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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 9: The Bitch-Bang
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a joint SmackDown / RAW Supershow Live Event, the WWE's resident
fun-loving, professional criminals know as Cryme Tyme, consisting of Shad
Gaspard and JTG and packing up the items of their latest hustle, a variation
of the sea-shell game where they slightly cheated those who tried to win big.
"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo…. them SmackDown homeboys are all right… lot of playas
with fat wallets…." JTG says as he counts the thick roll of money before he
puts it in his pocket.

"Yeah homie, they are all right… but have you see some of them honnies....
Mmmmm damn.... they are FINE!" Shad Gaspard says with a big grin as he picks
up a crate they were using and tosses it by some garbage cans.

"Awww yeah boy, they have some fine hot bitches here...." JTG replies as he
licks his lips, "They are just as fine as the hotties we have on RAW.... I'd
love to take them on down to the hood...."

Shad, wearing blue jeans and a white tank top, nods his head a bit, "Shit....
From what I've seen dawg, a couple of them need a long trip down to the

JTG, wearing black baggy jeans and a white t-shirt, as well as a black
bulletproof vest, laughs a bit, "Oh yea.... No doubt homie..." JTG pauses
and then he smirks, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.... listen.... We should take a
few of them...." JTG trails off when he happens to see SmackDown's formerly
conservative backstage correspondent Kristal Marshall walking down the
hallway in their direction, "YOOOO! Check her out dawg!"

Shad Gaspard turns and looks and he smiles when he gets a look at Kristal,
"DAMN! She is fine!"

"Yo, yo, yo, check it..." JTG says as he straightens his bulletproof vest
before he starts to walk towards Kristal, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo home girl,
what's happening, what's up?" JTG says as he waves his right hand a bit
while doing some gang hand gestures.

The former conservative, now completely bitchy SmackDown Correspondent
Kristal Marshall, arrogantly raises an eyebrow at JTG who stands in front of
her. Kristal has a look of distain on her face as she places her right hand
on her smoothly rounded right hip "Excuse me!?" Kristal slightly snaps at the
fun-loving criminal, while she's dressed in a short, tight red leather skirt
and a black tank top.

JTG raises an eyebrow "Yo, yo, yo, yo chill..... just was asking what's up
with ya? Geeze home girl... you got something up your fine ass?" JTG asks
with a grin as Shad Gaspard comes walking over to JTG and Kristal.

Kristal narrows her eyes into a bitchy glare as she slowly shakes her head
before she rolls her eyes and slightly tosses back her smooth, long brown
hair "Don't you have anything better to do...then bother me!?" Kristal snaps
as she looks directly at JTG before she notices the strong, powerful Shad
Gaspard approaching "Oh great! Just fucking great! Another one of you lame
ass criminals..." Kristal rudely states as she folds her arms "Unbelievable!
Un-fucking-believable....first I have to put up with those Diva
Search-winning bitches, Ashley and Layla...which I should have won!" Kristal
states arrogantly before she presses her lips together as she releases a
rude sigh "Then! I have to put up...with that disgusting Boogeyman!...and
now you two!"

"Whoa... take a chiller home girl...." Shad Gaspard says, "No need to unleash
a bitch volcano on us innocent..." Shad pauses and laughs a bit before he
continues, "...bystanders.... JTG was just asking what was up...." Shad says
as he folds his arms across his chest.

Kristal rolls her eyes and sighs "I'm fine...if you must know!" Kristal
slightly snaps "Not like...either of you could do anything about it..."
Kristal says as slightly narrows her eyes and glances back the fun-loving
professional criminals, Cryme Tyme.

JTG and Shad Gaspard both get wide smiles on their faces, and they both tilt
their heads slightly as they start to check Kristal out, "Yo, yo, yo... I
know alot about fine honnies from the hood being fine!" JTG replies to

"Yeah.... and you're super fine home girl...." Shad says as he looks at
Kristal's short, tight leather skirt and at her smooth legs.

Kristal presses her lips together into a sly smirk and raises an eyebrow as
she looks at Shad and JTG as the fun-loving criminals check out the bitchy
correspondent " know...I am a hottie from the hood, the hottest!"
Kristal says with an arrogant, but proud smirk as she starts to slightly
loosen up.

Shad Gaspard nods his head, "Yeah... you are a smoking hot home girl...."

JTG licks his lips, "Yo, yo, yo, check it.... you're all hot.... but you look
like you need to get back down to the hood more often! Cause you've got a
tight ass....." JTG says as he complements Kristal on her backside while at
the same time call her a bitch.

Kristal smirks and nods her head "I do have a great ass...along with other
great qualities..." Kristal says proudly before she narrows her eyes a bit
and shakes her head "I can't believe that bitch, Ashley, beat me!" Kristal
says as she starts to get fired up once again.

"Yo home girl.... you really need to chill out...." Shad Gaspard says with a
laugh, "You're way too tide up with other stuff...."

"Yeah home girl.... gotta chill... cut loose.... bang some homies...." JTG
says with a casual tone as he licks his lips a bit.

Kristal smirks and slowly licks her lips "Mmmm...bang some homies...I haven't
done that in a while" Kristal says with a soft laugh as she presses her lips
and glances down at the crotches of Shad and JTG's baggy jeans before she
takes a step towards the fun-loving criminals "I just love getting a good
bang...from a couple of homies..." Kristal says as the bitchy, formally
conservative Correspondent lowers herself down to her knees in front of Cryme
Tyme as they stands in front of SmackDown's resident bitch.

Shad Gaspard and JTG exchange looks for a moment before nodding their head
and saying at the same time, "Yooooo...." They both turn to look down at the
hot bitchy backstage interviewer for SmackDown. "Let's raise the roof up in
here...." Shad says as he starts to unbuckle his belt.

JTG smirks, "Yeah home girl.... you need this trip to the hood...."JTG says
as he quickly unbuckles his belt.

Kristal nods her head and smirks "Yeah...I fucking need a good bang...after
what I have to put with over here!" Kristal slightly snaps before she lifts
her black tank top off of her petite, bitchy-hot body as she exposes her
petite, but firmly rounded and perfect black tits.

"DAMN! Home girl.... milk did your body good!" Shad says as he undoes his
jeans and starts to lower them down from his waist to free his large thick
over foot long black cock.

JTG smirks, "Aww yeah home girl.... you need this big time!" JTG says as he
unbuttons and unzips his jeans, and then he lowers them to let out his
twelve-inch long thick black dick.

Kristal licks her lips "Oh fuck yeah boys...bring those dicks out..." Kristal
says with a smirk as she reaches forward and places her smooth, bitchy hands
around the thick, hardening black cocks of Cryme Tyme. With Shad's cock in
her right hand and JTG's cock in her left hand, the bitchy SmackDown
Correspondent begins to smoothly stroke her hands against their rigid black
shaft. Kristal grits her teeth as she lifts and lowers her bitchy-smooth
hands against their shafts as they both start to grope Kristal's petite, but
firmly rounded black tits.

"Mmmmm yeah.... ohhh look at these tits.... fuck only girls from the hood
have hot tits like these...." Shad says as he presses his strong hand against
Kristal's left tits.

"Mmmmm yeah boy!" JTG nods his head in agreement as he flicks his fingers
against the nipple of the bitchy diva's right tit as she strokes their
hardening black cocks. Kristal tosses her smooth, long brown hair back as
the bitchy SmackDown Diva leans her head in towards Shad Gaspard's thick,
powerful black cock and quickly slaps her warm, wet tongue against the
large, thick head of his cock before she turns her head to JTG's cock and
quickly slaps her wet tongue against the head of his cock as well, before
Kristal opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head on JTG's cock.
Kristal presses her lips tightly around his shaft as the bitchy SmackDown
Correspondent begins to easily bob her head on his cock while she quickly
strokes her right hand against Shad's cock.

"Awwww.... yeah.... ohhh yea.... suck that big black dick...." JTG moans
as he crosses his arms just over his crotch as the formerly conservative
SmackDown Diva bobs her head back and forth on his large black cock.

"Yo.... home girl is all right when she chills out...." Shad says with a
slight moan as Kristal keeps pumping his hard fat dick with her right hand
as he continues to grope Kristal's hot, firm, round petite black tits.

Kristal lifts her head off of JTG's black cock after a few quick head bobs
as his black shaft lightly drips of her warm, wet saliva. Kristal presses
her lips together as she removes her left hand from around JTG's black hard
cock and turns on her knees to face Shad Gaspard before she opens her mouth
and lowers her head on his cock as she starts to immediately bob her bitchy
head on his cock.

Shad Gaspard pulls off his white tank top to reveal his smooth muscular
powerful upper body. "Ahhh yeah.... ohhh damn.... work that dick home girl!"
Shad says as he puts his hands on Kristal's head and he grasps some of
Kristal's hair as she sucks on his large meaty dark cock. JTG unstraps his
bulletproof vest in order to remove it, and he also takes off his white
t-shirt to reveal his own smooth, toned hot black body.

"Mmmmm...mmmm..." The bitchy Kristal Marshall moans against Shad's thick,
hard black cock as she smoothly bobs her head against the length of his cock
as she sucks at a slightly quick pace while she laps her wet, warm tongue
around his black shaft. Kristal reaches over and places her left hand against
JTG's black cock once again and begins to rub his large black ballsack

Kristal lifts her bitchy eyes up and locks them with Shad as she twists her
head on his cock while she continues to suck on his meaty black cock, before
she lowers her head further down on his cock and begins to deep throat the
strong, powerful criminal's black cock "Mmmmm...mmmm..." Kristal moans as she
smacks her lips together around Shad's black shaft. While Kristal smoothly
and easily bobs her head on Shad's black cock, she slides her smooth left
hand against the front of JTG's smooth, hard black shaft.

"Yo, yo, yo, homie.... I bet home girl needs a good ol' hood banging right
about now..." JTG says with a grin as he casually steps back in order to pull
his smooth, thick black cock away from Kristal's right hand.

"Yeah dawg...." Shad nods his head and looks down at Kristal, "Yo, home
girl... time for ya to get it hard from the hood."

Kristal slowly lifts her head up from Shad's black cock as it drips in her
warm, wet saliva. Kristal presses her lips together and smirks "Mmmm...that
sounds fucking great..." Kristal says as she slightly grits her teeth
together and slowly stands up before she starts to lower her short, tight
red leather skirt down from her small, smoothly rounded hips and down her
smooth, stunning legs.

JTG tilts his head slightly and looks at Kristal as she lowers her short,
tight red leather skirt down her smooth black legs. "Yo.... someone's been
looking for a gang banging...." JTG comments when he sees that the bitchy
SmackDown Diva is not wearing any panties.

Kristal raises an eyebrow and smirks as she shrugs her shoulders "Maybe I am
just looking for a good fuck..." Kristal says as she slightly narrows her
eyes "Lay the fuck down!" Kristal slightly snaps at the fun-loving JTG.

"Yo.... no need to snap like that home girl...." JTG says with a grin as he
lays down on the cold smooth floor of the backstage area.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he looks at the hot bitchy diva as she moves
to stand over JTG, "Damn home girl.... you really need to chill it out...."

Kristal rolls her eyes as she glance over her shoulder at Shad and shakes
her head "Typical..." Kristal rudely snaps before the bitchy SmackDown Diva
lowers her hot, bitchy petite body down on top of JTG, taking his smooth,
hard black cock into her tight, warm pussy as she sits on top of him. Kristal
grits her teeth as she places her smooth, bitchy hands against JTG's smooth,
muscular black chest "Ohhhhh fuck yeah..." Kristal groans as she starts to
smoothly rock her bitchy-hot body back and forth on his cock.

"Yoooooo.... ohhhh yea...." JTG moans as he feels Kristal's hot tight bitchy
pussy squeeze his big black cock as the hot black diva moves back and forth
on his cock.

Shad Gaspard shakes his head and smirks a bit as he gets down on his knees
behind Kristal and he puts his hand on Kristal's shoulder to have her leave
forward, "Home girl.... there ain't anything typical about things from the
hood...." Shad says as he starts to push his large black cock into the bitchy
diva's hot tight black ass.

Kristal grits her teeth tighter as she feels Shad's thick and hard black cock
enter her tight asshole as she smoothly rocks her body against JTG's black
cock "Ohhhh fuck!" Kristal shouts as she closes her eyes as firmly pushes her
petite, bitchy-hot body back against Shad's cock in her tight asshole as she
sandwiched between the two fun-loving criminals from RAW.

Shad Gaspard places his strong black hands onto Kristal's slender sexy waist
as he begins to pump his big black cock in and out of her hot black ass.
"Ahhhh yeah.... damn....." Shad says in a deep voice as he pulls Kristal back
against him so that she can feel every inch of his cock slam into her ass.

JTG raises his hands up to Kristal's hot, perfect petite black tits and
starts to grope them again as he thrusts his dick upward into Kristal's
pussy, "Yo, yo, yo.... home girl's got a hot tight pussy...."

"Awwww...fuck!" Kristal shouts and tilts her head back as her hot, bitchy
petite body slams down roughly on JTG's black hard cock as he quickly slams
his cock up into her tight, warm pussy. The former conservative SmackDown
Diva begins to lightly sweat as her petite body is rocked back and forth in
between Shad and JTG.

"Ahhhhh yeah.... ohhh fuck home girl.... you like them big black dicks?" JTG
groans as he pumps his cock sharply up into Kristal Marshall's hot tight

"Ahhh.... whew.... damn.... ohhh yea...." Shad grunts and groans as he gains
more momentum as he drives his cock with more force into Kristal's hot black

Kristal closes her eyes as she arches her body a bit, slamming her smoothly
rounded, small and hot ass back against Shad's muscular, smooth waist as she
forces his black cock deeper into her tight asshole as she slams down harder
on JTG's black cock while sweat drips off of her hot, bitchy body "Ohhhh...
ohhhh....awww fuck!"

Shad Gaspard keeps fucking Kristal's hot bitchy ass with his hard swift
thrusts and his large balls smack against Kristal's ass cheeks with every
one of his stiff thrusts. "Ahhhh.... ohhhh damn home girl...." Shad grunts
as Kristal pushes back against him.

"Yo, yo, yo dawg.... let me tap her tight ass!" JTG groans as he Kristal
rides his large black cock.

"Sure homie...." Shad says as he pulls out of Kristal's ass and wipes some
sweat from his forehead.

Kristal grits her teeth as she places her hands firmly against JTG's smooth,
muscular black chest "Awww....stay the fuck down!" Kristal rudely commands in
a moan as she starts to quickly rock her hot, bitchy body back and forth on
his cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck yesss!" Kristal moans loudly as she slams down
roughly on his cock and begins to cum.

"Yooooo! Home girl.... unloaded!" JTG moans as he feels Kristal's warm juices
flow from her pussy and all over his large black cock. JTG grits his teeth
and he keeps thrusts his shaft upward into Kristal's hot wet cunt, "Ahhh....
ohhhh damn..." JTG grunts as he starts to cum inside of Kristal's hot black

Kristal arches her back as she feels JTG's warm, sticky cum flood into her
tight, bitchy pussy "Awww fuck yeah..." Kristal moans as she gently pulls on
her smooth, long brown hair.

"Yo home girl...." Shad Gaspard says as he stands near Kristal and JTG, with
his thick throbbing black cock hanging between his legs. "You ain't gonna
leave a home boy hanging are ya?" Shad says as Kristal starts to lift herself
off of JTG when JTG finishes cumming her hot wet pussy.

Kristal rolls her eyes and arrogantly sighs "I guess I have to finish you off
too!? Don't I!?" Kristal slightly snaps as she sits down on her knees on the
floor in front of Shad Gaspard and leans her head in as she takes his hard,
throbbing black cock into her warm, wet mouth. Kristal presses her lips
tightly around his shaft and the bitchy SmackDown Diva starts to smoothly bob
her head along his throbbing shaft.

"Ahhhh yeah home girl... come suck that cock...." Shad Gaspard moans as he
puts his left hand on the back of Kristal's head and presses her head down
further onto his stiff black cock while JTG gets up from the floor and starts
to get dressed, and once he's dressed he picks up Kristal's clothes and hides
them underneath his shirt.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Kristal moans as she completely deep throats Shad
Gaspard's entire black cock as she slaps and smacks her soft, wet tongue
against Shad's shaft as she gently grinds her lips against shaft while her
warm saliva sprays down against his cock.

"Ahhhh.... ohhh yeah.... mmmm yea...." Shad grits his teeth and keeps his
left hand firmly on the back of Kristal's head as he starts to cum inside of
Kristal's warm, moist, bitchy mouth. The powerful tall member of Cryme Tyme
grunts as he fills up Kristal's mouth with a good amount of his warm cum as
he moves his hand off of her head.

Kristal closes her eyes as her warm, wet mouth fills up with Shad's warm,
sticky cum causing some of his cock to drips out of her lips as she slowly
lifts her head off of his cock "Mmmm...." Kristal moans as she tilts her
head back and swallows the warm load of Shad's cum.

Shad Gaspard moves away from Kristal and he goes to grab his clothes and he
gets dressed, "Yo home girl.... did that chill ya out?" Shad asks as glances
at JTG who is casually starting to head down the hallway.

Kristal smirks slightly as she raises an eyebrow before she slowly nods her
head "Yeah...yeah...I think it did...although...Ashley and Layla are still
a couple of bitches..." Kristal says with a sigh as she rolls her eyes and
stands up from the floor and casually glances around the backstage area
"Now...where did I put my clothes..."

Shad Gaspard shrugs, "Don't look at me.... see ya later home girl...." Shad
says as he quickly walks away from Kristal and catches up with JTG down the
hall, "Yo.... yo... did you take her clothes?" Shad laughs a bit.

"Sure did homie...." JTG laughs as he takes Kristal's clothes out from under
his t-shirt, "This is like... $25 right here...." JTG says with laugh.

Shad laughs, "Looks more like $30... but yo... we gotta hang around here on
SmackDown for me.... Kristal was a fine honey... but there's gotta be others
who are not as big of a bitch

JTG laughs, "Yeaah boy.... let's go check them out.... so let's BAIL!"


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