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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 14: Poppin' A "40" In Her Ass
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At an international SmackDown/RAW Supershow in Canada, the WWE's resident
fun-loving professional criminals, JTG and Shad Gaspard, together known as
Cryme Tyme, are entering the arena with two large duffle bags, "Yo, yo, yo,
dawg.... The customs officials are so uptight!" JTG says, as he's dressed
in a black jacket, a white t-shirt and baggy jeans.

"Word to that homie...." Shad Gaspard replies, and he's wearing black baggy
jeans, a brown jacket and a black t-shirt. "Who did they think we were? We
ain't no high flyers.... We're just a couple of criminals...."

JTG laughs, "Yeah.... It ain't like we transport stuff into countries...."
JTG laughs as the two men head down the hallway towards the locker room area,
"We just transport stuff OUT of countries...."

"Yeah homie..." Shad laughs a bit as they both walk past SmackDown's
French-Canadian Rookie Diva, Maryse as she reads a French-To-English
dictionary. Shad sees the cover of the dictionary and he stops walking
with JTG in order to approach the blonde haired French-Canadian Diva.
"Hey home girl... whatcha reading?" Shad asks as he sets his duffle bag
down on the ground as JTG realizes Shad has stopped and he doubles back
to re-join his partner in crime.

The SmackDown Rookie Diva, the beautiful blond French-Canadian, Maryse slowly
lifts her head up and presses her lips together into a slightly seductive,
alluring smile "Oh...bonjour monsieurs..." Maryse says with a cute blush as
she closes her French-To-English Dictionary and sets it to the side as she
takes a moment to look at the black studs of Cryme Tyme, as she's dressed in
a tight white pair of pants and a black tank top.

JTG sets his duffle bag down, "Yo, yo, yo, yo home girl.... what's going
down?" JTG asks as he checks out the lovely French-Canadian Diva. Shad puts
his hands on his hips and looks at JTG, 'Yo dawg..... I already asked her
something...." Shad laughs a bit.

Maryse laughs cutely "Oh...I'm do you say...learning...the
language..." Maryse says in her attractive French-Canadian accent.

"Learning the language?" JTG makes a face, "And you're using a book?! Home
girl that's not how it's supposed to be done...." JTG laughs.

Maryse presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow as she slightly shakes
her head "I...don't understand...monsieur..." Maryse replies as she locks her
soft, alluring eyes on the fun-loving criminal, JTG as she places her hands
on her slender, smoothly rounded hips.

Shad Gaspard folds his arms, "Aw home girl, to learn a language you gotta

JTG gets an idea and snaps his fingers, "Yo, yo, yo homegirl... how about me
and Shad school you in street?"

Maryse looks at JTG even more confused as she shakes her head "I...beg...
your pardon?" Maryse asks in her attractive French-Canadian accent as the
SmackDown Rookie Diva removes her hands from her hips and gently folds her
arms over her chest.

"You know, street? Learn to speak the language right...." JTG replies, "You

Shad laughs a bit, "Yo dawg.... home girl is neon white.... she doesn't know
what you mean...."

JTG looks at Shad, "Yo, yo, yo... everyone can speak street once they get a
lesson in ghetto-nomics...."

Maryse cutely shrugs her shoulder and smiles a bit "Well...monsieur...I
guess...I do you say...give it a try?" Maryse replies in her
French-Canadian accent before she presses her soft, luscious lips together.

JTG gets a smirk on his face, "Yo, yo, yo, that's the spirit home girl...."
JTG says as he casually undoes his belt, followed by undoing his baggy jeans.
He lowers them a bit and he pulls out his foot long black cock, "All right
home girl, you know what this is?" JTG asks as Shad starts to laugh a bit.

"Yo dawg.... whatever happened to build up and shit?"

Maryse's soft and innocent, but alluring eyes widen as she lightly laughs
upon seeing JTG's large, slightly hardened black cock "Oh my...monsieur...I
believe that is do you say...dick?" Maryse asks with a blush.

JTG laughs, "Technically you're right.... but yo, we call it a cock down
in the hood.... but in some area's we call it a '40'.... and all the fly
honnies' from the hood know how to BLOW... a '40'..." JTG says as he
motions for Shad to drop his jeans.

Shad shakes his head, "Damn... dawg.... you're nuts...." Shad says as he
undoes his belt and his jeans in order to drop them down in order to let out
his big, thick black thirteen-inch cock.

Maryse's soft, innocently alluring eyes widen even more at the sight Shad
Gaspard's large, stiff black cock "Oh monsieur! Another...dick..." Maryse
says with a soft laugh as she slightly licks her soft, luscious lips.

JTG laughs, "That's right home girl.... and as the saying goes... when in the
ghetto... go with the flow..." JTG says as he takes Maryse's left hand and
places it on his hardening cock. Maryse blushes a bit as JTG places her soft
left hand against his thick, hardened black shaft. Maryse shyly smirks at the
fun-loving criminal as she wraps her hand around his black cock and begins to
smoothly stroke her left hand against his left hand before she starts to
eagerly lowers herself down onto her knees in front of the two black studs of
Cryme Tyme. While Maryse smoothly strokes JTG's black shaft, she reaches
forward with her right hand and takes hold of Shad's powerful black cock as

Shad Gaspard smirks a bit, "Damn home girl.... you're really catching on
quick to how things go down in the hood...." Shad says as Maryse moves her
right hand back and forth along his stiff black cock.

JTG licks his lips, "Hey home girl.... maybe you can show us... what is she?"
JTG looks at Shad, "Yo, what is she homie?"

Shad shrugs, "I think she's French...."

JTG nods, "Right... as I saying home girl... why don't you show us some
French hood lessons?" JTG says as he licks his lips.

Maryse presses her lips together and raises an eyebrow as she glances up
and looks at JTG and Shad as she strokes their black cocks "Oui! I could
monsieurs!" Maryse replies as she licks her lips and leans her head down
before she pulls both JTG and Shad's hard black cocks close to each other
before she suddenly lowers her head down and opens her mouth, taking both
of Shad and JTG's cocks into her warm, wet mouth and she begins to smoothly
bob her head on both black cocks.

"Whoa... damn dawg! She's a double dipper!" Shad Gaspard moans and licks his
lips as Maryse bobs her blond haired head up and down on both his and JTG's
stiff black rods.

"Yo, ain't nothing wrong with that homie..." JTG laughs and licks his lips as
he and Shad both take a moment to take off their jackets and shirts to reveal
their smooth, muscular upper bodies.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Maryse softly moans against Shad and JTG's stiff black
shafts as her soft lips rub up and down against the skin of their cocks while
she continues to bob her head on both black dicks. Maryse's warm, wet saliva
drips down on both black cocks as she starts to bob her head a bit quicker,
causing Shad and JTG's black cocks to grind against each other.

"Awww.... damn home girl.... you sure you don't know any street?" JTG asks
with a moan as he feels his cock bump up against Shad's as Maryse presses her
lips against both large black cocks.

Shad laughs, "Yo dawg... she can't talk with her mouth full ya know..." Shad
says as he places his left hand on Maryse's head and flips her blond hair
back so that it doesn't hang over her face. Maryse closes her innocent,
alluring eyes as she gently slaps her wet, warm tongue against JTG and Shad's
large, hard black cocks as she continues to lift and lowers her blond-haired
head on both of their criminal hard cocks as she lightly twists her mouth on
both of their cocks.

"Ohhhhh damn..... yo, yo, yo home girl.... let's take this up a few
notches...." JTG says with a moan as Shad Gaspard starts to push Maryse's
blond-haired head off their cocks. After a few moments, both Shad and JTG's
stiff saliva covered black rods fall out of Maryse's warm, wet and sooth
French-Canadian mouth.

Maryse licks her soft, luscious lips as she smiles up at Shad and JTG "Ohh
monsieurs... you boys are do you say...big" Maryse says with a
soft laugh as she slowly scoots back on her knees away from JTG and Shad

"Big?" Shad raises an eyebrow, "Yo, home girl.... we ain't big... we're like
that home boy with the bad hair-do Donny Trump.... we're HUGE!" Shad says
with a laugh.

JTG laughs a bit, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo check it home girl.... why don't you
get those clothes off... so we can really show ya some ghetto-nomics...."

Maryse bites down on her bottom lip as she starts to unbutton her
tight-fitting white pants "Monsieurs...I think that's...a good idea..."
Maryse replies as she completely unbuttons, then unzips her white pants
before she pushes them down from her smooth, slender hips and begins to
push them down her smooth, stunning legs as she reveal her hot, shaven

JTG tilts his head a bit and looks down at Maryse's hot, shaved
French-Canadian pussy, "Damn.... that is one smooth looking pussy!" JTG
says with a wide grin on his face.

"Word... damn.... yo home girl.... yo sure you don't know anything about the
street?" Shad asks as Maryse kicks off her tight-fitting white pants while
she begins to lift up her black tank top.

Maryse presses her lips together and shakes her head "No...I don't believe
so...monsieurs.." Maryse replies before she starts to remove her black top
to expose her largely rounded, firm and hot tits.

"Could've fooled me!" Shad replies as he takes a long hard look at Maryse's
large, round firm tits, "Fuck now those are some big fucking tits!"

JTG licks his lips, "Yo, yo, yo home girl... let's get party started...." JTG
says as he steps forward and he lays on the smooth floor right in front of

Maryse licks her lips as she steps over towards JTG "Mmm...oh monsieur..."
Maryse says before she gets down on the floor with JTG and mounts her hot
French-Canadian body on top of his smooth, muscular black body as she lowers
herself down on his hard black cock "Ohhhh Oui!" Maryse moans as she places
her hands against his muscular black chest.

"Oui, Oui, Yo, Yo, Yo...." JTG moans and licks his lips as he places his
black hands on Maryse's sexy, waist. As the gorgeous SmackDown Diva begins
to rock back and forth on his stiff black cock, JTG begins to thrust his
cock upward into Maryse's tight French-Canadian pussy.

Maryse gently grits her teeth together and closes her eyes as the stunning
French-Canadian beauty begins to lift and lower herself on JTG's cock at a
quicker pace as she slams down her hot, tanned body down harder on his black
cock as she feels his cock slam deeper into her tight pussy "Ohhhh monsieur!
Ohhhh Oui, yesss.."

"Awww damn.... home girl... you can ride that cock all damn day..." JTG
groans as Maryse moves up and down on his cock as she rocks back and forth.
JTG slides his hands over Maryse's hips.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he watches the action, "Damn... yo, a home
girl likes that probably needs a '40' popped into her ass...." Shad says as
he gets down behind the hot French-Canadian Diva and starts to push his large
thick black cock into Maryse's hot, tight French-Canadian ass.

Maryse tilts her head back and arches her back slightly as she feels Shad's
powerful black cock enter her tight, hot asshole from behind while she
bounces and rocks on JTG's cock "Ohhhh... monsieurs! do
you!" Maryse moans as Shad begins to thrust his cock into her tight
asshole, causing the SmackDown Rookie Diva to rock back and forth quicker on
JTG's black cock.

Shad laughs a bit as he thrusts his black shaft in and out of Maryse's tight
asshole, "Fun? Nah home girl.... this is as we say... off the fucking hook!"
Shad replies as he reaches around Maryse's hot body and places his strong
black hands on Maryse's tits.

JTG licks his lips and he slams his shaft up quicker into Maryse's pussy,
"Awwww damn.... ohhhh fuck yeah! I'm popping into French hoods down the
road... no fucking question...." JTG moans.

"Ohhhh monsieurs...ohhhh Oui! Yesss!" Maryse moans as she slams down harder
on JTG's black cock, as his cock is forced deeper into warm, tight pussy as
she rocks back against Shad's powerful black cock inside of her tight

"Ahhhhh ohhhh fuck... yo, yo, yo, yo... dawg.... man.... lift her up... I
need a breather...." JTG grunts as Maryse grinds her hot pussy against his

Shad nods his head and he slides his hands down from Maryse's tits and wraps
them around her smooth waist. "Going up home girl...' Shad says as he stands
up and pulls Maryse up with him so that now he's fucking Maryse's ass from a
standing position with the hot Diva bent over.

Maryse presses her lips together and glances over her shoulder at Shad
Gaspard as he smoothly thrusts his cock deeply into her ass, while they stand
in the hallway "Ohhh monsieur you're so big!" Maryse moans as she slams down
harder on his powerful black cock.

Shad licks his lips as he keeps pumping his large black cock in and out of
Maryse's ass, "Home girl.... just wait... a sec..." Shad says as he pulls his
large cock out of Maryse's ass, and he spins her around so that she's facing
him. Shad then lifts her up and lowers her pussy onto his big black cock as
she puts her arms around his neck.

Maryse slowly licks her lips as she wraps her smoothly legs around his waist
as well "Ohhh monsieur..." Maryse softly moans before she starts to gently
rock back and forth while on top of Shad's cock while he holds her up.

Shad wraps his strong arms around Maryse's body as he deeply pumps his cock
into her tight warm pussy, "Mmmmm ohhh yeah.... damn...." Shad grunts.

JTG soon gets up from the floor and he moves to stand behind Maryse, "Yo, yo,
yo.... this ass needs another 40 popped into it...." JTG says as he lines up
his cock with Maryse's asshole, and he slides his cock into her ass as she
moves on Shad's cock.

"Ohhhh monsieur...please shove it in..." Maryse moans as she lightly rocks
back against JTG's cock as he gently pushes his cock into her tight asshole
while Shad slams his cock deeply into her tight French-Canadian pussy.

JTG and Shad press their bodies against Maryse so that now the hot
French-Canadian Diva's body grinds against theirs as she rocks and bounces
on both of their large black dicks. "Aww damn dawg.... home girl is fucking
tight!" JTG moans as he pumps his cock in and out of Maryse's ass.

"Yeah homie, she's got it going on.... whew.... damn..." Shad grunts as sweat
rolls his powerful black body as he drills Maryse's pussy with swift sharp

Maryse presses her lips against as she leans her smooth back against JTG's
smooth, muscular black chest as she grinds her cute, rounded ass against his
crotch as he thrusts his cock deeply into her tight asshole, while Shad
Gaspard firmly pulls Maryse against his muscular body as he drives his cock
quickly and deeply into her warm pussy.

"Awww.... yo.... yo... yo... damn....." JTG grits his teeth together as he
slams his large cock deep into Maryse's ass. The fun-loving black stud's
black balls smack repeatedly against Maryse's ass, "Awww.... ohhh damn....
ohhh damn...." JTG groans as he starts to cum inside of Maryse's tight
French-Canadian ass.

"Ohhhh monsieur! good!" Maryse moans as she grits her teeth
together as sweat lightly drips off of her hot, gorgeous body.

"Awwww.... yeah home girl.... I popped that '40' deep in your ass...." JTG
groans as he finishes cumming in Maryse's ass before he pulls his black spent
dick out of her asshole.

Shad Gaspard keeps bouncing Maryse on his stiff cock as he pumps it into her
pussy, "Ohhhh damn home girl...." Shad grunts as Maryse slams down on his
black hard shaft.

"Ohhhhh monsieur!" Maryse shouts as she slams down harder on Shad's black
cock and she begins to roughly cum on his thrusting black cock.

Shad licks his lips as he feels Maryse's pussy erupt as her warm juices flow
all over his cock as he keeps fucking her. "Ahhhh ohhh damn home girl....
ooooo fuck home girl.... gonna pop this 40 for ya..." Shad grunts as he lifts
Maryse off of his thick throbbing black cock and he sets her down on the
floor on front of him, and Maryse puts her delicate hands on his hard cock
before he's able too.

Maryse licks her lips "Oh...allow me monsieur..." Maryse says as she gently
move her soft hand against the length of Shad's hard, throbbing black cock
before she leans forward and takes the head of his cock into her warm, wet
mouth and gently sucks on the head of his cock.

"Awww.... ohhh fuck home girl....." Shad licks his lips and moans loudly as
Maryse's soft wet lips are lightly pressed against the head of his large
cock. Shad place his hands on Maryse's head and he closes his eyes, "Awww....
FUCK!" Shad groans as he starts to cum inside of Maryse's mouth.

"Mmmmm..." Maryse softly moans around Shad's black cock as her warm, wet
mouth is instantly filled with his warm, sticky cock. Maryse slowly lifts her
head up from his cock and tilts her head back as she swallows his load of

"Damn.... whew damn..." Shad Gaspard moans and licks his lips as a few more
drops of his cum drip from his cock.

JTG smirks, "Yo, yo, yo, home girl.... how'd you like that lesson?" JTG asks.

Maryse glances over her shoulder and smiles at JTG "I'd' do
you say...from the...hood?" Maryse says as she raises an eyebrow.

Shad Gaspard and JTG exchanges glance and they both get big smile on their
faces, "Yo, yo, yo.... she's got it!" JTG says.

"Yeah dawg...." Shad Gaspard nods his head "Leaning new ways of speaking is
easy as hell... when we pop a 40 in a hot honey's ass!"


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