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Cumming With Royalty Part 1
by Erotica Writer

"How dare you not look up when royalty enters a room?"

Stephanie McMahon sat her pen down on the desk looking up at the man in front
of her desk. "Schedule getting to you Booker?" she asked leaning back in the

Shaking his head Booker crossed his arms. "Why must I deal with peasants?" he

Her hand slowly moved over to toward the phone intending to get the men in
the white coats up to her office ASAP.

Booker's hand suddenly went toward the phone grabbing her wrist. "Steph,
look...I'm just trying to really get into this character, okay?"

Stephanie looked down noticing how he had ahold of her arm.

"I'm involved with someone..." she began as he moved to kiss her neck.

"I know," he replied sliding a hand down up under her sweater sliding it
inside her bra cupping her breast.

Gasping softly Stephanie felt her body respond to Booker's touch. She lifted
her arms up watching as he pulled her sweater off and then reached around to
unhook her bra smiling when her huge breasts came into his view.

"You have beautiful breasts Stephanie" he said leaning down to flick his
tongue against her nipple causing her to grab onto his shoulders.

He slowly seduced her body with his tongue moving to lick between her breasts
before taking the other one into his mouth and sucking intently.

Moving between her legs he moved down to her stomach hearing her moan softly
wrapping her legs around his waist.

"Watch me Stephanie...I want you to know who's pleasing you" he said after
her head fell back her eyes closing.

She met his gaze as he helped her remove the rest of her clothes shedding
his own as well before moving back between her legs sliding two fingers deep
inside of her.

"Oh...yes baby...get my pussy wet," she cried trying to move against his

"Sexually deprived are we, baby?" he asked laughing.

"I'm sure there's other things you can do with your mouth?" she asked.

"Yes, ma'am" he replied leaning down to slip his tongue inside of her
flicking it in and out.

She was biting her lip so hard she could taste blood she didn't need her
office staff walking in on this little meeting.

"What do you want?" he asked looking up into her eyes.

"I want your cock inside of me," she cried moving a hand through her hair and
watching intently as he moved to do exactly what she wanted.

Stephanie felt her orgasam explode over her the moment he slipped inside of
her and begin to thrust gently at first then moving intently when she started
to move with him.

"Yes, Booker,...I'm cumming so hard. Your cock is so big and thick, baby,"
she said whimpering as her release began to calm down.

He eased out of her kissing her gently before moving to grab his clothes.

Stephanie smiled at him moving off the desk. "Where do you think your going?"
she asked tossing his clothes to the floor.

"I guess no where," he replied smiling.

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