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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 19: Exposing The Hood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a taping of ECW on SCI-FI, the WWE's resident professional
criminals, Shad Gaspard and JTG are watching a television monitor as Kelly
Kelly announces the return of Kelly's Expose to ECW. JTG is wearing black
baggy jeans and a white tank- top, and Shad is wearing blue baggy jeans and
a black tank top, and both men get smiles on their faces. "Yo, dawg... man
that's some big news! I love watching homegirl's expose...." Shad says.

"Aww yeah boy!" JTG nods his head, "She's so fine! And she's single! She got
rid of that crack-ass cracker idiot... so you know she's gonna be taking off
her clothes whenever she wants!"

"Yeah..." Shad smirks a bit, "Man dawg... I can't wait to check out her
expose.... Kinda want to see what it's like up close..."

JTG laughs, "Yo, yo, yo, yo... I bet homegirl never exposed herself down in
the hood..."

"Yeah... yo, she's heading to the back.... Let's go hook up with her to see
if she's down with giving us a private expose!" Shad says as he checks out
the monitor again.

"Damn homie, I'm down with that!" JTG says and the two hot black studs
high-five each other before they head down the hall way toward the ECW
Vixen's locker room area, and the two of them stand by the door marked
'Kelly Kelly', and they wait until the adorable Extreme Exhibitionist
starts to come down the hallway.

"Yo what's up homegirl!" Shad calls out to Kelly just as she sees them in
front of her locker room door.

The innocently adorable Extreme Exhibitionist, Kelly Kelly, bites down on her
bottom lip cutely as she blushes softly "Hey guys..." Kelly says in a soft,
innocent voice as she walks towards her locker room door where both members
of Cryme Tyme, Shad and JTG, are standing. Kelly presses her slender shoulder
up cutely as she pauses and stands in front of Shad and JTG "What can I do
for you?" Kelly Kelly adorably asks as she dressed in a short black skirt and
a silver bra, that covers her petite but firmly rounded hot tits.

"Yo, homegirl.... we just heard the great news about your expose...." JTG
laughs a bit as he checks out the cute, adorable Extreme Vixen.

"Yeah... you're bringing it back next week... that's going to be the BOMB!"
Shad Gaspard says with a big grin as he puts his hands on his waist.

Kelly Kelly smiles adorably and nods her head "Yeah...I'm so excited for my
expose to return!" Kelly says as she scrunches her nose up adorably before
she shrugs her slender shoulders "Cause...well I just love taking my clothes

"And we love watching you taking off your clothes...." Shad Gaspard says with
a bit of a laugh as he looks at Kelly.

"Yo, yo, yo homegirl..." JTG says as he steps towards Kelly and stands next
to her. He puts his right arm around Kelly's shoulders and smiles, "Me and my
dawg here got to talking... and was wondering if you know... you can do a
little exposing down in the hood..." JTG says.

Kelly turns her adorable blond haired head towards JTG and scrunches her nose
up cute as she raises her eyebrow, a bit confused "What do you mean?" Kelly
Kelly innocently asks as she presses her soft lips together and adorably
looks at JTG.

"Aww you know homegirl.... you like to take off your clothes... and we like
to watch a bit...." JTG says casually as he slightly bumps his body against

"Yeah Kel.... we're big... BIG fans... of your exposes...." Shad Gaspard adds
with a grin as he slightly motions at his crotch when Kelly looks at him.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as her soft, innocent eyes widen with
excitement "Really!? You're big fans?" Kelly asks adorably as she cutely
scrunches her nose up once again "Well...I can't disappoint my fans...can

"Naw homegirl... you can't do that.... especially now since that big
playa-hater Knox ain't around to stop ya..." Shad Gaspard says as he starts
to push open the door to Kelly Kelly's locker room.

"Whatcha say homegirl? You wanna give us that expose down in the hood?" JTG
says as he starts to slightly move Kelly towards the door of her locker room.

Kelly smiles and nods her head excitedly "Oh you bet I do!" Kelly Kelly says
cutely as the Extreme Exhibitionist begins to walk into her private locker
room as Shad and JTG follow the adorable ECW Vixen from behind as the watch
her cute skirt covered ass sway back and forth as she walks.

JTG looks at Kelly's ass move from side to side as she walks and he licks his
lips, "God DAMN that ass is fine!" JTG says as he walks into the locker room.

Shad Gaspard nods his head, "Yea dawg... she is one hot honey..." Shad says
as he steps into the locker room and he closes the door a moment later.

"So what goes on first in your expose homegirl? You take off those fine
threads?" JTG asks as he smiles.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she cutely nods her head "Yep! That's
right..." Kelly replies with a soft, adorable laugh as she immediately
reaches over her slender shoulders to unclip her silver bra. Kelly Kelly
slides the straps of her silver bra off of her smooth, tanned shoulders
before peeling the silver bra away from her petite, smoothly rounded hot
tits as she casually drops the silver bra to the floor of her private locker

"DAMN!" Shad and JTG say at the same time as they get an awesome look at
Kelly's petite, firm round tits, and both of the hot black professional
criminals lift up their tank tops to reveal their smooth, toned and solid
upper bodies. "Yo homegirl... you are more than fine you are fucking FINE!"
Shad Gaspard says with a grin as he and JTG drop their tank tops down on
the floor.

Kelly Kelly laughs adorably as she presses her slender shoulders up "Mmm...
guys?" Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she looks forward at JTG and
Shad's smooth, muscular black chests "Umm...isn't this my expose?" Kelly
Kelly cutely asks as she places her hands against her smoothly rounded,
petite hips before she starts to slowly push down her short black skirt
from her lips and down her smooth, tanned and stunning legs.

JTG laughs, "Yeah homegirl.... it is... but yo... we like taking our clothes
off too... when there's a hot honey around..." JTG says with a grin as he
starts to unbuckle his belt.

"Yeah homegirl... besides when there's exposure in the hood... it's all
good!" Shad adds as he undoes his belt and pulls it through the loops of his
baggy jeans. Kelly smiles and lowers her head shyly as she blushes before she
steps out of her short black skirt and stands straight up, revealing her hot,
innocent and shaven pussy towards JTG and Shad Gaspard. Kelly Kelly cutely
presses her shoulders up and smiles at Shad and JTG as both of the black
professional criminals begin to remove their baggy jeans before the innocent
Extreme Exhibitionist take a step towards Cryme Tyme.

"Yo, yo, yo homegirl.... you are... whoa... you are smokin'!" JTG says as he
looks at Kelly's incredible beautiful body as he lowers baggy jeans to let
out his twelve inch long black cock.

"Yeah homegirl... you fit right into our hood..." Shad adds as he lowers his
baggy jeans to free his own over foot long shaft, and his cock, like JTG's
start to harden, and Kelly's eyes go a bit wide when she sees their big black

"Oh wow!" Kelly Kelly says cutely as she licks her soft lips " know
what I like to do more than taking my clothes off?" Kelly asks cutely as she
takes a step towards JTG and Shad before she kneels down onto the floor in
front of both Cryme Tyme members and she adorably looks up at the studdly
black criminals "I love fucking..." Kelly says with a cute blush as she
reaches forward and gently wraps her right hand around JTG's black cock and
her left hand around Shad's black cock and she begins to smoothly stroke her
small, gentle hands against their hardening black shafts.

"Yo, yo, yo homegirl... we sure love to do some bangin' too..." JTG says with
a bit of a moan as Kelly moves her delicate right hand back and forth along
the length of his cock.

"Yeah homegirl... and banging with a hot honey like you we really love...."
Shad moans and places his hands on his waist as Kelly scoots closer to both
criminals as she looks back and froth at each cock as she strokes both.

Kelly cutely presses her soft, luscious lips together as she continues to
smoothly stroke her soft, gentle hands against the thick, hardening black
cocks of Shad and JTG "You know boys...I'm so glad my boyfriend..." Kelly
pauses and cutely smiles up at Shad and JTG "I ex-boyfriend, Mike
no longer can control me..." Kelly says cutely before she starts to lean her
head in towards Shad and JTG's black cocks "Cause now...I can do whatever I
want!" Kelly says before she gently slaps her wet tongue against the thick,
large head of Shad's black cock before trailing her soft, wet tongue over to
the head of JTG's black cock.

"Awww yeah homegirl... and we're more than happy to let you do whatever you
want... cause that's how we roll!" JTG moans as Kelly taps her soft, wet
tongue against the large head of his black cock.

Shad nods his head as Kelly quickens the pace as she strokes his cock with
her left hand, "Yeah homegirl... you can suck our big black dicks if you
really want to..." Shad says casually as he makes his suggestion to the hot
young Extreme Vixen.

Kelly lifts her head away fro JTG's black cock and she slowly licks her lips
as she glances up at Shad Gaspard "You really think so?" Kelly Kelly cutely
asks before she eagerly leans her head down towards Shad's black cock and she
opens her warm, wet mouth as she lowers her head on his cock and takes his
thick, hard and powerful black cock into her warm, wet mouth as she begins to
instantly bob her head on Shad's cock while she continues to stroke JTG's
cock with her right hand.

"Awww.... ohhh yeah... I think so a lot homegirl..." Shad Gaspard moans as he
puts his hands on Kelly's head and he pushes her blond hair back so that it
doesn't hang over her cute face. The powerful black criminal lightly thrusts
his meaty cock in and out of Kelly's mouth, but he doesn't disrupt the way
Kelly is bobbing her head on his dick.

"Yo, yo, yo... homegirl must be quick to like big things..." JTG laughs and
moans as Kelly keeps pumping his cock with her right hand. Kelly closes her
eyes as she presses her soft lips tightly around Shad Gaspard's thick, hard
black shaft as she smoothly and gently bobs her head eagerly on his black
cock as she starts to quicken her head bobs as her warm, wet saliva drips
against his black cock. Kelly Kelly gently slides her right hand down JTG's
long, hard black shaft as she reaches his large black ballsack and begins
massages his balls while she sucks on the cock of Shad Gaspard.

"Ahhh yea.... play with those balls... mmm baby!" JTG laughs and moans as
Kelly massage his balls with her hand as she continues to suck on Shad
Gaspard's huge black cock.

"Mmmm... yo, dawg.... homegirl loves some black dick... she's taking it like
she goes to the hood all the damn time!" Shad moans as he feels Kelly's
tongue tap against the bottom of his cock as she starts to lift her head off
of his dick.

Kelly completely lifts her blond haired head off of Shad's black cock as it
lightly drips of her wet saliva. Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she
gently tosses her soft blond hair back before turning her head to the
fun-loving black cock of JTG "Are you ready for me to 'expose' you?" Kelly
Kelly says with a soft laugh as she leans her head towards JTG's black cock
and gently takes the head of his cock into her warm, wet mouth and begins to
lightly bob her head blond-haired head on the head of JTG's black cock.

"Awww yeah homegirl... 'expose' me... all you want!" JTG moans and licks his
lips as he looks down at Kelly as she bobs her head up and down on his long
thick black dick.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips, "Speaking of exposure... I think I see something
back here worth exposing..." Shad laughs as he steps around behind Kelly and
kneels down. The huge black stud then slides his big saliva covered cock into
Kelly's tight pussy and starts to thrust it in and out with long, slow
thrusts. "Mmmm aww damn..." Shad moans as he puts his hands on Kelly's waist
as he pushes his cock deeper into her pussy with every thrust.

"Mmmm...ohhh.." Kelly Kelly gently moans against JTG's black cock as she
closes her eyes and gently works her blond-haired head further down on JTG's
black cock as she begins to gradually bob her head at a quicker rate as she
smoothly pushes her petite, tanned hot body back against Shad Gaspard as he
slowly thrusts his powerful black cock in and out of Kelly Kelly's tight,
warm pussy.

"Awww yeah... mmmmm yea..." Shad moans as he pulls Kelly back towards him and
her cute round ass hits against his crotch and waist as he begins to steadily
increase the pace of his strong thrusts.

JTG closes his eyes and tilts his head back as the adorable blond-haired ECW
Vixen deep throats his cock inch by inch as she bobs her head on it, "Mmm
whew damn homegirl... you're a pro...." JTG moans.

Kelly gently smacks her soft, wet tongue against the underbelly of JTG's
hard, thick black shaft as she wraps her lips tighter around his black shaft
as she holds JTG's cocks deep inside of her warm, wet mouth "Mmmm...mmmm..."
Kelly Kelly gently moans against JTG's cock as she starts to gently push
herself back against Shad's hard black cock as he thrusts deeper into her
innocent, tight pussy.

"Mmmmm ohhh fuck yea.... mmmm suck that black dick homegirl..." JTG moans as
he slides his hands through Kelly's smooth blond hair as she sucks as hard as
she can on his thick black dick.

"Oh shit dawg.... homegirl is fucking TIGHT!" Shad grunts as he drives his
cock harder and faster into Kelly's warm pussy, and each of his thrusts
results in Kelly's body jolting forward every time his cock is deeply pushed
into her.

Kelly slowly opens her eyes and glances up at JTG before she lifts her head
up gently from his cock and she smiles cutely up at the fun-loving criminal
"Are" Kelly Kelly cutely asks as she gently rocks
back and forth at a quick rate due to Shad Gaspard firmly and swiftly
slamming his hard black cock in and out of her innocent, tight pussy.

"Oh yeah homegirl.... I'm having tons of fun..." JTG replies with a grin as
Shad Gaspard slows down his thrusting and pulls his big hard black cock out
of Kelly's hot tight young pussy, and he taps his dick against her cute ass.

"Yo home girl... how about you get twice the black dick...." Shad says as he
stands up behind Kelly and then gently pulls her up to her feet.

Kelly Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she stands straight up and she
cutely scrunches her adorable nose "Umm...ok..." Kelly says with a cute laugh
as the innocent Extreme Exhibitionist stands in between to the two black
studs of Cryme Tyme.

"Time to double it on down in the hood..." JTG says with a grin as he and
Shad lift the adorable petite Exhibitionist up and lower her pussy onto JTG's
large thick black cock. "Ohhh damn!" JTG moans and laughs as he feels Kelly's
tight pussy on his cock. Shad Gaspard licks his lips and he bends his knees
a bit so that he can push his big black dick into Kelly's extremely asshole.

Kelly Kelly gently grits her teeth together and closes her eyes as she
pressed tightly in between Shad Gaspard and JTG as the two black studs of
Cryme Tyme begin to bounce Kelly on both of their hard black cocks as JTG
thrusts his cock into Kelly's pussy, while Shad thrusts his cock into her
tight asshole. "Ohhhh...ohhhh mmm...yesss..." Kelly cutely moans as she
bounces between the two black studs.

"Mmmm oh damn home girl.... now this is a real expose!" Shad grunts as he
thrusts his powerful black cock in and out of Kelly's tight young asshole as
the adorable Vixen bounces on his and JTG's dicks.

"Oh damn homie... homegirl is off the hook!" JTG grunts as he places his
hands on Kelly's waist as he drives his cock in and out of Kelly's tight wet
pussy with rapid sharp thrusts.

Kelly tilts her blond haired head back as the adorable ECW Vixen smoothly
slams down before she bounces up on both of the hard black cocks inside of
her pussy and asshole. Kelly Kelly wraps her smooth, tanned legs around JTG's
waist as she wraps her arms around his neck while rocking back and forth in
between Shad and JTG "Ohhhh...mmm I love you guys!" Kelly moans cutely.

"Awww.... ohhh damn home girl.... mmmm shit..." Shad grunts as he thrusts his
large black dick in and out of Kelly's asshole as she continues to bounce up
and down on his and JTG's big dicks. Shad grunts and grits his teeth as he
starts to cum deep into Kelly's tight asshole as he continues to deeply bang
Kelly's cute ass.

Kelly Kelly presses her soft lips together as she glances over her shoulder
at Shad Gaspard, feeling his warm cum enter her tight asshole "Mmmm...ohhh
yeah...." Kelly gently moans and licks her soft lips as sweat begins to
lightly drip down her adorable face as she continues to bounce quickly on
the cock of JTG.

"Ahhh.... ohhhh damn homegirl.... fuck you're off the bomb!" Shad Gaspard
groans as he pulls his cum spent cock out of Kelly's hot tight asshole.

JTG wraps his arms around Kelly's hot body and bounces her harder on his
dick, "Mmmmm ahhhh fuck damn...." JTG grunts as he thrusts his cock sharply
into Kelly's wet pussy as she wraps her legs tighter around his waist. Kelly
tosses her soft blond hair back as she slams down smoothly on JTG's hard
black cock as she leans in close to JTG and softly kisses his lips as sweat
drips down her hot petite body while she gently grinds her pussy against his
cock, moaning into JTG's mouth.

JTG returns the kiss and slides his criminal tongue into Kelly's innocent
mouth as he keeps ramming his cock into her hot tight pussy, "Mmmm.... damn!"
JTG grunts as his tongue twirls against Kelly's as he begins to shoot his
warm sticky cum deep into Kelly's hot wet pussy.

"Mmmm....ohhhh..." Kelly moans into JTG's mouth, while she continues to
softly kiss the black stud as she gently slaps her tongue against JTG's
tongue as the adorable Extreme Exhibitionist gently and smoothly bounces
on JTG's cumming cock.

After another moment, JTG breaks the kiss with the cute Extreme Vixen and he
grins as he finishes cumming inside of Kelly's tight wet pussy, "Whew damn
homegirl.... you're exposes are awesome when they are done in the hood..."
JTG says with a grin.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and she shyly lowers her head after JTG
lifts Kelly off of his cock and the adorable ECW Vixen stands in front of JTG
"Oh that was so much fun!"

"Yo, homegirl... any chance we can get an idea of what you're doing on your
expose next week?" Shad Gaspard asks with a smile.

Kelly blushes and cutely presses her slender shoulders up as the sweating,
adorable Extreme Exhibitionist glances back at Shad Gaspard who is completely
dressed "Well...I can tell you that I won't be dancing alone..."

Shad Gaspard and JTG both exchange glances as JTG gets dressed, "Yoooo!" They
both say big grins on their faces. JTG looks back at Kelly, "Homegirl! We'll
be here to check it on out!"

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip as she shyly lowers her head "Umm...maybe
we can 'dance' together again?" Kelly adorably asks.

Shad nods his head, "Homegirl.... we can 'dance' again... whenever you
want... just come on down to the hood...."


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