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States Constitution (ruling occurred as a result of the case "Hustler
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Basically what we are saying THIS IS FICTON, it is not true, didn't happened
and there's a good chance it won't ever happen!

Now... Kristi and Dice present:

Cum Into My Office
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Inside of her office within Little Rock, Arkansas's Verizon Arena on
September 21, 2009, WWE Executive Vice President Stephanie McMahon is re-
reading her e-mails that she has exchanged with former WWE Diva Trish Stratus
who has hosted the previous week's edition of RAW. After reading Trish
praising the hot young high flyer known as Evan Bourne, Stephanie's curiosity
in Evan has peaked. In the past week Stephanie has communicated with many of
the WWE Divas that have worked with Evan since his debut on the ECW brand and
after hearing their unique views on Evan, she has ordered Evan to come to her
office. As she waits patiently, she glances at a clock on the wall when there
is a knock on the door before it opens, "You wanted to see me?" Evan asks and
he's wearing his red and black wrestling tights.

Stephanie McMahon, dressed in a nicely fitted black skirt and a light blue
blouse, nods her head and motions Evan Bourne in with her left hand.
"Yes...come in..." Stephanie says with a smile.

Evan closes the door and walks towards Stephanie's desk, "I'm not in trouble
am I?" Evan asks jokingly.

Stephanie shakes her head. " not..." Stephanie replies
with a smile, but then pauses and raises an eyebrow to suspiciously look at
Evan Bourne. "Should there be a reason, though?" Stephanie asks with a good
natured laugh.

"Mmmm I don't think so," Evan answers.

Stephanie presses her lips together and looks at Evan Bourne for a moment
before she stands up from behind her desk and places her hands onto her
curved hips. "Have a seat..."

"Okay..." Evan says as walks over to sit down on the couch that is near
Stephanie's desk.

Stephanie casually takes a step over towards the couch, but remains standing.
"Now tell me, Evan...did you happen to get a chance to meet last week's Guest
Host for Monday Night RAW, Trish Stratus?" Stephanie asks.

"Ahhh yeah... yes I did..." Evan says while nodding his head and smiling.

Stephanie nods her head and removes her hands from her hips and folds them
against her nicely large chest. "I thought you might know,
Evan...I had a conversation with her just a few days ago after she was the
Guest Host and she was just raving about one certain Superstar..."

"Ummmm... was it Cena?" Evan asks innocently.

Stephanie nods her head and smirks. "No...why don't you take another guess,
Evan?" Stephanie says as she sets her eyes firmly on Evan Bourne.

"Me?" Evan smiles.

Stephanie McMahon's eyes widen with interest as she looks down at Evan
Bourne, standing over him as he sits on the couch. "Hmmm...that's interesting
that you would name yourself..."

"Well you're like staring a hole through me..." Evan says with a smile.

Stephanie nods her head and smirks. "Observant, I see. You know, Evan...Trish
told me things that I was shocked to hear..." Stephanie says as she sighs for
a moment. "How you gave her a whole new sense of a high that she has never
experienced before..."

"What do you mean?" Evan asks as he looks up at Stephanie.

Stephanie sighs as she looks at Evan Bourne with a hint of frustration. "You
fucked her like she's never been fucked before!"

"Oh well... you know...a lot of Divas say I'm really good..." Evan says but
he trails off when Stephanie smirks wickedly down at him.

"I just want to know one thing Evan..." Stephanie says as she unfolds her
arms from her chest.

"Yeah?" Evan asks.

"The first time a female is in charge, even for one nail her.
Sure she has a nice rack and is blond...well used to be blond, but you could
have nailed your boss any other night. I'm a woman...I've never seen you look
my way before."

"Well... actually... Tiffany was the first female authority figure I
nailed..." Evan says with an adorable mischievous grin, "And I have checked
you out... you didn't seem like the type that would be into guys like me..."
Evan adds.

Stephanie smirks a bit and raises an eyebrow. "And what type of guys am I
into, Evan?"

"I would guess guys that are like over six feet tall and have a lot of big
muscles..." Evan answers.

Stephanie presses her lips together. "You should never assume anything in the
WWE..." Stephanie says before she tosses her brunette hair back. "Rey
Mysterio isn't six feet tall...why do you think he's a top star..." Stephanie
says with a sly smirk on her face. "That could be you Evan..."

Evan leans back slightly on the couch, "Well... with a proposal like that...
I can't really turn it down..."

"You would be very stupid to turn it down Evan..." Stephanie says with a

"So how about I just take my tights off?" Evan asks with a grin as Stephanie
glances at his very noticeable crotch that is bulging within his tights.

Stephanie McMahon nods her head and licks her lips. "That would be a very
wise decision, Evan..." Stephanie says as she steps closer, before sinking
down onto her knees between Evan Bourne's legs. Evan Bourne lifts himself
slightly as he pushes his tights down from his waist. As soon as his very
large and thick cock is exposed, Stephanie pushes his hands away from his
tights when he gets them to his knees so that she can get a better look at
the meaty pole that is rising between Evan's legs.

Stephanie raises an eyebrow and glances up at Evan Bourne. "Very impressive,
Evan..." Stephanie says as she places her right hand around his shaft and
begins to move her hand against his rock hard, long shaft.

"Mmmmmm thanks..." Evan says with a light moan as Stephanie moves her right
hand up and down on his hardening cock while she grabs Evan's tights with her
left hand in order to jerk them all the way down to his feet. Stephanie
lowers her brunette head slightly and spits some of her wet saliva down onto
the head of his cock, while rising her right hand to collective the saliva,
which she then lathers down his long shaft.

"Ahhh..." Evan moans as Stephanie strokes his now fully harden cock with her
right hand as her saliva drips down it. Evan lifts his legs out of his tights
and Stephanie tosses his tights to the side.

"You like that, don't you Evan?" Stephanie says with a sly smirk as she
glances up at him and moves her right hand back and forth on his shaft to
spread her wet, soothing saliva.

"Fuck yeah..." Evan nods his head as Stephanie continues to stroke his huge
cock which tenses in her hand. As Stephanie pumps her hand on his saliva
slicken cock, the talented high flyer leans forward so that he can unbutton
Stephanie's light blue blouse, revealing her large juicy tits that sway
slightly as she strokes his dick. Stephanie McMahon leans her head further
down to Evan Bourne's cock before she slides her wet tongue against the
head of his shaft, dragging her tongue across the tender area of his piss-
slit, while she continues to move her hand on his shaft.

"Ahhhhh yeah..." Evan moans as Stephanie McMahon expertly flicks her tongue
over and around the swollen head of his cock, making sure to touch every
centimeter with the tip of her tongue.

"Mmmmmmmm...." Stephanie wickedly moans as she drags her wet tongue around
the head of his cock before she parts her lips and teasingly lets only the
head of his shaft enter her stunning mouth.

"Ahhhh don't take this the wrong way... but I'm sure you can fit more of my
dick in your mouth..." Evan says with a moan and a laugh as Stephanie
teasingly sucks on the head of his cock as she uses her left hand to push
down her skirt from her hips.

Stephanie presses her lips tightly around the head of Evan's cock and turns
her head, causing her lips to grind against his shaft before she lowers her
head down onto his cock, taking him deeper into her mouth. "Mmmmmmmm...."
Stephanie moans as she removes her right hand from his shaft and places her
hand on his toned, tanned waist as she starts to bob her head.

"Ahhhhh..." Evan moans as he places his left hand on Stephanie's brown haired
head as she bobs her head up and down his long fat cock as she lifts her legs
one at a time to finish pushing her skirt off with just her left hand.

"Mmmmmmmmm...mmmmmmm...mmmmm..." Stephanie moans against Evan Bourne's
cock as she smoothly and steadily bobs her head back and forth, with her wet
tongue slapping against the bottom side of his shaft, while taking him deeper
into her wet mouth. As the stunning WWE Executive Vice President bobs her
head up and down on his tool, Evan starts to thrust his massive pole up into
Stephanie's mouth, causing the head of his cock to smack suddenly against the
back of her mouth.

"Mmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmm...gahhh....gahhhh..." Stephanie moans and slightly gags
on Evan Bourne's cock as the head of his cock occasionally smacks against the
back of her stunning mouth as he thrusts in and out of her mouth as she
continues to bob her head with skill.

"Mmmmmmm fuck..." Evan moans as he times his upward thrusts to be when
Stephanie's head is at the top of his cock as she's about to drop down again.
Stephanie loosens her lips and starts to lift her head off of Evan Bourne's
cock and licks her lips as she looks up at him with a smirk.

"I think I'll join you on the floor..." Evan says as he starts to move off
the couch as he places his hands on Stephanie's shoulder to guide her
backward to lay on the floor while also pushing off her blouse. Once he's on
the floor, Evan kneels between Stephanie's legs and guides his big hard and
thick directly into Stephanie's cunt causing her to instantly arch her back
just by the feeling of Evan's dick inside of her tight hot pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm....fuck....that's a first for me..." Stephanie moans and laughs as
her back is already arched without him even thrusting into her. Stephanie
locks her seductive eyes with Evan and wraps her smooth, gorgeous legs to
wrap them around his toned waist.

"Mmmm what's a first?" Evan Bourne asks as he places his hands on Stephanie's
thighs as he thrusts his cock in and out of her wet snatch.

"You made me arch without even thrusting...very nice..." Stephanie moans with
a smirk as she starts to slide on the floor against his thrusts as he pumps
swiftly into her wet snatch.

"Mmmmmm... well... I'm bigger than most..." Evan grins as he builds a steady
yet brisk pace as he fucks Stephanie's pussy. Despite his relaxed expression,
Stephanie feels the force and speed of his thrusts as his dick deeply rams
into her showing the effort he's giving.

"Mmmmmm...yeah...fuck that pussy Evan! Ohhhhhhh!" Stephanie McMahon moans and
licks her lips as she grinds back against his cock as he starts to thrust
quicker into her.

"Mmmmmm you like a big cock Ms. McMahon? You like how it feels thrusting deep
into you?" Evan asks calmly but with a wide smile on his face as he pumps his
cock balls deep into her snatch, causing her to arch her back again.

"Mmmmmmmm yeah...mmmmm fucking love it..." Stephanie moans as she lifts
herself off of the floor and props herself up on her elbows as she starts to
push against his cock. Evan moves his hands to Stephanie's hips, lifting her
slightly so that he can thrust his huge cock into her at a slight angle.

"Ohhhhhhh...mmmmm fuck that pussy!" Stephanie moans as she pushes against his
cock, feeling him thrusting back firmly into her snatch.

"Mmmmmm..." Evan licks his lips as he keeps a brisk and surprisingly steady
pace as he pumps his cock into Stephanie's pussy while he rocks on his knees
to give his thrusts an extra bit of force that Stephanie can seem to prepare
herself for.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmmm shit!" Stephanie moans as her rounded, juicy tits
bounce against his thrusts as she feels him slamming his entire cock
continually into her wet pussy.

"Ohhhhh yeah...mmmm every girl seems to have a hard time taking it..." Evan
groans as he grits his teeth when he starts to really focus on hammering
Stephanie's pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm! I can take it...don't you worry about me...." Stephanie McMahon
moans lustfully as she leans her head back and closes her eyes as Evan
continues to deeply and swiftly hammer his cock into her.

"Ahhhh you're sure about that?" Evan asks as he smirks mischievously by
surprising Stephanie when he seems to reach another level of speed and force
as he pounds her hot wet twat.

"Mmmmmmmmm! Mmmmmmmm...shit...ohhhh yeah...I can take it! I can fucking take
it!" Stephanie moans as her gorgeous legs begin to unwrap around his cock as
he rapidly and firmly pounds his cock into her with a new kind of speed and
force. Evan Bourne grabs Stephanie's legs and lifts them up onto his
shoulders before he starts to lean forward. With Evan now folding her
slightly in half as he fucks her with a seemingly impossible combination of
speed and force, Stephanie feels Evan thighs pressing against her ass cheeks
that are slightly elevated from the floor.

"Ohhhhhh yeah....mmmm give it to me!" Stephanie moans and grits her teeth as
Evan Bourne swiftly pumps his cock into her wet snatch.

"Ahhhh..." Evan grunts slightly as he hammers Stephanie's snatch like a
railroad spike with his piston like cock.

"Ohhhhhhhhh! Fuck! Ohhhhhhhhhhh!" Stephanie moans as she rocks against his
cock, feeling him plunging deeply and rapidly into her.

"Mmmmmm maybe you can handle something... harder..." Evan starts to say as he
teases pulling his rapid and firm pistoning cock out of Stephanie's cunt.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhhh yeah I can handle anything..." Stephanie groans and slyly
smirks at him. Evan Bourne grins and he pulls out of Stephanie McMahon's hot
wet snatch. After getting to his feet, Evan pulls Stephanie up and has her
kneel on the large couch. As if knowing what Evan has in mind Stephanie leans
forward to rest her upper body against the backrest of the couch as she
reaches with both hands to spread her juicy ass cheeks apart. Evan Bourne
licks his lips and sharply impales Stephanie's ass with his huge cock,
making Stephanie grateful that she was leaning against the backrest of the

"Mmmmmmmmm! Ohhhhhh fuck...mmmmm I love a Superstar who can fuck my ass!"
Stephanie moans with a smirk as she glances over her shoulder, feeling him
starts to build up a firm, quick rhythm.

"Mmmmm fuck it? I'm going to destroy it..." Evan moans jokingly even as he
firmly and quickly hammers Stephanie's ass with an increasingly faster and
harder pace.

"'re getting pretty confident...." Stephanie moans seductively as
she starts to rock back on her knees, pushing back against his cock.

"Who me?" Evan groans innocently as he pounds Stephanie's asshole with his
huge cock as his balls smack loudly against her juicy ass cheeks while she
holds them apart.

"Ohhhhhhh! Mmmmmm fuck...ohhhhh shit!" Stephanie McMahon moans and licks her
lips as she swiftly rocks back on knees to firmly push back on his cock with
her juicy and rounded ass smacking against his toned waist. Evan licks his
lips as he places his hands on Stephanie's lower back as he drives his cock
balls deep into Stephanie's cunt as she rocks back and forth on the couch.

"Ohhhhhhhh! Mmmmmmm fuck! Ohhhhhhhhh shit..." Stephanie McMahon moans and
grips the headrest of the couch as he continues to pound his cock deeply into
her stunning ass.

"Mmmmmm ahhh.... too much?" Evan asks as he catches Stephanie off guard with
an shockingly firm thrust.

Stephanie turns her head and slyly looks back at Evan Bourne. "Mmmmm...not a

"Great..." Evan Bourne grins as he moves his hands to the sides of
Stephanie's hips and pulls her back suddenly against him as he drives his
cock repeatedly into Stephanie's asshole. Stephanie narrows her eyes and
looks back at Evan Bourne before she firmly and roughly pushes back in an
aggressive manner against his cock as her juicy ass loudly smacks back
against his waist.

Evan smiles at Stephanie as he shoves his cock harder into her ass causing
her to jolt forward. The two of them trade firm movements with Stephanie
aggressively pushing back as Evan thrusts forward into her. Gradually Evan's
huge cock starts to throb with each of his incredibly firm thrusts.

"Mmmmmmmm....let me feel that dick!" Stephanie moans and swiftly pushes back
on her knees, crashing back against his cock.

"Ahhhh mmmmm..." Evan Bourne groans as he pumps his pulsating cock deeply
into Stephanie's now gapping asshole.

"Ohhhhhhhhh fuck! Mmmmmmmm!" Stephanie McMahon groans loudly and grinds her
gorgeous body back against his cock.

"Ohhhh yeah...." Evan Bourne moans as he pulls his throbbing cock out of
Stephanie's stretched out asshole. Evan starts to stroke his cock with his
right hand.

Stephanie turns her head and licks her lips as she looks back at Evan Bourne.
"Mmmmmm yeah....cum on that ass..."

"Mmmmm... ahhhh..." Evan groans as he starts to cum, spraying an impressively
large load of spunk all over Stephanie's ass cheeks.

"Mmmmmmm...." Stephanie moans as she feels his warm cum splatter onto her
juicy ass, as she sways her ass from side to side.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmm..." Evan Bourne moans as he continues to stroke his cock
as he continues to cum on Stephanie's ass. When he's spent, Stephanie's ass
is nearly completely coated with his warm sticky load.

Stephanie nods her head and licks her lips. "You did not disappoint one

"Well... you said Trish said I took her to a new high... I couldn't do any
less with you," Evan grins.

Stephanie smirks. "Now...why don't I show you what I can do..."

Evan grins, "I can't wait..."


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