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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 17: Exclusive Cryme Coverage
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at an ECW live event, the WWE's resident fun-loving professional
criminals Cryme Tyme consisting of JTG, wearing blue baggy jeans and a white
tank top along, and Shad Gaspard, wearing blue baggy jeans and white t-shirt,
are roaming through the hallways. "Yo, yo, yo, yo.... This is one extreme
hood... you seen that homeboy Sandman? He was killin' them beers like
nothing!" JTG says.

"Word.... But what about that crazy mo-fo Sabu... that dawg is always ready
to go to war!" Shad replies with a laugh.

"Check it homie, what about RVD? Man... he looked like he was toke-toke-toke
taking it to the head..." JTG laughs as the two of them go around a corner.

Shad nods his head and laughs, "Yeah... damn they come crazy suckas around
here..." Shad says, "And they got some fine... FINE... honeys...."

"Yeah like that Vamp-honey..." JTG laughs.

"Yo... don't even bring her up... she needs a dentist for them damn teeth...
and she ain't right...." Shad laughs as he looks down the hall ahead of them
and he sees the ECW Interview set and also spots ECW's sultry Extreme
Correspondent Rebecca DiPietro. "DAMN!" Shad says in a loud voice which gets
Rebecca's attention.

"Yo, yo, yo... she is off the charts!" JTG says as he looks down the hall at
Rebecca as both men walk towards the ECW Interview set.

"Word..." Shad replies as he nods his head and as the two fun-loving
criminals approach the set, Shad raises his hand a bit, "Hey homegirl...
what's happening down in your hood?" Shad asks Rebecca as she turns to look
at him and JTG.

The sultry, alluring Extreme Correspondent of ECW, Rebecca DiPietro presses
her soft, luscious together and turns to face Shad and JTG "Mmm...not much
homeboys..." Rebecca replies with a sweet, seductive smirk as she locks her
seducing eyes on the bodies of Cryme Tyme as she's dressed in a short black
skirt and a tight-fitting, but also very revealing black top.

"Are you sure homegirl? Cause there seems to be a lot going on upstairs..."
JTG says as he playfully looks at Rebecca's tight fitting, extremely
revealing black top that gives JTG quite an eyeful of Rebecca's cleavage.

"Damn homegirl... JTG's got a point... seems like a whole lot is going on..."
Shad says with a laugh as he puts his hands on his waist.

Rebecca raises an eyebrow as she seductively smirks "Oh really boys?" Rebecca
asks with a soft, seductive voice as slowly and obliviously lowers her eyes
to the crotches of Shad and JTG "Well...I bet you two homeboys have a lot
going on downstairs..." Rebecca replies as the sultry ECW Vixen slowly licks
her lips.

"Shit homegirl... you don't bullshit do ya..." JTG laughs a bit as he
blatantly grabs the crotch of his jeans with his right hand, "But yeah... we
got a lot going on downstairs...."

Shad looks at his partner in crime and laughs, "You talk about her not
bullshitting...." Shad says.

JTG shrugs his shoulders, "When in the Extreme Hood... do what the Extremists
do..." JTG replies as he turns his attention back to Rebecca, "So what's
really up homegirl... you looking to get some exclusive details on something
big?" JTG says as he again grabs the crotch of his jeans.

Rebecca smirks and laughs "Well...I am ECW's Extreme Correspondent..."
Rebecca pauses and presses her soft lips together "I always am looking for
the 'big' scoops..." Rebecca replies as she seductively glances at JTG and
Shad before the alluring Extreme Correspondent takes a step towards both of
fun-loving criminals of Cryme Tyme.

Shad gets a smile on his face as he checks Rebecca out some more, "Well home
girl... today may be your lucky day... cause we got a couple of 'big' scoops
for ya...." Shad says with a smirk

"Yo, yo, yo, yo check it home girl... you wanna get an exclusive of what's
going on downstairs? Just get on down an knock on the door...." JTG laughs a
bit at his own straight-forwardness as he points right his own crotch, which
gets Shad to laugh.

Rebecca slowly licks her soft, luscious lips as she slowly nods her head
"Mmm...I think I can do that..." Rebecca DiPietro replies with a sly,
seductive smirk before the seducing, alluring ECW Vixen lowers herself down
onto knees in the hallway in front of Cryme Tyme. Rebecca gently places her
left hand against the crotch of JTG's baggy jeans and her right hand against
the crotch of Shad's baggy jeans before the Extreme Correspondent begins to
feel the thick, hard black cocks of Cryme Tyme through the material of their
baggy jeans.

"I think she's knocking on the doors...." JTG says with a laugh as he starts
to unbuckle his belt.

"Yeah no shit dawg..." Shad replies with a laugh as he undoes his own belt
and then he and JTG pull their belts through the loops of their baggy jeans
as Rebecca continues to move her hands against the crotches of both their

"Mmmm...I sure hope I get a real 'big' Extreme Exclusive tonight..." Rebecca
says with a sly smirk as the sultry Extreme Correspondent moves her soft,
seductive hands against the material of JTG and Shad's baggy jeans, feeling
their hard cock through the jeans, while looks up at both of the black studs
of Cryme Tyme.

"Homegirl... you're going to get some Exclusive Cryme Coverage this Tyme..."
Shad replies as he unbuttons and unzips his baggy jeans so that he can push
them down from his waist which at the same time unleashes his over
twelve-inch long hard black dick.

"Yo, yo, yo check it homegirl... you're getting some big time exclusives
tonight..." JTG adds as he undoes his jeans quickly and drops them down to
his feet to let out his own foot long shaft.

"Mmmm...damn you homeboys are packing a lot..." Rebecca replies with a
seductive laugh as she lifts her hands slightly to wrap her left hand
around JTG's thick, hard black cock as she wraps her right hand around
Shad's powerful, hard black cock and the sultry, seductive ECW Vixen
begins to stroke her seducing, soft hands against both of their hard
black shafts. "Mmmm...I love a big black dick...two are way better..."
Rebecca says as she feels JTG and Shad trying to remove her black top.

"Damn straight homegirl.... and we like a hot white homegirl.... who know
what to do with two black dicks from the hood..." Shad says with a moan as
Rebecca strokes his cock. He then looks at JTG with a raised eyebrow, "Yo,
dawg... how the hell do you take this thing off?"

"Search me homie..." JTG says as he searches for a zipper or buttons on
Rebecca's tight fitting revealing black top, "Yo homegirl... what's the deal
with your shirt?" JTG laughs as Rebecca playfully moves her left hand along
the length of his hard black rod.

Rebecca presses her lips together and smirks up at JTG and Shad Gaspard as
she smoothly strokes her seductive hands against their hard, thick black
shafts "Ohhh...just rip it off..." Rebecca says with a sly, seducing voice
as she locks her seductive eyes with JTG and Shad while she starts to quickly
stroke her hands against the black stiff shafts of Cryme Tyme.

"All right..." Shad laughs and shrugs his shoulders as he grabs a handful of
Rebecca's tight fitting top and he rips it clean off of her hot, sultry body,
revealing her large, hot, firm, tits in the process.

JTG laughs a bit, "Damn homegirl... you got one them tear-away wardrobes?"
JTG asks as Rebecca sits higher up on her knees as she pumps both big black
cocks faster with every passing moment.

"Yo... I think a better question is how much black dick can she handle...."
Shad says as he drops the remains of Rebecca's top down onto the ground.

"Ohhh...I can handle a lot homeboys..." Rebecca says with a sultry laugh as
she licks her lips before she leans her head towards JTG's hard black cock as
she softly flicks her warm, wet tongue against the head of JTG's black cock,
teasing the fun-loving criminal before turns her head to Shad Gaspard's cock.
Rebecca leans her head down and teasingly flicks her sultry tongue against
the head of Shad's black cock as well.

"Mmmm... yo... that's a good start right there.... but ain't this... the
Extreme hood?" Shad asks as Rebecca circles her tongue around the head of
his large thick black dick.

"Yo... home girl is just warming up...." JTG says as he leans down a bit and
starts to feel up Rebecca's large firm hot tits with his hands as she playful
uses her tongue against Shad's shaft.

" want me to get extreme?" Rebecca asks in a soft, seducing voice
before the sultry ECW Vixen suddenly grips JTG's black shaft harder and pulls
his cock closer to his Cryme Tyme partner's black cock, so both of the Cryme
Tyme black cocks are next to each other. Rebecca opens her warm, wet mouth
and the sultry Extreme Correspondent immediately lowers her head and takes
both of Shad and JTG's black cocks into her warm, wet mouth.

"Yo... yo... yo... yooooooo!" JTG laughs and moans as he feels his cock hit
against Shad's as Rebecca starts to bob her head a bit on both dicks that are
in her warm, wet, sultry mouth.

"Damn homegirl.... I'm glad it's like that!" Shad moans as Rebecca keeps
pumping her hands on the lower half of both of their big black hard cocks.

Rebecca presses her soft, luscious lips tighter around the black shafts of
Shad and JTG as she starts to gradually bob her head at a quicker pace,
taking more of both of their black cocks into her warm, sultry mouth.
"Mmmmmm...mmmm..." Rebecca moans against both JTG and Shad's black criminal
cocks as she slowly lifts her softly seducing eyes and locks them with the
fun-loving criminals while she gently slaps her wet tongue against both of
their hard black shafts.

"Awww.... ohhh yeah homegirl..." JTG moans and licks his lips as he tilts his
head back and just enjoys the way Rebecca bobs her head on both of Cryme
Tyme's dicks.

"Yo... dawg... homegirl's got some serious skills!" Shad groans as he and JTG
begin to thrust their hips forward and back to push their cocks in and out of
Rebecca's mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhh...mmm..." Rebecca moans around JTG and Shad's thick, hard black
cocks as she continues to smoothly bob her head on both of the black cocks
inside of her warm, wet and sultry mouth. Rebecca closes her eyes as she
gently twists her head on both cocks before she suddenly opens her mouth as
wide as she can and slightly begins to deep throat both of Cryme Tyme's black

"Awww.... yo... yo... damn I gotta bang this homegirl..." JTG moans as he
pulls his dick out of Rebecca's mouth, which allows Rebecca to deep throat.

Shad Gaspard's large black cock with one gulp, "Whoa shit!" Shad Gaspard
moans as he feels his entire black cock go into Rebecca's mouth and the head
of his dick hits right against the back of Rebecca's mouth.

JTG moves around behind Rebecca and he pushes up her short black skirt so
that its bunched up over her round sexy hips. "Damn that's a hot ass...." JTG
says as he puts his hands on her ass before he starts to push his dick into
Rebecca's hot, shaved pussy.

"Mmmmm...." Rebecca sharply moans around Shad Gaspard's powerful, hard black
cock as she eagerly bobs her head at a quick rate as she starts to rapidly
deep throat his black cock. Rebecca presses her lips tighter around Shad's
black shaft as she starts to firmly guide her hot, sultry body back against
JTG's hard, fun-loving black cock as he slams himself deeply into her tight,
warm pussy.

"Awww.... ohhhh yeah.... mmmm...." Shad moans as he puts both of his hands on
the side of Rebecca's head and he starts to thrust his cock in and out of
Rebecca's hot mouth. Shad uses a slow pace as Rebecca bobs her head quickly
on his cock, and his balls smack against Rebecca's chin.

Meanwhile behind Rebecca, JTG starts to smack Rebecca's firm hot ass as he
pumps his cock in and out of Rebecca's hot pussy, "Ahhhh... uhhh damn... ohh
yeah... homegirl's is fucking hot...." JTG moans as he slams his cock deep
into Rebecca's pussy.

"Mmmmm... ohhhh..." The sultry Rebecca DiPietro moans around Shad Gaspard's
powerful black cock as he starts to thrust his cock in and out of Rebecca's
hot, seducing mouth as her warm saliva drips against his black cock. Rebecca
closes her eyes as she taps the underbelly of his black shaft with her soft
tongue while she firmly pushes her hot, sultry body back against JTG.

"Aww.... ohhh damn... fuck... homegirl... can suck a mean dick...." Shad
Gaspard moans as he slightly fucks Rebecca DiPietro's mouth.

"Mmmm damn... yo... yo... yo homeboy... you gotta bang homegirl's pussy...."
JTG moans as he slows down his thrusting and pulls his big black cock out of
Rebecca's hot, tight pussy.

"Sounds like a plan...." Shad says as he pulls his saliva-covered cock out of
Rebecca's mouth and lays down on the floor in front of Rebecca.

Rebecca presses her lips together and tosses her soft, silky brown hair back
as she glances over her shoulder at JTG "I want you to get behind me too....
in my pussy..." Rebecca says with a sly smirk as she moves over towards Shad
and positions herself on the floor with Shad as she turns slightly and lowers
herself down onto Shad's black cock, taking him into her tight, wet pussy.
The Extreme Correspondent leans back and places her hands on Shad's muscular
black chest and begins to bounce on his cock as her smooth, tanned back faces
the powerful, fun-loving criminal.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah homegirl...." Shad Gaspard moans as Rebecca starts to ride
him. He starts to thrust his cock up into Rebecca's pussy as he puts his
hands on Rebecca's shoulders.

JTG licks his lips and he moves closer to Rebecca, "Yo homegirl... this is
going to be a tight fit..." JTG says as he just shoves his entire black cock
into Rebecca's hot tight pussy along side Shad's stiff black rod. JTG grits
his teeth and puts his hands on Rebecca's hips as he and Shad tag team
Rebecca's hot pussy.

Rebecca tilts her head back and closes her eyes as she grits her teeth
"Ohhhh...mmm yeah this is extreme!" Rebecca DiPietro moans as she starts to
rock her hot, sultry body in between Shad and JTG as they both slam their
hard black cocks in and out of her tight pussy.

JTG slides his hands back and forth against Rebecca's sexy hips as he pumps
his cock in and out Rebecca's pussy with Shad. "Yo homegirl... we're lighting
you up like a Christmas tree..." JTG grunts before he lowers his head and he
starts to suck on both of Rebecca's large, hot and firm tits. .

"Awww fuck.... mmmm... damn homegirl you are hot!" Shad moans as he thrusts
his cock upward into Rebecca's pussy as he rubs Rebecca's shoulders as she
slams up and down on his cock while pushing forward against JTG.

"Ohhhh...mmmm...yeah pound that pussy!" Rebecca moans loudly as she grinds
her hot, sultry body against the smooth, black muscular bodies of Shad and
JTG as the two black studdly criminals gangbang the hot, tight pussy of
Rebecca DiPietro.

JTG and Shad are both working up a decent sweat as they thrust their cocks
in and out of Rebecca's pussy. JTG lifts his head away from Rebecca's tits
and licks his lips "Mmmmm.... awww damn... awww yeah homegirl.... your pussy
is getting it hardcore..."

Shad grits his teeth as he thrusts his cock upward into Rebecca's hot tight
pussy as his cock bangs against JTG's as they double team the hot Extreme
Correspondent, "Yo Dawg... I bet homegirl... wants a big mouthful...." Shad

JTG nods his head, "Awww yeah... good thinking homie..." JTG smirks as he
pulls out of Rebecca's pussy and helps her off of Shad's large black dick.
Rebecca DiPietro sits down on her knees on the hallway floor as she presses
her soft, luscious together while Shad Gaspard gets up from the floor and
stands up next to his partner in crime, JTG. Rebecca glances up at Shad and
JTG, locking her seductively alluring eyes with both members of Cryme Tyme
before she leans forward and teases the head of JTG's black cock with her
tongue before doing the same to Shad.

"Oh shit yea..." Shad moans as he looks down at Rebecca as she flicks her
tongue against JTG's cock. When Rebecca leans her head back, both members of
Cryme Tyme grab their cocks and start jerking them at a rapid pace.

"Oh yeah homegirl... gonna give ya a real exclusive..." JTG licks his lips
as Rebecca opens her mouth wide. Shad and JTG keep stroking their big black
cocks and in a few moments, both black studs start to cum and they shoot
their warm loads into Rebecca's sultry mouth. Rebecca closes her eyes and
gently taps her tongue inside of her mouth as the warm, sticky cum of Shad
Gaspard and JTG, collectively lands into her warm, sultry mouth as the Cryme
Tyme duo give ECW's Extreme Correspondent a tasty load of warm Cryme Tyme

"Oh yeah homegirl... you like that exclusive?" Shad says as he licks his lips
when he finishes cumming.

"Fuck... she's got every drop..." JTG laughs when he looks into Rebecca's cum
filled mouth before she closes her mouth to swallow the warm spunk of Cryme

"Mmmmmm..." Rebecca moans as she tilts her head back to completely swallow
the warm cum of Shad and JTG. Rebecca opens her eyes and slowly licks her
lips before the sultry ECW Vixen lifts her up and slyly smirks at the
fun-loving Cryme Tyme duo. " that was extreme..." Rebecca says in
a soft, seducing voice.

"No shit homegirl..." Shad Gaspard laughs a bit as shakes his head.

JTG grins as he looks down at Rebecca "Yo, yo, yo, yo, check it homegirl...
if you want another hot Tyme of exclusively covering some Cryme... just look
us up over in the RAW Hood."

Rebecca presses her lips together "Mmm...that sounds like a great idea..."
Rebecca says with a softly seductive as she gently shrugs her shoulders
"Besides...I'd rather visit you two studs on RAW...than my lazy stud on
SmackDown..." Rebecca replies as she slyly raises an eyebrow.

JTG laughs, "Then we'll keep an eye out for ya then homegirl.... but yo, me
and big Shad gotta bail...."

Shad nods his head as he and JTG get their clothes and get dressed, "Yeah...
don't be a stranger down in the hood...."


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