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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 15: Rollin' Your Home Girl
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At a SmackDown Live Event, the hot, studdly, fun loving black duo known
as Cryme Tyme, consisting of Shad Gaspard and JTG, are roaming around the
backstage stage area. Both men are dress in black baggy jeans, but JTG is
wearing a white tank top and his black bulletproof vest and Shad is wearing
a white tank top. JTG shifts his feet a bet as he walks, doing a bit of a
hood style shuffle, "Yo, yo, yo, homie... man the fly girls here on SmackDown
are off the fucking hook!" JTG says with a big grin on his face.

"Word dawg.... They sure know how to treat us guys from the hood..." Shad
replies with a smile as he thinks about some of the various SmackDown Divas
he and JTG has encountered.

"Yo, yo, yo, you know who looks like they roll with the big dawgs?" JTG asks
as she rubs his hands together.

"Naw, who man?" Shad asks as he looks at JTG.

"That fine ass honey Ashley.... She looks like she went down to the hood and
never left...." JTG answers as he gets a big smile on his face.

Shad nods his head, "Awww yeah dawg.... Ashley looks like one hot chick that
can bang with any gang...." Shad replies. "Too bad she hangs out with those
two home boys...."

JTG laughs, "Yo, yo, yo.... You think a fly girl like that ain't getting
her hot ass tapped by those two guys? Shit I bet she'd roll with us just to
change it up...."

Shad pauses and then he nods his head, "Yeah dawg.... Yo, let's go drop on in
on her... see if she wants to head on down to the hood...."

"Word homie!" JTG says and both members of Cryme Tyme change directions as
they walk and make their way to the locker room area. When they arrive, they
spot the 2005 WWE Diva Search Winner and self-proclaimed 'Dirty Diva' Ashley
Massaro as she comes out of the locker room of her boys Paul London and Brian
Kendrick. "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo home girl!" JTG says as he and Shad approach
her just before she turns to head down the hall.

The spunky, fun-loving "Dirty Diva" Ashley Massaro pauses in the hallway and
laughs a bit "Hey studs..." Ashley laughs a bit more as she nods her blond
haired head a bit as she places hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she
looks at JTG and Shad "So...what's shakin' in the hood?" Ashley cutely asks
as SmackDown's hot "Dirty Diva" is dressed in a short red semi-flannelled
skirt, a black tank top and a black baseball cap onto of her smooth, soft
blond hair.

"Yo, home girl.... yo know everythin' is shakin' down in the hood..." JTG
laughs a bit as he and Shad stand in front of Ashley.

"Damn girl.... you're looking super fly..." Shad says as he looks at Ashley
then he adds, "So what's going good? How's the bangin' going?" Shad asks.

Ashley laughs and nods her head "Oh it's fuckin' great!" Ashley says with a
smile as she lightly tosses her soft blond hair back as she adjusts the
black baseball cap on top of her head "So what you fine homeboys doing at a
SmackDown show?"

"Awww, we're just dropping by and checkin' some honnies out... see who's up
for a trip down to the hood..." Shad answers as he gets a big smile on his

JTG looks at Shad and laughs, "Yo, yo, yo hold up... the other day you get
in my grill about being direct..."

Ashley laughs "Looking from some honnies? Huh?" Ashley nods her head "That's
cool..." Ashley says with a smile as she casually glances behind her in the
hallway "Just...what do you consider a 'honey'?" Ashley asks with a smirk.

JTG grins, "Oh that's easy home girl.... a honey is a hot fly girl... who
loves some hot gang banging...." JTG answers as he licks his lips.

"Word..." Shad nods his head and he checks out Ashley a bit, "And yo.... you
look like a hot 'honey', ya dig what I'm saying?" Shad says as he folds his
powerful arms over his chest.

Ashley nods her head as she softly smirks "Yeah I think two studs
wanna do some bangin' with Ashley, don't ya?" Ashley asks with a laugh as she
removes her black baseball cap from on top of her head before she tosses her
soft blond hair back.

"Oh hell yeah home girl...." JTG says as he licks his lips as he starts to
unstrap his bulletproof vest, "You wanna roll on in to the hood?" JTG asks
as he noticeably checks Ashley out.

Ashley smirks and shrugs her shoulders "If you two think you can handle
bangin' with Ashley..." Ashley says with a laugh before she steps back
towards the locker room door she came out of earlier, belonging to her
boys Paul London and Brian Kendrick before she opens the locker room door.

"Home girl... we can hang and bang with the best and hottest honnies
around...." Shad Gaspard says as he steps towards the open locker room door
and he follows Ashley inside.

"Yeah home girl, we're from the hood... we can take everyone on with some
good ol' ghetto-nomics!" JTG adds as he follows Ashley and Shad into the
locker room of Paul London and Brian Kendrick.

"Fucking awesome!" Ashley says excitedly with a laugh before she turns back
to JTG and Shad Gaspard as she starts to lift her black tank top off of her
hot, slender and toned, tanned gorgeous body. Ashley removes her top
completely as she tosses her blond hair back as she drops her black tank top
down to the locker room floor as she reveals her large black bra covered

"Aww shit home girl!" JTG says as he gets a good look at Ashley's hot, large
bra covered tits. He pulls off his bulletproof vest and drops it to the
ground before he quickly pulls off his white tank top to reveal his smooth,
toned black upper body.

"Damn home girl... you are fuckin' fine!" Shad says in a bit of a booming
voice as he pulls off his white tank top to reveal her smooth, extremely
muscular upper body before he start to unbuckle his belt.

Ashley laughs "Thanks..." Ashley says with a nod of her blond haired head
before she licks her lips as she takes a good look at JTG and Shad's black
smooth, muscular chests "You studs are pretty fuckin' hot too..." Ashley
says as she places her hands against her short red semi-plaid skirt as she
starts to slowly push her skirt down from her smoothly rounded waist
revealing her black panties underneath while she guides her skirt down her
smooth, tanned legs.

"Fuck home girl.... damn how much damn milk do you drink?!" JTG asks with
a big wide grin of his face as he quickly unbuttons his baggy jeans and he
starts to push them down from his waist, instantly freeing his large, thick
black foot long cock.

Shad laughs, "Home girl.... you got a super fine body...." Shad says as he
pulls his belt through the loops of his pants before he undoes his baggy
jeans. Shad pushes them down, and his big, black thirteen inch cock is

Ashley smiles "Thank stud..." Ashley says with a wink before she starts to
lick her lips as she looks forward at JTG and Shad's thick, large black cocks
before she takes a step forwards to the studdly criminals of Cryme Tyme.
Ashley slides her left hand through her blond hair as she kneels down on the
locker room floor in front of Shad and JTG before she reaches forward to take
Shad's cock into her left hand and JTG's cock into her right hand as she
starts to smoothly stroke their black cocks.

"Damn home girl... you look really comfortable with a pair of big 40s in your
hands..." JTG says as he licks his lips and moans a bit as Ashley moves her
right hand back and forth along his hardening cock. Shad licks his lips
slightly as Ashley pumps her left hand on his cock, and he leans down to
reach behind Ashley in order to unsnap the clasp of her hot black bra.

Ashley laughs as she licks her lips "Oh...this ain't nothing...just wait
until you're bangin' with Ashley!" Ashley says with a smile as she looks up
at JTG and Shad Gaspard as she smoothly strokes their hard, thick black
cocks. The "Dirty Diva" licks her lips again as she leans her head down and
places her wet, warm tongue against the head of JTG's black cock before she
turns her head to Shad's black cock and teases the head of his cock with her
tongue as well.

"Awww damn home girl.... " Shad moans and licks his lips as Ashley traces the
tip of her tongue teasingly against the large head of his black shaft.

JTG licks his lips, "Yo, yo, yo home girl... we really want to some serious
gang banging with ya..." JTG moans when Ashley turns her head back to his
cock and slides her tongue against it as he keeps stroking both big black
hard cocks with her smooth, soft hands. Ashley smiles slightly before she
opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head down on JTG's hard, thick black
cock. Ashley presses her lips gently around his cock and begins to gently bob
her head smoothly on his cock, as her soft lips rub up and down against his
black shaft. As Ashley bobs her head on JTG's black cock, Shad reaches down
and begins to fondle the Dirty Diva's large, firm tits after he completely
removes her black bra.

"Awww.... ohhh hell yea.... suck that black dick home girl!" JTG moans as he
places his right hand on Ashley's head in order to hold her blond hair back
so that it doesn't fall forward to cover her face. JTG leans his head back
and smiles as he feels Ashley's tongue slide against the bottom side of his
cock as she bobs her head on his hard black cock.

Shad firmly squeezes Ashley's large hot round firm tits with both of his
hands, "Yo home girl... these are fucking the best tits in the hood...."
Shad says as he fondles Ashley's tits.

"Mmmm...mmm..." Ashley softly moans against JTG's black shaft as she slaps
her wet tongue gently against his thick shaft as she continues to smoothly
and easily bob her head on JTG's black cock. While Ashley is sucking JTG's
black cock she keeps her left hand around Shad's thick, stiff black cock
and continues stroke his cock, but at a quicker rate.

"Awww.... yo... yo... yo...." JTG moans loudly as Ashley bobs quicker on his
cock as she takes more of it into her mouth. He places his left hand on the
Ashley's head and he starts to thrust his hips a bit, matching the pace
Ashley is using as she bobs her head so that his cock it moving forward when
she's lowering her head down on his shaft.

Shad watches Ashley as she sucks on JTG's hard black cock and he grins, "Yo,
I want a piece of that action..." JTG says as he takes his hands away from
Ashley's tits as he stands up straight.

Ashley slowly lifts her head up from JTG's thick, long black cock as his cock
now drips of Ashley warm, wet saliva. Ashley licks her lips as the stunning
Dirty Diva turns on her knees a bit to face Shad Gaspard. Ashley glances up
at the powerful, strong criminal and smiles "Ohh...its time for you get some
sucking with Ashley!" Ashley replies with a cute laugh before she lowers her
head and opens her mouth to accept Shad's cock into her soothing mouth and
she begins to instantly bob her head on his powerful, hard black cock.

"Awww damn...." Shad moans as Ashley Massaro bobs her head quickly on his
cock as she takes a large amount of his shaft deep into her hot wet mouth.
Shad places his hands on his waist as he feels Ashley's soft lips press
against his dark meaty cock and he moans every time Ashley reaches the top
of his cock, where she pauses to swirl her tongue around the tip before
resuming bobbing her head.

JTG takes a moment to stroke his own saliva covered cock before he starts to
walk around behind Ashley, "Yo, yo, yo, yo... time for Ashley to get some
bangin'!" JTG says as he kneels behind Ashley and he starts to lower her
black panties in order to reveal Ashley's smooth hot ass. Ashley laughs and
smiles slightly around Shad's thick, hard black cock as she bobs her head
smoothly against his cock, gently swirling and twisting her wet tongue
against the head of his cock. Ashley opens her mouth a bit wider as she
lowers her head further down on Shad's black cock as takes his cock deeper
into her hot mouth, while JTG removes her black panties.

Once JTG has completely removed Ashley's black panties from her smooth sexy
legs, the fun-loving professional criminal Superstar once again grips his
saliva covered cock and he starts to push it into Ashley's hot, tight pussy,
"Ahhh... oh yeah...." JTG moans as he pushes his cock deep into Ashley's
pussy, and he licks his lips as he feels her pussy squeeze his dark dick.
He then places his hands on Ashley's hips and starts to pump his cock in
and out of her pussy and he starts to gradually use more speed and force
with his thrusts.

Shad grits his teeth as he puts his right hand on the back of Ashley's blond
haired head as she lowers her head further down onto his cock, and on brief
moments, Shad can feel the tip of Ashley's nose brush against his crotch,
"Yeah home girl... take it on down..." Shad moans.

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck yeah..." Ashley manages to groan against Shad's cock as JTG
firmly thrusts his thick, hard black cock into Ashley's tight, warm pussy as
she starts to rock her hot Dirty Diva body, back and forth, in between Shad
and JTG while she bobs her head quicker on Shad's hard black cock, feeling
the head of his cock smack against the back of her throat.

"Mmmm...ohhh fuck yeah..." Ashley manages to groan against Shad's cock as JTG
firmly thrusts his thick, hard black cock into Ashley's tight, warm pussy as
she starts to rock her hot Dirty Diva body, back and forth, in between Shad
and JTG while she bobs her head quicker on Shad's hard black cock, feeling
the head of his cock smack against the back of her throat.

JTG holds onto Ashley's hips as he pulls the hot 'Dirty Diva' back against
him, and her ass smacks against his waist as he pumps his shaft quicker and
harder into her pussy, "Ohhh fuck home girl... I fucking love rollin' with
ya...." JTG groans as his balls smack against Ashley with every one of his

Shad tilts his head back and lets out a loud, long moan of pleasure as Ashley
deep throats his cock and his large black ballsack hits against Ashley's chin
as her saliva drips down his big black hard cock.

"Mmmm...." Ashley moans against Shad's thick black cock before she lifts her
head up from his now saliva-dripping black cock "Ohhhh yeah fuck!" Ashley
moans louder as she grits her teeth while her smoothly rounded, hot ass slams
back against JTG's waist, forcing his black cock deeper into her tight pussy.
Ashley glances over her shoulder and smirks at JTG " can roll me
anytime!" Ashley moans as she places her soft hands around Shad's hard, slick
black cock and begins to stroke his cock once again.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips, "Damn home girl... knowing that means we're
gonna roll ya every chance we get..." Shad says with a moan as he smiles
down at her.

JTG licks his lips as he slams his cock in and out of Ashley's hot pussy,
"Aww damn dawg.... you gotta bang this honey...." JTG grunts as he slows down
his thrusts and he pulls his large, black shaft out of Ashley's hot pussy.

Ashley licks her lips as she smiles at Shad "What do say...can you bang with
Ashley?" Ashley laughs as she replies while the Dirty Diva tosses her soft
blond hair back.

"Home girl.... I'm gonna bang ya to the hood and back..." Shad says as he
bends down to pick Ashley up from the floor, and he does so with extreme
ease. The large powerful hot black stud lowers Ashley's hot pussy onto his
thick black cock while he remains standing.

Ashley grits her teeth and closes her eyes as Shad eases her tight, warm
pussy down on his thick, hard black cock "Ohhhh fuck yeah!" Ashley moans as
she gently wraps her arms around Shad's neck, while she wraps her smooth,
tanned legs around his black waist. Shad begins to smoothly thrust his shaft
up into Ashley's pussy, causing the Dirty Diva to bounce on his black
criminal cock.

Shad wraps his arms around Ashley's hot body as he lifts her up and down
on his large thick cock, "Ahhhh ohhh yeah home girl..." Shad grunts as he
thrusts his cock in and out of Ashley's hot pussy.

JTG gets up to his feet and he stands behind Ashley as licks his lips, "Damn
dawg... home girl can hang and bang in the hood..." JTG says as he then
starts to push his cock into Ashley's hot tight asshole when she drops down
on Shad Gaspard's dick.

Ashley tilts her head back "Awww fuck yeah!" Ashley moans loudly as JTG eases
his black cock into her tight asshole as the Dirty Diva bounces and rocks
against Shad's thick, monstrous cock as he holds onto her hot body. Ashley
opens her eyes and leans forward as she softly kisses Shad's lips.

"Oooo yeah... fuck yeah..." JTG licks his lips as he places his hands on
Ashley's smooth sexy legs as he thrusts his large thick black cock in and out
of Ashley's hot ass.

After returning the soft hot kiss with Ashley, Shad leans his head back to
break it. "Ahhh yea... damn home girl... you love it big black and strong
don't ya?!" Shad groans as he drives his cock deep into Ashley's pussy as
he and JTG press their hot black bodies against Ashley's hot white body.

"Ohhh you fucking bet I do!" Ashley groans as she firmly bounces up and down
on both JTG and Shad's thick, hard black criminal cocks as she slams down
harder on each cock, taking JTG's cock deeper into her tight asshole as she
takes Shad's cock deeper into her warm, wet pussy "Awww fuck yesss!"

JTG starts to sweat as he deeply fucks Ashley's hot tight ass, "Yo, yo, yo
home girl... you must like double doses!" JTG grunts as he squeezes the under
side of Ashley's smooth legs.

Shad grits his teeth as Ashley's large hot tits press against his smooth
muscular and sweaty chest, "Uhhh shit home girl.... you're fucking off the
hook!" Shad grunts as he pumps his dick rapidly into Ashley's pussy.

Ashley nods her head as she closes her eyes while she bounces quickly
and slams down rougher on both JTG and Shad's big black cocks as the two
fun-loving criminals pound her pussy and ass "Ohhhh fuck yeah! Everyone
loves bangin' with Ashley!" Ashley moans and laughs as she tosses her
slightly sweat-damp blond hair back.

JTG tilts his head back and lets out a loud groans as he starts to pop his
'40' inside of Ashley's asshole, "Awww.... ohhh fuck yeah.... ohhh shit
yea...." JTG moans loudly as he fills up Ashley's hot tight asshole with
his warm cum as she bounces on his and Shad's stiff black dicks.

Ashley licks her lips and tilts her head back as she feels JTG's warm, sticky
cum spray into her tight asshole "Awww fuck!" Ashley shouts as she grinds her
pussy against Shad's cock as he thrusts into her pussy as the Dirty Diva
continues to bounce on his cock.

JTG pulls his cum spent cock out of Ashley's cum filled asshole and he steps
back away from her. "Damn home girl... you're fucking fine!" JTG says as he
wipes sweat from his face.

Shad grits his teeth together as he keeps fucking Ashley's hot pussy, "Ohhhh
yeah.... mmmm damn home girl... shit...." Shad grunts as Ashley slams down on
his cock just as he starts to shoot his hot cum deep into her hot Dirty Diva

"Ohhhh yeah cum in the Dirty Diva's pussy...fucking right!" Ashley moans and
laughs as she feels the warm, sticky cum of Shad Gaspard flood into her pussy
as she smoothly rocks back and forth on his cock.

Shad licks his lips as he every drop of his hot cum is shot into Ashley's hot
pussy, "Mmmmm ohhh damn.... shit fuck..." Shad groans as he finishes cumming
and he then lifts Ashley off of his cum spent cock and gently stands her up
in front of him.

Ashley presses her lips together and smirks "That was fucking awesome!"

"Fuck yea!" Shad says with a grin as he looks at Ashley as she wipes some
sweat from her forehead.

JTG licks his lips, "Yo, yo, yo home girl... you can fucking roll into the
hood... any time you wanna get banged by Cryme Tyme..." JTG says as he smacks
Ashley's hot ass.

Ashley nods her head and licks her lips "Oh I think I'll be heading back to
the hood real soon."


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