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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Cryme Tyme Victims Part 25: Sensational Bling-Bling
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

During a taping of ECW on SCI-FI, Cryme Tyme members Shad Gaspard and JTG are
entering the ECW Diva's locker room. "Yo, the homies are going to love the
bling-bling we're gonna acquire." JTG says, as he's dressed in black jeans
and a black tanktop while wearing a black baseball cap.

"Word." Shad Gaspard says as he opens up a black leather travel bag. Shad is
wearing blue jeans and a baggy white t-shirt as he pulls out some of the
contents of the travel bag, "Yo dawg. check it." Shad says as he pulls out a
jewelry box.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo.. I bet she has some hot bling-bling. " JTG says as he
walks over to Shad as he opens the jewelry box, revealing a nice collection
of bracelets, necklaces, rings and earnings.

"There's gotta be like $10 worth of bling here. " Shad says jokingly as
examines one bracelet.

As JTG removes of flashy ring from the jewelry book and examines the ring,
the locker room door opens and ECW's incredibly hot Asian Sensation and
Interviewer, Lena Yada, enters the locker room of the ECW Divas, dressed in
short dark purple skirt and matching dark purple top. With their backs to the
sensational ECW Diva, JTG and Shad are unaware of her presence. Lena presses
her lips together and raises an eyebrow as she folds her arms against her
chest "Umm...can I help you?" The ECW Starlet asks.

"Yo...." JTG says as he and Shad both look at Lena Yada.

"Damn..." Shad says as he and JTG both start to check out Lena.

"Girl you are FINE!" JTG says as he and Shad start to approach the Asian ECW

Lena Yada bites down on her bottom lip and smiles at Shad and JTG "Mmmm.
thanks..." Lena Yada says before she lightly tosses her smooth dark hair back
"So...ummm like what are you doing?"

"Who said we were doing anything?" Shad says as he holds Lena's jewelry box
behind his back.

"Yeah home girl... we just happened to be in the hood...and you see we just
thought we'd pop in here to see what's up..." JTG says as he tilts his head
to look behind Lena to check out her skirt covered ass.

Lena Yada presses her sensual lips together and points at the jewelry box in
Shad's hands "Hey..." Lena pauses and laughs a bit "That's mine..."

"Oh really? I just found it..." Shad says with a laugh.

"Yeah home girl, he just found it... mmmm.... damn... didn't think Asian home
girls had such nice trunks..." JTG says as he distracts Lena by patting her

Lena slyly glances over her shoulder to look at JTG as he rubs her nicely
rounded, sensationally hot ass. Lena Yada licks her lips as she slyly reaches
back and places her hands against the crotch of JTG's black baggy jeans "Well
if you think my ass is hot, then you must know nothing about Asian's having
great mouths..."

"Yo, yo, yo, yo... if you think you can handle some big wood... we can whip
out a pair for ya home girl...." JTG smirks as Lena rubs his crotch.

"Word..." Shad says as he nods his head while carefully putting the jewelry
box down.

Lena raises an eyebrow and slowly nods her head as she continues to rub her
left hand against the hardening crotch of JTG's black baggy jeans "Mmm...well
I think I can handle two big pieces of wood..." Lena replies with a laugh
before she seductively glances over at the powerful Shad Gaspard.

"Yo, Shad... let home girl see what you're packing..." JTG says.

"No problem... she's going to see what's really good..." Shad says as he
first takes off his t-shirt to show off his hot, powerful black upper body
before he undoes his jeans. The larger member of Cryme Tyme lowers his jeans
from his waist, revealing his huge fourteen inch cock.

Lena Yada instantly licks her sensational lips and removes her hand from
JTG's crotch as she steps away from the shorter member of Cryme Tyme
" that's what really makes you a HUGE star!" Lena says lustfully as
she walks up to Shad Gaspard before she kneels down in front of him. Lena
wraps her soft, small hands around Shad's massive black cock and begins to
smoothly stroke her hands against his shaft.

"Mmmm damn right..." Shad moans a bit as Lena moves both of her hands along
the length of his huge black cock. With Lena distracted, JTG casually steps
over to the other Divas' belongings to go through what he can without getting
noticed by ECW's Asian Sensation. Lena Yada presses her sensual lips together
and locks her seductive eyes with Shad Gaspard while she continues to more
her hands smoothly against his black shaft. Lena lowers her head and
teasingly flicks her tongue against the head of his black cock.

"Mmmmm.... yeah..." Shad licks his lips and places his hands on his waist as
he watches Lena flicks her soft, small wet tongue against the large head of
his big black cock. JTG opens up Layla's travel bag and starts taking out a
few of Layla's belongings which he puts in a bag that he pulls out of his
jeans pocket.Lena gently taps her wet tongue against the head of Shad's black
cock before she opens her hot, sensational mouth and lowers her head to take
his massive black cock into her incredible Asian mouth. The Asian Sensation
wraps her luscious lips around his black shaft and starts to steadily bob her
head to suck Shad's fourteen inch black cock at a smooth and incredibly
skilled pace.

"Awww shit yeah..." Shad moans as Lena stretches her mouth a bit wider to
take over half of his huge black cock into her hot, wet mouth as she sucks
it. JTG smirks as now goes through Kelly Kelly's belongings and finds some
pre-signed autograph items that she gives to her fans.

Lena lifts her sensational, beautiful eyes and locks them with Shad Gaspard
while she smoothly lifts and lowers her head on his massive black cock.
"Mmmm...mmmm..." Lena moans as she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace
while her wet saliva drips down his black cock.

"Mmmm... damn... ahhhh..." Shad moans as he watches Lena suck on his thick
fourteen inch cock while looking up at him. JTG comes back towards Lena and
Shad and picks up Lena's jewelry box to put into his bag with the other items
he's acquired.

Lena impressively lowers her head further down on Shad's black cock,
stretching her small and hot Asian mouth as wide as she can, forcing his
fourteen inch shaft deeper into her wet mouth. "Mmmmmm!" Lena moans around
his cock as she feels his shaft thrusting back and forth against her sensual

"Ahhhh fuck... yo.. dawg.... she's got one sensational mouth..." Shad moans
as Lena holds his fourteen inch cock inside of her mouth for an impressive
amount of time.

JTG puts his bag of stolen items down and stands behind Lena "Really? Well I
better try it out..." JTG says as he takes off his tanktop before taking off
his jeans to bring out his rock hard twelve inch cock.

"Mmmmmm!" Lena Yada moans as she presses her lips tightly around Shad's cock
before she lifts her head off of his fourteen inch cock that drips with her
sensual, wet saliva. Lena licks her lips and slowly turns around on her knees
to face the rock hard black cock of JTG. "Mmmm...Two is always better than
one..." Lena says as she places her soft hands around his black cock and
easily guides his cock into her sensational mouth.

"Mmmm damn home girl... you must love to suck dick..." JTG laughs as Lena
wraps her lips around his foot long cock. Big Shad Gaspard kneels behind Lena
and slides down her skirt to reveal her sensational round and juicy Asian

"Mmmmm...hmmmm..." Lena seductively moans around JTG's black shaft as she
smoothly bobs her head at a easy pace. Lena gently laps her wet tongue around
JTG's black cock while she starts to bob her head at a quicker pace.

"Aww... damn home girl... suck that black dick..." JTG moans as he puts a
hand on Lena's head as she bobs her head up and down on his dick.

"I bet she ain't ever had a dick this big..." Shad says as he firmly thrusts
his huge black cock into Lena's smoothly shaved, tight and warm Asian pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Lena moans as she rocks forward on her knees after Shad Gaspard
slams his massive black cock into her warm and wet, tight Asian pussy. Lena
closes her eyes as she lowers her head further down on JTG's twelve inch
black cock. "Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Lena moans bobbing her head at a quicker pace as
she rocks back on her knees gently against Shad's cock that thrusts in her

"Ohhh shit... fuck she's tight..." Shad grunts a bit as he steadily pumps his
cock in and out of Lena's tight pussy while increasing his pace.

"Yeah home girl... keep sucking that black cock..." JTG moans as Lena twists
her head around his cock as she completely deep throats it.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm..." Lena moans as her lips grind against JTG's shaft as she
twists her head smoothly on his cock while deeply bobbing her head. "Mmmmm!
Ohhhh!" Lena moans as she rocks back on her knees with her sensational Asian
ass smacking against Shad's muscular waist while deeply slamming his fourteen
inch black cock into her pussy.

"Aww... fuck... shit... dawg... let me feel that pussy..." JTG moans as he
pulls his cock out of Lena's sensational mouth.

"No problem homie..." Shad Gaspard grunts as he slams his huge cock all the
way into Lena's pussy before he pulls his dick out of her.

Lena Yada presses her sensual lips together and raises an eyebrow as she
slyly looks up at JTG. "'re going to fuck me now?"

"Hell yeah home girl..." JTG says as Shad stands up. The two members of Cryme
Tyme lift up Lena from the floor, and Shad holds her steady as JTG steps
between her legs to push his twelve inch cock into her warm, wet pussy.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh yeah!" Lena Yada moans and closes her eyes as she feels JTG's
black shaft entering her warm, tight and wet pussy. Lena wraps her
sensational, stunning legs around JTG's black waist while Shad Gaspard holds
her petite Asian body steady so that JTG can thrust his shaft up into her wet

"Mmmmm ahhh yeah... ohhh damn..." JTG moans as he thrusts his cock in and out
of Lena's pussy. Shad smirks as he bends his legs slightly as he holds Lena
steady so that he can slyly shove his fourteen inch cock into Lena's tight,
unprepared asshole.

"Ohhhhh my god! Fuck!" Lena screams as Shad's massive black cock enters her
tight asshole, while JTG pumps his black cock into her wet pussy. Lena grits
her teeth together as she leans back against Shad's powerful, muscular chest
while both black cocks thrust into her incredible Asian asshole and pussy.

"Uhhh awww... she doesn't take it up the ass much..." Shad laughs and grunts
as he slams his huge cock in and out of Lena's asshole.

"Dawg she's just getting used to the hood..." JTG smirks as he increases the
pace of his thrusts as he pounds Lena's pussy with his twelve inch shaft.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh...mmmm yeah! This is how a real star should be treated! With
fuckin' big black dicks!" Lena moans as she reaches forward with her hands
and places them onto JTG's black chest while she eagerly begins to bounce
between Shad and JTG, using each of their thrusts to tease the other's cock.
"Ohhhhh yeah!" Lena moans as she rocks forward against JTG's cock as Shad
drills her ass with his massive black cock.

"Mmmmm fuck! Ohhhh yea!" Shad Gaspard grunts as he rams his huge cock in and
out of Lena Yada's tight Asian asshole as she becomes more use to a big black
dick being in her ass. JTG licks his teeth as he quickly pumps his cock in
and out of her tight wet pussy, and his balls smack against Lena's smooth
skin with each of his deep thrusts.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Lena Yada moans as she slams down on both cocks at a
hard, rough pace while sweat drips down her sensational hot Asian body.
"Mmmm...ohhh yeah! Ohhhh!"

"Mmmm uhhh yeah... ohhh damn!" JTG moans as he fucks Lena's wet pussy with
hard, quick thrusts as he starts to shoot his cum inside of her. Shad grits
his teeth together as Lena squeezes her ass down on his huge cock as he
sharply drills her asshole.

Lena Yada tilts her head back and licks her lips as she feels JTG's warm cum
flooding into her wet pussy "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Mmmmm!" Lena moans as she
continues to bounce on Shad's massive black cock after JTG pulls his cum
spent cock out of her Asian pussy.

JTG licks his lips, "Yo dawg... keep her in the hood... so I can get things
set up..." JTG says as grabs his clothes to get dressed.

"No problem homie..." Shad says as he lifts Lena up and down on his cock and
turns around so that she's not seeing what JTG is up to as he grabs his bag
of stolen goods and grabs some other items belonging to the ECW Divas before
he leaves the locker room.

Lena Yada closes her eyes as she faces away the powerful criminal while
bouncing swiftly on his fourteen inch black cock in her ass. "Mmmm! Ohhhh!
Ohhh yeah! Ohhhhh!" Lena moans as she feels Shad's massive cock deeply
pounding her ass.

"Like that home girl?!" Shad grunts as rocks his hips forward in order to ram
his cock all the way up into Lena's tight asshole while giving JTG the time
he needs.

"Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh that big dick feels so good!" The sweat dripping Asian
Sensation moans as she quickly bounces on Shad's black shaft, due to his own
powerful thrusts up into her ass.

"Uhhhh yeah... mmmm know this is gonna feel good home girl..." Shad moans as
he starts to cum deep inside of Lena's tight, stretched out Asian asshole as
she bounces up and down on his huge cock.

"Mmmm! Ohhhh yeah that cum feels so good!" Lena moans as she presses her lips
together while she slows down from bouncing on his throbbing, cum shooting

"Awwww... damn.. mmmm..." Shad grunts as he fills Lena's ass with cum. Once
he's spent he lifts the sweating Asian Sensation off of his enormous dick.

Lena Yada raises an eyebrow and smirks back at Shad Gaspard "So...did you
like stopping over her in the Land of Extreme?" Lena asks with seductive

"Yeah home girl..." Shad says as stands Lena up on her feet before getting
his clothes to get dressed, "We just might have to come back into this hood
some time.." Shad smirks as he heads for the door.

Lena Yada presses her sensual lips and looks around the locker room a bit
confused "Hey...where are my clothes?"

* * *

Out in the hallway, a few feet away from the ECW Divas locker room, Shad and
JTG are standing behind a table that is covered with various items that were
acquired from the Divas. "Check it dawgs... these are sweet, sweet Cherry
roller skates, custom made from that cutie blond and only worn once..." Shad
says as he holds up Cherry's roller skates for a video camera that's filming
them. "And these can be yours for $50... you can't beat that."

"And, yo homies, what about these perfect for your little home girl...
smoking hot lingerie belonging to that hot nasty fly girl Layla..." JTG says
as he holds up a hot set of bra and panties that are slightly see through.
"These can be yours for the low, low price of $29,99..." JTG says.

Shad then picks up a smooth black case, "Now what's in here, is surely one of
a kind... we had to get a special case for this..." Shad says as opens the
case revealing a long dildo. "Courtesy of Melina... this is the reason why
she can do all those splits... and it can be yours for $5... and with the
special case, $45!"

JTG smirks, "Now this home boys and home girls, is something every one will
want to have... Kelly Kelly's brand new hot black lacy bra!" JTG says as he
holds it up.

"Hey! That bra is mine!" The legendary and often-times drunken Mae Young
snaps as she walks into the view of the video camera, joining JTG and Shad
Gaspard during their live-auction of Diva merchandise.

"No... this is Kelly's..." JTG says as Shad looks at him.

"Yo... dawg... don't tell me you went into the wrong hotel room again..."
Shad asks.

Mae Young reaches over and snatches the black laced bra from JTG's hands and
shoves the bra into one of the pockets of her white jacket. "No baby...the
bra is mine..." Mae pauses and looks at Shad and JTG for a moment before she
licks her lips " boys wanna see my puppies?"

JTG's eyes go wide, "No... no... no... noooo!" JTG says before he turns and
runs with a full sprint down the hallway.

Shad looks into the camera for a moment, "See ya next Cryme Tyme homies..."
Shad says before he starts running after JTG.

"Hey! Where are ya boys going!?" Mae Young yells after the fleeing Cryme Tyme
members, JTG and Shad Gaspard. Mae Young slowly shakes her head before she
reaches into her white jacket and pulls out a silver flask, in which she then
takes a long drink.


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