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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 11: Fixin' In The Hood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a SmackDown Live Event, the duo of professional fun-loving criminals
known as Shad Gaspard and JTG, collectively known as Cryme Tyme, are helping
themselves to taking some of SmackDown's high tech television monitors. Both
black studs are dressed in black baggy jeans and black hooded sweat shirts,
and Shad is carrying two monitors while JTG carries just one. "Yo, yo, yo,
yo, yo boy.... SmackDown's got some nice shit!" JTG says as with a big grin.

"Word to that dawg.... 'The Coach' needs to open up Vinnie Mac's wallet and
get some of these for RAW! Would make things a lot easier!" Shad says with a
laugh as the two men walk out of the arena by using a service entrance and
they walk to a parked, unmarked white van.

"Yeah... we could just 'borrow' the ones on RAW instead of coming over to
SmackDown..." JTG laughs as he opens the back doors of the van so that he and
Shad can load up the monitors in the back. After they put the monitors in
the van, JTG closes the doors and they start to head back into the arena.

"Yo, dawg, we both know we come here more than just for TVs and shit.... "
Shad says with a grin.

"Yeah, the hot, fly honnies here on SmackDown are always worth checking out!"
JTG licks his grilled teeth as the two hot black criminals pass by Jillian
Hall who is picking up some papers she dropped. JTG and Shad both stop and
look at Jillian's hot backside as she's bent over as she picks up her

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!" JTG grabs the arm of Shad as they both look at Jillian
Hall as she starts to stand up straight.

"Damn... home girl's got it going on!" Shad says as both men get wide smiles
on their faces as Jillian turns around to look at them to see what has got
their enthusiastic attention.

The gorgeous, stunning blond bombshell from SmackDown and the former Fixer of
the likes of MNM and JBL, Jillian Hall, slowly turns around with a soft smile
and an eyebrow raised "Umm...hey guys..." Jillian says with a soft laugh as
she folds her arms against her largely rounded chest. Jillian presses her
lips together as she looks directly at the black hot studs of Cryme Tyme as
she tosses back her soft blond hair as she dressed in a pair of black pants
and a red, tight-fitting, tank top.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo home girl, what's up?" JTG says with a big grin as he
checks out the beautiful blonde haired SmackDown Diva.

"Damn.... what do they got in the water over here?" Shad Gaspard says as he
stares directly at Jillian Hall's large round chest.

Jillian laughs softly as she presses her shoulders "Beats me..." Jillian
pauses "Wait a minute...aren't you two over on RAW?" Jillian asks with a
light smirks as SmackDown's resident Fixer unfolds her arms and places her
hands against her smoothly rounded hips as she casually checks out RAW's
resident professional criminals.

"Oh yeah we're on RAW homegirl... we're just.... checking out things here in
the SmackDown hood...." JTG explains as he and Shad Gaspard start to approach
Jillian Hall.

Jillian nods her head and presses her lips together as she cautiously glances
at the approaching JTG and Shad Gaspard "Oh...right...and you're just here
for a visit?" Jillian asks with a sly smirk "Or...are you here to steal some

Shad Gaspard chuckles a bit, "Yo homegirl.... you're hip too the scene...."
Shad Gaspard says as he does and doesn't answer both of Jillian's questions.

JTG laughs a bit, "Yeah homegirl you got some big brains.... and some big....
ba-bams!" JTG says as complements Jillian in his own unique way.

Jillian laughs and slowly nods her head "Thanks...but why are you two really
here?" Jillian asks as she raises an eyebrow and slightly licks her luscious

"Yo, we're here like every other guy is here.... to check out some fine,
fine, fine, FINE fly honnies...." JTG says with a smirk.

"Word.... and to do some 'shopping'...." Shad adds with a grin as he laughs
a bit when he says shopping.

"Oh really..." Jillian says as she presses her soft lips together "Am I a fly
honey?" Jillian asks with a playful smirk as SmackDown's Fixer takes a short
step closer towards JTG and Shad as she slowly drifts her eyes down to the
semi-formed bulges in the baggy jeans crotches belonging to Cryme Tyme.

"Homegirl.... you're so fly you act like a big sign... everyone stops and
takes a look at ya...." Shad Gaspard replies as he complements Jillian Hall.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo homegirl.... you checking something out?" JTG asks as he
notices Jillian looking at the large crotches of both himself and his partner
in crime.

Jillian playfully shrugs her shoulders "Maybe...I'm interested in what you
big boys are packing downstairs..." Jillian asks as the professional Fixer
raises her hands up and fluffs her soft blond hair up with her gently hands
and fingers.

Shad Gaspard and JTG exchange looks with each other and they both smirk
before they turn their attention back to Jillian. "Yo, yo, yo, yo homegirl,
we're packing some big ass black '40's' down here!" JTG says as he grabs his
own crotch as if to show off the size of his dick without Jillian seeing it

"Yeah homegirl... what we got downstairs.... can be found... when you get....
down here...." Shad says as he points to a spot on the hallway floor that is
right in front of Cryme Tyme and also would place Jillian between both men.

Jillian presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "Hmmm...well I better
find out, right?" Jillian asks with a laugh as the blond bombshell SmackDown
Diva approaches the fun-loving criminals of Cryme Tyme as she stands between
both muscular, black studs before she lowers herself down onto her knees
between them "So...what do you got?"

JTG and Shad Gaspard both get grins on their faces before they pull off
their hooded sweat shirts to reveal matching white tank tops, which they also
remove to show off their smooth, hot black upper bodies. "Ya gonna see what
we got homegirl, just give us a sec..." JTG says as he and Shad quickly
unbutton their jeans and they drop them down so fast that all Jillian sees is
a blur, and moments later she sees JTG and Shad's over foot long semi-hard
black cocks hanging between their legs.

Shad places his hands on his waist and grins, "Yo home girl... you see
what we got... before ya get a hand on these things.... let's see those big
mountains...." Shad says as he looks as Jillian's red tank top covered large

Jillian smiles and laughs a bit "Ok..." Jillian says before she reaches down
and casually lifts her tight-fitting red tank top off of her body to expose
her bare, large and firmly rounded, perfect tits. Jillian smiles up at JTG
and Shad as she tosses her tank top to the floor before she reaches up with
her left hand to wrap it around Shad's large black cock, while she wraps her
right hand around JTG's black cock and the Fixer of SmackDown begins to
smoothly stroke her soft, smooth hands against their hardening black shafts.

"Ahhhh yeah homegirl.... get a good grip on that black dick...." JTG says
with a moan as Jillian moves her right hand up and down his hardening dick.
Shad Gaspard closes his eyes a bit and nods his head a bit in a sequence
similar to the pace Jillian is using to pump his dick with her left hand.

Jillian smiles up at JTG and Shad as she continues to smoothly stroke her
gentle hands against their hard, thick black cocks " guys have
some big dicks!" Jillian says with a laugh as SmackDown's
Fixer guides her hands up and down their hard, rigid black shafts before
she leans her head down and flicks her wet, soft tongue against the large
black head of JTG's cock, before she turns her head and flicks her tongue
against the black head of Shad's cock.

"Homegirl... we know we have black dicks.... if we had white dicks then there
would be a problem...." Shad laughs as Jillian flicks her warm wet tongue
against the large head of his black shaft.

"Word up dawg!" JTG says as he nods his head in agreement with his partner as
he watches Jillian as she laps her tongue against Shad's cock. Jillian closes
her eyes as she gently pats her soft, wet tongue against the large head of
Shad's black cock before she turns back to face JTG's large, thick black
cock. Jillian licks her lips as she leans her head back down to his black
cock and slaps her wet tongue gently against the head of his cock before she
opens her wet, warm mouth and lowers her head, taking JTG's black cock into
her hot mouth. "Awww yeah homegirl.... do them four words and suck that black
dick!" JTG says as he crosses his arms above his crotch as Jillian begins to
bob her head up and down on his large meaty dark shaft.

Shad Gaspard gently uses his powerful hands to pull Jillian's hand off of his
cock and he steps behind the gorgeous blond-haired Fixer, "Yo...someone here
is too damn overdressed...." Shad says as he gets down behind Jillian and
starts to tug down her black pants as Jillian sits higher up on her keens.

Jillian smiles around JTG's black cock as Shad Gaspard begins to remove her
tight-fitting black pants while she easily bobs her blond-haired head on
JTG's stiff black cock. "Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Jillian softly moans against
JTG's cock as she constantly bobs her head, gradually taking his cock deeper
into her warm and wet mouth, while she gently coats his cock with her warm
and wet saliva with her soft tongue.

"Ohhhh yeah homegirl.... fuck you must love black dick... cause you're
sucking mine like you missed the dark meat!" JTG says as he puts his hands
on Jillian's head and holds her blond hair back so that it doesn't cover her
face as she bobs her head a bit quicker on his shaft.

Meanwhile, behind Jillian, Shad has pulled down Jillian's black pants down to
her knees and with a bit of effort he tugs them completely off of her legs so
that Jillian is totally naked, "Yo.... homegirl has no junk in her trunk..."
Shad says as he looks at Jillian's smooth, hot round ass before he gives it a
fairly hard smack. Jillian's gorgeous, stunning body slightly jolts forward
after Shad delivers a firm slap to her rounded hot ass, causing her to take
JTG's black cock deeper into her warm and wet mouth. Jillian's warm saliva
drips against JTG's black cock as she presses her lips tighter around his
shaft as she starts to slowly bob her head, while making her bobs longer as
she lowers her head all the way down to the base of his cock, causing his
large black ballsack to lightly smack against her chin.

"Awwww yo, yo, yo, yo.... fuck homie.... homegirl can swallow my black dick
better than some ho's from the hood!" JTG moans as he feels Jillian's nose
press against his crotch as she deep throats his shaft.

Shad smirks, "Yo, I'd like to see her take my dick later.... but first
dawg... I gotta take homegirl down to get a FIX!" Shad says as he positions
himself closer to Jillian and he pushes his large thick black cock into
Jillian's hot, tight pussy.

"Mmmmmmm ohhhhh....FUCK!" Jillian shouts around JTG's black cock as she feels
Shad Gaspard's thick, hard and long black cock enter her warm, tight pussy
easily before the powerful criminal begins to thrust his shaft in and out of
Jillian's pussy, while the hot SmackDown Fixer starts to gradually bob her
blond-haired head at a quicker pace as she loosen her soft lips around JTG's
shaft as she can easily bob her head on his black cock.

"Ahhhhh damn.... yo.... she can suck on my '40' all damn day!" JTG groans as
he feels the adjustments Jillian makes as she sucks on his large black cock.

Shad Gaspard places his large black hands on Jillian's rounded hips and he
pulls her back against him as he pumps his large black cock in and out of
Jillian's pussy. "Whew.... damn... whew...." Shad breathes in and out as he
increases the amount of force he uses in his thrusts as he fucks Jillian
Hall. Jillian's smoothly rounded, hot ass slams back against Shad's smooth,
muscular black waist as she firmly pushes back against his black cock as
his cock thrusts deeply into her warm, tight pussy. SmackDown's resident
Fixer, Jillian Hall, gently slaps her wet, soft tongue against the underbelly
of JTG's black shaft as she easily sucks and slurps on his thick black piece
of meat.

"Yo... yo... yo.... better chill for a bit.... before I pop my '40'...." JTG
laughs a bit as he moves back away from Jillian Hall, causing his hard,
saliva covered black cock to fall out of Jillian's warm, moist mouth.

Shad Gaspard keeps his steady pace as he keeps fucking Jillian's hot pussy,
"Ahhh damn.... fuck homegirl.... you got some hot white pussy!" Shad grunts
as he slams his entire cock deep into Jillian's pussy.

Jillian closes her eyes and grits her teeth as her hot, stunning body rocks
back and forth while on her knees as Shad Gaspard slams his black cock deeply
into her tight, warm pussy "Ohhhh....ohhhh....yeah shit...fuck!" Jillian

Shad keeps rocking his hips back and forth as he pounds Jillian's pussy with
long hard and swift thrusts. "Ahhhh.... ohhhh yeah.... ohhhh yea...." Shad
grunts as he feels Jillian's ass hit against his powerful waist.

JTG smirks a bit as he lays down on the floor of the hallway in front of
Jillian, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo dawg.... let home girl try a different kind of
ride!" JTG says with a smirk.

"Sure thing homie...." Shad grunts as he gives Jillian one more stiff thrust
before he pulls his black cock out of Jillian's tight pussy. Jillian bites
down on her bottom lip as she glances over her shoulder and smirks at Shad
Gaspard before he gives her hot rounded ass another firm slap before she
starts to crawl on her hands and knees towards JTG as he lays down in the

JTG puts his hands behind his head as he looks Jillian Hall as she crawls
over towards him, "Yo, yo, yo.... that's off the hook..." JTG says as Jillian
slowly crawls on top of him.

Jillian smiles as she tosses her soft blond hair back as she straddles her
gorgeous, stunning body on top of JTG's muscular black body before she lowers
herself down on his hard black cock, taking his cock deeply into her warm and
tight pussy "Ohhhhh shoot...." Jillian moans as she places her hands against
his smooth, muscular black chest as she starts to gently rock her body back
and forth on his cock.

"Awwww yeah homegirl...." JTG groans as he puts his hands on Jillian's
smooth, tanned legs as she rocks back and forth on his large black cock.

The tall powerful Shad Gaspard gets up to his feet and he walks to get in
front of Jillian and he stands near JTG's head so that his black cock is
hanging near Jillian's face, "Yo homegirl.... got dick?" Shad says with a
grin as he grips his cock and presses the tip against Jillian's lips.
Jillian raises an eyebrow and slightly smirks as she leans her head forward
and opens her warm, saliva-dripping mouth as she takes Shad's powerful,
thick and hard black cock into her warm, wet mouth. Jillian wraps her lips
tightly around his shaft and starts to easily bob her head along his long
shaft while she rocks back and forth smoothly on JTG's black cock as he
slightly thrusts his cock up into her tight pussy.

"Ohhhh yeah homegirl...." Shad grits his teeth together as Jillian bobs her
head up and down on his large, stiff black cock. Shad puts his right hand on
the back of Jillian's head and he licks his lips as Jillian drags her lips
against the skin of his cock every time she moves her head upward on his

JTG moves his hands from Jillian's legs and places them on Jillian's large,
hot and firm tits as he starts thrusting his cock upward into Jillian's
pussy, "Awww damn.... yo, yo, yo, yo.... awww fuck!" JTG's train of thought
is derailed when Jillian slams herself down on his cock.

"Mmmmmmm...mmmm..." Jillian groans against Shad's large and hard black cock
as she gently slaps her tongue against his black shaft while she starts to
quickly bob her head, up and down, on his rock solid hard cock. Jillian
starts to gently grind her pussy against JTG's black cock as she slams down
firmly on his cock while she rocks back and forth as sweat starts to drip
off of her stunning body.

"Awww yeah.... ohhhh damn yeah...." Shad Gaspard groans and licks his lips
and leans his head back as he starts to cum inside of Jillian's mouth as she
works over his large black shaft with her warm, wet mouth.

JTG licks his lips as he keeps pumping his cock upward into Jillian's pussy
as her mouth is filled up with Shad's warm cum. "Ohhhh damn homegirl....
fuck.... now this is off the hook..." JTG grunts.

"Mmmmm....ohhhh..." Jillian moans as she lifts her blond-haired head off of
Shad's black cock as she tilts her head back and swallows his warm load of
cum, while she continues to bounce and rock her hot, stunning body on JTG's
thick, hard black cock as he thrusts up into her tight pussy as well.

Shad Gaspard steps away from Jillian and JTG and he gathers his clothes and
gets dressed, "Damn homegirl.... you got a real fixin' for black dick..."
Shad Gaspard says with a smirk.

JTG keep pumping his cock up into Jillian's pussy as he holds onto the
gorgeous SmackDown Diva's tits, "Awww.... ohhh yeah homegirl!" JTG moans as
he starts to cum inside of Jillian's hot, tight and wet pussy.

Jillian arches her back slightly and grits her teeth as she slams down hard
on JTG's hard black cock just as his warm, sticky cum sprays into her tight,
warm pussy "Ohhhh... ohhhh fuck yeah!"

JTG grits his teeth together a bit as he fills up Jillian's pussy with his
cum, "Awww damn.... fuck... that's off the chain right there...." JTG groans
as he finishes cumming in Jillian's pussy.

Jillian licks her lips as she glances down at JTG and gently slides her soft,
smooth hands against JTG's muscular, sweaty black chest "Mmmm...fuck I love
Cryme Tyme.."

JTG looks up at Jillian and smirks a bit, "Yo, yo, yo.... Cryme Tyme loves


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