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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Cryme Tyme's "Ho" Sale
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In the backstage area during a RAW Live Event, Cryme Tyme members JTG,
wearing bagging black jeans and a green leather jacket, and Shad Gaspard,
wearing a custom made New York Knicks jersey and blue jeans, are lounging
around on a couch that is positioned right at the entrance to the Diva's
locker room area. In front of the couch is a crate with a tin box and a sheet
of paper that has a layout of the locker rooms and notes scribbled all over
it. "Yo Shad, this was a great way to bring in some extra chedda'." JTG says.

"Word. who would turn down a chance to bang the hottest honnies that would
make the po-po go ohhh-ohhh." Shad laughs.

JTG pauses and thinks, "Some wankster like." JTG starts to say as one of the
locker room doors behind them opens. Shad and JTG both look back and see Val
Venis exiting room number nine. "Yo, yo, yo, dawg. you had a good time in

Val smirks as he walks towards Cryme Tyme while taking out his wallet, "Yes I
did, and I got to say you might want to give that little lady in there some
time to recover." Val says as he takes out some cash which he hands to JTG.

"Why's that?" Shad asks as JTG counts the cash Val gave him and puts it in
the tin.

"Because she may like getting really nasty, but she forgot that's the way the
Big Valbowski likes it." Val laughs.

"Word." Shad and JTG nod their heads and grin.

* * *

Inside of room number four, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, both wearing slacks
and button shirts, are sitting on the leather couch as they watch Kelly Kelly
perform a strip tease. Ted smirks, "Now this is priceless." Ted says.

"Tell that to those two lowlifes out in the hall." Cody replies as Kelly
begins to undo her top. The adorable and sexy former Exhibitionist, Kelly
Kelly, presses her soft and pouty lips together as she seductively narrows
her eyes to look at Rhodes and DiBiase. Kelly slides her left hand through
her flowing, soft blond hair and seductively gyrates her hips as she peels
her light blue bra-like top off of her tanned and perfectly shaped tits.

Cody Rhodes smirks, "Although to see this is worth the money we paid..." Cody
says as he looks at Kelly's firm, perfectly sized tits.

Ted DiBiase nods his head, "That's right, not to mention we've paid for a lot
more than just to watch her strip..." Kelly cutely bites down on her bottom
lip as she turns around with a smooth twirl, allowing Cody Rhodes and Ted
DiBiase a perfect view of her light blue bottoms covered ass.

Ted licks his teeth as he looks at Kelly's blue bottoms covered ass, "Hey...
how about losing them bottoms and giving us what we paid for..." Ted says.

Kelly glances over and scrunches her nose up cutely "You don't have to be
pushy..." Kelly says in an innocent tone as she starts to lower her tight
fitting light blue buttons to expose her adorably tanned and perfectly
rounded ass to the current WWE Tag Team Champions.

Ted DiBiase rolls his eyes, "We paid our money, we demand instant
satisfaction..." Ted says.

Cody laughs slightly, "I'm not going to disagree... since I get to see your
hot little ass..." Cody adds. Kelly lightly licks her lips as she turns
around to face Rhodes and DiBiase to reveal her smoothly shaved and wet pussy
as the RAW Diva stands completely naked in front of the cocky and young

Cody Rhodes unbuckles his belt and undoes his pants so that he can push them
from his waist to let out his fourteen inch cock, "Come on over here
Kelly..." Cody says as he kicks off his shoes and pants from his feet and

Kelly cutely smiles "Ok..." Kelly says as the sweet and adorable RAW Diva
innocently approaches Cody Rhodes and kneels down in front of him. Kelly
eagerly licks her soft lips as she places her petite hands around his
hardening cock, which she begins to instantly stroke.

"Mmmm yeah..." Cody moans as Kelly moves her hands up and down on his
fourteen inch cock. Cody unbuttons his shirt as Ted DiBiase watches and
undoes his own shirt. Kelly locks her adorable eyes with Cody Rhodes as she
lowers her blond haired head and gently pats her wet tongue against the head
of Cody's cock before she begins to gently move her tongue around the head on
his shaft. After wetting it with her saliva, the adorable Diva opens her
mouth and impressively swallows his cock with her wet and nicely warm mouth.

"Ahhhh yeah.... suck it...." Cody moans as he watches Kelly as she starts to
slowly bob her head up and down on his long hard and thick cock. Ted smirks
as he unbuckles his belt, followed by undoing his jeans as he keeps his eyes
on Kelly.

"Mmmmm...mmmm...." Kelly softly moans as her lips press smoothly around
Cody's thick shaft as she lifts and lowers her head to suck his cock. Kelly
closes her eyes as she expertly twists her head on Cody's cock in order to
grind her soft lips on his shaft.

"Ohhhh mmmm..." Cody licks his lips as Kelly turns her head on his cock as
she takes his shaft deep into her warm wet mouth.

Ted DiBiase lowers his pants and kicks off his own shoes as his thirteen inch
cock becomes free. "When you're done get over here.." Ted says to Kelly as
she blows his tag team partner.

Kelly eagerly shifts her blond haired head from side to side on Cody's cock
while she slobbers his cock with her wet saliva. "Mmmmm...mmmm..." Kelly
moans as she starts moving her head at a quicker pace, forcing his cock
deeper into her skilled and incredibly hot mouth.

"Ahhh fuck... mmmm... that's good..." Cody Rhodes moans as Kelly's saliva
drips off of his huge cock whole she completely swallows his cock. Kelly
clamps her lips tightly around Cody Rhodes's rock hard cock and slowly lifts
her head as she drags her wet tongue up his shaft. Kelly lifts her head off
of Cody's cock and licks her lips as she tosses her blond hair back.

Ted DiBiase pushes his pants off of his legs before he reaches over to grab
Kelly's head, "Come here..." Ted says as he forces Kelly to scoot on her
knees so that she's in front of him.

Kelly timidly bites down on her bottom lip as she innocently looks up at the
young and cocky Ted DiBiase "You could have just asked..." Kelly says as
DiBiase places his left hand firmly on the back of Kelly's blond haired head.

"Yeah... but when you're someone like me, you don't need to ask..." Ted
smirks as he brings Kelly's head forward so that her soft lips are pressing
against the head of his thirteen inch cock. Kelly slowly opens her adorable
lips and reluctantly takes Ted DiBiase's thirteen inch cock into her sweet
mouth. Kelly's soft lips immediately wrap around his shaft and the former
Exhibitionist starts to smoothly move her head on his priceless cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm now this is priceless..." Ted DiBiase moans as Kelly bobs her
head at a smooth, easy pace on his rock hard cock. Cody Rhodes smirks as gets
off the couch and moves behind Kelly. Cody places his hands on Kelly's
slender waist before he pushes his massive cock into Kelly Kelly's warm and
tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm!" Kelly moans with surprise around Ted DiBiase's cock as she feels
Cody Rhodes, from behind, push his fourteen inch cock deep inside of her wet
pussy. Kelly's blond haired head starts to eagerly move quicker on DiBiase's
cock as she sweetly slaps her tongue against his shaft. Kelly places her
hands onto DiBiase's strong and muscular thighs for support as she smoothly
rocks back on her knees against Cody's cock.

"Mmmmm yeah... ahhh..." Cody moans as he pumps his cock in and out of Kelly's
tight pussy as she pushes back against him.

"Ahh shit, suck that priceless cock..." Ted moans after Kelly increases the
speed of how she's bobbing her head on his shaft.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Kelly moans as she bobs her head quickly on Ted DiBiase's
cock, nicely slobbering her wet saliva all over his cock as she repeatedly
deep throats his shaft. Kelly closes her eyes as her adorably rounded, tanned
ass smacks against Cody's muscular waist as he sharply drives his cock into
her pussy.

"Ahhhh fuck.... mmmm!" Ted licks his lips as he pushes Kelly's head further
down on his cock so that her nose is pressing against his smoothly shaved
crotch. Cody smirks as he increases the pace of his thrusts as he drives his
cock firmly into her Kelly's pussy from behind.

"Mmmmm! Gahhhhh!" Kelly moans and gags on Ted DiBiase's priceless cock as he
forces Kelly Kelly to deep throat his entire thirteen inch cock. Kelly opens
her eyes and looks up at Ted DiBiase as he holds her head down while Cody
Rhodes slams his cock deep and quick into her tight pussy.

Ted DiBiase smirks as he pulls Kelly's head up off of his cock, "My cock is
priceless right?" Ted asks as Cody slams his entire shaft into Kelly from

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh ohhh yeah!" Kelly moans and grits her teeth as she quickly
rocks forward on her knees from Cody Rhodes's deep and firm thrusts into her
pussy from behind, causing her head to lightly smack forward against Ted's
toned and muscular, tanned stomach.

Cody Rhodes smirks as sweat begins to drip down his muscular and tanned body,
"Fuck she's tight as hell...." Cody grunts as he pulls his massive cock out
of Kelly's tight wet cunt.

"Good..." Ted says as he leans forward to pull Kelly up onto his lap so that
his own cock enters Kelly's pussy.

"Ohhhh mmmmm!" Kelly cutely moans as she tilts her blond haired head back as
she is impaled by Ted DiBiase's cock after being lowered onto his lap. Kelly
licks her lips as she starts to smoothly rock back and forth on his thirteen
inch cock, causing her adorable ass to rub against his muscular thighs.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm!" Ted DiBiase moans as he keeps his hands on Kelly's hips
as he thrusts his cock upward into her pussy. Cody Rhodes stands up and
begins to stroke his own cock as he watches Kelly rock on his partner's dick.

Kelly bites down on her bottom lip and places her soft hands onto Ted
DiBiase's muscular chest as she smoothly rocks back and forth on his thirteen
inch cock. "Ohhhh mmmm!" Kelly moans as she feels his cock sharply thrusting
up into her tight pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck..." Ted moans as he leans back on the couch and licks his lips as
Kelly rides his pistoning cock.

"Damn she has a cute little ass..." Cody smirks as he spreads Kelly's ass
cheeks apart so that he can push his cock into Kelly's extremely tight

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh mmmmm!" Kelly moans and grits her teeth as she feels her tight
asshole being stretched by the cock of Cody Rhodes as he starts to thrusts
his cock into her ass, causing her to rock quicker on Ted DiBiase's cock
inside of her wet pussy.

"Ahhh yeah... uhhh fuck!" Cody moans as he pumps his cock deeper and harder
into Kelly's asshole. Ted licks his lips as he pumps his cock upward into
Kelly's pussy, which causes her to push back against Cody's invading shaft.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhh!" Kelly moans as her tanned, petite body rocks
roughly back and forth between Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes as the two sweaty,
muscular rookies slam their cocks into her pussy and ass.

"Ohhhh yeah... fuck yeah!" Ted DiBiase groans as he rams his cock upward into
Kelly's tight wet pussy as Cody fucks her from behind. The reigning World Tag
Team Champions then work together so that Ted can get up off of the couch.
With both men standing, Kelly is sandwiched between them as they keep on
fucking her with their massive cocks.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhh yeah!" Kelly cutely moans as she bounces between Cody Rhodes
and Ted DiBiase. Kelly closes her eyes as she wraps her tanned legs around
DiBiase's waist, while she rocks between them.

"Ahhhh... awww yeah... mmmm fuck!" Cody Rhodes grunts as he and Ted deeply
drive their cocks into Kelly's ass and pussy while she bounces and rocks
between them.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhhh!" Kelly adorably moans as her tanned and petite
body smoothly grinds between Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase as the skilled and
cocky tag team drill her pussy and ass.

"Uhhh awww fuck ahhhhh!" Ted DiBiase moans as he starts to cum inside of
Kelly's hot wet cunt.

"Mmmmm fuck!" Cody Rhodes moans when his cock starts to erupt with cum inside
of Kelly's ass.

"Mmmm...ohhhh..." Kelly cutely groans as she grinds her ass down on Cody
Rhodes's cock as both the priceless cocks erupt with warm cum, flooding both
of her well-fucked holes.

"Mmmmm totally... priceless..." Ted smirks as he and Cody hold Kelly between

* * *

Out in the hallway, JTG and Shad Gaspard are waiting for another client as
Shad spots the General Manager of RAW, Mike Adamle entering the hallway from
one of the fire escape stairwells. "Yo Jay... hide the tin..." Shad says.
Without saying anything, JTG picks up the tin box off the crate and puts it
into his jacket to hide it as Shad quickly puts the crate behind the couch.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo Mikey-A... what's up dawg?" JTG asks as Adamle approaches

"Hey! Hey!" Mike Adamle, the General Manager of RAW, says with a slight laugh
and a wave of his left hand as he approaches the fun-loving criminals. Mike
Adamle claps his hands together as he approaches the tall and powerful Shad
Gaspard first. "Hey buddy! How's my darker brother from another hot mama!"

"Hey you know Mike... just chilling out here since we're done for the
night..." Shad says. "What brings you to this part of the hood?"

Mike Adamle slides his hands into the pockets of his slacks as he glances
over at JTG and then back at Shad Gaspard. "Well my hip-happening
gangsters...I happened to over hear a few of my talented RAW Superstars
talking in the catering room about some sort of business you two are involved
in..." Mike Adamle begins to say.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo Mike... we heard those rumors, and we can tell you it's not
true..." JTG says as he shakes his head.

"Yeah Mike... and if we were doing something, we would cut you in on the
action," Shad says as he moves to stand next to Mike Adamle where he puts his
powerful left arm on Mike's shoulders. "Besides those fools spreading the
rumors are just lunchin'..."

"Hey! Hey! need to worry if it's know me my hood
brothers! If there's one thing Mike Adamle enjoys other than having a few
shots of vodka and being in a three-way with a four foot tall midget and a
clown, it's how to get down and party, baby!"

Shad Gaspard and JTG exchange looks before looking at Adamle, "You're one of
kind Mikey..." JTG says as gives a long pause.

Mike Adamle smiles and nods his head "Yeah! Yeah I am! Say know
one man that I admire is the great, former President Ronald Reagan. However,
there is another man that I admire...and that's former President Bill
Clinton." Mike Adamle pauses and looks at Shad and JTG before continuing. "I
believe President Clinton once stated that when a hot snatch is near, well
baby you better give it from the rear! Haha! Man that guy was great!" Mike
Adamle says with a laugh before he snaps his fingers "Say homeboys...I got
another Adamle Original for you...An exclusive General Manager's discount!"

"A General Manager's discount? Shad asks as JTG slyly reaches into Adamle's
pocket to remove Adamle's wallet.

"Yeah would really make your business a bitchin' place!" Adamle
replies as he gives Shad Gaspard a thumbs-up signal with his left hand

JTG laughs, "Yo Mike we told you we ain't got anything going on.... but when
we do got something going on, we'll give you a discount..."

"Alright and you homeboys have my number...cause if there's one thing your
General Manager knows it's how to make all those hot ladies scream 'Have
Mercy!'" Mike Adamle says with a laugh before he turns and begins to walk
away. Mike Adamle glances back and waves "See ya my happenin niggers!" Adamle
says straight faced.

Shad narrows his eyes, "Wait what did he just say?" Shad snaps.

"Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Shad chill..." JTG says as he tries to keep his large
partner from going after Adamle. "He already paid for it..." JTG quickly adds
as he holds up Adamle's wallet.

After seeing the wallet in JTG's hands, Shad smirks, "You he has any credit
cards?" Shad asks.

JTG opens the wallet and nods head, "Yup... all gold cards too."

"Good... I need some new rims for my ride..." Shad laughs. As JTG brings the
crate from behind the couch, the reigning World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk,
wearing blue and black wrestling trunks and a black skeleton t-shirt,
approaches them after passing Mike Adamle in the hallway.

"Hey.what's up with Adamle?" Punk asks as he drapes his World Heavyweight
Championship belt over his left shoulder.

"Oh nothing dawg. he's just." JTG pauses and thinks as he puts the tin box
full of money back onto the crate, "Being Mike Adamle." JTG laughs as he
shrugs his shoulders.

"I see." Punk says, "So. I heard."

Shad nods his head, "Yeah it's true, me and JTG have some of RAW's hottest
honnies waiting to make things hot in the hood."

Punk smiles, "Awesome. cause I need a warm up before I face JBL on Sunday."

JTG smiles, "Yo, yo, yo, yo, yo Shad, you know it wouldn't be right if we
charged the World Heavyweight Champion before he goes to take on that
wankster JBL."

"Word." Shad nods his head before he looks at Punk, "Yo we're gonna give you
the World Heavyweight Championship special, any door you want, it's on the

"Really?" CM Punk asks as he looks at the fun loving criminals

"Yeah really dawg," JTG says, "And yo. the girl in room number seven has a
real hot cabooty if you dig what I'm saying." JTG grins.

CM Punk smirks, "Really? Hmmm then I better check her out. thanks for the
tip." Punk says as he walks past Cryme Tyme and walks to room number seven.
Punk knocks on the door and then opens it a moment later to step into the
room. "Hello?" Punk says as he closes the door.

"Yes...come in..." The sultry and seduction former Women's Champion and
Playboy Covergirl, Candice Michelle, says as she stands up from the couch
while dressed in a stunning black silk bathrobe. Candice presses her luscious
lips together and seductively locks her eyes on CM Punk "Mmmm...I know I
won't be disappointed..."

CM Punk smirks a bit, "I can see that.... damn JTG wasn't lying..." Punk says
as he puts his World Heavyweight Championship down on the room's table while
he checks out Candice.

Candice Michelle raises an eyebrow as she casually checks out the reigning
World Heavyweight Champion as well. "So...I assume you must be here for one
really hot time with me?" Candice asks with a cute, seductively laugh as she
starts to play with the black tie around her silk bathrobe, that keeps her
body covered.

"Yeah you could assume that... and be totally right..." CM Punk says with a
laugh as he walks over to Candice.

Candice laughs and she locks her beautiful, seductive eyes with CM Punk
" I right, Mr. World Heavyweight Champion?" Candice asks with a
desirable smile as she starts to unwrap her silk bathrobe to expose her
incredibly hot and tanned body.

CM Punk nods his head, "Yeah you're right..." Punk says as he pulls his own
t-shirt up over his head to reveal his tattooed and toned upper body.

" that might just be too hot for me to handle..." Candice says with
a seductive laugh as she places her smooth hands onto the nicely toned and
tanned tattoo covered chest of CM Punk.

"Too hot for a former Women's Champ and a former Playboy Covergirl?" Punk
asks as Candice slides her hands over his tattoo covered chest before moving
them down to his flat and toned stomach.

Candice slyly smirks and shrugs her shoulders "Maybe..." Candice says as she
smoothly brushes her hands against the crotch of CM Punk's blue and black
wrestling shorts. "So...tell me what you desire?"

"Hmmmm.... well.... I guess first a long hot blowjob..." Punk says as Candice
brushes her hands again against the crotch of his blue and black wrestling

Candice slyly lowers her head and licks her luscious lips "Mmmm sounds really
hot..." Candice says with a laugh before she smoothly lowers herself down
onto her knees in front of the reigning World Heavyweight Champion, while at
the same time lowering his wrestling shorts. Punk's rapidly hardening
fourteen inch cock springs free from his wrestling shorts as Candice lowers
them from his waist and down his legs. Punk steps out of his wrestling shorts
as Candice wraps her left hand around the base of his cock while she wraps
her right hand around the head of his cock.

"Mmmmm...oh that looks delicious!" Candice says with a laugh as she lowers
her sultry black haired head down onto CM Punk's cock and tenderly brushes
her wet tongue around the head of his rock hard cock.

"Ahhhh shit... mmmm... glad you approve..." Punk replies as Candice traces
her tongue around the head of his cock while she slides her right hand down
so that it joins her left hand down at the base of his cock.

"Mmmmm!" Candice softly moans as her wet tongue brushes around the head of CM
Punk's cock while she smoothly and slowly strokes her hands against the
bottom of CM Punk's shaft.

"Awww... mmmm..." Punk moan and he places his hands on his waist as Candice
teases the head of his cock with her tongue while she strokes the bottom half
of his dick with her hands. Candice opens her wet and warm mouth before she
lowers her head and smoothly takes CM Punk's impressive cock into her
desirable mouth. Candice wraps her pouty, luscious lips around his shaft and
begins to slowly bob her head on his cock.

"Ahhhh uhhhhh damn..." CM Punk moans as Candice bobs her head slowly on his
cock. Punk moves his right hand to Candice's black with red highlights haired
head as she takes his cock further into her mouth.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Candice soothingly moans as she lips presses gently around
his shaft. "Mmmmm!" Candice continues to moan as she bobs her head at a
quicker pace while slapping her tongue around his cock.

"Ahhh fuck... mmmmm...." Punk moans as Candice increases her pace as she
sucks his cock. Punk licks his lips each time Candice drags her tongue
against the bottom side of his shaft.

Candice lifts her sly and seductive eyes to lock them with CM Punk as she
steadily bobs her head on his cock, allowing her wet saliva to drip over
every inch. "Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Candice moans as she grinds her lips on his

"Ohhhh fuck.... mmmm damn... you're awesome..." Punk moans as Candice takes
almost his entire cock past her soft sensual lips.

"Mmmmmm!" Candice moans as she presses her luscious lips tightly around his
shaft before she lowers her head to incredibly deep throat his entire cock.

"Awww.... fuck!" Punk moans as Candice presses her lips tightly on his cock
as she holds it completely within her mouth. Punk grits his teeth as he feels
Candice grinding her nose right against his crotch. Candice Michelle lightly
twists her head on his cock before she lifts her lips and smirks up at CM
Punk, while her wet saliva drips down his shaft.

"Ahhh shit.... mmmm I think I'm gonna have to fuck you now..." Punk laughs as
Candice slides her silk bathrobe off of her arms, completely revealing her
smoking hot, tanned body. Punk helps Candice up and turns her around so that
she's facing the couch. Punk bends her forward and then eases his huge,
saliva covered cock into her tight, warm pussy.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh yeah that's really hot!" Candice groans as she places her
hands in front of her on the couch as she bends forward more, allowing CM
Punk to drive his Straightedge cock into her tight, wet pussy from behind.

"Ahhh... mmmm!" Punk moans as he holds onto Candice's waist as he pumps his
cock steadily in and out of her Candilicious pussy. Punk keeps his pace slow,
but uses firm thrusts that makes Candice rock forward on her feet.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah!" Candice moans and licks her lips as she smoothly
grinds her desirable, tanned body back against CM Punk's cock as he smoothly
guides his cock into her pussy, lightly pulling her back to cause her ass to
smack against his toned waist.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmmm fuck!" Punk moans as he moves his hands around Candice
in order to grab her tits as he begins to speed up his thrusts. Punk's large
balls start to smack repeatedly between Candice's legs as he fucks her from

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh mmmm yeah!" Candice moans lustfully as she grinds her ultra
hot ass back against CM Punk's waist while he thrusts his cock deeper and
quicker into her wet pussy.

"Ahhh shit.... mmmm fuck yeah!" CM Punk grunts as he pounds Candice's pussy
with harder and faster thrusts. The reigning World Heavyweight Champion then
manages to turn himself and Candice around and he sits down on the couch with
Candice mounted on his fourteen inch cock. Candice licks her lips and tilts
her head back with a smirk as she starts to smoothly grind her incredibly hot
body on CM Punk's cock while she steadily rocks back and forth on his lap,
causing CM Punk to fuck her own pussy.

"Ahhhh mmmm fuck!" Punk moans as he keeps his hands on Candice's tits as she
rocks back and forth on his lap while he drives shaft upward into her pussy.

Candice grits her teeth and leans back, placing her hands onto CM Punk's
toned and tattoo covered chest as she swiftly rocks back and forth on his
cock, grinding her wet pussy down on his shaft. "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Ohhhh!"

"Mmmm uhhh yeah! Mmmm fuck!" Punk moans as he squeezes Candice's tits as she
grinds herself on his pistoning shaft.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah! Yeah!" Candice moans as she starts to swiftly bounces
on CM Punk's cock as he drills her tight pussy.

"Ohhhhh yeah! Mmmmm ride it Candice!" CM Punk moans as he stops thrusting his
cock as Candice bounces up and down on his cock, which causes her ultra hot
ass to smack down constantly against his waist and stomach.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhhh!" Candice moans loudly as her pussy tightens around his
shaft as the beautiful former Women's Champion begins to cum.

"Ahhhh mmmmm awwww fuck!" CM Punk moans as he starts to cum inside of
Candice's pussy as her juices rain on his cock.

"Ohhhhh...mmmmm!" Candice moans and licks her sultry lips.

"Ohhh shit... mmmm..." Punk moans as Candice rocks on his throbbing, cum
spraying cock as he floods her pussy.

Candice slyly glances back and licks her lips "So...did you have fun?"

"Yeah... but I think I can have some more fun with you..." Punk answers.


"Yeah..." Punk nods his head as he smiles at Candice.

Candice presses her lips together "Well...I'm always up for more"

* * *

Back out in the hallway, Shad and JTG are hanging around as 'The Glamazon'
Beth Phoenix walks up and kicks their crate. "Where is he?!" Beth snaps

"Yo, homegirl. don't mess with the desk," JTG says as he looks up at the
powerful Diva.

"Where's who?" Shad asks.

"SANINTO!" Beth snaps.

"Oh. he's in room number one," Shad says as he points over his shoulder. Beth
Phoenix instantly heads in that direction Shad points and storms into the
room marked number one.

"Yo Shad. why did ya tell her where he was?" JTG asks as Beth Phoenix walks
out of room number one, pulling Santino by the ear while he's trying to pull
up his wrestling attire.

"Ow! Ow! I was just ahhh getting a warm up!" Santino says as Beth pulls him
by his ear down the hallway.

Shad laughs before he replies to JTG, "He paid us with Euros,"

"Oh." JTG nods his head.

Meanwhile, John Cena, wearing jean shorts and a red Cenation football jersey,
and Mickie James have seen Beth walking Santino down the hall. John looks at
Mickie, "Looks like Santino got in trouble." John laughs as he talks to
Mickie while they walk towards where Cryme Tyme is sitting on their couch

"Yeah..." Mickie James as she places her hands on her nicely rounded hips as
she presses her lips together while she walks next to John Cena. Mickie
shakes her head "Love...who needs that...those two are like superbly crazy!"
Mickie says, while dressed in a tight pair of hip-hugger jeans, that
perfectly fit around her juicy ass, and a white tank top.

"Yeah... if they were just good friends, Santino wouldn't be needing an ice
pack for his ear..." John laughs as he and Mickie reach Cryme Tyme. "Hey
guys..." John says as Shad and JTG get up.

"Yo, yo, yo Dawg... what's up?" Shad says as he and Shad pound hands. JTG
instantly checks out Mickie,

"Hey home girl, you and big J.C. looking for some action?" JTG asks.

Mickie raises an eyebrow and laughs "Action?" Mickie asks before she looks at
John Cena with a smile and shakes her head "What? No...John and I are just
friends, yep! Just friends!"

"Yeah... we're just friends..." John says, confirming what Mickie is saying.
"But how's business guys?"

"Oh business is real good... we're been raking in that money, money..." Shad
starts to say.

"Yeah, yeah..." JTG adds as he completes Shad's sentence.

Mickie presses her perky lips together and playfully frowns "I'm kinda
bummed, you know, that you guys didn't want me part of you little business.."
Mickie says as she casually moves to stand closer to her hunky and muscular
'friend' John Cena.

"Yo homegirl, it was nothing personal, we didn't want to like totally cause
anything if you and big JC were more than just friends, ya dig?" JTG

John laughs, "Well we are just friends..." John says as he casually puts an
arm around Mickie.

"And your friend is FINE!" Shad adds as he tilts his head to check out Mickie

"Word Shad, I wouldn't mind paying you to tap her cabooty..." JTG says as he
also checks out Mickie.

Mickie James laughs "Cabooty?" Mickie asks as she scrunches her nose up as
she feels John Cena's hand lowering against her juicy ass, covered by her
tight fitting jeans.

"He's talking about your hot ass..." John says as he rubs Mickie's juicy ass
through her tight fitting jeans.

JTG smirks a bit, "Yo JC, how much is it to tap Mickie's juicy cabooty?" JTG

Mickie laughs and looks at John Cena "What?!" Mickie asks cutely as John
jokingly rubs his hand against his chin.

"Hmmmm I don't know..." John says acting somewhat serious.

"Yo John, you aren't gonna play us by not letting us tap Mickie's cabooty?"
Shad asks.

"Hmmm.... well it's Mickie's cabooty..." John says before he looks at Mickie,
"What do you think?"

Mickie laughs and shrugs her shoulders "Well if they want to..." Mickie
begins to reply.

"Yeah JC.... if we want too," JTG says as he cuts off Mickie.

Shad laughs a bit, "Yo, we can make Mickie a full member of the CTC while
we're at it..." Shad adds.

John Cena smiles, "And you're gonna pay Mickie?"

"Of course!" JTG and Shad say at the same time.

Mickie rubs her perky and pouty lips together " that
homeboys better pay up!" Mickie says with an excited laugh.

* * *

A short time later, inside of an unmarked locker room, Mickie James is
kneeling on the floor, with her right hand wrapped around Shad's fourteen
inch black cock and her left hand wrapped around John Cena's fourteen inch
cock. JTG steps between them and guides his twelve inch shaft towards
Mickie's mouth, "Yo, yo, yo... this is gonna be off da hook!" JTG says.

"Mmmmm...hmmmm!" Mickie James happily moans as she wraps her perky lips
around JTG's black cock and starts to smoothly bob her head along his shaft
as the highly energetic former Women's Champion smoothly starts to suck on
the black cock of JTG. Mickie lifts her excited eyes to sweetly look up at
John Cena as she swiftly moves both her hands against his and Shad's shaft.

"Ohhh yea..." John Cena smiles down at Mickie as he looks into her eyes as
she bobs her head on JTG's twelve inch cock while she jerks him and Shad off.
Shad leans down and starts to feel up Mickie's left tit as she pulls on his
shaft with her right hand.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Mickie moans as her soft, perky lips brush back and forth
against JTG's black cock as she smoothly and happily bobs her head to take
his cock deeper into her wet and warm mouth. Mickie lowers her left hand down
Cena's cock as she guides her right hand down Shad's massive black cock.

"Ahh yeah mmmm do the damn thing homegirl..." JTG moans as Mickie bobs her
head eagerly on his twelve inch cock.

"Aww snap... damn girl..." Shad moans as Mickie twists her right hand on his
shaft while she skillfully strokes Cena's dick.

Mickie James slowly lifts her head and smiles up excitedly at JTG, while his
black shaft drips with her wet saliva. "Mmmm! This is so much fun! Yep! Yep!"
Mickie says as she turns on her knees and happily drags her wet tongue across
the head of John Cena's cock to the head of Shad's large black cock. Mickie
starts to rapidly stroke both of her hands against their hard shafts while
she teases both cocks with her tongue.

"Ahhhh... mmmm're full of fun..." John moans and smiles as
Mickie rapidly strokes his and Shad's cocks while she works her tongue
against both.

JTG moves around behind Mickie James and kneels on the ground, "Yo Mickie...
I'm coming in!" JTG says jokingly as he pushes his twelve inch cock into
Mickie's wet, tight pussy.

"Mmmm! Ohhhh yeah!" Mickie James happily moans as she feels JTG's black cock
ram into her tight pussy from behind, causing her instantly rock forward on
her kneels. Mickie closes her eyes as she flicks her wet tongue against the
head of Shad's black cock before she turns her head back to John Cena's cock
and gently circles her tongue around the head of his cock.

"Ohhh shit... mmm!" Shad Gaspard moans as Mickie sucks on the head of his
fourteen inch cock. John licks his lips as she slides his hand through
Mickie's hair while JTG smoothly pumps his cock in and out of her pussy from

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Mickie moans as she turns her head smoothly on Shad
Gaspard's cock as her soft lips wrap around his black shaft while she starts
to eagerly bob her head to suck his cock. Mickie's juicy and perfectly
rounded tanned ass smacks against JTG's toned black waist as he drives his
cock deep into her cunt.

"Ohhhh shit... mmm!" JTG moans as he holds onto Mickie's waist as her juicy
ass smacks against his own waist while he slams his cock deeply into her

"Ohhh damn John, Mickie fits perfectly in the CTC..." Shad moans as Mickie
takes his massive black cock.

"I never doubt she would... but you still gotta pay her when you're done..."
John laughs as Mickie keeps stroking his cock.

Mickie happily flicks her tongue against Shad's large black cock as she
quickly bobs her head, slurping and impressively sucking his fourteen inch
black cock as she firmly rocks back on her knees to match JTG's thrusts into
her pussy. "Mmmmmmm!" Mickie moans as she lightly pulls on John Cena's
ballsack with her excited hands.

"Ahhhh mmmm yeah... ahhhh!" JTG moans as he pumps his cock rapidly into
Mickie's pussy. Shad licks his lips as Mickie twists and turns her head on
his massive cock while she happily plays with John's balls.

Mickie James lifts her head from Shad's cock and grits her teeth as she rocks
back on her knees against JTG's cock while he deeply pumps his black shaft
into her cunt. "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah! Ohhhh!" Mickie moans.

"Damn.... Mickie... your cabooty is hot!" JTG says as he continues to fuck
Mickie's pussy for a few more moments before he pulls out. Shad sits down on
a locker room bench and pulls Mickie up onto his lap so that his massive cock
enters into her tight wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Mmmmm! Oh yeah! I love black dick!" Mickie James happily moans as
she quickly and smoothly bounces on Shad's black cock as she swiftly moves
her perfectly curved and nicely tanned body on Shad's cock.

John Cena smirks, "If we were more than friends Mickie, I would be
jealous..." John says.

JTG laughs, "Yo dawg... Mickie likes it from the hood, and that's all good!"
JTG says as he quickly closes the distance between himself and Mickie so that
he can push his twelve inch cock into Mickie's tight asshole while she rides
Shad Gaspard's fourteen inches.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh I love it my ass!" Mickie moans and laughs as she rocks forward
on Shad's black cock, while JTG drives his shaft into her juicy, tanned ass.
Mickie licks her lips before she leans her head towards John Cena's cock as
he stands on the bench near Shad Gaspard, while Mickie starts to eagerly suck
on the cock of her close friend.

"Ahhh shit... mmmm!" Shad groans as he pumps his cock upward into Mickie's
wet pussy as she happily bounces on his cock to push back against JTG. JTG
grabs Mickie's waist as he slams his whole cock in and out of Mickie's juicy
ass while she bobs her head on John Cena's dick.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Mickie James moans as she happily turns her head from side
to side on Cena's cock as her perky lips grind against his shaft. Mickie taps
her tongue cutely against Cena's shaft as she smoothly pushes her juicy ass
against JTG's cock while Shad drives his cock up into her wet pussy.

"Ohhhh fuck yeah... mmm!" JTG moans as he moves his hands all over Mickie's
hips while he thrusts his cock repeatedly into her tight asshole, and his
balls smack repeatedly against Mickie's juicy ass cheeks.

"Awww mmmm..." John moans as Mickie James takes his fourteen inch dick deeper
into her warm, wet and excitable mouth while she rides Shad Gaspard's shaft.

Mickie James lowers her head further down on Cena's cock as her wet saliva
splashes against his shaft. "Mmmm! Mmmmm!" Mickie groans as she rapidly bobs
her head along his rock hard shaft while the energetic former Women's
Champion rocks back and forth between the two fun-loving criminals known
collectively as Cryme Tyme.

"Ohhh fuck... mmmm yeah... ahhhh!" Shad groans as Mickie grinds her pussy on
his huge cock while she rocks between him and JTG as she sucks on John's
cock. John licks his lips as he runs his fingers through Mickie's hair as she
swallows his entire cock.

Mickie slowly lifts her head from John Cena's cock and smiles up at him.
"Mmmm...I love being friends with you John..." Mickie moans and presses her
lips together as she rocks back on Shad's cock, grinding her juicy ass
against JTG's waist as he drives his cock into her perfect ass.

"Awww.. mmmm shit yeah JC... being friends with you has it's benefits..." JTG
moans as he pulls his twelve inch cock out of Mickie's juicy ass so that he
can shoot his cum all over Mickie's juicy, perfectly round cabooty.

"Want some more Mickie?" John asks his close friend before he lifts her off
of Shad's fourteen inch cock. While he remains standing, John easily hoists
Mickie up and impales her wet cunt with his own massive cock.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh John!" Mickie moans as she wraps her tanned legs around Cena's
muscular waist as she starts to smoothly bounce on his cock, while he
powerfully supports her as he stands and thrusts his cock up into her pussy.

"Damn John.... you and Mickie sure seem like your more than friends..." Shad
Gaspard says as he stands up behind Mickie and pushes his own massive cock
into Mickie's juicy ass so that she's sandwich between two hot, well hung

"Ohhhhh! Mmmm...we're just friends!" Mickie moans as she places her hands
against Cena's muscular waist as she swiftly bounces between the muscular
bodies of Cena and Shad Gaspard, as both cocks ram deeply into her.

"Yeah Shad... just friends!" John Cena adds as he pumps his cock deeply into
Mickie's pussy while Shad drills her ass. The two hot powerful Superstars
press their muscular bodies against Mickie's ass she bounces between them.

Mickie locks her adorable and excited eyes with John Cena before she leans
forward and slides her tongue into his mouth as she starts to kiss him.
"Mmmmm..." Mickie moans into his mouth as she rocks back and forth between
Shad and John.

"Mmmmm!" John moans into Mickie's mouth as he slides his tongue against her
tongue while he and Shad continue to double-team her.

"Awww... mmmm shit... ahhh yea..." Shad Gaspard moans as he starts to cum
inside of Mickie James's hot and juicy ass.

"Mmmmmmmm!" Mickie happily moans into Cena's mouth as she feels Shad's cum
flooding her juicy ass. Mickie lustfully kisses John Cena as she smoothly
lowers on his rock hard cock.

"Whew.... damn..." Shad groans as he pulls his cock out of Mickie's cum
filled ass. As Shad moves away, John lays Mickie down on the bench as they
continue to lustfully kiss each other, and John speeds up his thrusts as he
cock deeply into her cunt.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh John!" Mickie moans into his mouth as she rocks underneath his
muscular body, while he deeply drives his cock into her pussy.

"Damn Shad... Big JC really likes his girl friends...." JTG says as he and
Shad watches John pound Mickie's wet pussy with swift, hard thrusts.

"I think they are just friends dawg..." Shad smirks.

"That's what I said..." JTG replies.

"Mmmmm! Ahhh!" John moans into Mickie's mouth as his muscular body moves
against Mickie's body while he fucks her.

"Ohhhhhhh!" Mickie moans, arching her toned body as she breaks the kiss with
Cena and her pussy tightens around his shaft as she cums.

"Awwww fuck!" John groans as he starts to shoot his load within Mickie's
soaking wet cunt a moment later. John and Mickie continue to move against
each other as John's cum flows into her pussy as Mickie's pussy juices flow
over his shaft.

Mickie licks her lips and smiles at John Cena "Mmmm...that was so good! Yep

"Yo... Mickie, you're da bomb!" JTG says as he picks up the tin box full of
cash from the floor to count out half of it to hand to Mickie as she lays
underneath John Cena.

Mickie smiles and laughs "Thanks! Hey! Next time you go back into better hire me!"

"No problem Mickie... with that cabooty of yours... you'll bring in that
money, money..." Shad starts to say.

Mickie laughs and nods her head "Yep! Yep!"

"Yo, yo, yo,... that's my thing!" JTG says as Shad looks up at him.

JTG smirks as Shad starts to say, "That money, money..."

JTG then completes it chant with, "Yeah, yeah..."


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