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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 16: A Future Of Cryme In The Hood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"What...does the future hold..." The mysterious Vampiric tarot card reader,
Ariel, says to herself out loud as she sits behind the small, circular table
located in the center of a dim-candle lit locker room. Ariel grits her teeth
together as she places her hands on top of the table, where numerous tarot
cards are laid out on "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel says with a sly
smirk on her wicked face. The mysterious ECW Vixen licks her teeth as she
slowly flips out one of her cards and glances down at the card as she light
from the candle casually flickers "What...does the future…hold?" Ariel asks
in an eerie, haunting voice as she dressed in a short black skirt and a black
leather halter top "I see a future..." Ariel smirks wickedly as her cold,
dark eyes slowly narrow "A future of...Cryme..." Ariel says in soft, haunting
voice before the Vampiric Vixen Ariel is interrupted by the locker room
opening. Ariel presses her blood-red lips together and the sinister Vixen
raises an eyebrow as she slightly grits her Vampiric teeth together and
narrows her cold, sinister eyes into a hard glare as she looks at the opened
locker room door.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo!" JTG, one half of Cryme Tyme says as he walks into the
dim-candle lit locker room, "How it going home girl!" JTG says and he is
dressed in a black t-shirt and black baggy jeans.

"Yo, dawg... ain't it January? Cause I think Halloween was months ago..."
Shad Gaspard asks as he walks into the locker room behind JTG, and Shad is
wearing a white t-shirt and blue baggy jeans.

"Yo, I heard that... but you know this hood ain't all normal..." JTG replies
as he walks right over to Ariel's small circular table, "Damn home girl...
you need a dentist or something?" JTG says as he gets a good look of Ariel's

Ariel narrows her cold, dark and sinister eyes into a more wicked glance as
she locks both of her fierce eyes on the professional criminals of Cryme Tyme
"How dare you enter the fortress of my master, Kevin Thorn!" Ariel hisses as
she sits up a bit more on the chair she sitting on as she slowly slides her
sinister tongue against her two small, but sharp fangs.

"Yo, yo, yo home girl.... just chill out... we're just checking things out in
the hood..." JTG says as he leans against the small circular table.

"Yeah home girl... we heard things got pretty damn freaky down in this
hood..." Shad says as he closes the door and walks over to table and folds
his arms. "And DAMN... you sure look freaky..." Shad says with a laugh.

Ariel raises an eyebrow as she tosses her sinisterly raven-black hair back as
she presses her blood-red lips tighter together "What is that...
of which is the future....that you...are unaware of..." Ariel says in a soft,
sinister voice as she starts to stand up from behind the small, circular
table. Ariel flicks her sinister tongue against her two small, sharp fangs
before she places hands on her sinisterly large halter-top covered chest and
begins to walk around the circular table to approach JTG and Shad of Cryme
Tyme "Only...I can see the future..." Ariel hisses.

"And only... we... can see those... big ta-tas you got your hands on home
girl..." JTG says in a tone of voice that makes fun of the way Ariel speaks.

Shad laughs a bit, "Yo home girl.... me and JTG got a bet that you've never
been to the hood...." Shad says.

"And.... if you haven't.... your future... will involve you... getting down
in the hood..." JTG adds as he again speaks tone Ariel does.

Ariel slowly licks her sinister white teeth as she keeps her fierce, wicked
eyes locked on JTG and Shad Gaspard "I foresee all the futures..." The
Vampiric Vixen replies as she eerily starts to feel up her large sinisterly
rounded chest "I see a future...that involves you bowing the power
of Kevin Thorn!" Ariel says before she grits her teeth and removes her hands
from her large chest and reaches forward to place her left hand on JTG's
black t-shirt covered chest and her right hand on Shad's white t-shirt
covered chest and the sinister Vixen begins to tear Shad and JTG's t-shirts
with her razor sharp, sinister blood-red painted fingernails.

"Whoa... whoa... whoa home girl! That cost five-bucks down at the corner
store!" Shad yells as Ariel tears his white t-shirt down the middle to
reveal his smooth black muscular chest.

"Damn home girl... we ain't gonna bow to anyone..." JTG says as Ariel tears
his black t-shirt to reveal his black, toned upper body. Both easy-going,
fun-loving members of Cryme Tyme glare at Ariel as they pull off the remains
of their t-shirts off of their bodies.

"Home girl... you got a big problem..." Shad says as he slightly flexes his

Ariel grits her teeth together and narrows her eyes into a haunting, fierce
glare "The only problem you two what your future holds..." Ariel
hisses as she tosses her haunting black hair back and the Vampiric Vixen
slowly slithers down onto her knees inside of the 'fortress' locker room of
Kevin Thorn as she kneels down in front of Shad Gaspard and JTG. Ariel lifts
her head and locks her cold, dark eyes with Shad and JTG as she places her
sinister hands against both of their belts before she starts to unbuckle the
belts that hold up the baggy jeans of Cryme Tyme.

"Yo, yo, yo dawg... the future looks like she's going to hold something, big
and black...." JTG says with a laugh as Ariel finishes undoing both of his
and Shad's belts in order to pull them through the loops of their baggy

"Word..." Shad says as he and JTG unbutton and unzip their baggy jeans. Both
of Cryme Tyme's baggy jeans drop from their waists and all the way down to
their feet, instantly revealing their large, thick over foot long black

Ariel's cold, dark and sinister eyes widen slightly as she licks her
blood-red lips with her slithering, wet tongue as she looks directly forward
at the hard, thick black cock of JTG and Shad Gaspard "The one to
be desired..." Ariel eerily hisses as she places her left hand around JTG's
black cock and her right hand around Shad's large black cock. The sinister
Vampiric Vixen begins to slide both of her sinister hands against the smooth,
rock hard black shafts of Cryme Tyme, while she locks her sinister eyes with
Shad and JTG.

Shad can't help but laugh a bit as Ariel look up at him and JTG as she
strokes both of their large hardening black cocks with her wicked hands.
"What's up home girl? You ain't ever seen some big dicks from the hood?"
Shad asks with a bit of moan as Ariel moves her up and down on his cock.

"Yo, yo, yo... they ain't got many home boys in her hood..." JTG points out
as he leans against the circular table as he thrusts his cock against Ariel's
left hand.

"Silence!" Ariel hisses "You futures are yet to be determined..." Ariel says
hauntingly as she continues to stroke her wicked hands against the thick,
hard black shafts of Shad and JTG. Ariel soon lowers haunting black haired
head down towards JTG's black cock and places her sinister tongue against the
head of his cock before she starts to gently slither her snake-like tongue
around the head of his black cock as she continues to wickedly stroke his and
Shad's cocks.

"Yo, yo, yo.... I think my future got determined.... cause my big black
dick is gonna end up in your mouth home girl..." JTG laughs and moans as he
reaches back and puts his hands on the table as he looks down to watch Ariel
move her wicked tongue around the head of his stiff black dick, leaving it
coated with a layer of her saliva.

Ariel closes her sinister eyes and she gently lashes her sinister tongue
against the thick, large head of JTG's black cock before she opens her
wicked, warm mouth and lowers her head on JTG's cock. Ariel wraps her
sinister, blood-red lips around JTG's black shaft and the Vampiric Vixen
begins to wickedly bob her head on his cock while she strokes her right
hand firmly against the cock of Shad Gaspard.

"Mmmmm.... ohh damn dawg...." JTG moans and licks his lips, "Home girl knows
a thing or two about handling a black dick from the hood..." JTG says as he
closes his eyes and tilts his head back as he feels Ariel's mouth moving
along the length of his large black cock.

Shad nods his head, "Yeah she looks like she's got some skills...." Shad says
with a groan as Ariel keeps moving her right hand along his stiff dick. Ariel
lowers her sinister right hand down to Shad's large black ballsack and the
Vampiric Vixen begins to massage his large ballsack as she occasionally
firmly squeezes his ballsack. Ariel presses her blood- red lips tighter
around JTG's black cock as she lowers her sinister head further down on his
cock as she continually bob her head, gradually sucking his cock at a
wickedly quicker rate.

"Aww.... yo... yo... yo... dawg... you gotta have this girl suck your dick...
she is off the hook!" JTG moans as Ariel bobs her head quickly on his cock as
she takes more of his cock past her blood red colored lips.

Shad nods his head, "Word homie... I ain't all for just having my big black
balls played with..." Shad says as JTG starts to push the Vampiric Vixen's
head off of his saliva- covered prick.

Ariel lifts her head up from JTG's black cock as his cock now drips of her
warm, wet saliva. Ariel grits her teeth as she glares up at the fun-loving
JTG "You are're future..." Ariel hisses before she turns on
her knees a bit to face Shad Gaspard's thick, hard black cock and she removes
her sinister hand from against his ballsack before she leans her head down
and wickedly kisses the head of his black cock with her blood-red lips before
she opens her mouth and lowers her head on Shad's cock, taking the powerful
member of Cryme Tyme's cock into her wicked, wet mouth.

"Mmmm fuck...." Shad Gaspard moans and licks his lips as he puts both of his
strong black hands on Ariel's head and he grasps two handfuls of her sinister
black hair as she begins to bob her head on his cock.

JTG smirks, "Home girl... we tempt the future every day down in the hood..."
JTG says as he moves around behind Ariel and he kneels down behind the hot
Vampiric Vixen. The fun-loving hot black stud pulls down Ariel's short black
skirt to reveal her hot, smooth ass. JTG licks his lips and grasps his cock
with his left hand so that he can guide it into Ariel's hot, tight wicked
Vampiric pussy, "Awww shit yea..." JTG moans as he then grabs hold of Ariel's
hips as he starts to thrust his shaft in and out of her pussy.

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Ariel sinisterly moans around Shad's thick, powerful black
cock as she bobs her head wickedly slow on his cock, taking long head bobs as
she slightly deep throats his entire black cock, while JTG begins to thrust
his cock in and out of Ariel's sinister Vampiric pussy. Ariel sinisterly
smirks around Shad's cock as the Vampiric Vixen aggressively pushes herself
back against JTG's black cock, causing her hot Vampiric ass to slam against
his smooth, toned black waist.

"Mmmm.... yeah home girl... suck that big black dick...." Shad moans as he
pulls a bit on Ariel's black hair as she deep throats his big hard black
shaft repeatedly as she bobs her head on his cock.

JTG firmly thrusts his dick in and out of Ariel's tight pussy as he
increases the pace he's using, "Awww... ohhh yea home girl... you like
getting fucking in the hood?" JTG grunts as Ariel's ass hits against his
crotch and waist as she slams back against him. Ariel presses her sinister,
wicked teeth against the black shaft of Shad Gaspard and the Vampiric Vixen
begins to rake her sinister teeth, up and down, against his shaft as she
bobs her head quickly on his criminal cock, coating every inch of Shad's
black cock with her wet, warm and sinister saliva. Ariel places her sinister
hands back against her black halter-top covered chest and begins to feel up
her own large chest once again as she continue wickedly slam her sinisterly
hot body back against JTG's fun-loving black cock.

"Awwww.... ohhh damn dawg.... home girl's pussy is extremely tight..." JTG
groans as his balls hit against Ariel's skin as he keeps thrusting his cock
in and out of Ariel's wicked hot pussy with stiff sharp thrusts.

Shad grits his teeth as he feels Ariel's teeth raking against his meaty black
dick, "Uhhh shit... fucking home girl wants to bite..." Shad moans as he
starts to push Ariel's head off of his saliva covered cock, but Ariel makes
it difficult for him by tightly pressing her lips against his shaft before
Shad completely shoves her off of his saliva coated dick.

Ariel licks her sinister teeth as she narrows her eyes, glaring up at Shad
Gaspard "You future...will be...your demise..." Ariel hisses as the hot
Vampiric Vixen slams back and forth against JTG's black cock at a quicker
and rougher rate.

"Home girl... you need a serious black attitude adjustment..." Shad says as
he cracks his knuckles a bit.

JTG laughs a bit as he keeps thrusting his cock into Ariel's pussy before he
slows down to pull out, "Yo, yo, yo dawg... let's just take her straight to
the rough part of the hood... I mean the real ghetto end of it..." JTG says
as he stands up.

"Word..." Shad nods his head before he leans down to grab Ariel and he easily
pulls her up from the ground and lifts her into the air. The powerful black
stud then impales Ariel's hot wicked Vampiric pussy onto his huge, black hard

Ariel grits her teeth as she tilts her head back "Ohhhhh...mmm the future is
full...of CRYME!" Ariel hisses as she wraps her sinister, hot legs around
Shad's waist as the Vampiric Vixen begins to wickedly bounce on Shad's cock
as he drives his criminal cock deeply into her pussy as he stands and holds
the mysterious ECW Vixen.

"Damn straight...." Shad grunts as he wraps his arms around Ariel's hot body
as he slams his cock roughly and deeply into her pussy.

JTG licks his lips and he stand behind Ariel, "Yo, yo, yo... it ain't full of
Cryme yet... the Tyme ain't right...." JTG says just before he rams his own
black cock into Ariel's tight Vampiric ass.

Ariel presses her blood-red lips together and glances over her shoulder at
the fun-loving JTG and narrows her cold, sinister eyes into a glare as she
starts to rock back and forth roughly in between Shad and JTG as they thrust
and slam their hard black cocks into her sinister ass and wickedly tight
pussy "Mmmm...the future...of now..." Ariel groans.

"Awww yeah home girl... you like that shit?" JTG moans and licks his lips
as he pumps his cock in and out of Ariel's tight ass as he puts his hands
underneath Ariel's legs to give her some extra support to lean against.

Shad breathes at a timely pace as his smooth black muscular chest presses
against the leather top covered tits of the Vampiric Vixen. "Uhhh yea...
ohhh yea..." Shad grunts as he rams his black cock in and out of her hot
wicked pussy.

Ariel closes her eyes and wickedly arches her back as she starts to slam down
roughly on Shad's thick, hard black cock at a sinister angle while at the
same time she grinds her hot Vampiric ass against JTG's black cock as he
slams his cock in and out of her sinister ass "Ohhhh...the one...
that will bow the power of my Master!"

"Yo... yo... no one ain't bowing to that home boy until maybe he... gets his
grill fixed..." JTG groans as he deeply thrusts his cock into Ariel's ass as
he grits his teeth. "Ahhh...ohhh shit yea..." JTG groans as he starts pop his
40 inside of Ariel's tight Vampiric ass and he fills her ass with his hot
sticky cum.

Ariel grits her sinister teeth tightly together as her hot, sinister body
trembles as she feels her Vampiric ass filled with the warm cum of JTG
"Ohhh...the future...will be an unpleasant one..." Ariel hisses as the
Vampiric Vixen continues to slam down hard on the thick, powerful black
cock on Shad Gaspard.

"Yo, home girl... you're one freaky chick..." JTG groans as he pulls his
cum-spent cock out Ariel's ass and goes to get dressed while Shad continues
to slam his cock in and out of Ariel's hot tight Vampiric pussy.

"Ahhh yeah... ohh shit..." Shad grunts as he starts to somewhat swing Ariel
a bit as his entire cock is deeply impaled into Ariel's pussy.

Meanwhile, once JTG is dressed he goes to the circular table and collects
Ariel's tarot cards and looks at them, "Yo, these are weird playing cards..."
JTG says with a shrug as he puts them into his pocket after seeing they are
the only things work taking. Ariel grits her teeth as she firmly places her
sinister hands down on Shad's strong shoulder as she slams down harder and
quicker on his stiff black cock before she tosses her haunting black hair.
Ariel leans her head in towards Shad's neck and she licks her two small sharp
fangs before she opens her sinister mouth.

Shad turns around suddenly with Ariel still on his cock and he almost slams
her onto the small circular table, which results in Ariel's head jerking away
from Shad's neck before she can bite into him. Shad then sees Ariel's open
mouth and fangs as he keeps thrusting his cock into Ariel's pussy as he now
fucks her on the table, "Yo! What the FUCK!" Shad grunts as he loses his
focus before letting out a long loud grunt as he starts to cum deep inside
of Ariel's hot wicked pussy.

Ariel presses her blood-red lips together and tilts her head back "Ohhhh...
the future...remains unseen..." Ariel hisses as she tightens her sinister
legs around Shad's black waist as she feels his warm cum flood into her
tight Vampiric pussy.

Shad keeps his cock inside of Ariel's tight Vampiric pussy as he finishes
cumming. He then quickly pulls Ariel's legs from around his waist and quickly
pulls out of her and moves away, "Yo... you are fucking wacko home girl..."
Shad says as he gets his clothes and gets dressed as fast as humanly

JTG laughs, "Yo, yo, yo... home girl is right... the future is going to
remain unseen..."

Shad shakes his head, "I don't give a shit... let's just BAIL!" Shad says as
he finishes getting dressed and he goes to leave the candle-lit locker room
as fast as his powerful legs can carry him.

"Yo, yo, yo wait up dawg!" JTG laughs as he follows Shad out of the room as
Ariel realizes her tarot cards are now missing.

Ariel grits her teeth together and narrows her eyes hauntingly a glare "The one...for the taking..."


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