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D-Von... Get The Table!!!
by Formerly Ty (

It was at Unforgiven where X-Pac and Road Dogg went against the Dudley
Boyz in a table match. Tori went throught a table during a match and DX lost
the titles. Backstage, Tori was sweating when she met the Dudleyz.

"Great match boyz" says Tori.

"You too,Tori" said D-Von.

"Well, I gotta go, my neck hurts," says Tori.

"Don't go, Tori," says the Dudleyz.

"What's the matter boyz?" says Tori

"When I powerbombed you through the table you're pussy was in my face and
I thought...".

"What?" Tori interrupted.

"I felt you're pussy was wet," says Buh-Buh.

"Well, you're face was in my pussy what'd you expect," says Tori.
"Do you wanna taste it?" says Tori.

"Well, yeah" said the Dudleys.

"Let me taste you first" Tori said. She gets on her knees and the Dudleys
pull down they're pants. Tori begins to suck on D-Von's big black cock.

"OHHHHHH...TORI" says D-Von. She sucks his balls and deepthroats him all
the way in her mouth. She moves her tongue around while he fucks her in the
mouth. The Dudleyz take off their shirts showing their guts. Tori sucks
harder on D-Von while jerking Buh-Buh.

"Stop sucking baby, give it to Buh-Buh" says D-Von. She stops sucking
D-Von and moves to Buh-buh's fat cock. She spits on it and puts it in her
mouth. "ohhhhhh yeaaaaaa" moans Buh-Buh. She jerks D-Von's wet cock while
deepthroating Buh-Buh. She then licks and sucks on Buh-Buh's balls. Buh-Buh
tells her to stop.

She takes off her black tights and green top revealing nice,big tits and a
shaven pussy that has a tattoo and is pierced. D-Von sucks on her left tit
and Buh-Buh sucks on her right tit. She gets wetter and wetter with each suck
and lick on her tits. They both begin flicking her hard nipples. "Ohhhhh,
baby!" says Tori. The Dudleyz stop sucking on her tits.

Tori gets up and tells them to taste her. Tori and Buh-Buh push D-Von.

"D-VON........GET THE TABLE" says Tori and Buh-Buh. D-Von gets the table
and they lie Tori on top of it. Tori spreads her legs and tell them to eat
her clit now. Buh-Buh and D-Von waste no time they both start to eat her
pierced pussy.

"Ohhhhhh yessss eat my pussy" screams Tori. The Dudleyz tear away at
her pussy like there's no tomorrow. "ohhhhhh yessssss eat me baby" screams
Tori. "Ohhhhhhhh im cumming babies" says Tori. Tori cums two times on both
of their faces. They drink it and spit it on her tits.

Tori then gets on the table allowing Buh-Buh to lay on the table. She
sits on his cock as D-Von gets on the table and sticks his black cock inside
her butthole. "Ohhhhhhhhh yessss fuck my holes Dudleyz" yells Tori.

D-Von pumps faster inside Tori as Buh-Buh pumps up and down into her. All
of a sudden Spike Dudley comes in and asks to join. He joins in, gets on the
table and takes off his pants and shirt revealing a huge 9 inch cock, know
what they say about little people. He sticks his big cock inside Tori's mouth
pumping in and out.

Tori is being stuffed and tortured. "Mmmmmm" moans Tori.

"I'm cumming" says D-Von. "Oooohhhhh shit" moans D-Von as he takes his
cock out and cums on Tori's ass. He rubs his wet cock on her butthole.

"IT'S CUMMING" says Buh-Buh and Spike at the same time. They both cum on
Tori's mouth and stomach.

"I'm cumming again" says Tori.

She cums on Buh-Buh and D-Von. The Dudleyz rub their cum on Tori as she
swallows Spike's juices.

"Mmmmm, you tasted great" says Tori

"you didn't taste so bad either" says Buh-Buh.

All of a sudden, the table couldn't take the pressure and all four fall
through it on top of each other. Then the Dudleyz start to eat Tori again
and her juices. They swallow it down. They all get dressed and this is just
the first victim of the table stories. Should i write more parts. If so give
me any diva in the WWF, past and present, and they'll go through a table.

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