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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 21: Extreme Exposure In The Hood
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At an ECW on SCI-FI television taping, Cryme Tyme members JTG and Shad
Gaspard, both dressed in their trademark baggy jeans, but JTG is wearing a
baggy white t-shirt, while Shad is wearing a tight-fitting black t-shirt, are
coming out of one of the locker rooms with two boxes filled with someone's
belongings. JTG looks at Shad and grins, "Yo, Yo, Yo... that playa hater
Striker had a lot of nice shit..."

"Word... but it's a shame... he's got to be the only teacher who's totally
over paid..." Shad laughs as the two criminals head down the hallway towards
the next locker room.

JTG laughs, "Yeah dawg.... He's such a prick... and who picks out his
clothes..." JTG says as he balances the box he's holding with his left hand
as he opens the next locker room door. "I bet we'll get a good haul from
here.... So we can get some mo' money...

"Yeah... cause we want them dolla' dolla' bills.... A couple of Franklins to
roll with them Jacksons..." Shad laughs as he and JTG enter the locker room
and put the boxes down. The locker room they entered is empty, but neither
member of Cryme Tyme can hear the water running from the shower area. The
locker room itself is decorated with the various items belonging to ECW dance
trio, Extreme Expose. "Yo... this is a nice hangout..." Shad says as he looks

"Man, shit, how much greenbacks to they get in this hood!" JTG says as he
walks over to the long make-up table and starts going through everything
that's sitting on top of it.

"Probably like a tone of G's...." Shad says as he heads to the shower area to
see if anyone is in there and when he looks into it, he stops in his tracks
when he sees Extreme Expose member Brooke drying herself off after finishing
in the shower. "DAMN!" Shad says loudly, which gets Brooke's instant

The slyly adorable Extreme Expose member, Brooke, slightly jumps after
hearing the booming voice of Shad Gaspard. Brooke quickly wraps a white towel
around her water-dampened gorgeously tanned body. Brooke bites down on her
bottom lip as she turns around to face Shad. "Umm...can I help you?" Brooke
asks with a sly, adorable smirk as she folds her arms against her towel
covered chest.

"Huh? Oh naw... I'm just looking...." Shad replies as he checks out the
gorgeous water covered Extreme Vixen, "And damn I like what I see...." Shad
says as JTG comes over to see what all the commotion is about.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo... what's going down over here?" JTG asks just before he
looks where Shad is looking and when he sees Brooke, JTG smiles, "Yooooo..."

Brooke raises an eyebrow before she presses her soft, luscious lips together
"Hmmm...aren't you homeboys in the wrong hood?" Brooke asks with a sly,
adorable laugh as the Extreme Vixen locks her sly eyes on the hot criminal
duo of Cryme Tyme, Shad and JTG.

"Nah... we don't think so..." JTG says as he leans against the doorway
leading to the shower area,

"Yeah... wherever we go... it becomes our hood..." Shad adds as he folds his
powerful arms over his chest.

Brooke slowly licks her lips and she nods her head "I like's
hot..." Brooke says as she lightly tosses her water-dampened dark brown hair
back before she glances forward at JTG and Shad "Why don't you homeboys come
a bit closer?" Brooke slyly suggests as she starts to loosen up her towel

"Yo, yo, yo... I like the way this is going homegirl..." JTG says as starts
to step towards Brooke.

"Yeah dawg.... this is gonna be off the hook...." Shad Gaspard adds as he
follows JTG over to Brooke, and the powerful black stud pulls off his black
t-shirt to reveal his smooth muscular upper body.

Brooke gently grits her teeth together as she glances at Shad's smooth,
muscular black chest "Mmm...damn, that's hot..." Brooke says with a smile as
she slyly slips the white towel off of her gorgeously tanned body to expose
her firmly rounded hot tits and her hot, smoothly shaven pussy.

"Yo, yo, yo... it's getting hot in here...." JTG says with a laugh as he
removes his baggy white t-shirt to reveal his smooth toned body to the
Extreme Expose member. Shad Gaspard starts to undo his jeans and once he's
done, he lowers his baggy jeans down to free his long thick fourteen inch

Brooke slyly innocent eyes widen at the sight of Shad Gaspard's long, thick
fourteen inch black cock "Mmmm ohhh fuck..." Brooke licks her lips and points
at Shad Gaspard "You get your hot ass over here homeboy..." Brooke says with
a sly smirk as the adorable Extreme Expose member kneels down on the floor of
the showering unit as Shad Gaspard begins to approach her, while JTG
frantically begins to remove his gangster clothing.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips "Go for it homegirl.... that big black snake
from the hood ain't gonna bite...." Shad says as he completes his approach
to Brooke and stands in front of her.

JTG quickly unbuttons his jeans and he lowers them down from his waist,
freeing his twelve inch long dick, "Yo, don't start this party without
me...." JTG laughs.

Brooke raises an eyebrow and glances over at JTG "Well get your ass over here
then homeboy..." Brooke says with a soft laugh as she reaches forward with
her right hand and wraps it gently around Shad Gaspard's long, thick black
cock. Brooke smiles up at Shad as she starts to smoothly stroke her hand
against his hardening black cock.

JTG practically runs over towards Brooke and Shad, and he nearly slips on the
wet floor of the shower unit, "Whoa... that would've busted my head..." JTG
says as he now stands right next to Shad and he watches as Brooke moves her
right hand back and forth along Shad's solid black dick.

Shad laughs, "Yeah that would've been funny as hell...." Shad says to partner
in crime as he thrusts his cock against Brooke's right hand.

Brooke slyly glances over at the fun-loving JTG and places her smooth left
hand around his thick black shaft "Mmm...damn...two black studs...this is
hot, way hot.." Brooke says as she eagerly licks her lips while she starts
to stroke her left hand against JTG's black cock as she continues to stroke
her right hand against Shad's cock, stroking both black criminal cocks at a
smooth, slightly quick rate.

"Got that damn right homegirl....nothing better than a white homegirl
stroking our two big black dicks...." Shad says with a moan as he watches
Brooke pump both hard cocks with an eager look on her sly, adorable face.

"Yo, yo, yo homegirl... why don't ya show us how hot you think this is..."
JTG says as he licks his lips and flashes a gang sign with his left hand.

Brooke presses her lips together "Mmm...I'd love to..." Brooke says slyly as
she leans her water-dampened brown haired head down towards Shad's cock and
teasingly slaps her wet, soft tongue against the thick, large head of his
black cock. Brooke then lifts her head away from Shad's cock and moves over
to JTG's fun-loving black cock and gently slaps her wet tongue against the
head of his cock as well, before spitting some of her warm, wet saliva onto
the head of his cock, causing her saliva to slide down from the head of his
black cock, down his long black shaft.

"Awww yeah...." JTG nods his head and he licks his lips as he watches Brooke
rub her saliva all over the length of his cock with her left hand.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips, "Damn homegirl.... you look like you know how to
handle a couple of big hard black dicks from the hood...." Shad says.

Brooke laughs a bit as she lifts her head away from JTG's black cock and
glances up at Shad "Mmm...I've had some experience..." Brooke replies with a
sly smirk before she suddenly jerks Shad's black cock towards JTG's black
cock. Brooke then begins to lower her head as she opens her warm, wet mouth
as wide as she can and takes both large black cocks into her soothing, warm
and wet mouth. Brooke gently presses her lips against JTG and Shad's black
shafts and she starts to gently and smoothly bob her head on both black
dicks inside of her hot mouth.

"Ohhh shit dawg.... this homegirl is a double dipper..." JTG laughs and moans
as the hot Extreme Expose member bobs her mouth up and down on both of the
big hard black cocks.

"Yeah dawg... mmmm I love them homegirls with the big mouths...." Shad moans
as his cock hits against JTG's as Brooke tightly sucks off both men at the
same time.

"Mmmm...mmmm.." Brooke gently moans against JTG and Shad's black hard, thick
cocks as she smoothly bobs her head up and down, taking them casually deeper
into her warm, wet mouth. Brooke gently twists her head on both black cocks,
causing them to grind against each other while her warm, wet saliva drips
against both hard black dicks.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he slides his hands through Brooke's brown
hair, "Mmmmm yeah... mmmm fuck she's a fucking pro..." Shad groans as he then
pulls his cock out of Brooke's mouth, which allows her to close her mouth
completely around JTG's thick shaft. Shad lays down on the floor of the
shower unit and smirks, "Yo homie... let homegirl. go for a ride...."

"Right dawg..." JTG says as he pulls his large black cock out of Brooke's
saliva dripping mouth.

Brooke licks her lips as she slightly tilts her head back and smiles "Fuck
this is so hot..." Brooke says with a sly laugh before she glances over at
Shad Gaspard, laying on the floor of the shower unit "Looks like I'm going
to ride a homeboy..." Brooke says as she seductively crawls over towards
Shad Gaspard so that the sly Extreme Vixen is able to mount her gorgeously
tanned body on top of Shad's powerful, large black cock.

Shad Gaspard raises his arms up and places his hands on Brooke's waist so
that he can hold her just above his large, thick black shaft. "Naw.... you're
going on down to the hood with two homeboys..." Shad says as he thrusts his
cock upward into Brooke's tight, hot and wet pussy, completely filling her
pussy with his impressive cock.

JTG smirks, "Damn..." JTG laughs as he starts to get down behind Brooke and
looks at her firm, round ass.

Brooke bites down on her bottom lip as she seductively glances over her
shoulder back at JTG as he kneels behind the slyly adorable ECW Vixen "Mmm...
yeah take me to the hood...fuck this is hot" Brooke groans as she tilts her
head back as she starts to rock back and forth on Shad's thick, powerful
black cock, starting to ride the powerful black criminal.

"Yo, Yo, Yo... we're just getting started..." JTG says as he gets closer to
Brooke, and then he starts to slide his thick hard black cock into Brooke's
tight ass as she rocks back and forth on Shad Gaspard's huge black shaft.
"Mmmmm damn...." JTG groans as he places his hands on Brooke's waist as he
starts to pump his cock in and out of Brooke's ass.

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah homegirl... ride that black dick..." Shad groans as he
thrusts his cock up sharply into Brooke's pussy as she adapts to the two big
black cocks inside of her.

Brooke closes her eyes and grits her teeth together as she smoothly rocks
back and forth in between Shad and JTG, lightly jerking on both of the black
cocks inside of her pussy and asshole "Mmmm...ohhh fuck yeah..." Brooke moans
as she places her hands down on Shad's smooth, muscular black chest.

The two hot black studs that make up Cryme Tyme slam their big black cocks
in and out of her hot pussy and tight ass. JTG holds onto Brooke's hips as
he drives his cock deeply into her ass, "Ohhhh yeah... mmmm fuck yea
homegirl..." JTG grunts as he takes a moment to smack Brooke's ass. Shad
Gaspard puts his strong hands on Brooke's hot round tits and starts feeling
her up as she bounces up and down on his cock as he rams it repeatedly up
into her pussy.

"Ohhhh...mmm yeah...this is so fucking hot!" Brooke moans as she slams down
gently on Shad's black cock as it quickly thrusts deeply into her pussy as
she gently pushes herself back against JTG's fun-loving black cock "Mmmm
ohhh yesss..."

"Ahhhh yeah.... mmmmm yea fuck yea.... aww shit dawg.... yo I wanna take
a shot at her hot spot...." JTG grunts as he deeply slams his cock into
Brooke's ass before pulling out.

"Awww shit homie..." Shad laughs as he reluctantly pushes Brooke upward so
that she's no longer on his big black shaft. JTG warps his arms around
Brooke's waist and slides his big hard cock into her pussy as Shad slides
out from underneath her. JTG then gets Brooke down onto all fours and begins
to quickly pump her pussy from behind.

Brooke glances over her shoulder and smirks back at JTG as she starts to
instantly push her hot, gorgeous body back against JTG's hard black cock,
that thrusts in and out of her pussy quickly "Ohhhh...awww...ohhh fuck
yeah.." Brooke moans as her hot, rounded ass smoothly smacks against JTG's
smooth, toned black waist.

JTG licks his lips as sweat drips from his forehead as he rapidly drives his
cock in and out of Brooke's hot pussy. Shad Gaspard stands in front of Brooke
and then kneels down, "Come on homegirl... still plenty of black dick in the
hood for ya..." Shad says as he places his hand on Brooke's head and lowers
her head down towards his large black dick.

"Mmm...oh fuck...this is so hot!" Brooke loudly moans as she lowers her head
on Shad's powerful black cock and begins to smoothly bob her head at a quick
rate, sucking off the powerful black criminal as JTG quickly slams his hard
cock in and out of her tight pussy, causing her rock back and forth on her

"Ahhhh ohhhh yeah.... mmmmm yeah.... damn you gotta back homegirl..." JTG
grunts as he slams his cock in and out of Brooke's hot wet pussy as her ass
smacks against his crotch and waist as she pushes back against him. JTG
slides his hands back and forth over Brooke's waist before yanking her back
towards him.

Shad Gaspard slides his hands through Brooke's brown hair as he moves his
hips in order to thrust his cock between Brooke's sexy pouty lips as she
bobs her head on his dick, "Yeah.... mmmm yeah... suck that big black dick
homegirl..." Shad moans.

Brooke lifts her soft, sly eyes up and locks them with Shad as she gently
slaps her wet, soft tongue against the underbelly of Shad's thick, had black
shaft "Mmmm...ohhhh awwww...fuck!" Brooke groans around Shad's cock as she
feels JTG's cock sharply drill into her tight pussy, causing her rock forward
at a quick rate, as she begins to deep throat Shad's powerful black dick.

JTG grits his teeth together as he continues to pound Brooke's hot pussy with
his thick black cock, "Ahhhh.... ohhhh yeah.... mmmm fuck yeah..." JTG groans
as he starts to shoot his warm gangsta cum deep into Brooke's wet pussy.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as Brooke bobs her head on his dick, "Mmmm ahhh
yea.... fuck homegirl..." Shad groans as he starts to cum and he gives Brooke
a large load of his cum.

"Mmmmmm....ohhh..." Brooke groans against Shad's black cock as his warm cum
shots into her hot, saliva-dripping. Brooke closes her eyes as she firmly
pushes herself back against JTG's fun-loving, cumming black cock.

"Mmmmm damn homegirl.... you can fucking bang...' Shad says with a grin as he
pulls his cum spent cock out of Brooke's mouth, and his cum drips out of her
mouth and down her chin.

JTG smirks as he gives Brooke one more thrust before pulling out, "Yo, yo, yo
homegirl... see we told ya we weren't in the wrong hood..."

Brooke presses her soft, lightly cum-coated lips together as she sits up on
her knees "That was really hot.." Brooke says with a sly smirk.

Shad Gaspard smirks, "Hey homegirl... how about you swing on over to our hood

Brooke slyly raises an eyebrow "Mmm...I'd love to...I'd really love to..."


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