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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 12: Ain't Too Royal For The Hood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside the royal locker room of SmackDown's King Booker, the WWE's resident
fun-loving professional criminals known as Cryme Tyme, consisting of Shad
Gaspard and JTG, are admiring the fancy expensive objects that decorate the
ruler of the SmackDown Kingdom's locker room. JTG, dressed in baggy blue
jeans, a loose fitting white shirt and a black baseball cap, picks up King
Booker's crown from the throne that sits against one wall, "Yo, yo, yo, yo,
yo.... Booker has gone from the outhouse to the penthouse... that homeboy
knows how to spend his money!" JTG says as he takes off his hat and puts on
the royal crown.

"Word.... Man, dawg, we could make a killin' with all this stuff...." Shad
says as he picks up King Booker's red and white royal cape and drapes it
over his shoulders, "Yo, dawg, how do I look?"

JTG looks at his partner in crime and laughs, "Yoooooo you look like some
fruit booty...." JTG laughs as slaps his hands together.

"Aw fuck you dawg...." Shad laughs as he takes off the cape and tosses it
down to the ground. Shad, who's wearing blue baggy jeans and a white tank
top, then heads over to where Queen Sharmell's royal garments are hanging
and he starts going through them, "Yo dawg.... That Queen is one fine honey
but she's got no taste in clothes...."

JTG laughs as he sits down on King Booker's throne, "What makes ya say that

Shad turns to look at JTG, "She ain't got anything that shows us if she's got
any junk in the trunk...."

"Awww yeah...." JTG laughs, "Man I bet she's got a nice fine ghetto booty..."
JTG says as the door to the royal locker room is opened, and before JTG and
Shad Gaspard can react, Queen Sharmell, the wife of SmackDown's King Booker,
enters elegantly into the room, but her mood instantly changes when she sees
the two black men from the hood in her and King Booker's locker room.

The elegant Queen of the SmackDown Kingdom, Queen Sharmell, folds her arms
over her firmly rounded chest and presses her lips together as she locks her
eyes with the fun-loving professional criminals, JTG and Shad Gaspard. "How
dare you peasants disrupt his majesty, King Booker's royal locker room!"
Queen Sharmell shouts as she dressed in an elegant navy blue gown and a
silver crown on top of her royal head.

JTG remains seated on King Booker's throne as he tilts the crown on his head,
"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.... chill home girl.... we're just visiting...." JTG says
as he leans back on King Booker's throne.

"Yeah, we're just checking things out...." Shad adds, "Ain't every day we get
to see some sucka's royal items and junk..." Shad says as he puts his hands
on his waist.

Queen Sharmell opens her eyes with shock as her royal, elegant eyes widen
"How dare you speak to a Queen, such I as, in that manner!" Queen Sharmell
narrows her eyes slightly and points towards JTG and Shad "I suggest you
peasants leave the royal throne room of King Booker immediately!" Queen
Sharmell states in a firm, but elegant voice.

"Whoa, chill it home girl.... you don't need all that royal jive.... can't
ya talk like a home girl from the hood?" Shad asks with a bit of a laugh.

"Yeah homegirl.... ain't you a former Miss Black America... one of the finest
hot black honnies in the hood?" JTG adds as he puts his hands behind his

Queen Sharmell sternly looks at JTG and points towards the royal locker room
door "Leave peasants..." Queen Sharmell commands as she is unaware of Shad
Gaspard approaching her from behind.

"Nah home girl... I'm pretty comfortable hanging out here...." JTG says with
a wide grin as he adjusts his crotch with his right hand. The large powerful
Shad Gaspard then surprises Queen Sharmell by putting his strong hands on
both of her shoulders, "Yo, home girl.... you gotta take a chill...." Shad
says to her in a deep voice.

Queen Sharmell presses her lips together and narrows her eyes as she glances
back at Shad "Remove your filthy hands from your Queen!" Sharmell shouts
before Shad lightly forces her down onto her knees in front of JTG as he sits
on King Booker's royal throne "Hey! Get your hands off of me!" Queen Sharmell
shouts at the strong, powerful criminal as she slightly loses her elegant

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, home girl, don't fret and get all crazy...." JTG says with
a grin, "You're gonna get like a reminder from where ya came from, ya hear?"
JTG says as he waves his left hand around a bit, making a few gang signs in
the process.

"That's right home girl.... cause no one ain't too royal for the hood...."
Shad says as he takes a moment to remove Queen Sharmell's silver crown and
he casually drops it down to the carpeted floor of King Booker's locker room.

"Be careful with my royal crown!" Queen Sharmell shouts as she glances back
at Shad, before the powerful criminal gently forces Queen Sharmell to look
forward and face JTG as the fun-loving gangster begins to push down his baggy

"Yo, yo, yo, you got more things to think about than some fake crown home
girl...." JTG says with grin as he pushes down his baggy jeans to free his
long, thick black twelve inch cock which hangs between his legs as it starts
to harden a bit.

Queen Sharmell presses her lips together and shakes her head "You will pay
dearly from King Booker!" Queen Sharmell shouts before JTG places his hands
on the back of Sharmell's head and lightly forces the SmackDown Queen's head
towards his criminal black cock.

"Damn home girl.... you really need this reminder...." JTG says as he scoots
to the edge of King Booker's throne so that when he gently brings Queen
Sharmell's head forward, her lips press against the head of his cock.

Shad Gaspard stands behind Queen Sharmell and he takes his hands off her
shoulders so that he can remove his white tank top, "Yeah home girl, we all
know you can take the honey out of the ghetto but ya can't take the ghetto
out of the honey..." Shad says with a matter of fact tone in his voice.
Queen Sharmell closes her eyes as she feels the large head of JTG's black
cock press against her royal, soft and elegant lips before she slowly parts
her lips, opening her warm and wet mouth, before she lowers her head and
takes his black cock into her royal mouth. JTG places his hands on top of
Queen Sharmell's head as she lightly bobs her head on his cock.

JTG nods his head a bit, and the crown he's wearing falls off and lands down
on the ground, "Awww yeah boy.... home girl is going back to the hood...' JTG
says as he slightly moves his fingers through Queen Sharmell's hair as she
bobs her head slowly on the top portion of his cock.

"Yeah dawg.... all she needs is a couple of real gangstas to take her back to
where she came from..." Shad answers as he unbuckles his belt and starts to
unbutton his jeans. The powerful black stud lowers his baggy jeans in order
to let out his over foot long monstrous black cock. When he steps out of his
jeans, Shad leans down and unzips the zipper on the back of Queen Sharmell's
elegant navy blue gown. Queen Sharmell presses her soft lips tighter around
JTG's black shaft as she smoothly guides her royal head, up and down, on his
black cock as she slowly and gently sucks, while she gradually takes the
fun-loving criminal's cock deeper into her royally warm and wet mouth.

"Awww.... ohhhh damn yeah.... ohhh yea..." JTG nods his head and moans as
Queen Sharmell sucks on his cock more willingly than he was assuming she
would. He takes his hands off of Sharmell's head and takes off his white
shirt, which he drops on the floor.

Behind Queen Sharmell, Shad Gaspard starts to slide down Queen Sharmell's
elegant navy blue gown, exposing her hot, black body. "Yo.... damn.... home
girl's body is FINE!" Shad says as he licks his lips while he gets Sharmell's
gown down past her smooth, hot black ass.

"Mmmmm..." Queen Sharmell elegantly moans around JTG's hard black cock as
she gently slaps her royal tongue against his black shaft as she starts to
smoothly bob her head at a quicker pace as she steps out of her elegant
navy blue gown after Shad lowers the gown down her smooth, elegant legs.

"Ohhh shit homie! Homegirl is bare!" JTG says as he quickly realizes that the
Queen of SmackDown wasn't wearing anything underneath her royal navy blue
gown. JTG leans down forward a bit and reaches down so that he can cup Queen
Sharmell's hot, black round tits with his hands.

"Yo, dawg... I said.... you can't take the ghetto out of the honey...." Shad
says as he grips his thick black cock with his right and he starts to stroke
it so that it can get harder. The powerful black criminal also reaches
between Sharmell's smooth, elegant legs with his left hand and he rubs the
Queen's pussy as she bobs her head on JTG's cock.

"Mmmm...ohhh...mmmm..." Queen Sharmell softly moans against JTG's black cock
as Shad Gaspard rubs his left hand against her royal, smoothly shaven black
pussy. Queen Sharmell elegantly pushes her stunning, gorgeous black body back
against Shad's hand as she starts to smoothly bob her head at a quicker rate
on JTG's black cock as she lifts and lowers her head, taking JTG deeper into
her mouth.

"Awww yo, yo, yo, yo dawg.... you gotta have home girl suck ya dick... she's
got some mad skills!" JTG moans as Queen Sharmell almost deep throats his
entire black cock with her warm and moist royal mouth.

Shad Gaspard nods his head, "Word homie...." Shad says as he continues to
rub Queen Sharmell's smooth black pussy with his left hand for a few moments
before he moves his hand away. "Yo home girl... why don't you get up on the
throne... and on JTG...." Shad says with a grin as he smacks Queen Sharmell's
royal, smooth hot black backside.

Queen Sharmell slowly lifts her head up and glances back at Shad Gaspard with
a slight glare "Do not speak to your Queen in such manner, you peasant!"
Queen Sharmell shouts as she slowly and elegantly stands up from the royal
locker room floor in front of JTG, before she gently straddles JTG's lap and
lowers herself down on his saliva dripping cock as she faces the fun-loving
black stud.

"Yo, yo, yo home girl.... no need to act like you're not having a blast..."
JTG says as he places his hands back on Queen Sharmell's tits as the
elegantly beautiful Diva gets comfortable on his large, black cock.

Shad Gaspard smirks, "Home girl.... normally I'm real easy going but you
just pushed it...." Shad says, sounding unthrilled by Queen Sharmell snapping
at him. The powerful black criminal moves closer to Sharmell and he bends his
knees a bit so that he can line up his dry hard thick cock with Queen
Sharmell's royal asshole, and after placing his hands on Sharmell's smooth
waist, Shad roughly slams his cock deep into her ass with one powerful

Queen Sharmell grits her teeth as the powerful Shad Gaspard firmly rams his
hard black cock into her tight, smoothly rounded elegant ass "Ohhhh you
peasant!" Queen Sharmell shouts as she bounces forward on JTG's black cock
and as Shad begins to thrust his cock in and out of Sharmell's elegant ass,
the SmackDown Queen rocks back and forth against JTG's cock with the help
and force of Shad's quick and powerful thrusts.

Shad raises an eyebrow, "Yo.... homie... home girl is all talk.... she loves
this trip back to the hood..." Shad says as he pumps his large black cock in
and out of Queen Sharmell's ass with stiff swift thrusts that helps Sharmell
momentum as she bounces on JTG's dick.

"Yeah dawg..." JTG groans as he leans back on King Booker's throne as he
pumps his cock upward into Queen Sharmell's tight, royal black pussy.

Queen Sharmell closes her eyes and tilts her head back "Ohhh...mmm...ohhh you
damn peasants!" Queen Sharmell moans as the elegant SmackDown Diva slams down
on JTG's black cock as she bounces on his cock due to Shad's thrusts as at
the same time her elegant body slams back against Shad's cock inside of her
tight, elegant ass.

Queen Sharmell closes her eyes and tilts her head back "Ohhh...mmm...ohhh you
damn peasants!" Queen Sharmell moans as the elegant SmackDown Diva slams down
on JTG's black cock as she bounces on his cock due to Shad's thrusts as at
the same time her elegant body slams back against Shad's cock inside of her
tight, elegant ass.

JTG squeezes and gropes Queen Sharmell's royal black tits with his black
hands as he pumps his black cock up faster and sharper into Sharmell's pussy,
"Yo.... ahhh yo, yo, ahhh yooo... home girl should be in the hood all the
time..." JTG groans.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he continues to firmly slam his cock in and
out of Sharmell's ass, as he notices Queen Sharmell's elegant expensive
looking earrings that she's wearing, "Damn... are those real?" Shad asks
with a grunt.

"Of course they're real!" Queen Sharmell shouts "I am a Queen!" Sharmell
arrogantly states as her elegantly hot body slams down harder on JTG's black
cock before she's firmly pulled back against Shad's black cock as she starts
to lightly sweat.

"Damn.... King Booker must love your ass...." Shad laughs a bit as he tilts
his head a bit to check out the easiest way to remove Queen Sharmell's
earrings, and then he gets an idea as he suddenly pulls his cock out of Queen
Sharmell's ass, "Yo... home girl.... home about you give my black scepter a
spit job..." Shad says with a fake English accent as he takes a few steps

Queen Sharmell slowly comes to a stop on JTG's black cock and presses her
lips together as she lifts herself off of JTG's lap and cock as she stands up
and turns around to lock her elegant eyes on Shad "Do not speak to someone as
elegant as I, in that matter!" Queen Sharmell shouts as the elegant SmackDown
Diva lowers herself down onto her knees in front of Shad and gently grips his
powerful, thick and hard black cock before she starts to stroke his cock with
her elegant hands. Queen Sharmell lowers her head slightly and spits her
warm, wet saliva down on Shad's cock before she starts to rub her saliva
against his cock.

"Awww.... ohhh yeah home girl...." Shad Gaspard licks his lips and moans as
Queen Sharmell strokes his large black saliva covered cock with her smooth
elegant hands.

JTG smirks a bit and he eases himself off of King Booker's throne, "Yo, yo,
yo.... I'm gonna tap some royal booty...." JTG says with a mischievous
smirk on his face as he kneels behind SmackDown's Queen. The fun-loving
professional criminal then starts to slide his large black dick into Queen
Sharmell's ass as she strokes Shad Gaspard's large shaft.

Queen Sharmell grits her teeth "Ohhhh you peasant!" Queen Sharmell moans as
JTG thrusts his black cock into her tight, royal pussy as she continues to
stroke her elegant hands against Shad's thick, powerful shaft as she lightly
pushes back against JTG's cock.

"Yeah home girl... I know ya like this ghetto stuff...." JTG grins as he
pumps his black cock in and out of Queen Sharmell's hot black royal ass.

Shad Gaspard places his hands on the sides of Queen Sharmell's head,
positioning them right near her ears and he starts to remove Queen Sharmell's
expensive earrings as he starts to cum, "Awww shit yea...." Shad grunts as
his cum lands on Queen Sharmell's beautiful face.

Queen Sharmell removes her elegant hands from Shad's shaft as she lifts her
head up and grits her teeth, while she glares up at the powerful, muscular
black criminal "How dare you soil your beloved Queen!" Sharmell yells as cum
drips down her face.

Shad Gaspard shrugs his shoulders as he stands up, "Yo, it's how it's done
down in the hood home girl..." Shad says as he balls his hands into fists to
hide the fact he took her earrings. The large powerful criminal quickly goes
to his clothes and starts to get dressed while JTG keeps fucking Sharmell's
hot black royal ass.

"Uhhhh chill home girl.... you know it's all good..." JTG grunts as he holds
onto the Queen's waist to keep her from pulling away.

"You filthy peasant!" Queen Sharmell groans and tilts her head back as
Sharmell's elegant rounded ass slams back against JTG's smooth, muscular
black waist as he buries his cock deep inside of her tight, royal ass.

JTG licks his lips as he keeps thrusting his cock in and out of Queen
Sharmell's ass, "Ahhhh.... ohhh yeah home girl..." JTG grunts as he then
pulls his cock out of Queen Sharmell's royal ass and he starts to cum all
over her backside. "Ahhhhh yea...." JTG moans as his warm load paints Queen
Sharmell's royal ass cheeks.

Queen Sharmell presses her lips together as she glances back at JTG with a
stern and firm glare on her elegant face "How dare you beseech your Queen of
the SmackDown Kingdom in such manner!" Queen Sharmell shouts as she stands up
"Leave the royal throne room!"

JTG jumps up and goes to get his clothes, "No need to yell home girl... we're
done..." JTG says as he quickly gets dress, "Right Dawg?" JTG says as he
glances at Shad Gaspard who is now standing by the door.

"Yeah homie... I'm ready to bounce..." Shad says as he quickly flashes Queen
Sharmell's earrings to JTG to show what he took.

"All right dawg... let's bail!" JTG says as he finishes getting dressed
and both members of Cryme Tyme quickly leave King Booker's locker room just
before Queen Sharmell realizes her earrings are missing.

Queen Sharmell places both of her elegant hands against her royal ears and
feels the smooth skin of her earlobes. Queen Sharmell pauses and raises an
eyebrow "Those peasants!" Queen Sharmell shouts before she grits her teeth
and narrows her elegant eyes "How dare they disrespect the Queen of


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