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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 18: Crossing The Caution Tape
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a taping of 'ECW on SCI-FI', the WWE's resident fun loving
professional criminals, Shad Gaspard and JTG, collectively known as Cryme
Tyme, are hanging out near the loading bay area of the arena. JTG is wearing
baggy blue jeans and a white t-shirt with his black bulletproof vest, and
Shad is dressed in blue baggy jeans and a loose fitting black t-shirt. Shad
looks at his partner in crime, "Hey dawg what the hell are we doing out

JTG grins as he looks at Shad, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo check it I got the hook
up and I heard.... There's a fine ass honey who's been looking to go down to
the hood...."

Shad raises an eyebrow, "You heard this? From where?" Shad laughs as he
raises an eyebrow

"From a good reliable source..." JTG laughs as he looks round the loading bay
and he raises an eyebrow when he sees a long piece of yellow crossing tape
blocking off one area of the loading bay. "Yo, what's that?"

Shad looks over and shrugs, "Don't know dawg... looks like they want people
away from there...." Shad then smiles, "Let's check it out... we might find
something and get some money for it..."

JTG nods his head, "Money, money, yeah, yeah..." JTG laughs as he and Shad
head over to crossing tape, and as they get closer to it, they see on the
other side of it, the Full Bodied Italian Trinity standing against a
chain-linked fence with her hands on her hips as if she's waiting for
something or someone.

Shad sees the hot Italian Vixen first and calls out, "Yo homegirl... what's
going down in this hood?" Shad says as he and JTG stand on one side of the
caution tape.

"Not much...not much fellas...listen I hear ya boys are lookin' for a feisty
Italian dish to head on down to the hood, ya listen' ?" Trinity says in her
sultry Italian accent as leans against the chain link, dressed in a short
black leather skirt and piece of yellow caution tape around her upper body
as the tape covers her large Italian tits.

"Yeah we hear ya..." Shad says as he looks down at the yellow caution tape
that is in front of him and JTG, "So what's the deal with the tape? You
trying to tell us something?" Shad asks with a smile as JTG starts to unstrap
his bulletproof vest to let it hang from his body.

Trinity presses her lips together and smirks as she slowly nods her head in a
sly manner "Maybe...maybe so fellas..." Trinity says as she lightly tosses
her soft black hair back "You know my neighborhood, crossing the
caution tape is a big no-no...ya hear boys?" Trinity asks as she takes a step
away from the chain link fence "But I don't see any of the feds around ya?"

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo...." JTG licks his lips and nods his head, "Check home
girl... we don't see any feds either.... so me and my homie... we're gonna
cross that tape...." JTG says as he looks at Shad.

Shad looks back at JTG with a raised eyebrow, "Cross? Dawg, I'm tearing the
shit down!" Shad laughs as he grabs the yellow crossing tape and tears it
down so that it's no longer in his and JTG's way.

"Shit dawg..." JTG laughs as he and Shad start to approach the feisty Italian

Trinity raises an eyebrow and smirks as she folds her arms against her large,
rounded Italian tits "Damn you fellas are really fixin' to get down in the
hood, aren't ya?" Trinity asks she licks her lips as she watches studdly
black men of Cryme Tyme approach her. Trinity places her hands against her
large Italian tits that are covered with the caution tape and the feisty Full
Bodied Italian begins to tear the yellow caution tape off from her large,
firm tits.

"Damn straight home girl... we're always good to get down in the hood..."
Shad says as he pulls off his black t-shirt to reveal his powerful black
upper body. "

JTG pulls off his bullet proof vest, followed by his white t-shirt as he
looks at Trinity's large, firm tits, "Yo, yo, yo home girl... I've heard
Italian food is good... but your body is FINE!"

Trinity laughs and nods her head as she flicks her feisty tongue against her
teeth "I know fellas! I got it all..." Trinity says with a smirk as she takes
a step closer towards Shad and JTG before the Full Bodied Italian kneels down
in front of both members of Cryme Tyme. Trinity reaches up and places her
left hand on JTG's crotch and her right hand on Shad's crotch and she begins
to rub her hands against their crotches that are covered by the material of
their baggy jeans.

Shad licks his lips as he unbuckles his belt and starts to pull it through
the loops of his jeans, "Yo home girl... you're looking for something big,
black and strong?" Shad asks as he unbuttons his jeans as Trinity continues
to rub the material of his jeans that is covering his crotch.

"I bet home girl is looking for a double dose of big black dick..." JTG
laughs as he unbuttons his baggy jeans and he starts to instantly push them
down to let out his foot long black cock, and Trinity's left hand instantly
moves against it as she continued to rub his crotch.

Trinity presses her lips together and nods her head as she glances up at Shad
and JTG "Fuckin' right!" The feisty Full Bodied Italian replies as she wraps
her left hand around JTG's long, thick and hard black cock as she starts to
smoothly stroke her hand against his black cock while the feisty Italian
Vixen continues to rub her right hand against the crotch on Shad's baggy

"Awww yeah home girl... bet you ain't see any Italian sausages as big as
this meat right here..." JTG laughs as he points at his large, thick cock as
Trinity strokes it with her left hand.

Shad starts to lower his jeans to order to free his large, fat over foot
long cock, "Yo home girl.... you're looking good down there..." Shad says as
Trinity wraps her right hand around his big black dick.

Trinity gently grits her teeth together as she nods her head while she
smoothly strokes her soft, gentle Italian hands at a quick rate against the
smooth, hard black cocks of Shad and JTG. "Damn boys...I've seen
two boys are freakin' big!" Trinity says as she slowly licks her lips before
she leans her head above Cryme Tyme's cocks as she spits her warm saliva onto
both black cocks as she strokes them.

Shad laughs, "Yo home girl.... you know what they say about black guys with
big dicks...." Shad says as Trinity rubs her warm saliva all over his huge
cock with her left hand as she jerks him off.

"Yeah home girl... you know what they say..." JTG laughs, "We slam fuck all
the fine honnies until they can't take no more..." JTG says with a grin as
Trinity looks up at him.

Trinity raises an eyebrow and smirks "Really fellas? Well you betta not
leave me out on that!" Trinity replies with her feisty Italian accent as she
continues to rub both of her hands against the now slick black shafts of Shad
and JTG before Trinity leans her head down and opens her mouth as she takes
Shad's large, powerful black cock into her hot Italian mouth and she begins
to smoothly and eagerly bob her head. "Mmmm...mmm.." Trinity moans around
Shad's cock as she works her head along his black shaft, bobbing at a
quickening rate.

"Awww ohhh yeah.... mmm yeah home girl.... mmm fuck..." Shad Gaspard moans
and licks his lips as the hot Full Bodied Italian bobs her head quickly on
his hard black cock.

JTG smirks, "Yo, yo, yo home girl... you're not leaving me out of that shit
are ya?" JTG asks with a grin as he tosses Trinity's black hair back so that
he can see Trinity as she presses her lips tighter around Shad's dick.

Trinity raises an eyebrow and slightly glances up at JTG before she lifts
her head off of Shad's powerful black cock after only bobbing her head a few
times on his cock "Oh you want some fella?" Trinity asks as she turns a bit
towards JTG as she remains on her knees.

"Yeah I want a whole lot of that!" JTG grins as he nods his head and licks
his lips.

"No problem dawg... cause I bet homegirl wants to get some big black dick
in her pussy right away..." Shad says with a grin as Trinity lets go of his
hard dick. Shad then looks down at Trinity, "Ain't that right?" Shad says as
Trinity starts to push down her short black leather skirt from her waist.

Trinity smirks and nods her head "Fuckin' right! I'm Italian...I love to
fuck!" Trinity says with a laugh as she leans down towards JTG's fun-loving
black cock and gently slaps her wet tongue against the head of JTG's black
cock before she starts to slowly slide her wet tongue down his hard, long
black shaft.

"Awww hell yea!" JTG laughs and moans as Trinity slides her tongue up and
down the length of his cock as she pushes her short black leather skirt down
smooth sexy legs to reveal her hot, smooth Italian pussy.

Shad steps around behind the Full Bodied Italian and kneels down. He pulls
her up a bit and then proceeds to slam his entire huge black shaft into
Trinity's hot pussy with one stiff thrust that has her body jolt forward,
"Oh yea home girl! It's Tyme for some fuckin' Cryme!" Shad says as he begins
to pump his cock in and out of Trinity's hot pussy as she quickly gets used
to him and his huge cock.

"Mmmm...fuckin' right!" Trinity laughs and moans as she slides her wet tongue
gently and slowly against JTG's smooth, hard black shaft as the Full Bodied
Italian and feisty Vixen begins to push herself back against Shad Gaspard,
not missing a beat, as Shad slams his powerful black cock deeply into her
tight, warm Italian pussy. Trinity guides her wet tongue up JTG's shaft as
she reaches the head of his cock and she lowers her head, taking his cock
into her warm, wet mouth and begins to bob her head instantly on JTG's shaft.

"Ooo yea... ohhhh yeah... suck that black dick homegirl!" JTG moans as he
grabs Trinity's head as the hot Vixen bobs her head quickly on his cock as
she takes almost all of it past her luscious lips each time.

Shad has his hands on Trinity's sexy hips and he pulls her back towards him
as he slams his big dick in and out of Trinity's hot Italian pussy, "Uhhhh
yea... mmmm fuck yea... yo, yo, yo... Little Guido may not be so little
dawg.... she knows how to take a big dick!" Shad grunts.

JTG laughs, "Shit... he has to be packing a big 40 to have this fine honey
around..." JTG moans as begins thrusts his cock in and out of Trinity's warm,
wet mouth.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmm..." Trinity groans around JTG's black cock as she eagerly
and smoothly bobs her head up and down on JTG's black cock as she gently
slaps her tongue against his shaft. Trinity lifts her black haired head
slightly and glances up at JTG as she locks her eyes with JTG as she sucks
his hard black cock. Trinity begins to firmly push herself back against
Shad's cock, as her hot rounded ass slams back against Shad's black muscular

"Mmmm ohhh fuck yea... homegirl.... suck that dick... mmmm... ohhh fuck
yea..." JTG moans as he closes his eyes as he pumps his cock in and out of
Trinity's mouth and his large black balls hit against Trinity's chin. Shad
moves his hands from Trinity's waist and places them on her legs as he
increases the pace of his thrusts, "Ahhh fuck yea... ahhh fuck..." Shad
grunts as he deeply slams his cock into Trinity's hot pussy.

Trinity slaps her feisty, wet Italian tongue sharply against the underbelly
of JTG's hard black shaft before the Full Bodied Italian slowly lifts her
head off of JTG's fun-loving black cock. "Ohhhhh fuck yeah boy!" Trinity
moans as Shad Gaspard powerfully drills Trinity's hot, tight Italian pussy
with firm, quick thrust. Trinity glances over her shoulder and grits her
teeth as she slams back against Shad at a harder rate before she blindly
reaches forward and wraps her hands around JTG's saliva-slick black cock as
she begins to blindly stroke JTG's shaft as she watches Shad, over her
shoulder, thrust into her tight pussy.

Shad smirks a bit as he sees Trinity looking back at him, "Mmmm fuck.... I
knew Italian homegirls knew how to hang and bang in the hood!" Shad groans
as he keeps fucking Trinity's hot wet pussy with his huge cock before he
slows down in order to pulls his dick out of her pussy.

JTG grins, "Yo, yo, yo, homegirl! My turn to turn ya loose!" JTG says as
Trinity's keeps pumping her hand up and down his wet dick.

Trinity glances forward at JTG and smirks as she raises an eyebrow "Oh really
homeboy? Whatcha got in mind!?" The feisty Full Bodied Italian presses her
lips together as she slightly steps away from Shad Gaspard as she keeps her
eyes locked on the fun-loving JTG.

"Homegirl... I want ya on top.... and any which way you like it!" JTG laughs
before he lays down on the cold floor of the loading bay.

Shad smirks a bit, "Yo dawg.... you always leave that as ladies choice...."

"Damn straight!" JTG says with a grin, "Cause it's ALL good!" JTG says as he
gets himself ready for Trinity.

Trinity nods her head and smirks "That's right's all good in the
hood! Ain't that fuckin' right!" Trinity says with a laugh as she gets down
on the floor with JTG as she turns so that her smooth, tanned back is facing
JTG as he lays on the floor. The hot, feisty Full Bodied Italian lifts
herself up and mounts herself on top of JTG's black cock as her back facing
JTG. Trinity begins to instantly bounce up and down JTG's black cock
"Ohhhh...ohhh fuck yeah boy!"

"Awwww shit yeah!" JTG groans and licks his lips as Trinity bounces up
and down on his cock, and he feels the Full Bodied Italian's hot sexy ass
slamming down against his waist as she rides him with a reckless style. "Yo
go girl!" JTG moans as he puts his hands on Trinity's hips.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips and he kneels down in front of the hot Italian
Vixen, "Watch it homegirl... you're gonna get taken down to the hardcore
end of the hood..." Shad says as he proceeds to force his large cock into
Trinity's hot, tight, dick stuffed pussy.

Trinity grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she leans back slightly
while on top of JTG and places her soft hands against his smooth black
muscular chest "Ohhh fuck yeah boys! Fuck that pussy, ya hearin' me?!"
Trinity moans as she rocks her hot Italian body smoothly on JTG's black
cock as Shad thrusts his cock into her tight, cock-filled pussy.

"Ahhh yeah homegirl... we fucking hear ya!" Shad grunts as he begins pumping
his cock in and out of Trinity's double stuffed pussy, and his huge black
dick grinds against JTG's as the two hot black fun-loving criminals deeply
fuck Trinity's pussy.

"Ahhhh ohhh yea.... mmmm damn homegirl! Slam it down on that dick!" JTG
groans as he moves his hands to Trinity's ass and squeezes her ass cheeks
every time she rises up on his dick to push against Shad. Trinity closes
her eyes as licks her lips as she quickly rocks back and forth, in between
JTG and Shad Gaspard as the hot Full Bodied Italian begins to sweat as she
slams forward against Shad at an aggressive rate before she slams down hard
on JTG's black cock.

"Ohhhh mmmm ohhh fuck... homegirl you are fucking off the hook!" Shad grunts
as he rapidly and sharply pumps his cock in and out of Trinity's pussy, and
his dick continues to bump and grind against JTG's cock as JTG thrusts his
dick upward into her pussy.

"Mmmm.... ohhh yea... ohh shit yea!" JTG's body sweats lightly as he and Shad
give the Full Bodied Italian all the black cock her tight hot wet pussy can

Trinity arches her hot Italian body as she slams down roughly on JTG's black
cock as before she sharply grinds her hot, wet pussy forward against Shad's
powerful black cock "Ohhhh fuckin right boys!" Trinity moans loudly as she
begins to cum sharply against the two black cocks of Cryme Tyme inside of her
hot Italian pussy.

"Ahhhh ohhh fuckin' hey!" JTG moans and licks his lips as he and Shad feels
Trinity's warm juices flow out of her pussy and onto their big black dicks
as they keep on fucking the hot Italian Vixen's pussy as she keeps cumming.

Shad licks his lips and pulls his throbbing cock out of Trinity's hot wet
pussy and stands up, "Yo homegirl... you need a little something for the
road?" Shad says as he helps Trinity off of JTG's cock and sets her on her
knees in front of him as JTG jumps up to his feet.

Trinity presses her lips and raises an eyebrow as she sits on her knees in
front of JTG and Shad as they both start to stroke their throbbing, hard
black cocks "Yeah fill this Italian bitch up!" Trinity says as
she nods her head and licks her lips, watching the two black Cryme Tyme
studs stroke their hard black cocks.

"Aww yeah homegirl..." JTG licks his lips and smirks as he rapidly pumps his
throbbing black cock with his hand. Trinity tilts her head back and opens her
mouth to accept the cum of whoever Cryme Tyme member shoots first. "Mmmmm
ohhh shit yea..." JTG grunts a bit as he starts to cum and shoots his load
directly into Trinity's mouth.

Trinity closes her eyes and flicks her feisty Italian tongue as JTG's warm
criminal cum flies into her hot, wet mouth "Mmmm...fuck yeah boy...fill me
up!" Trinity says in her hot Italian accent as she swallows every drop of
JTG's cum that lands in her hot mouth.

"Aww shit homegirl..." JTG licks his lips as he takes a step back as Shad to
steps forward.

"Hey homegirl... you still got more... cause we got to fill ya up!" Shad
moans as he keeps pumping his cock. The powerful black criminal waits until
Trinity opens her mouth again, and then he starts to shoot his hot criminal
cum into Trinity's mouth.

Trinity holds her wet, feisty tongue out of her hot Italian mouth as Shad
Gaspard's warm, sticky cum lands perfectly into her hot mouth "Mmm...fuck
yeah...spray that shit in that mouth!" Trinity moans as she tilts her head
back a bit more so that Shad's cum easily slides down her throat.

"Ohhh yea... mmmm fuck!" Shad grunts as he strokes his cock a bit more to
make sure every drop of his cum is shot out. When he's done, Shad smirks
down at Trinity, "Damn homegirl... you are the BOMB!"

Trinity presses her lips together and nods her head "Fuckin' right boy...I'm
the bomb around here!" Trinity says as she slowly stands up from the floor
and tosses her soft black hair back as she smirks and looks at JTG and Shad

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, check it...." JTG says as he puts his hands on his waist,
"We've got to cross that caution tape again.... cause your Little Italy...
needs more Cryme!"

Trinity nods her head and smirks as she slyly licks her lips "Oh fuckin'
right boys..." Trinity says as she raises an eyebrow before she slowly
glances away from Shad Gaspard and JTG as she spots WWE Road Agents Dean
Malenko and Steve Keirn, that serve on the ECW brand. "Oh shit boys! It's
the feds!"

"Yo! We better BAIL!" Shad says, and he and JTG grabs their clothes and
quickly get dressed.

"Yo, yo, yo... we better take the honey..." JTG says as Shad pulls up his

Yeah dawg..." Shad says before he bends down to pick up Trinity and he puts
her over his shoulder, "Homegirl... you're BAILING with us!" Shad says as he
and JTG start running down the loading bay, with Trinity, completely naked
and over Shad's shoulder to avoid being caught by the 'Feds'.


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