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Cumming With Royalty Part 2
by Erotica Writer

Hunter Hearst Helmsley sat watching his girlfriend Stephanie Mcmahon.
Something was going on with her, and he was going to find out what it was.

"Well if it isn't Hunter Hearst Helmsley" came a voice from behind him, and
he turned to find Queen Sharmell, Booker's girlfriend and one of the two
African American Divas on the WWE roster.

"What do you want, Sharmell?" he asked not even turning around.

"I want to know your plans for Booker at the PPV," she said.

Hunter stood up turning to face her. "If you think I'm gonna tell you that
your dumber then he looks," he replied.

Her hand came up to slap him and he immediately grabbed it smirking. "Don't
even try it," he said.

"We will talk later," she said yanking her hand away and walking out of the
room leaving him to simply shake his head.

* Bookers dressing room - later that day *

Sharmell was in the shower washing her hair and she didn't hear the door to
the bathroom open until she felt hands reaching up to cup her breasts.

Her eyes were closed so she assumed her boyfriend was behind her that was
until he spoke.

"You really should lock your door, Sharmell"

He saw she was about to scream so he covered her mouth with his thrusting his
tongue in her mouth.

Moving to push her up against the wall Hunter found himself wanting more of
this dark skinned beauty.

Sharmell grabbed onto his arms moaning his name as he moved down to roughly
suck on her tits.

Crying out as he bit down on her nipple she slid one hand down between them
beginning to work his cock with her hand.

"Do I make you this hard already?" she asked stroking his length.

"You know you do," he replied.

"Take me rough baby I want you pounding inside my pussy," she said squeezing
the tip of his cock.

Slowly he laid her down on the floor of the tub holding her legs open. "You
want it rough do you?" he asked slamming deep inside of her watching as she
arched up off the tub floor.

"Hunter"she cried as he watched her move to play with her tits rolling them
around and then tugging hard on them.

"Baby, your cock is so big and hard...oh yeah pump it in me stud."

He immediately obliged feeling his orgasam starting to over come him.

"I want you to cum...I want to hear you scream my name..."

"Hunter," she said starting to move with him.

"Louder," he comanded slowing down his thrusts trying to tease her.

"Hunter," she said a little louder.

"Your getting there," he replied moving to rub her pussy until she screamed
his name.

"That's it, sweetheart," he said smiling.

"Don't pull out... please," she pleaded enjoying the feel of him inside of

"I won't. I can still feel you pulsating," he replied.

After a few moments he eased out of her moving to kiss her deeply.

"See you at the PPV," he said smiling as they stepped from the shower moving
to get dressed.

"So why me, Hunter,... you have the boss's daughter in your bed any time

Slowly Hunter leaned down. "Mind Games," he replied walking from the room a
smile on his face.

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