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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 13: Damn Girl, You Got HEAT!
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a joint SmackDown/RAW Supershow, the WWE's resident professional
criminals, JTG and Shad Gaspard, collectively known as Cryme Tyme, are
hanging out near the equipment area, and Shad Gaspard is keeping an eye
out as JTG goes through the contents of one of the equipment trunks. Shad
is wearing black baggy jeans and a black tank top folds his arms, "Yo
dawg... did you find anything in there?"

JTG, who's dressed in faded black jeans and a white t-shirt, shakes his
head as he closes the trunk, "Naw.... Ain't nothing interesting in there...
man.... How can they NOT have good stuff around here during a Supershow..."
JTG asks as he and Shad start to head down the hall.

"I don't know dawg.... Maybe the Coach is starting to wise up...." Shad and
JTG both then stop walking, and they exchange looks and start laughing before
saying, "Naahhh!" JTG and Shad then resume walking down the hallway, and Shad
says, "Man dawg.... There's gotta be something around here...."

"Word up homie, but if we can't find nothing, we can always go check out some
of the fine honnies that are around here, ya hear me?" JTG says with a grin.

"Yeah I hear ya dawg...." Shad says as both men go around a corner and then
both men stop in their tracks as they see the 2006 WWE Diva Search Winner
Layla coming down the hallway. Both members of Cryme Tyme both instantly
check her out before going, "DAAAAAMN!" A short distance away from the
fun-loving professional criminals known as Cryme Tyme, the stunning-naturally
beautiful SmackDown Diva, Layla, walks down the hallway with her soft lips
pressed together as the adorable 2006 Diva Search Winner is dressed in short
red skirt and a matching red top.

JTG looks at Shad and grins, "Yo dawg, she is FINE!" JTG says as he looks
back at Layla as she continues to walk towards them.

Shad nods his head, "Damn straight homie...." Shad Gaspard says as he
shakes his head a bit, "Damn, yo... I bet she can bring the heat down to the
hood.... ya hear me?"

"Yeah I heard ya big dawg...." JTG says, "And since we don't got anything
else to do... let's check her out...." JTG says as he starts to walk down
the hallway towards the 2006 Diva Search Winner, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo home
girl.... what's shaking?" JTG says with his usual hood-ish charm.

Layla pauses in the hallway and lightly laughs "Not much...not much...what's
shaking my black stud!?" Layla adorably replies in her cute British accent in
an slightly excited tone of voice as she places her hands on her smoothly
rounded hips and watches the fun-loving JTG approach her.

"Yo, yo, yo... ain't much going down.... maybe we can change that...." JTG
says with a bit of a laugh as he now stands in front of Layla.

Shad comes walking up behind JTG, "Damn dawg, you're cutting corners all
ready..." Shad laughs as he slaps JTG back. JTG shrugs his shoulders as Shad
looks at Layla, "Damn girl.... you look hotter up close than you did down the
hall..." Shad says.

Layla smiles and laughs a bit as she slightly tosses her black frizzy hair
"Aww thank you baby! That's so sweet!" Layla replies as she cutely presses
her lips together and blushes as Shad and JTG stare at the gorgeous SmackDown

"God damn.... yo, yo, yo, check it home girl... me and Shad we doing some
yada yada down the hall... and we were wondering if ya can bring the heat...
if you know what I mean...." JTG say with a wide grin on his handsome black

Layla laughs a bit more "Oh baby! I'm always ready to bring the HEAT!" Layla
with an adorable smile as she nods her head happily.

"Word?" Shad raises an eyebrow as he smiles. He folds his arms and pauses,
"Yo, home girl.... you wanna bring the HEAT to us good old boys from the
hood?" Shad asks.

Layla playfully presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow "I don't
know baby...if you can handle the HEAT!" Layla cutely replies in her British
accent as she removes her hands from her smoothly rounded, slender hips.

JTG laughs a bit, "Yo, yo, yo, yo home girl... we can handle all the HEAT
possible...." JTG says with a confident smile.

"Yeah home girl... how about we go get some where and see how much HEAT you
can bring...." Shad suggests.

Layla smiles and slowly nods her head "Alright boys...but you better bring
the HEAT!"

* * *

A short time later, inside one of the many locker rooms inside the arena,
JTG, Shad Gaspard and Layla are entering the room and JTG holds the door for
Layla, "Awww yeah home girl... you're going to see some real HEAT from the
hood...." JTG says as he licks his lips while Shad Gaspard turns on the
locker room lights.

Layla smiles and cutely shrugs her shoulders "Yeah...we'll see if you
homeboys are all talk..." Layla says with a playful wink as she stands in
the vacant locker room with her back facing Cryme Tyme before she turns
around to face the hot black studs. Layla presses her lips together "Alright
boys! Let me see the HEAT!"

JTG closes the locker room door and grins, "Ya don't have to ask twice home
girl..." JTG says as he takes off his white t-shirt to reveal his toned,
muscular black upper body.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips, "Yeah home girl.... just wait you'll see our
HEAT...." Shad Gaspard says as he talks off his black tank top to reveal his
smooth, powerful and muscular upper body.

Layla nods her head and smiles "Oh yeah baby! That's some groovy HEAT!" Layla
says in her adorable British accent before she starts to slowly lift her
tight-fitting red top off of her upper body to reveal her smoothly rounded,
firm and slightly large tits.

"DAMN!" JTG and Shad Gaspard both say at the same time as they take a good
hard look at Layla's hot, round firm tits. Shad starts to quickly unbuckle
his belt so that he's then able to undo his jeans, "Yo dawg.... home girl is
packing a lot of HEAT...." Shad says as he starts to lower down his jeans to
free his over foot long black cock.

JTG nods his head, "Yeah homie... but can she handle the big '40s' we're
packing..." JTG says as he undoes his baggy jeans and he then drops them down
in order to let out his thick, meaty foot long dick.

Layla smiles and pushes her shoulder "Mmm baby! Those are some groovy dicks!"
Layla says excitedly as she glances down and licks her lips as she looks down
at JTG and Shad's gradually hardening black cock. Layla lightly tosses her
black frizzy hair back before she lowers herself down on her knees as she
reaches forward and takes her left hand around JTG's cock, while she places
her right hand around Shad Gaspard's black cock. Layla adorably smiles up at
Shad and JTG as she starts to stroke the thick, hard black cocks of Cryme

"Yo, yo, yo, yo...." JTG licks his lips and moans slightly as Layla pumps her
left hand back and forth along the length of his hardening black shaft.

Shad licks his lips and places his hands on his waist as Layla slowly strokes
his large cock with her right hand, "Mmmm damn home girl...." Shad groans as
Layla strokes his cock a bit faster.

Layla smiles cutely up at Shad Gaspard and JTG as she strokes their hard
black cocks "Oh yeah baby! I'm gonna bring the HEAT!" Layla says excitedly
before she leans her head down and flicks her soft, wet tongue against the
head of Shad's black cock before she turns her head to JTG's black cock and
does the same to the fun-loving gangster as she playfully teases both of
their black cocks.

"Awwww yea home girl.... aww damn...." JTG licks his lips and leans his head
back whenever Layla flicks her soft, wet tongue against the large head of his
black cock.

Shad Gaspard closes his eyes a bit, "Ohhh.... fuck home girl...." Shad moans
when Layla take a long lick of his cock as she presses her tongue against the
underside of it and drags her tongue to the tip.

"Mmmm...damn baby...that's bringing the HEAT!" Layla says with a laugh before
she leans her head further in towards Shad's large black cock and opens her
adorable, soothing mouth as she takes Shad's cock into her mouth and presses
her lips around his shaft. The adorable, naturally-beautiful SmackDown Diva
begins to easily bob her head along Shad's hard, thick black cock as she
starts to suck his cock while she strokes JTG's black cock at a quicker rate
with her left hand.

Shad Gaspard puts his large powerful black hands on Layla's head and he licks
his lips as Layla bobs her head up and down on his large, hard black cock,
"Awww damn homegirl.... bring that HEAT..." Shad groans as he feels Layla's
lips pressing against his thick shaft.

JTG grits his teeth a bit as Layla moves her left hand back and forth on his
cock, "Ohhhh damn home girl.... you can handle my 40 any time home girl..."
JTG says as he leans down a bit and taps Layla's firm round tits with his

"Mmmm...mmm..." Layla moans against Shad Gaspard's thick, hard black cock as
she smoothly bobs her head up and down on his black shaft, coating his cock
with warm and wet saliva. Layla lifts her adorable eyes up slightly and
glances up at JTG before she lifts her head up from Shad's saliva-dripping
cock. Layla licks her lips and smiles cutely at JTG "Time to try your HEAT
baby!" Layla says with a laugh before she lowers her head and takes JTG's
cock into her warm, wet mouth and begins to bob her head as she starts to
suck on his cock.

JTG's eyes roll back in pleasure as Layla bobs her head on his thick, foot
long black cock, "Ahhhh ohhh yea home girl.... ohhh yeah suck that big black
dick...." JTG moans. The powerful Shad Gaspard moves around to get behind
Layla and he gets down onto his knees. He then puts his hands Layla's waist
and he starts to slide down her short red skirt from her slightly rounded
sexy hips.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah baby..." Layla softly moans around JTG's black cock as she
slightly smiles with her warm, wet mouth full of his black cock as Shad pulls
Layla's red skirt down her smoothly rounded hips to reveal her hot, round
bare ass. Layla gently flicks her wet tongue against JTG's black cock as she
presses her lips tighter around his shaft as she starts to bob her head

JTG lays his hands on Layla's head and pushes his fingers through her frizzy
hair as she takes his cock a bit deeper into her warm, wet soothing mouth,
"Ahhhh..... ohhhh yeah home girl...." JTG moans.

Shad lowers Layla's short red skirt down completely and removes it from
Layla's sexy legs "Damn... let see how much HEAT you can take...." Shad says
as he starts to slide his long thick cock into Layla's warm tight pussy. Shad
grits his teeth together as he feels Layla's pussy squeeze his cock and after
taking a short pause, the powerful black gangsta from the hood starts to
thrust his big hard cock in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmm...ohhhh" Layla moans against JTG's black cock as she lowers her head
further down, practically deep throating his criminal cock, while she bobs
her head easily at a quick rate on his cock, slapping her wet and warm saliva
against his black dick. While Layla energetically bobs her head on JTG's cock
she starts to push her adorable, naturally beautiful body back against Shad's
black cock as he thrusts into her tight, warm pussy.

Shad places his strong hands on Layla's sexy hips as he pumps his large cock
in and out of Layla's warm, tight pussy, "Mmmm..... ohhhh damn...." Shad
groans as he pulls Layla back towards him every time he pushes his cock
forward. The powerful black criminal steadily increases the pace of thrusts
to where he's using swift, sharp thrusts to drive his cock deep into her

"Ohhhh yeah home girl.... fuck you can take my HEAT pretty damn good...." JTG
licks his lips as he feels his black balls press against Layla's chin every
time she lowers her head completely on his thick black cock.

"Mmmmm..." Layla moans and closes her eyes as she slaps her wet, warm tongue
against the underbelly of JTG's black shaft before she gently twists her head
on his black cock while she easily deep throats his cock. Layla smoothly
rounded, hot ass slams back against Shad's muscular black waist as he
powerfully slams his cock into Layla's pussy.

Shad thrusts his cock harder into Layla's pussy as he looks down a bit to see
Layla's sexy ass cheeks shake a bit every time they hit against his waist,
"Yo homie... I think home girl's got an ass for tappin'...." Shad grunts as
he slows down his thrusts and pulls his large meaty cock out of Layla's warm,
tight pussy.

JTG licks his lips, "Yo, yo, yo dawg.... you can tap her ass.... I want to
feel more of her HEAT!" JTG moans as he moves back slightly so that he can
pull his large, saliva covered black cock out of Layla's mouth, causing a
bit of her saliva to drip down her chin.

Layla licks her lips and smiles up at JTG "Mmmm baby I love that HEAT!" Layla
says before she glances back at Shad and blows him a cute kiss.

Shad smiles, "Damn.... you British home girls are all right... and shag well
baby..." Shad laughs as he speaks in a fake British accent that barely covers
his natural way of speaking.

JTG walks over to a leather couch and sits down, "Yo, yo, yo home girl... how
about bringing me some of that hot HEAT...." JTG says as he licks his lips.

"Sure thing baby!" Layla says with a smile as she stands up from the locker
room floor and begins to walk over towards JTG, swaying her smoothly rounded
hips back and forth as she walks. Once Layla approaches JTG, she gently
straddles JTG's lay and slowly lowers herself down onto his hard black cock,
taking him into her tight pussy "Ohhhh yeah baby!" Layla moans.

JTG places his hands on Layla's smooth, sexy thighs as she gets herself
settled on his large thick meaty cock. "Ohhhh damn baby.... that's what I'm
talking about!" JTG moans as Layla starts to rock back and forth on his cock
a bit.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he looks at Layla's hot smooth round ass,
"Damn.... that is an ass that needs some tappin'!" Shad says as he walks over
to the couch and stands behind Layla. He bends his knees a bit and he starts
to push his cock into Layla's hot, tight British asshole, "Ohhh DAMN!" Shad
groans as he pushes his cock inch by inch into Layla's backside.

Layla gently grits her teeth "Awww yeah baby give me that HEAT!" Layla moans
as Shad Gaspard enters her tight asshole as she rocks smoothly on JTG's black

Shad Gaspard once again puts his hands back onto Layla's hips and he begins
to pump his large black cock in and out of her tight asshole, "Mmmmm....
fuck..." Shad licks his lips as he slowly gains momentum as he bangs Layla's

JTG grits his teeth slightly as he thrusts his large black shaft upward into
Layla's pussy, "Mmmm..... ohhhh damn baby.... you got a lot of HEAT!" JTG

"Ohhhh...mmmm fuck baby! Bring it baby! Lay-lay-lay it on me!" Layla moans
as she rocks quickly back and forth between the two muscular black studs of
Cryme Tyme, JTG and Shad Gaspard as they quickly slam their cocks deeply into
her ass and pussy.

"Yo, yo, yo... we're lay-lay-laying it on ya home girl..." JTG moans as he
licks his lips as he pumps his cock upward into Layla's warm pussy. He moves
his hands from Layla's smooth thighs and places them on Layla's shoulders as
the hot naturally beautiful 2006 Diva Search Winner slams down on his shaft.

Shad Gaspard pulls Layla back against him as he slams his cock deep into
Layla's ass, "Ahhh.... damn.... ohhh fuck home girl.... you're fucking off
the hook..." Shad grunts.

"Ohhhh...yeah bring the HEAT baby!" Layla moans loudly as she grinds her
pussy sharply against JTG's black shaft as she quickly bounces and slams down
harder on his cock as Shad Gaspard firmly slams his cock into her hot, tight
asshole as the adorable SmackDown Diva begins to sweat.

JTG tilts his head back as closes his eyes, "Ahhhh.... damn.... yo... yo...
yo.... fuck.... here comes some HEAT from the hood home girl!" JTG groans as
he starts to cum inside of Layla's warm tight pussy, filling her with his
warm cum as Layla rides his cock.

"Ohhhhh yeah baby spray that HEAT!" Layla moans as she slams down on JTG's
cock as his warm, sticky cum gushes into her tight, warm pussy. Layla grits
her teeth as she rocks back against Shad's massive, powerful cock as she
lightly jerks on JTG's cum-dripping cock.

"Awww.... damn home girl!" JTG licks his lips as Layla bounces on his cock as
every drop of his warm cum escapes his dick and enters her pussy.

Shad Gaspard keeps pumping his cock in and out of Layla's ass and he grits
his teeth as sweat drips down his powerful muscular body, "Ahhhh.... ohhhh
fuck.... ahhh yeah home girl...." Shad grunts as he starts to cum inside of
Layla's hot, tight British asshole.

"Ohhhh yeah baby!" Layla moans as she tilts her head back as she feels the
warm cum of Shad Gaspard splatter against her adorable hot ass "Ohhhhh fuck
you brought the HEAT!"

Shad keep thrusting his cock in and out of Layla's asshole as he floods her
ass with his warm spunk, "Ahhh... yeah... mmmm fuck!" Shad grunts as he
finishes cumming after a few thrusts and he keeps his cum spent cock inside
of Layla's ass.

Layla glances over her shoulder and smiles at Shad "Damn got some

"Naw baby.... you're the one that has got the HEAT!" Shad says with a smile.

"Yeah home girl.... damn... you have to swing on down to the hood a lot more
so we can get more of that HEAT!" JTG adds.

Layla smiles as she looks back at JTG beneath her "You know homeboy...I'm a
bit sweaty...and could use a shower..." Layla begins to say in her adorable
British accent.

Shad Gaspard and JTG both exchange looks and they both get big smiles on
their faces as they both stand up with Layla in between their sweaty bodies,
as they both say at the same time "Damn Girl! You got all the HEAT!"


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