
Lilian Garcia begins to gently stroke her hands against JTG's and Shad's
large black shafts.

"Ohhhh yea home girl... ain't too many like these..." JTG says with a moan as
the lovely Lilian Garcia moves her right hand back and forth along the length
of his black cock. Shad licks his lips and continues to grin as Lilian pumps
his meaty shaft with her left hand. Lilian softly smiles as she looks up and
locks her innocent, beautiful eyes with JTG and Shad as she smoothly strokes
her hands against their meaty, hard and rigid black cocks before she leans
her head down towards Shad Gaspard's black cock and gently flicks her soft,
wet tongue against the large head of his cock before turning to head to JTG's
cock and flicks her soft tongue against the head of his black cock as well,
while she continues to firmly stroke their black shafts.

"Aww... yeah... home girl... get a good taste of those '40s'..." Shad moans
as Lilian turns her head back to his dick and slides her tongue completely
around the large tip of it.

JTG licks his teeth, "Yo, yo, yo... home girl... you aren't going to leave
those dogs in the dog house are ya?" JTG asks as he leans down and reaches
for the clasp of Lilian's bra in order to release it, causing Lilian's black
bra to fall a bit away from her firm, round tits.

Lilian lifts her head away from Shad's cock as she gently slapping her wet
tongue against the head of his cock before she smiles up at JTG "Just wait...
home boy..." Lilian says with a soft laugh and wink before she leans her head
in towards JTG's black cock and opens her warm mouth as she takes his black
hard cock into her warm, wet soothing mouth and presses her lips around his
black shaft before she starts to smoothly bob her head on his cock while her
black bra hangs on her smooth arms, slightly covering her firmly rounded,
perky tits.

"Awww... ohhhh yeah home girl!" JTG moans as he quickly puts both of his
hands on Lilian's head and pushes her blond hair back as the beautiful RAW
ring announcer bobs her head on his large stiff cock.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips and frees his large black cock from Lilian's left
hand and he walks around behind Lilian and pulls her up to her feet so that
she's now bent over with JTG's cock in her mouth. "Yo... she needs a big trip
to the hood..." Shad says as he pulls down Lilian's black panties, revealing
her smooth bare ass cheeks. Shad licks his lips and he bends his knees a bit
so that he can push his large thick cock into Lilian's tight Hispanic pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhhh..." Lilian softly moans around JTG's cock as she feels Shad
Gaspard's thick black cock enter her warm, tight pussy from behind. As Shad
begins to smoothly thrust his cock in and out of Lilian's hot pussy, the
beautiful RAW Ring Announcer gently guides her soft, wet tongue around JTG's
black shaft as she starts to easily bob her head at a quicker rate, while her
warm saliva drips against his cock that invades her mouth.

"Awww yeah... mmmmm... damn home girl..." JTG moans as he tilts his head
back as Lilian continues to suck on his large black cock. The fun loving
professional criminal starts to move his hips forward, pushing his dick in
and out between Lilian's lips.

Shad places his hands onto Lilian's sexy hips as he pumps his shaft into
Lilian's pussy, "Mmmm damn home girl... you got it going on..." Shad groans
as he steadily increases the pace of his thrusts as he fucks the lovely
Hispanic diva.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Lilian continues to moans as she gently slides her soft,
wet tongue against the underbelly of JTG's large black cock as she starts to
lower head further down on his cock as she starts to slightly deep throat
JTG's black cock, while she starts to gently push her hot, soft-skinned body
back against Shad's powerful and massive black cock that thrusts deeply and
quickly into her tight pussy.

"Aww... ohhhh damn... yo JTG... Lilian's got a fly... hot fine pussy..." Shad
grunts as he keeps pumping his large cock in and out of Lilian's pussy. Shad
slides his hands from Lilian's hips and he puts them on Lilian's ass cheeks.
Every time Shad pushes his cock deep into Lilian's warm hot pussy, he
squeezes her ass cheeks, which makes Lilian jolt forward towards JTG.

"Damn homie... Lilian has great mouth work..." JTG moans as he starts to
step backward away from Lilian, causing his large black cock to come out of
Lilian's warm, soothing mouth. Lilian slowly licks her lips as she lifts her
head up and softly smiles up at JTG as some of her warm saliva drips off of
his black shaft while her stunning, gorgeous body rocks forward and then back
with each of Shad's firm, stiff and quick thrusts.

JTG licks his lips as he watches Lilian moving back against Shad as she gets
fucks. "Damn... yo, yo, yo, yo... I wanna piece of home girl..." JTG says as
he gets down on the floor of the locker room.

"All right dawg..." Shad grunts as he removes his solid black shaft out of
Lilian's tight pussy and he holds onto Lilian to keep her from stumbling

Lilian glances over her shoulder and smiles back at Shad "Thanks..." Lilian
replies as she stands up straight before she steps away from the powerful,
muscular black criminal Shad Gaspard and begins to approach the fun-loving
criminal JTG, who lays on the cold locker room floor, and she then joins JTG
on the floor as she firmly mounts her soft-skinned, beautifully tanned body
on top of his hard black cock, taking him deeply into her warm and tight
pussy "Ohhhhh shoot..." Lilian softly moans as she lowers herself completely
and places her soft hands against his smooth, muscular chest before she
starts to gently rock her body back and forth on his cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yeaahhh home girl..." JTG moans as Lilian rocks back and forth
on his cock, gradually gaining more momentum. The fun-loving criminal takes a
moment to completely peel away Lilian's black bra that is hanging from her
tits in order to let her puppies out to play.

"Yo... I ain't staying out of the action for long... that's not how it's
done in the hood..." Shad says as he gets down behind Lilian and pushes his
large thick black cock into Lilian's tight ass, causing Lilian to stop her
movements on JTG's cock. Once Shad's cock is completely inside of Lilian's
ass, Shad begins to fuck her with slow thrusts that slowly get faster and
harder as Lilian resumes rocking on JTG's cock.

Lilian gently grits her teeth together as she closes her eyes "Ohhhh
shoot..." Lilian softly moans as Shad's hard, thick black cock enters her
tight asshole. Lilian gently lowers her heads down from JTG's smooth,
muscular chest to his smooth, muscular stomach as she gently bounces up
and down on his black cock, while rocking forward at a slightly quicker
rate while Shad pumps his black cock into her asshole.

"Yo, yo, yo... home girl... damn... you love this RAW banging in the hood..."
JTG grunts as he holds onto Lilian's firm, hot tits as he thrusts his large
stiff gangsta cock upward into Lilian's pussy.

Shad holds onto Lilian's waist as he continues to pump his cock faster and
harder into Lilian's tight ass, "Uhhh yeah... yo, yo... you got a booty...
straight from the hood home girl..." Shad grunts as he bangs Lilian's hot
Hispanic ass with his big black cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh you guys are amazing..." Lilian softly announces as she gently
rocks back against the powerful criminal Shad Gaspard as she firmly bounces
on top of JTG's black cock as she slightly sandwiched between the two
fun-loving black studs known as Cryme Tyme while they impale her warm, wet
pussy and tight asshole with their thick, hard black cocks.

"Damn straight home girl... we're pros... at everything we do..." Shad grunts
as sweat drips down his hot muscular body. Shad licks his lips and firmly
pulls Lilian back against him so that her ass hits against his body.

JTG sits up a bit, and gains a bit more leverage as he deeply thrusts his
cock up into Lilian's pussy, "Ahhh... damn Lil... you got it right... in all
the right places..." JTG groans.

Lilian bites down on her bottom lip as her hot, sweat-dripping body slams
down hard against JTG's black hard cock, forcing his cock deeper into her
tight pussy as Shad Gaspard begins to roughly pound his thick, massive black
cock deeply into her tight asshole, causing the beautiful Lilian Garcia to
quickly and roughly rock back and forth in between the hot, sweating
professional black criminals "Ohhhh...ohhh...oh shit..." Lilian moans as she
breaths heavily.

"Ahhhh... ohhhh damn... whew... yea Lilian... take it those big '40s'" JTG
moans as he pumps his cock faster and harder into Lilian's hot tight pussy.

Shad licks his lips as his body drips with sweat, "Ahhh... ohhh yea home
girl... mmm this is some real RAW banging going on here..." Shad grunts as
he slams his cock balls deep into Lilian's asshole.

Lilian tilts her head back slightly against Shad's smooth, muscular chest
as the fun-loving criminal JTG firmly drives his black cock up into
Lilian's tight pussy as he sweating body slams down on his black shaft
"Ohhhh shoot..." Lilian softly moans as she begins to suddenly cum on his
black cock.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo... home girl just hit the deep section of the hood..." JTG
groans as he feels Lilian's warm juices flow all over his cock.

"Yo... dawg... let's give her a couple of 40's to pop..." Shad grunts as he
pulls his throbbing black cock out of Lilian's hard fucked ass.

"Word up homie!" JTG says and licks his lips as Shad lifts the sweating,
gorgeous RAW ring announcer off of him and positions her on the floor. JTG
gets up to his feet and he and Shad stand in front of Lilian with their
hands wrapped around their '40s'. "Yo, yo, yo, yo Lilian... we got some
good stuff for ya home girl..." JTG says with a grin as sweat rolls down
his face. Lilian slowly licks her lips and softly smiles as she looks up
at JTG and Shad Gaspard as the two professional, fun-loving criminals start
to smoothly stroke their hard, throbbing black cocks. Lilian presses her
lips together as she leans her head in towards JTG and Shad's cock and
gently flicks her tongue against both of their hard, throbbing black cocks.

When Lilian opens her mouth a bit more, JTG and Shad both ground loudly as
they start to cum at almost the same time, "Ahhhh fuck..." JTG groans.

"Damn... yo... shit..." Shad moans as both hot black fun-loving criminals
spray their cum onto Lilian's warm, wet tongue and into her mouth, with a
bit of their warm cum landing on her cheeks and chin.

"Ohhhhh yeah..." Lilian softly moans as Shad and JTG's warm, sticky cum
sprays into her wet mouth and her cheeks and chin. Lilian tilts her head
back and presses her lips together as she closes her eyes and swallows the
warm load of cum.

"Yo, yo, yo... man that one hell of a crime dawg..." JTG says with a groan
as the last bit of his cum shoots from his cock.

"Yeah homie... I know home girl loved it..." Shad replies as the final drops
of his cum drip from the tip of his black shaft.

"Yo... right on..." JTG laughs as he looks at the clock and laughs a bit when
he sees the time, "Yo, yo, yo home girl... RAW's wrapping up..."

Lilian laughs softly and shrugs her shoulder "Ehhh...Todd can finish..."
Lilian replies with a cute smile.

"Yo... word to that!" JTG laughs as he nods his head.

"Yo Lil... you want to keep on banging in the hood?" Shad asks.

Lilian raises an eyebrow and gently laughs "Why's RAW!"


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