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Cryme Tyme Victims Part 23: The 'Ho' Shopping Network
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

"Yo, yo, yo, yo!" JTG says into a camera as he and his fellow partner in
Cryme Tyme Shad Gaspard stand outside the WWE Diva's locker room. JTG is
dressed in a black bullet proof vest, white tank top, baggy jeans and is
wearing his black baseball cap in a tilted position. "Welcome to the 'Ho'
Shopping Network!"

Shad, who's dressed in a black tank-top and baggy jeans, smirks, "And do we
have a deal for you.... cause at 'Ho' Shopping Network... we got all kind of
'Hos'...." Shad says as mugs for the camera, "We got white 'Hos'

"Black Hos..." JTG says

"Spanish Hos..." Shad adds

"Asian Hos...." JTG says as he licks his lips.

"European Hos..." Shad adds

"We even got big titty hos..." JTG as he motions with his hands to give a
visual of what he means.

"Big booty hos..." Shad adds as he smacks the air with his right hand.

"Hell dawgs, we got all kinda Hos here on the Ho Shopping Network..."
JTG says with a big smile, "And we even got a hell of a deal.... our Ho
Discount... and that's when you get on Ho... you get another Ho for equal
or lesser value for half price!"

"Half price?!" Shad says with mock disbelief. "You gotta be shitting me

"Naw dawg I ain't... in fact... we got a real fine Ho right behind this
door..." JTG says as he points behind himself and Shad, "That is going to
show everyone how them Hos lay it down!"

"Really? Damn dawg... which Ho is it? Is it Melina?" Shad Gaspard asks.

"No... shit Homie... everyone has seen her spread her legs for every guy...
and we deal with Hos only!" JTG as he turns to knock on the locker room door,
"Yo, yo, yo, yo baby girl... open up..." JTG says.

The locker room door to the women's locker room opens and the intense,
powerful RAW Diva known as Beth Phoenix steps into the doorway with a
slightly scowl on her face as her narrows her eyes at Shad and JTG "What
do you want?!" Beth slightly snaps at the fun-loving criminals of Cryme
Tyme. The intense Beth Phoenix is dressed in a pair of tight black leather
pants and a tight fitting black leather top with yellow trimming.

"Hey home girl what's going down?" JTG asks with a smirk as Shad folds his
powerful arms.

"Damn... this girl has a total package!" Shad says as checks out the short
tempered RAW Diva.

Beth Phoenix raises an eyebrow and slightly grits her teeth as she looks at
Shad "Do you need something here?" Beth rudely asks as she then turns and
looks at JTG, keeping her eyes narrowed into a glare.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo home girl, why are you frontin'?" JTG asks, "We're here to
show the world one of the top hos in this business!" JTG says as he raises
his hands up to refer to Beth's large, leather top covered chest as he looks
back into the camera, "Check it out dawgs... you ever seen some top of the
line headlights like these? I don't think so!"

Beth presses her lips together sternly as she looks at JTG and Shad Gaspard
before she rolls her eyes " two need to get a life!" Beth rudely
shouts before she starts to turn away and step back into the women's locker

Shad makes a face as he steps into the women's locker room behind Beth, "Yo
girl, you got a real attitude problem...." Shad says as JTG follows them.

"Yeah home girl... you really need to chill out and..." JTG is cut off by
Beth before he can finish what he's about to say.

"Get what you want from these other bitches...and leave, got it?" Beth says
as she tosses her blond hair back and folds her arms against her large chest
as she stands in the women's locker room, glaring at the fun-loving
criminals, JTG and Shad.

JTG and Shad Gaspard exchange looks, "Yo dawg... can you believe this ho?"
JTG asks with a smirk.

"Naw... I can't... she's got some major attitude issues..." Shad says as JTG
closes the women's locker room door.

"You know... I think I know what she needs.... a couple of BBD's..." JTG says
as then he and Shad both turn their attention back to the intense RAW Diva.

Beth grits her teeth a bit as she looks at JTG and Shad "BBD's!? What the
hell are those!?" Beth asks as she scowls at Cryme Tyme.

JTG and Shad both get big smiles on their faces, "Oh you know girl... BBD's
are Big..." Shad says as he and JTG start to unbutton and unzip their baggy

"Black..." JTG continues as he and Shad start to lower their jeans, letting
out their semi-hard cocks, JTG's dick is a solid twelve inches while Shad's
is a very impressive fourteen inches long. Then at the same time, both
members of Cryme Tyme yell "DICKS!" to finish explaining what BBD's are.

Beth raises an eyebrow and slightly smirks as she glances down and sees the
impressively thick, semi-hard black cocks of JTG and Shad. The intense Beth
Phoenix presses her lips together and takes a step towards JTG and Shad
"Black dicks huh? Well...I might be a bitch...but I do enjoy a black dick
every now and then..." Beth admits as she licks her lips.

"Now that's the way you gotta be home girl!" JTG says as he un-straps his
bulletproof vest in order to take it off, so that he's just wearing his white
tank top and black baseball cap.

Shad licks his lips as he strips off his black tank top revealing his
muscular, powerful and smooth upper body, "You said every now and then...
home girl... now would be a very good time for you to enjoy two big black
dicks..." Shad says.

Beth nods her head as she smirks while approaching Shad and JTG, keeping her
bitter, jealous eyes on the rock hard black cocks of Cryme Tyme "I think so
too..." Beth says before the intense and powerful RAW Diva kneels down on the
floor in front of JTG and Shad while in the locker room. Beth glances up at
JTG and Shad with a sly smirk on her face while she wraps her left hand
around Shad's black shaft and her right hand around JTG's black cock. Beth
begins to expertly stroke both of her hands against their hard shafts.

JTG looks over his shoulder into the camera that's behind him and nods his
head, "Awww yea..." JTG says with a smirk before he looks down at Beth
Phoenix as she strokes his stiff foot long black shaft with her right hand.

Shad smirks and puts his muscular hands on his waist as Beth twists left hand
around his massive cock, "Damn girl... when's the last time you had a black
dick?" Shad asks.

Beth lifts her head up and narrows her eyes at Shad Gaspard before the
intense RAW Diva lowers her head to JTG's black cock and roughly slaps her
tongue against his cock, before moving her head to Shad's black cock in order
to do the same. Beth opens her warm, wet mouth and lowers her head onto his
fourteen inch cock. Beth presses her strong, but soft lips around his black
shaft and starts to smoothly bob her head, sucking on his large black cock.
"Mmmm…mmmm" Beth intensely moans as she continues to stroke JTG's cock as
well, while sucking Shad's cock.

"Mmmmm... ohhhh yea...." Shad Gaspard moans deeply as the intense, blond
haired RAW Diva bobs her head on his large black shaft with ease.

JTG takes off his baseball cap and then his own tank top, revealing his
smooth, toned and muscular upper body as Beth continues to stroke his foot
long cock, "Yeah home girl, work them BBD's!" JTG says with a grin. Beth's
strong, soft lips rubs against Shad's rock hard black shaft as she starts
to bob her head at a quicker pace while sucking his fourteen inch black
cock. Beth's warm, wet saliva drips down his large black cock as she starts
to lap her tongue around his thick shaft. Beth shifts her eyes and locks
her intense eyes with JTG as she swiftly strokes her right hand against
JTG's twelve inch black shaft, causing the palm of her right hand to grind
against his cock.

"Mmmmm.... ohhh yea... mmm fuck home girl... how about you suck on my big
black dick for a bit..." JTG says with a grin as Beth jerks and tugs on his
rock hard cock.

Shad puts his strong right hand on top of Beth's blond hair head in order to
push her head further down on his massive cock, "Oh yea... mmmm..." Shad
looks back into the camera and smirks, "This fly honey sure knows how to
handle a cock from the hood..." Shad says as he then lets Beth lift her head
off of his cock. Beth raises an eyebrow and smirks as she looks up at JTG
before she opens her mouth and lowers her head to take his twelve inch black
cock into her warm, wet mouth. Beth presses her strong, soft lips tightly
around JTG's black shaft and she starts to steadily bob her head on his cock,
eagerly and intensely sucking his cock.

"Ohhh yea... mmmm yea..." JTG moans as Beth bobs her head rapidly on his cock
and attacks the bottom side of it with her wet tongue. Shad Gaspard casually
starts to step around behind Beth so that he can begin to lower her tight
black leather pants from her smooth and toned waist.

"Mmmmmmm!" Beth roughly moans around JTG's black cock as she sits up on her
knees to allow Shad to remove her tight black leather pants down from her
smooth, toned waist and down her smoothly shaven, tanned legs. Beth twists
her head on JTG's shaft, grinding her lips against his black cock, as she
starts to bob her head at a quicker, intense pace while slapping her tongue
roughly against his rock hard black shaft.

"Awww yea... mmm yea suck that big black dick home girl..." JTG moans as puts
both of his hands on Beth's blond haired head as she practically fucks her
own mouth with his foot long dick.

Shad slides Beth's tight black leather pants completely off of her smoothly
shaved and perfectly tanned legs and tosses them to the side as he looks at
her firm, tanned ass. "As my boy Ron would say... DAMN!" Shad says as he
scoots closer behind Beth so that he can push his huge fourteen inch cock
into Beth's hot, bitchy pussy while she sucks JTG's dick.

"Mmmmm...ohhh fuck yeah!" Beth moans around JTG's cock as she presses her
teeth against his black shaft lightly before she starts to bob her head once
again at a quick pace on his twelve inch black cock. While the intense RAW
Diva, Beth Phoenix, sucks on JTG's black cock, she easily rocks back against
Shad's large black cock as he fucks her tight and warm pussy from behind.

"Ohhh yea... mmmm..." Shad moans as he puts his strong black hand on Beth's
smooth, toned waist as he pumps his cock in and out of her tight and warm
pussy. The powerful fun loving Cryme Tyme member licks his lips as casually
increases the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhh yea... mmm..." JTG groans as Beth rakes her teeth over his hard cock,
"Don't ya bite it off home girl..." JTG says with a light laugh as Beth
slides her tongue around his cock again. Beth lifts her eyes and narrows her
eyes into a glare as she looks up at JTG while she quickly bobs her head
against JTG's black shaft, taking him deeply into her hot, powerful mouth.
Beth's teeth roughly rake against his shaft as she deep throats the
fun-loving JTG's black cock while firmly rock back on her head against
Shad's cock, her juicy white ass smacking against Shad's muscular black

"Whoa-ohhhhhh..." JTG moans as Beth presses her teeth around the base of his
cock as she deep throats his entire shaft. JTG grabs two handfuls of her
blond hair as the intense, powerful RAW Diva grinds her teeth around his
cock, which almost completely quiets up the fun-loving black stud.

"Uhhh yea... mmmm fuck... this home girl has a nice juicy ass dawg..." Shad
grunts as pounds his fourteen inch cock deeply into Beth's tight pussy as she
slams herself back against him.

"MMMMMM!" Beth Phoenix roughly moans around JTG's cock as the head of it
smacks against the back of her hot mouth when Shad deeply and firmly thrusts
into fourteen inch cock into her pussy, causing her to quickly rocks forward
on her knees. Beth's chin slaps presses against JTG's black ball sack as her
saliva drips out of her mouth and down his shaft, onto his ball sack.

"Awww.... fuck...." JTG moans as the blond haired Diva lifts her head off of
his saliva covered cock. JTG licks his lips as he looks back into the camera,
"Now that's priceless..." JTG says with a grin as Shad Gaspard continues to
fuck Beth Phoenix from behind with quirk, hard thrusts.

"Damn uhhh fuck you wanna tap her dawg?" Shad asks with a grunt as he pulls
his cock out of Beth's warm and tight cunt.

"Why the hell not..." JTG laughs as he lays down on the floor of the women's
locker room right in front of Beth so that she could almost crawl onto him.

Beth raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks as she tosses her wavy, soft blond
hair and the intense, powerful RAW Diva crawls on her hands and knees, almost
stalking JTG's rock hard, thick black cock that points directly up as he lays
on the cold floor. Beth grits her teeth as she lifts herself up and mounts
herself onto his twelve inch black cock "Mmmm...ohhh fuck!" Beth shouts as
she places her hands on JTG's toned, muscular chest and starts to steadily
rock back and forth on her cock, lightly jerking her body on his rock hard

"Awww yea...mmm fuck..." JTG moans as he puts his hands on Beth's smoothly
shaved, perfectly tanned legs as she rocks back and froth on his big, black

Shad Gaspard smirks as he stands up for a moment, just to give his knees a
small break and he notices that Beth is still wearing her black leather top,
"Yo, something's outta place here..." Shad says as he leans steps next to
Beth and bends down in order to lift up her top, revealing her large, round
tits and also forcing Beth to lift her arms up after placing her hands on
JTG's chest.

Beth grits her teeth and she glares up at Shad Gaspard as she starts to
quickly rock back and forth on JTG's rock hard black shaft, causing her now
exposed, largely rounded tits to sway back and forth as she quickly bounces
and rides JTG's black cock "Ohhhhh! Ahhhhh! Fuck!" Beth moans as she slams
down on JTG's shaft before roughly rocking forward on his cock.

JTG smirks as he looks up at Beth who is sitting straight up on his cock
as she bounces up and down on his cock, "Damn girl... you're a real rough
rider..." JTG says as he keeps his hands on Beth's legs as he watches her
tits sway from side to side with each of her movements.

Shad licks his lips as he puts his left hand on Beth's head to tilt her head
slightly back, "Here ya go home girl... some more big black dick for ya..."
Shad says as he slips his massive cock into Beth's mouth when she opens it to
let out more lustfilled moans.

"Mmmmm...FUCK!" Beth moans around Shad's fourteen inch massive black cock as
he slides himself into her wet, warm mouth. Beth presses her strong lips
tightly around his shaft and closes her eyes as she quickly bobs her head
along his rock hard black shaft, beginning to instantly take his cock deeply
into her hot mouth. Beth's saliva pours on his thick, massive black shaft as
she slaps her tongue against his cock. The intense Beth Phoenix places her
hands back on JTG's muscular, toned black chest as her body begins to drip of
sweat while she swiftly rocks back and forth, riding his criminal twelve inch
black cock.

"Ohhhh yea... mmmm fuck..." JTG moans and licks his lips as moves his hands
from Beth's legs and grabs her large, round tits as they sway with all of her
movements. The fun-loving black stud starts to thrust his cock upward into
Beth's pussy, making her bounce higher every time he sharply rams his cock up
into her pussy.

Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he slides his cock in and out of Beth's mouth
as she bobs her head on his shaft eagerly, "Mmmmm damn girl... you like them
big black dicks don't ya..." Shad moans as he watches Beth's saliva pour out
of her mouth onto his cock.

"Mmmmm...hmmmm...mmmm" Beth moans as she deeply sucks on Shad's massive
fourteen inch black cock as she slides her tongue around his shaft black,
coating it with her saliva. Beth closes her eyes as she slams her entire
body down on JTG's black cock, smacking her thighs against his waist.

"Ohh yea... mmm..." Shad moans and smirks as he looks behind Beth at her
juicy white ass, "Damn... I'm gonna have to tap that..." Shad says before
he removes his huge cock from Beth's mouth. The powerful black gangsta
moves behind Beth and kneels down so that he can then force his huge,
saliva covered cock into Beth's tight white ass.

"Mmmmm... ohhh yea... mmmm..." JTG moans as Beth bounces quickly and rocks
roughly on his twelve inch cock as her ass gets penetrated by Shad.

"Ohhhhh fuck!" Beth moans and grits her teeth while digging her fingernails
into JTG's muscular black chest as her juicy rounded white ass gets invaded
by Shad's massive black cock "Mmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Beth moans as she tilts her
head back and rocks back firmly against his cock, while grinding her pussy
sharply against JTG's black cock with sweat dripping off of her toned, tanned

"Uhhhh ahhhh yea... mmmm fuck..." Shad grits his teeth as he drives his
entire fourteen inch cock deeply into Beth Phoenix's tight ass before he
begins to thrust his cock in and out at a hard, brisk pace. Shad's large
ball sack slams right against Beth's ass cheeks with everyone one of his
deep thrusts.

"Ohhh yea home girl... you like how we bring the hood to ya?" JTG asks as he
gropes Beth's large round tits with his hands while pumping his twelve inch
shaft upward into her pussy.

"Ohhhhh...ohhh fuck yeah! I fucking love it!" Beth moans as she roughly slams
down on JTG's cock, taking him deeply into her tight and warm pussy before
she roughly rocks back against Shad's black cock inside of her tight asshole
while the intense Diva is deeply penetrated by both of the fun-loving Cryme
Tyme criminals.

"Awww... fuck yea... mmmm..." Shad Gaspard licks his lips as he manages to
increase the pace of his thrusts when Beth slams herself back against his
cock in an attempt to get his big, hard cock deeper into her tight juicy ass.

"Ohhh damn... mmmm shit home girl..." JTG moans as he lets go of Beth's
large, round tits just before his cock begins to erupt with his warm cum,
shooting it deep into Beth's hot and wet pussy. Beth arches her back
slightly and licks her lips as she roughly slams down on JTG's throbbing
shaft one final time, feeling his warm cum flood her pussy before she
easily rocks back on his shaft, to slam back against Shad's cock in her
tight asshole.

Shad grits his teeth as he pumps his cock in and out of Beth's asshole as
she settles herself on JTG's cum spraying cock. "Uhhh... ahhh yea...." Shad
Gaspard grunts as sweat drips down his muscular body before he pulls his
throbbing cock out of Beth's ass and strokes it slightly in order to begin
cumming and spraying his thick cum all over Beth's white ass cheeks.

Beth smirks slyly and glances over her shoulder and licks her lips as she
watches Shad's warm cum dripping against her rounded, white ass cheeks
"Mmmm...yeah...cum on that ass..."

Shad licks his lips as he finishes cumming on Beth's ass and he then smacks
her cum covered round, white ass cheeks with his massive cock, "Now home
girl... you gonna stop frontin'?" Shad asks with a smirk.

"Yeah girl... we came here to saw ya off and you were all bitchy till you
got some BBD's" JTG says as Beth sits on his cum spent cock.

Beth grits her teeth together and narrows her eyes as she looks down at JTG
"Get out..."

"Hey come on home girl..." JTG says, "If you need some more BBD's we got one
hell of a supply..." JTG adds with a grin.

Beth Phoenix raises an eyebrow and presses her lips together "Is that so?
I'll consider get out" Beth commands before lifting herself off of
JTG and rudely pushing herself away from Shad Gaspard.

Shad and JTG exchange looks and shrug their shoulders, "She needs a long trip
down to the hood..." Shad says.

"Yeah dawg..." JTG nods his head as Beth walks into the shower part of the
women's locker room. JTG then sees Beth's travel bag and smirks, "But we're
not gonna leave our homies watching on the Ho Shopping Network empty
handed..." JTG says as he grabs Beth's travel bag before he and Shad get

The two fun loving criminals then leave the locker room saying "Money, money,
yeah, yeah..." Just as Beth comes out of the shower area to get something
from her travel bag.

"Son of a bitch!" Beth Phoenix shouts as she notices her travel bag has gone

Out in the hallway, JTG and Shad walk down the hall as JTG starts going
through Beth's travel bag. "Hey dawg you heard something?" JTG asks as he
looks back over his shoulder towards Beth's locker room.

Shad shakes his head with a smirk, "Nope... I didn't here anything..."


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