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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 8: Not Too Ditzy For Serving Tyme
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a RAW Live Event, the WWE's resident professional criminals
known as Cryme Tyme are standing behind a table with some items belonging to
a few members of the RAW's roster that crossed Cryme Tyme in recent weeks.
Shad Gaspard, the taller, more powerful member of Cryme Tyme is wearing a
long black shirt and blue baggy jeans, while his tag team partner JTG is
dressed in a long white t-shirt. JTG looks into a small metal box that's on
the table and sees the money inside of it, "Yo, yo, yo... We got a hell of
a lot of green here homie!"

"Yeah dawg... Got a lot of moolah for that stuff from those home boys'
locker rooms..." Shad laughs a bit as he takes the rest of the stuff that's
on the table and tosses it into a box that's on the floor.

"Yo... we should get a couple of fly honeys and a couple of 40-ounces and
kick it old school style..." JTG says as Shad kicks the box over towards a
trash bin.

"Sounds good, maybe even grab a bootleg of 'The Marine'... Cause that movie
is off the hook... and all the honey's love with when big JC takes his shirt
off..." Shad says with a grin.

"Awww yeah boy... I love that plan..." JTG says as both of the black studs
start to walk down the hallway, and JTG spots RAW's ditzy, adorable backstage
correspondent Maria standing near the television monitors, "Yo, yo, yo, yo
home girl... what's happening?"

The sweet and innocent, adorable RAW backstage correspondent Maria slowly
turns her head in the direction of JTG after he calls out to the fun-loving,
ditzy RAW Diva. Maria smiles excitedly "Hey Guys!" Maria says with a cute
wave as Shad and JTG begin to approach her as she's dressed in a one-piece
navy blue skirt and matching top.

"How's it hanging home girl?" Shad says as he and JTG arrive in front of

JTG nods his head, "Whew damn home girl you are looking super FINE!" JTG says
as he checks Maria out slightly.

Maria bites down on her bottom lips as she blushes and presses her slender,
cute shoulders up into a soft shrug "Not much...not much..." Maria pauses
as she places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she scrunches her
adorable nose up and raises an eyebrow "Guys...I have a question..."

"Yo, yo, yo, what's your question Maria?" JTG asks as he shuffles a bit so
that he's standing next to the adorable diva.

"Yeah Maria... your thing is to ask a lot of whatcha gotta
ask?" Shad asks as he puts his hands on his waist.

Maria takes a deep breath "Well...I'm really confused..." Maria begins to say
as she glances at JTG and then at Shad Gaspard "They say you're criminals...
but..." Maria scrunches her nose and shakes her head "You guys seem so're not bad guys..." Maria cutely says.

JTG licks his lips as he looks at Maria, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, we ain't bad
guys... we're like Robin's hoods... rob from the rich give to the poor and
bang some nice fine bit..."

Shad Gaspard suddenly cuts off JTG. "Yeah Maria, we're just misunderstood...
cause we're honest and straight up about it..." Shad says as he smiles at

"Yeah home girl... what my homie said was true..." JTG adds with a grin.

Maria quickly nods her head, as she slightly understands "Oh OK!" Maria
replies in a perky, upbeat tone before she pauses once again and raises an
eyebrow "Wait...I'm confused again...bang some nice fine...what?" Maria
asks as she scrunches her nose and presses her lips together and shakes her
head "I'm confused again..." Maria says as she starts to frown.

Shad laughs and shakes his head slightly, "Yo home girl... don't fret about
it... but yo... me and JTG were going to go catch 'The Marine'..."

JTG nods his head as puts his arm around Maria, "Yeah home girl, we're gonna
go check it out... you want in?"

Maria smiles excitedly and nods her head quickly "Oh? Really!?" Maria cutely
squeaks "I love the Marine!" Maria says as she presses her soft, luscious
lips together "Oh...I just love John Cena!"

"Yo, yo, yo... all the fine hotties like big JC..." JTG says with a grin.

"Yo, check it, how about you come back with us to our crib... we pop it in
and watch The Marine kick some serious ass..." Shad says, "And maybe get
some action down in the hood..."

Maria bites down on her bottom lip "Well...I got an interview to do later
tonight..." Maria says as she looks down "But we should be done in time...
right?" Maria asks with a cute smile.

"Yeah, oh yeah home girl... we'll be done with plenty of time for you to do
your interview..." JTG says as he nods his head.

"Yo, I'll bounce over to the crib... get it all set up and ready for when you
get there..." Shad says as he looks at JTG, then at Maria.

"Right, right homie... and I'll bring home girl on down..." JTG says as he
looks at Maria while Shad starts to walk down the hall, heading for Cryme
Tyme's locker room. "Yo, yo, yo... ready home girl?" JTG says as he checks
out Maria some more.

Maria blushes and lowers her head as she presses her slender shoulder up
"Yeah...I think so..." Maria says with a soft, adorable smile before she and
JTG, who puts his arm around Maria, start to walk down the hallway in the
direction that Shad is heading towards.

"Yo, yo,... The Marine is off the hook..." JTG says as he slightly pulls
Maria against him as they walk down the hall, "All the action and explosions
and shit... way better than See No Evil..." JTG says. Up ahead of them, Shad
Gaspard enters Cryme Tyme's locker room and leaves the door open for JTG and
Maria to come in when they arrive.

Maria blushes cutely "Oh! I remember when we all watched See No Evil! That
was fun!" Maria says as she cutely nods her head "It was scary though..."
Maria says as she steps into the locker room belonging to RAW's professional
criminals, Cryme Tyme, as JTD follows Maria into the locker room.

"Yo... you were so scared... you were all over me and my homie..." JTG laughs
as he enters the locker room and closes the door. "Yo Shad... everything set
up yet homie?"

"Yo... everything's hooked up..." Shad says as he puts a videocassette into
the VCR and presses play. Shad Gaspard walks over to the couch and he sits
down, "Hurry up home girl... you don't want to miss a minute of the
action..." Shad says as he looks at Maria and pats the spot on the couch
next to him.

Maria presses her shoulder up cutely and shakes her head with an adorable
smile "Oh no I don't!" Maria excitedly replies before she walks over to the
leather couch, swaying her smoothly rounded, cute ass back and forth as she
walks, catching JTG's immediate attention before the ditzy, lovable Maria
sits down on the couch next to Shad on his left side.

JTG licks his lips and he walks over to the couch and sits down to Maria on
her right side, "Yo, yo, yo... you mind if I get more comfortable home girl,
I like to be really relaxed when I watch stuff..." JTG says with a bit of a
sly voice as he nudges Maria a bit.

Maria smiles cutely as she glances over at JTG and shakes her head "Oh no...
not at all..." Maria replies as she gently crosses her smooth, tanned and
stunningly attractive legs.

"Cool home girl..." JTG says as he starts to take off his long white t-shirt,
revealing his smooth black muscular upper body. "Ahh that's better..." JTG
says as he tosses his shirt over the side of the couch.

"Yo, I'm gonna get comfortable too home girl..." Shad says to the cute, ditzy
diva as he starts to lift up his black shirt, exposing his powerful upper
body so that now both hot black studs are sitting topless on either side of
Maria. Maria glances over at Shad and takes good glances at his smooth,
muscular black chest before she glances back over to JTG to see his smooth,
muscular black chest as well. Maria bites down on her bottom lip and blushes
as Shad and JTG both put an arm around the adorable RAW Diva.

"Yo, yo, yo, Maria... how about you get more comfortable..." JTG says as he
scoots closer to her.

"Yeah home girl... we're all homies here..." Shad says as he glances down at
Maria as she continues to blush.

Maria cutely scrunches her nose up "I don't know..."

"Yo, it's all good home girl... we'll get more comfortable... and you can
catch up..." JTG says with a smile as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

Shad starts to do the same and he keeps glancing at Maria as he finishes
undoing his belt, "Yeah home girl... it's always better if you're

"Ummm...guys..." Maria begins to says as she gets JTG and Shad's attention
to momentarily stop unbuckling their belts.

"Yeah Maria?" Shad says as he look at Maria, and then JTG nudges her

"Yo, yo, yo, what's happening?" JTG asks as he slightly rubs his right arm
against Maria's left arm.

Maria lowers her head shyly "Ummm...can I unbuckle your belts?" Maria cutely

Shad gets a big smile on his face, "Well, yo... my belt is already
unbuckled... but you can do my jeans home girl..."

"Yo, yo, yo... my belt ain't done yet..." JTG says as he quickly moves his
hand away from his half-way unbuckled belt.

"Ok!" Maria says with a cute smile as she casually slides herself off of the
smooth black leather couch and kneels down on the floor in front of Shad and
JTG, as they remain sitting on the leather couch. Maria blushes as JTG and
Shad Gaspard both look at the adorable, ditzy RAW Diva before she reaches
forward with her left hand and begins to unbuckle JTG's belt, while she
starts to gently tug down Shad's baggy jeans with her right hand.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as Maria tugs down his baggy jeans which results
in his big, thick over foot long cock to be sprung free. "Yo! My dick got
bailed out!" Shad laughs as Maria gets his jeans down to his ankles.

"Word!" JTG laughs as Maria finishes undoing his belt and pulls it through
the loops of his baggy jeans. JTG sees Maria slightly staring at Shad's big
half-hard cock and he smiles, "Yo home girl... it ain't gonna bite ya..."
JTG says as he starts to unbutton his baggy jeans.

Maria slowly licks her lips as she glances back at JTG, taking her adorable
and sweet eyes off of Shad's cock for a moment "Ummm...would you mind...if
I started with Shad?" Maria asks cutely before she reaches forward with her
right hand and gently places her hand around Shad's thick, solid hard black
cock and begins to slowly stroke her smooth hand against his cock.

"Nah I don't mind..." JTG replies as he licks his lips. JTG then stands up
from the couch and starts to push down his baggy jeans to let out his own
twelve inch black dick.

"Yo... this is gonna be off the hook..." Shad says as he puts his powerful
hands behind his head as Maria moves her soft hand up and down the length of
his hardening cock.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip and scrunches her nose up cutely as
she turns on her knees to face the powerful, muscular Shad Gaspard as she
smoothly strokes his cock with her right hand "How does that feel Shad?"
Maria cutely asks before she leans her head in and gently presses her soft,
wet tongue against the large head of his black cock.

"Mmmmm... home girl... it feels a'ight... mmm... yea..." Shad moans and licks
his lips as he feels the tip of the ditzy adorable diva's tongue move back
and froth against the head of his stiff black cock.

JTG tilts his head down a bit and looks at Maria's round skirt-covered ass,
"Mmmm damn home girl... Christmas ain't here yet so I'm gonna unwrap you all
at once..." JTG says as he gets down behind Maria and he starts to pull down
Maria's one piece navy blue colored skirt/top combination outfit, and with
every tug, he reveals a bit of Maria's hot body. Maria closes her eyes
slightly as she gently flicks her tongue back and forth against the large
head of Shad's black cock before she opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her
head on his black cock, before she presses her soft lips around his shaft and
starts to smoothly bob her head adorable head on his cock.

"Awww yeah... mmmmm damn home girl... you can suck that big black dick all
day long..." Shad moans as he closes his eyes and enjoys the way Maria is
bobbing her head up and down on his hard black shaft.

Meanwhile, JTG has completely removed Maria's navy blue one piece outfit and
is looking at her cute, bare ass as Maria sways it back and forth as she
sucks on Shad's shaft. "Yo, yo, yo... home girl is packing something hot..."
JTG says as he pats Maria's ass with his left hand as he kneels right down
behind her. JTG then starts to rub his left hand over Maria's ass as he
reaches between her legs with his right hand so that he can rub her smoothly
shaven pussy.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Maria softly moans against Shad's cock as she continues to
bob her head, while JTG starts to gently rub his black right hand against her
smoothly shaven pussy. Maria gently twists her head on Shad's black cock as
she gently strokes her right hand against the base of Shad's thick, rigid
black cock while she quickly and smoothly bobs her head.

"Aww... mmmm damn... home girl... must love her coffee black... cause she's
really working on my dick homie..." Shad groans as he opens his eyes and
looks down at Maria as she turns her head a bit to bob her head on his cock
at a slightly different angle.

"Yo, yo, yo, every home girl loves coffee and dick black... ain't any news
with that..." JTG says as he slips two fingers from his right hand into
Maria's pussy and he starts to pump them in and out.

"Mmmmm...ohhh yeah..." Maria gently moans against Shad's cock as she slaps
her gentle, wet tongue against Shad's black shaft as she quickly lifts and
lowers her head on his black dick, while she bobs her head and takes him
deeper into her warm, wet mouth. While Maria easily and smoothly bobs her
head on Shad's cock, she gently pushes herself back against JTG's two
fingers that are thrusting in and out of her tight, warm pussy.

"Yo... ahhh damn dawg... Maria... loves sucking on my dick... damn... she
should be in the hood all the time..." Shad moans as slides his strong black
hands through Maria's soft brown hair.

JTG laughs a bit as he continues to pump his fingers in and out of Maria's
tight, warm pussy, "Yo, yo, yo... you've been getting home girl sucking your
dick for a while now... it's my turn homie..." JTG says as he slowly starts
to pull his fingers out of Maria's pussy.

Maria slowly lifts her head off of Shad's black cock that drips of her warm
saliva, and as her soft brown hair hangs in her adorable, cute face the ditzy
RAW Diva gently flicks her tongue against the head of Shad's black cock one
last time before she turns on her knees to face JTG as he sits back down on
the couch. Maria smiles cutely up at JTG as she gently places her soft hands
around his black shaft "Hey JTG..." Maria says with a soft laugh as she
gently strokes her hands against his cock.

JTG stands up behind Maria and he licks his lips, "Yeah home girl? What's
happening?" JTG says as his stiff black cock hangs between his legs as he
looks down at Maria.

JTG licks his lips as he smiles at Maria, "What's up home girl?" JTG says as
he leans back on the couch as Maria moves her hands up and down on his large
stiff black cock while Shad starts to slowly stand up from the couch.

Maria blushes cutely "Aww not much...just with a couple of cute black guys"
Maria says before she leans her head forward to JTG's hard, thick black cock
and opens her mouth as she lowers her head down on his cock. Maria wraps her
soft lips around his shaft and starts to slowly bob her head as she gently
slides her tongue around his black shaft while she sucks on his cock.

JTG laughs a bit, "Yo, yo, yo... ain't nothing wrong with that..." JTG
replies with a moan as Maria gently sucks on his cock. The fun-loving
criminal puts both of his hands on top of Maria's head and he pushes
his cock upward every time Maria's tongue hits the top of his mouth.

Shad Gaspard steps around behind Maria and he licks his lips as he looks
down at the adorable diva's cute round backside, "Yo, dawg... I think Maria
needs two black dicks at once... just like down in the hood..." Shad says as
he leans down and puts his hands on Maria's small shoulders and starts to
pull her back slowly.

As Shad pulls the ditzy and adorable Diva back, Maria head slowly lifts off
of JTG's hard black cock that lightly drips of her warm and wet saliva. Maria
cutely glances over her shoulder and laughs a bit "Hey! I was busy..." Maria
says cutely at Shad as he pulls her away from JTG.

Shad laughs a bit, "Chill home girl... you're gonna get really busy in a
moment..." Shad says with a grin as he starts to lay down on the carpeted
floor of the locker room, "All aboard the HOOD train..." Shad says with a

"Yo, yo, yo... homie that's a killer brain storm..." JTG says with a grin as
he sees what Shad has in mind.

Maria scrunches her nose up and cutely raises an eyebrow " want get on?" Maria sweetly asks as she slightly licks her soft lips.

Shad nods his head, "Oh yeah home girl... want ya to get on and ride my big
low rider..." Shad says as he licks his lips.

Maria smiles and nods her head "Ok!" Maria says excitedly before she steps
towards Shad and stands over his impressive, muscular black body and she
turns around so that her smooth, tanned back faces the powerful criminal.
Maria then slowly lowers herself down onto her knees and places her left
hand around Shad's black cock before she guides his black cock into her
cute, tight asshole and sits down on top of his black cock "Ohhhhh gee!"
Maria moans softly.

"Awww... yeah... ain't wasting time... and letting me tap that ass early..."
Shad moans as he feels Maria lowers her tight, white asshole down completely
onto his black shaft. Shad puts his strong black hands on Maria's slender
hips and helps the adorable diva move up and down on his cock.

"Yo, yo, yo... don't forget about my black dick home girl..." JTG says as he
stands up from the couch and gets in front of Maria.

Maria bites down on her bottom lip and smiles "Oh...I won't!" Maria says
cutely as she sits a bit more straight up on Shad's black cock as she gently
rocks back and forth his cock, moving her smooth adorable body. Maria places
her left hand around JTG's black shaft and guides his cock into her warm, wet
mouth and begins to smoothly bob her head along his black shaft.

"Awww yeah home girl... suck that big black dick..." JTG moans as he lays
both of his hands on Maria's head and he starts to move his hips forward in
order to thrust his cock between the ditzy diva's soft lips.

Shad Gaspard grits his teeth as he keeps his hands on Maria's sexy hip as he
lifts her up and down on his shaft. "Aww yeah... mmmm... yea..." Shad moans
as he pushes his shaft up into Maria's ass with short, firm thrusts that
catches Maria by surprise every time she comes down on his dick.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Maria gently moans as she continues to easily and smoothly
bob her head against JTG's black shaft as she gently slaps her tongue against
the underbelly of his cock. Maria lifts her eyes up and gently locks her
soft, adorable eyes with JTG as she takes him deeper into warm mouth as she
firmly falls down on Shad's cock in her tight asshole.

"Ahhh... ohhh yeah home girl..." JTG moans as he licks his lips and tilts
his head back after looking to Maria's soft, adorable eyes, "Yo, yo, yo...
I gotta bang ya home girl..." JTG says with a moan as he steps back a bit
so that his saliva covered black cock falls out of Maria's warm, wet,
soothing mouth.

Shad starts thrusts his cock harder and faster up into Maria's tight asshole
as she leans back on top of him, "Aww damn home girl... you belong in the
hood..." Shad groans while JTG gets down in front of Maria. The fun loving
criminal then he pushes his large black cock into Maria's hot tight pussy.

Maria innocently bites down on her bottom lip as she feels JTG's thick, hard
black cock enter her tight warm pussy as she's double penetrated by her pussy
and asshole by the two fun-loving criminal studs known as Cryme Tyme. "Ohhhh
shoot..." Maria moans softly as her smooth, tanned body rocks back and forth
in between Shad and JTG.

"Awww yeah home girl..." JTG moans as he puts his hands on Maria's round firm
tits as he pumps his large black cock in and out of her warm, tight pussy
with quick hard thrusts.

"Yo... damn dawg... Maria's a'ight... she's good down in the hood..." Shad
grunts as he starts to sweat a bit. The powerful black stud keeps pushing his
cock upward into Maria's tight ass.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh yeah..." Maria softly moans as she wraps her smooth, arms
around JTG's neck and softly kisses his lips as she grinds her cutely rounded
ass against Shad's thrusting cock into her tight asshole as JTG plows his
black cock deeply into her pussy.

"Mmmmmm..." JTG kisses Maria back and slips his tongue into her mouth as he
swiftly fucks her tight pussy. He squeezes her firm round tits with his hands
and taps his tongue against hers as she pushes herself against him.

"Awww... ohhhh damn... I'm gonna pop a 40... in home girl's hot ass!" Shad
moans as he grits his teeth together. The powerful black stud rams his cock
one more time deep into Maria's ass and he starts to cum inside of Maria's
tight asshole.

"Mmmmmm...ohhh geee..." Maria softly moans into JTG's mouth as she continues
to kiss the fun-loving criminal as she grinds her tight warm pussy against
his black cock that drills her white pussy.

JTG breaks the hot kiss with Maria and licks his lips as he pounds Maria's
hot white pussy with big black dick, "Awww yea home girl... you like it black
don't ya..." JTG says as sweat rolls down his face and body.

Maria grits her teeth together as sweat drips off of her smooth, adorable
body "Ohhhh JTG...mmmm shoot!" Maria moans as she starts to roughly cum
against JTG's black cock.

"Awww yeah home girl..." JTG moans as he feels Maria's warm, tight wet pussy
squeeze his cock as she cums on his black shaft. JTG licks lips and leans
his head back as he starts to pop his load inside of Maria's pussy, "Awww...
yo... yo... yooooo..." Maria tilts her head back and presses her lips
together as she gently leans back against Shad Gaspard who remains underneath
her as she feels JTG's warm black cum flood her hot pussy.

"Damn... yo... that was off the hook..." JTG groans as he keeps his cock
inside of Maria's pussy as he finishes cumming inside of Maria's pussy.

"Yeah homie..." Shad nods his head in agreement as he remains underneath
the adorable ditzy diva, "Yo Maria... straight up... you're perfect for the

Maria smiles cutely and the scrunches her nose up as she glances over at the
television screen "Awwww...we're missing the movie..." Maria says with an
adorable frown.

JTG laughs, "Don't fret home girl... we can always start it over from the

Maria raises an eyebrow and scrunches her adorable nose up once again
"Does...that mean we start this again too?" Maria asks slightly confused.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips, "It could home girl... what do ya say?" Shad
says as he slides his hands back and forth over Maria's waist.

Maria blushes cutely "I guess we could..."

Shad Gaspard and JTG both exchange looks and smile, "Yo, yo, YO!"


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