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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 22: Mo' Money Mo' Money
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the office of Stephanie McMahon at WWE Headquarters in Stamford,
Connecticut, a WWE cameraman holds a camera as he points it the fun loving,
resident criminals of the WWE, Cryme Tyme, consisting of JTG, wearing baggy
black jeans and a baggy t-shirt, and Shad Gaspard, dressed in baggy blue
jeans and a tight white t-shirt. The WWE cameraman makes sure the camera is
working and then gives a signal to Cryme Tyme.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo, yo...." JTG says with a smirk

"Yo...." Shad adds

Shad and JTG both look at each other and at the same time say, "Yoooo..."

JTG looks into the lens of the camera and smirks, "Hey dawgs it's your
homies Cryme Tyme and we're here to bring ya the latest in a long line of
shop-at-home deals..."

"That right... we searched high and low.... And then decided to come to where
there's a 'ho' lot of great deals for ya..." Shad says as he and JTG walk
around behind the desk of Stephanie McMahon. JTG bends down and picks up an
expensive looking travel bag.

"Look here dawg... this is one of them.... Whatcha call them...." JTG snaps
his fingers.

"Hoochie bags?" Shad suggests with a shrug.

"Yeah that's right..." JTG says as he looks into the camera, "This is the
personal Hoochie bag of the Billion Dollar, Big Booty Girl Stephanie
McMahon.... And we're just giving it away...."

"That's right we're giving it away... for only....twenty-nine, ninety-nine...
this expensive... custom made bag can be yours.... So call now to get it
today!" Shad Gaspard says.

"But wait there's more?" JTG says as he start to open the travel bag.

"There's more... you're shittin' me dawg...." Shad says with a fake doubtful
look on his face.

"Naw I ain't shittin' ya.... Cause our homies can also buy..." JTG looks
into the bag and pulls out a pair of white silk panties, "Some hot expensive
panties! Yeah boy!"

Shad Gaspard looking to the bag and pulls out a pair of red lacy panties and
holds them up for the camera, "Shit dawg... you know how many boys in the
hood would love to get these for their big booty bitches?" Shad asks.

"Yeah I do... and look... we're not just selling panties... we're also
selling..." JTG reaches into the bag and pulls out a white silky bra. "We're
selling some big ol' bras for those homies who have girls with big ol'

Shad laughs a bit, "Yo, yo, yo... that has me sayin' DAMN and my name ain't
Ron Simmons..." Shad says as he and JTG lay the panties out on Stephanie's
desk so that the viewers at home can get a good look at the items. "But
dawg... seriously... how much are we giving these away for?"

JTG thinks for a moment, "You know... cause our homies at home always buy
what we got... we're gonna mark these down to our special 'ho' discount
prices at... five ninety-nine each..."

Shad smirks, "Damn... these things are gonna go fast!" Shad says just as
Stephanie McMahon enters her own office.

The daughter of WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon's, eyes widen
with fury as she enters her office and sees the mayhem in her office of the
fun-loving criminals, JTG and Shad Gaspard, who each are holding a pair of
Stephanie's bra and panties "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?" Stephanie shouts
as her narrows her eyes and sternly looks at JTG and Shad, while dressed in
a short black skirt and a white buttoned blouse "I want an explanation!"
Stephanie says as she steps forward to Shad and JTG with her teeth fiercely
gritted with anger.

Shad and JTG don't notice Stephanie right away as they continue to do their
'home shopping program'. "Now listen up homies.... this is just the tip of
the ice berg on the Billion Dollar blowout!" Shad says.

JTG turns his head slightly and sees Stephanie as she glares at both of
them, "Yo, yo, yo, yo dawg... check it out!" JTG says as he smacks Shad's arm
to get him to look at Stephanie.

"Damn..." Shad says with a smirk as Stephanie gets an impatient look on her
face. Shad looks back into the lens of the camera, "Yo, check it, we just got
a BIG new offer for you homies..." Shad says before Stephanie interrupts.

Stephanie places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips as she glares at
JTG and Shad Gaspard "Get out of my office...NOW!" Stephanie yells as the
frustrated Billion Dollar Princess begins to breath heavily with anger.

JTG and Shad don't let Stephanie's outburst distract them as they both move
from behind her desk towards her. "Yo, yo, yo, yo... now this is like a
killer once in a lifetime deal...." JTG says as he stands on the left side
of Stephanie, while Shad stands on her right.

The cameraman moves the camera to keep it on Cryme Tyme as they start to
'showcase' Stephanie McMahon. "Dawgs... if you call right now..." Shad says
as he puts an arm around Stephanie as JTG finishes his sentence.

"The Billion Dollar Princess will personally blow 'your' 40s! Now you can't
pass on a deal like that!" JTG says.

Stephanie's eyes widen with shock and anger as she looks at JTG, getting her
teeth fiercely together "GET OUT!" Stephanie shouts before she looks at the
cameraman "You heard me! Get OUT!" Stephanie McMahon yells with frustration
for Cryme Tyme's harmless antics.

The cameraman gets a confused look on his face, not knowing what to do, as
Shad looks at JTG, "Yo dawg.... maybe the homies at home would want to see
they'll get their money's worth.... this is the 'HO' Shopping Network after
all..." Shad Gaspard says.

JTG nods his head, "Yeah...." JTG then looks into the camera's lens and
smirks, "Yo, yo, yo, yo... for all you playa haters who don't think this deal
is legit... we're gonna show ya something..." JTG says before he and Shad
Gaspard unbutton and unzip their baggy jeans to pull out their twelve and
fourteen inch long thick black cocks.

Stephanie presses her lips together and slyly raises an eyebrow as she
glances down at the hardening, thick black cocks of Shad and JTG "Do you know
who I am..." Stephanie begins to ask sternly before she is cut off by JTG and

"Yeah we know.... this whole show is our Billion Dollar blowout!" Shad
Gaspard says with a smirk as he and JTG step out of their baggy jeans.

"Yeah! And our homies want to see some Billion Dollar blowing... before they
buy some 'ho' made merchandise..." JTG says.

Stephanie slyly smirks as she lowers her eyes and locks her seductively
intimidating eyes down at the hard, thick black cocks of Shad and JTG.
Stephanie lightly licks her luscious lips and tosses her smooth, soft hair
back before she starts to laugh "Some Billion Dollar blowing, huh? Very
clever..." Stephanie says as she purses her lips together before she releases
a soft sigh and shocking lowers herself down onto her knees in between JTG
and Shad Gaspard. Stephanie places her left hand at JTG's black shaft and her
right hand around Shad's thick black shaft as she begins to smoothly stroke
her hands against their black cocks.

"Yeah... boy!" JTG says as he takes off his baggy t-shirt, revealing his
toned, muscular black upper body as he looks into the lens of the camera,
"See dawgs... even those rich white girls love to come down the hood!" JTG

Shad pulls off his tank top to expose his thick, muscular and powerful upper
body as Stephanie strokes his cock with her right hand, "Damn girl... you
know how to play some serious games..." Shad says. Stephanie slyly raises an
eyebrow as she glances up at Shad before she leans forward on her knees and
presses her soft, wet tongue against the thick head of his black cock. The
Billion Dollar Princess begins to impressively and skillfully brush her wet
tongue around the head of his cock, while easily and smoothly stroke his and
JTG's rock hard black shafts.

"Uhhhh oh yea...." Shad Gaspard moans and licks his lips as Stephanie slides
her wet tongue around the large head of his huge fourteen inch black shaft.
JTG smirks as she folds his arms as Stephanie moves her left hand back and
forth on his dick.

Stephanie gently slaps her soft, wet tongue against the head of Shad's black
cock, while tapping the tip of her tongue against his piss-slit. "Mmmm..."
Stephanie softly moans pressing her lips together before she spits her saliva
onto his cock, which rolls from the head of his cock to his black shaft.
Stephanie slyly smirks as she tosses her brown hair back and turns on her
knees to JTG's cock. The Billion Dollar Princess opens her warm, wet mouth
and lowers her head to take his black cock into her mouth. Stephanie presses
her lips around JTG's shaft and starts to bob her head, while massaging
Shad's cock with her right hand, using her own saliva against his black cock.

"Ohhhh yea dawg!" JTG moans as Stephanie McMahon bobs her head at a smooth
pace on his large, hard and thick black cock. JTG looks into the camera's
lens and smirks, "See homies.. told ya there'd be some blowing goin on!"

Shad smirks as he looks into the camera's lens as well, "We always come
through on the 'HO" shopping network...." Shad adds as Stephanie manipulates
his huge shaft with her right hand.

"Mmmmm...mmm...ohhhh" Stephanie gently moans against JTG's black shaft as
her soft lips rub up and down against his cock while she skillfully and
impressively bobs her head. Stephanie lightly twists her head on JTG's cock
before she lowers her head further down on his shaft, while her hot and wet
saliva drips down onto his cock. Stephanie lifts her eyes slightly to
glance at Shad as she smoothly works her right hand against Shad's cock,
occasionally brushing her hand against his ball sack.

"Ohhh yea.... mmmm damn girl... you know how to work it like this one ho
down on 110th street in New York..." JTG moans as Stephanie lightly twists
her head around his hard cock as she takes his shaft deeper into her Billion
Dollar mouth.

Shad Gaspard smirks whenever Stephanie brushes her right hand against his big
black balls, "Mmmm yea... play with them big black balls..." Shad says.

Stephanie gently slides her soft, wet tongue against the underside of JTG's
black shaft before she slowly lifts her head off of his cock, causing her wet
saliva to drip from his shaft. "Mmm...oh shit..." Stephanie says with a sly
smirk and laugh before she removes her left hand from around his black shaft
and turns on her knees to completely face the strong and powerful Shad
Gaspard. Stephanie lifts her head and smirks up at Shad, while removing her
hand from his cock "Time to go down..." Stephanie says with a smirk before
she opens her hot mouth as wide as she can and takes Shad's fourteen inch
black cock deeply into her hot Billion Dollar mouth and begins to suck on his
black gangster cock.

"Ohhh yea... mmm yea... fuck..." Shad Gaspard groans as Stephanie McMahon
hungrily sucks on his huge fourteen inch black cock. The powerful black
criminal reaches back with both hands and places them on Stephanie's
executive desk.

JTG licks his lips as he walks around the desk to get behind Stephanie, "Now
homies... we see that this offer sure can blow... but it's got some other
great features that you're not gonna get anywhere else..." JTG says as he
kneels behind Stephanie so that he can start pulling down Stephanie's short
black skirt from her waist, exposing her panty-less Billion Dollar ass to the
camera's lens and to the 'viewers at home'. Stephanie sits up a bit higher on
her knees as JTG removes her short black skirt from her smooth, tanned and
stunning legs as her reveals her hot, smoothly rounded and bare Billion
Dollar ass. Stephanie lifts her eyes and seductively locks them with Shad as
she starts to bob her head at a quick pace, showering his black shaft with
her soothing saliva.

JTG looks at Stephanie's short black skirt and then he holds it up for
camera, "Yo, yo, yo, yo dawgs.... act now... and get this thrown in for an
extra... nineteen ninety nine!" JTG says before he tosses the skirt up onto
the desk. JTG then uses his hands as if to 'frame up' Stephanie's ass and he
smirks, 'Now check that out homies.... there's nothing like a trunk that has
some junk in it, ya dig?" JTG says before he grips his twelve inch black
shaft. He scoots closer behind Stephanie and he proceeds to push his cock
into her hot pussy.

"Mmmmm fuck yea..." Shad moans as Stephanie bobs her head rapidly on his
fourteen inch cock as he feels her moans vibrate over his cock as JTG begins
to fuck from behind.

"MMMMMM!" Stephanie roughly moans around Shad's cock as she rocks forward on
her knees, taking his black cock deeper into her hot mouth, while JTG thrusts
his cock firmly into her tight pussy. As JTG starts to pick up the pace of
his thrusts, the hot Billion Dollar Princess starts to bob her head at a
quicker pace, starting to deep throat Shad's cock as her saliva drips down
his cock and out of her hot mouth.

"Awww yea... fuck dawgs..." Shad Gaspard groans as he looks at the camera's
lens, "Can't you imagine it... this fly honey blowing your 40 with billion
dollar quality? You can't get... ahhh yea... get this anywhere else!" Shad
moans as Stephanie McMahon deep throats his entire cock.

JTG leans forward so that he can reach around Stephanie so that he can
unbutton her blouse as he pumps his cock in and out of her pussy, "Ohhh
yea... mmmm fuck yea...." JTG moans as his bangs his waist right against
Stephanie's large, round ass before she starts to rock back towards him.

"MMMMMMM!" Stephanie moans as she takes Shad's cock deeper into her wet, hot
mouth as the head of his rock hard black cock smacks against the back of her
mouth while JTG slams his criminal cock into her tight, warm Billion Dollar
pussy. Stephanie rocks back on her knees guiding her body back against his
twelve inch black cock, smacking her Billion Dollar ass against his toned
black waist.

JTG finishes unbuttoning Stephanie's white blouse, and it hangs loosely from
her body as her large billion dollar tits become exposed. "Ohhh yea... mmm
fuck..." JTG moans as his balls bang against Stephanie's smooth skin with
each of his deep thrusts. Shad Gaspard stands up straight, taking his hands
off of the executive desk that's behind him as Stephanie's face presses right
against his crotch as she deeps his fourteen inch buried deep in her mouth.

Stephanie slowly lifts her head off of Shad's fourteen inch rock hard black
cock as her saliva drips off of his cock. "Ohhhh fuck!" Stephanie moans and
grits her teeth as she bends forward onto her hands and starts to easily rock
back and forth on her hands and knees, slamming back against JTG's black cock
as he steadily fucks her tight Billion Dollar pussy.

Shad Gaspard walks behind the desk towards Stephanie's personal, leather
office chair and sits down, 'Now check this out homies... this chair is pure
leather... I bet you can make a whole cow out of it!" Shad says as he sits on
it, "And we got a big deal on it... fifty bones! You can't out hustle a deal
like that!" Shad says as he leans back on the chair with his large fourteen
inch cock pointing upward.

JTG licks his lips as slams his cock deeply into Stephanie's pussy as she
takes off her white blouse so that her upper body is completely exposed to
the 'viewers' who are watching the 'ho' shopping network. JTG looks at Shad
and smirks before he pulls out of Stephanie's pussy, "And wait there's more!
The Billion Dollar blowout is gonna continue with a demonstration for how
that chair is really used!" JTG says as he stands up and helps Stephanie up
as well.

Stephanie slyly raises an eyebrow and smirks as she locks her sly, seductive
eyes on Shad Gaspard's rock hard black cock "You want me to ride it?"
Stephanie asks seductively licking her lips as she starts to walk behind her
desk towards the powerful, muscular criminal.

"Oh yea... I want ya to ride it hard..." Shad Gaspard says with a grin as he
puts his strong hands behind his head.

JTG walks around the desk from the opposite direction and sits down on the
edge of, "Now this has to be a real demonstration... so you need to look like
you're working on some really hard project..." JTG says with a grin as the
cameraman moves to get into a better spot to make sure the 'viewers' are not
missing anything.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she places her hands onto
Shad's strong shoulder while she lifts herself up slightly to straddle Shad's
lap and lower herself down onto his rock hard, thick black cock as she takes
him into her warm and tight pussy "Mmm...ohhhh shit!" Stephanie groans and
grits her teeth as she starts to rock back and forth on his shaft while he
sits on her executive black leather chair.

"Mmmmm ohhh yea...." Shad Gaspard moans as Stephanie rocks back and forth on
his cock as he leans back on the chair even further. The powerful black stud
reaches behind Stephanie and cups her ass cheeks with both hands before
pulling them apart to give JTG an awesome view of Stephanie's asshole.

"Damn! I love them big booty girls!" JTG says as he looks at Stephanie's ass.

Stephanie glances over her shoulder at JTG and grits her teeth as she
smoothly rocks and bounces on Shad's fourteen inch black cock "Ohhh...shit...
get that black cock over here...." Stephanie moans to JTG.

JTG gets off of the desk, "You want this big black dick?" JTG says, "Well
here it is..." JTG says as he stands behind Stephanie before he starts to
push his thick black cock into her tight asshole.

"Mmmmm yea..." Shad Gaspard groans as he Stephanie bounces up and down on
his fourteen inch shaft. The powerful black criminal moves his hands to
Stephanie's tits and begins to fondle them as he looks towards the camera,
"Shit homies... this is the type of deals you can only get in the hood!"

Stephanie closes her eyes with her teeth tightly gritted and tilts her head
back as she rocks back and forth in between Shad and JTG as they deeply
thrust their cocks into the warm pussy and tight ass of the Billion Dollar
Princess. Stephanie roughly slams down on Shad's cock before she quickly
rocks back on his shaft and slams back against JTG's cock in her tight
asshole "Ohhhhh shit! Fuck yeah!" Stephanie moans as she places her hands
on Shad's muscular black chest.

"Uhhhh yea... mmm big booty girls... yea... yeah.... big booty girls...
yea... yeah...." JTG moans as he quickly and sharply thrusts his cock in and
out of Stephanie's tight asshole as his balls bang against the Billion Dollar
Princess' ass.

Shad Gaspard squeezes Stephanie's large tits with his hands as he begins to
thrust his huge cock upward into Stephanie's Billion Dollar princess, "Mmmm
fuck... this titties look like they cost more than the usual 'HO' discount!"
Shad moans.

Stephanie seductively locks her sly, intimidating eyes with Shad Gaspard as
she slams down harder on his rock hard fourteen inch black cock, taking him
deeper into her warm pussy "Ohhhhhh fuck! Mmm...yeah...fuck me with that big
black dick!" Stephanie moans while she smoothly and firmly rocks back on
Shad's shaft to push against JTG's cock in her tight Billion Dollar booty.
Stephanie slyly glances over her shoulder and smirks at JTG " fuck
that ass..." Stephanie says with a soft laugh as she starts to breath

"Mmmm fuck yea... mmmm..." JTG moans as he slams his cock deeper into
Stephanie's asshole. JTG soon pulls his cock out of the Billon Dollar Booty
of Stephanie McMahon and he lays on her executive desk.

Shad Gaspard puts his hands on Stephanie's waist and lifts her easily off of
his fourteen-inch shaft, "Let's show our homies what else they can get from
ya..." Shad says.

Stephanie slyly presses her lips together and locks her seductive eyes on JTG
while he lays on her executive desk "You want me to ride you in the hood?"
Stephanie says with a smirk and sly twinkle in her eyes.

JTG licks his lips, "You damn right I do home girl.." JTG says before he
looks at the lens of the camera, "See homies! You can take the rich girl out
of the suburbs... and she'll be down with everything in the hood!" JTG says
as Stephanie climbs onto the executive desk with him.

Stephanie slightly narrows her eyes seductively as she lifts herself onto her
executive desk so that the Billion Dollar Princess is able to lift herself
onto the rock hard black cock on JTG, firmly lowering herself onto his shaft
"Mmmm ohhh like that don't you?" Stephanie moans as she starts to
smoothly rock back and forth on his rock hard shaft while seductively moving
her hands against his toned black chest.

"Mmmmm yeah... fuck yea...." JTG moans with a big smile on his face as he
puts his hands on Stephanie's smooth, sexy legs as she rocks back and froth
on his twelve inch shaft.

Shad Gaspard climbs onto the desk and stands on the right side of
Stephanie and JTG, "Hey home girl... let's not forget out the Billion
Dollar blowout..." Shad says as holds his fourteen inch cock with his
right hand.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "Oh...I haven't forgotten..."
Stephanie says seductively licking her lips while she rocks back and forth on
JTG's black shaft, while firmly bouncing on his cock as well. Stephanie leans
forward slightly and opens her mouth to take Shad's massive black cock into
her hot mouth as she begins to suck the powerful criminal's cock.

"Ahhh yea... mmmm fuck yea... suck on that big black dick..." Shad moans as
he puts his left hand on Stephanie's head as she sucks on his massive shaft
with ease.

JTG sits up slightly on the executive desk as Stephanie bounces and rocks on
his gangsta cock, "Mmmm yea... mmm fuck..." JTG moans as he brings his head
to Stephanie's right tits and he wraps his lips around her right nipple,
where he begins to suck on it.

"Mmmm....ohhhh" Stephanie moans against Shad's massive, rock hard black cock
as she slaps her tongue and smoothly bob her head on Shad's cock at a quick,
eager pace while quickly rocking on JTG's twelve inch black cock. "Mmmmmm..."
Stephanie moans as she closes her eyes and rocks forward on his shaft to
grind her pussy while he sucks on her hot Billion Dollar tits.

"Mmmm... mmmmm..." JTG sucks on Stephanie's Billion Dollar tits, focusing on
her right tit first before switching over to her left tit. As he sucks on it,
he flicks his tongue against and around her nipple as she rocks sharply on
his twelve inch black cock.

Shad licks his lips as he looks into the lens of the camera, "Fuck dawgs...
do you know how much something like this would cost.... this is our Billion
Dollar Blowout.. so that means.... it's all marked down..." Shad moans as
Stephanie starts to once again deep throat his entire fourteen inch cock.

"Mmmmm..." Stephanie soothingly moans against Shad's black cock as she
quickly bobs her head, deeply taking him into her hot mouth. Stephanie starts
to lap her soft tongue around his thick black shaft as she takes over half of
his cock impressively into her mouth. Stephanie gently digs her nails into
JTG's black toned chest as she roughly slams down on his cock before rocking

JTG lifts his head away from Stephanie's tits and looks towards the camera,
"Ahhhh ohhh yea... this big booty girl is... fucking one of a kind..." JTG
groans as Stephanie grinds her hot pussy against his cock. The smaller member
of Cryme Tyme thrust his twelve inch shaft upwards into Stephanie's pussy as
Shad pulls out of Stephanie's mouth and gets off of the desk.

Stephanie grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she quickly and easily
rocks back and forth on JTG's cock "Mmmm...yeah you like that pussy don't
you? Mmmmm!" Stephanie moans as she bounce swiftly on his cock while he
thrusts up into her tight and warm Billion Dollar Pussy.

"Ohhh yea... mmm yea... fuck that's a hot pussy... that belongs in the hood!"
JTG moans Stephanie bounces and rocks on his twelve inch cock with ease.

Shad Gaspard moves towards the end of the desk where JTG's feet are hanging
off, "Damn... let's show the viewers what else you got to offer in the
hood..." Shad says as he reaches forward to lift Stephanie off of JTG's cock
to pull her towards him. Shad stands her up and bends her over the desk
between JTG's legs before he slams his fourteen inch cock into her Billion
Dollar Pussy.

Stephanie grits her teeth and seductively narrows her eyes as the muscular,
powerful Shad starts to roughly ram and thrust his fourteen inch black cock
in and out of her pussy. "Ohhhh...mmmm...fuck yeah...." Stephanie moans
before she leans forward and gently slides her tongue against JTG's black
ball sack, allowing her saliva to drip against his black balls.

"Ahhh yea... mmm fuck... lick them balls home girl..." JTG moans as he sits
up on the desk and places his hands behind him for support.

Shad holds onto Stephanie's gorgeous waist as he drives his cock in and out
of her tight pussy with quick, hard thrusts. "Mmmmm... uhhh yea.... fuck
yea..." Shad groans as he pulls Stephanie towards him so that her large,
round ass slams right against his muscular waist. Shad looks towards the
camera as the cameraman does his job perfectly well in filming the action
for the 'viewers at home'. "Fuck dawgs.. we're gonna have to say... that
this offer... is got to be worth... sixty-nine, ninety nine..." Shad groans
as slams his balls slap against Stephanie's skin.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah...fuck me..." Stephanie softly moans as she slides her
soft, wet tongue up JTG's large black ball sack before she gently brushes her
wet tongue up his rock hard black shaft. The sweating Billion Dollar Princess
coats JTG's shaft with her saliva while she smoothly and easily pushes her
hot body back against Shad's impressive and rock hard cock.

JTG licks his lips as he looks at the camera, "Damn homies.... you better be
dialing like mad... cause this deal is going fast!" JTG moans as Stephanie
drags her tongue up and down the bottom side of his stiff cock.

Shad grits his teeth as he rams his cock deeply and roughly into Stephanie's
pussy from behind, "Mmmm... uhhh yea... fuck yea..." Shad groans as he feels
Stephanie squeezing his massive black cock with her Billion Dollar Pussy.
Stephanie guides her soft, wet tongue up to the head of JTG's black cock
before she starts to slide her wet, saliva dripping tongue in a circular
motion around the thick head of his cock while sweat drips off of her
gorgeous Billion Dollar body. Stephanie closes her eyes as she roughly pushes
herself back against Shad's cock, smacking her hot Billion Dollar booty
against his muscular black waist.

"Ahhh yea... mmmm yea... fuck.... hey... J.... you ready to pop a 40 on this
biz-itch!" Shad moans as he pulls his throbbing fourteen inch shaft out of
Stephanie's hot, wet Billion Dollar pussy.

"Fuck yea dawg! She's got me on the brink..." JTG says as Shad pulls
Stephanie away from the desk so that he can slide off of it. The two fun
loving professional criminals stand in front of Stephanie as they start to
stroke their '40's'.

Stephanie slyly raises an eyebrow and smirks as she locks her seductively
glaring eyes with JTG and Shad's throbbing black cocks as they quickly stroke
their meaty black shafts "Mmm yeah...I want that cum..." Stephanie moans.

"Then get on down home girl..." JTG says as he and Shad rapidly stroke their
large black dicks. The Billion Dollar Princess lowers herself down in front
of them once again and leans herself back against the desk so she's looking
up at them with her large tits being pushed up.

"Oh yeah... this is gonna be what pushes this deal over the top..." Shad
moans as he and JTG both begin to cum and they spray their hot, thick loads
over Stephanie's sweat covered face.

Stephanie closes her eyes and presses her lips together as she feels the
warm cum from Shad and JTG splash against her beautiful, sweat dripping face
"Ohhh...mmm yeah..." Stephanie moans licking her lips as some of their cum
drips onto her lips and her skilled tongue.

The cameraman moves to get a close up of Stephanie's face when she opens her
eyes to give the 'viewers at home' a very seductive glare. Shad and JTG then
both turn to face the camera once again. "There ya go've seen
what she has to offer..." Shad says as JTG goes towards where Stephanie's
travel bag is and starts to go through it.

Shad looks back at JTG, then smirks and looks back at the camera, "Now if
you call and order now... the home girl with the Billion Dollar Booty will
personally let ya bang it in the hood... gangsta style! Ain't that right?"
Shad says as he looks down at Stephanie as JTG finds Stephanie's money-clip
with a wad of cash inside of her bag.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and smirks as she slowly stands up from the floor
of her office "Get out...NOW!" Stephanie says with a glare as she grits her

"Damn! So much for making a rich girl into a ho from the hood! Time to bail!"
JTG says before he and Shad grab their clothes and quickly get dressed. The
cameraman is already heading for the door, but keeps the camera on Cryme Tyme
as JTG runs out the door first followed Shad and then the cameraman.

Stephanie is about to shake her head and laugh about what just happened until
JTG comes back in and grabs some of her panties off of her desk, "Sorry...
almost forgot these!" JTG says with a grin before he runs back out of
Stephanie's office.

Stephanie shakes her head and fiercely glares at the open door of her
executive office "GET BACK HERE!" Stephanie yells.

Out in the hallway, Cryme Tyme looks into the camera as they wait for the
elevator, "Well dawgs... you saw it first hand.... and if you call right
now... we'll give ya all of this..." JTG says as he holds Stephanie's
panties up.

"And give ya the 'ho' address for the Billion Dollar Booty back there... all
for ninety-nine, ninety-nine!" Shad says before the elevator doors open.

As Cryme Tyme steps into the elevator, they both start saying 'Money, money
yeah, yeah... Money, money, yeah, yeah..."


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