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Danielle Fishel & Lacey Chabert At Smackdown!
by Joker

King: Well fans, this has been an amazing night so far!

Cole: You got that right King. We have had blood, sweat, and some great

King: Oh Michael Cole! Speaking of great matches...LOOK OVER THERE!

(the camera zooms into the crowd and shows Lacey and Danielle sitting front
row, smiling and waving to the camera.)

King: Oh my gosh! OH MY GOSH! Well fans, we are out of television time...but
I have a feeling this night is far from over!

(The credits roll and everyone starts to leave the arena)

King gets up from the broadcast area and walks over to Danielle and Lacey
who are getting their coats and preparing to leave.

"Excuse me ladies" he says with a perverted grin, "the v.i.p. guests
always join me backstage to meet the wrestlers."

"Ummmmm. I don't know. I am kinda shy" says Lacey.

"Yeah. I really have to get going and I don't feel confident in front of
all those beautiful people backstage" Danielle adds.

King retorts, "OH! Trust me. From my view, you two have all the assetts,
I mean, all the goods, er... the best sets of ti..., um...."

The two girls giggle and King begs them to come backstage. They agree and
King escorts them to the side entrance.

Backstage, a few wrestlers are carrying on and celebrating a great show.
As King and Lacey approach them, they realize that it is none other than
Stone Cold, HHH, Rock, Stephanie, and Lita. Danielle and Lacey share an
attraction to the 3 men and an appeal to the 2 gorgeous women. They talk for
hours until Stephanie comes up with an idea.

"Hey. Do you all want to play some cards?"

Lacey feels dumb and shyly says "Well I don't really know how to play that
many card games."

"Well which games to you know how to play?"

"Go fish and war." says Lacey, Danielle says "yeah that's all I know

Everyone laughs at them mockingly and Danielle and Lacey feel really

"Hahaha....ohhhh oh gosh. This is too much. I am going to get something to
drink. I'll see you gusy later." Lita says walking away.

Stephanie suggests that she will teach the 2 girls how to play some card
games, while ROck, Austin, and HHH wait patiently until the girls are
prepared. Steph walks the 2 girls into a back room and the 3 guys are sitting
talking still as the door closes.

HHH whispers "Holy shit Rock, did you see the tits on those 2 broads?!?"

"I know Hunter, those chicks have been drinking milk."

Austin adds "Shit I would like to suck ALL of the milk out of both of
those broads. Hell I'd even do Stephanie if Vince didn't protect her so

The guys laugh and continue.

"How old are those two hotties anyways?" the Rock asks.

HHH leans in close and whispers "they are LEGAL man!" Rock's eyes open
wide as Austin leans in and says "18 years old...and ripe! Those 2 little
pieces of asses are 100% virgins. Plus their little frames must make them all
the more tighter!"

HHH responds "and you know...I have talked to Stephanie many times...and
she says she STILL hasn't found the right man...if you know what I mean."

Rock shouts "SHE's A VIRGIN TOO!?!?"

"SSHHHHHHHHHHHH!" HHH and Austin say at the same time. All 3 men laugh
and think of what it must be like.

Austin stands up. "Just how long does it take to teach them to play cards.
We have been waiting forever. I am going to see if they are ready yet." He
walks over and peaks his head in the door.

Austin comes sprinting back over to the guys. "GUYS! GUYS! You will NOT
believe this. Come with me." All 3 guys rush over to the room and open the
door slowly, peeking in on them.

Stephanie is sitting at the table in a black silk bra that looks about 2
sizes too tight. Danielle is sitting with just a Rock shirt on and sporting
pink panties. Lacey is standing up with her back to the guys wearing white
cotton panties and a bra. The 3 men look on in shock.

Stephanie says "Come on Lacey. This is part of the game. You lost the hand
so now you know what to do."

Lacey sighs and reaches behind her back, unsnapping her bra and holding
it over her breasts. Suddenly the 3 guys rush in all at once. Lacey jups in
fear for a second, then gets a shy horny smile on her face as the 3 men gawk
at her.

"Ut oh. It looks like we are busted girls." Stephanie says as all 3 girl

Then the girls all stand up and walk over to the guys. "you boys didn't
come in here to play cards, did you?" Danielle asks as she moves in a sexy
way over to the guys. Stone Cold gets a rugged smile on his face as Danielle
walks over right in front of him. Stephanie walks directly over to HHH with
a horny grin on her face. Lacey stands back and away still holding the bra
over her breasts.

"Get your candy ass over here!" Rock barks at Lacey. She is very nervous
and looks at the ground as she tip toes over to the Great One.

Danielle looks down at Austin, who has a large object sticking out of his
trunks. "My my my. What do we have here?" Danielle asks Steve in a sexy

Stephanie looks down at HHH and sees something similar, along with the
Rock. "Girls. I think that we have bonded so far tonight. Let's OFFICIALLY
bond and do something that we have never done before." Steph says. Danielle
licks her lips and smiles. Lacey looks nervous but nods her head also.

Just then, in one quick second, Stephanie and Danielle both strip
completely down to nothing. HHH focuses on Stephanie, Austin on Danielle, and
Rocky on Lacey.

HHH's mouth is wide open looking at the big breasts of Stephanie. Her
nipples so large, dark, brown, pointed, and hard. A small amount of drool
runs down his cheek and he quickly wipes it off. His eyes pan down to her
pussy patch. A cute triangle of brown hair right above her clit. Pussy lips
that are nice and smooth with a touch of wetness already. She straddles him
and sits on his lap facing him as Hunter goes face first right into her
cleavage and kisses away.

Austin looks at Danielle's breasts. They are large and plump aereoles,
with little eraser-like nipples. He looks at her pussy, a very short trim all
around with the lips and clit clean shaved. Austin grabs her roughly by the
hips and pulls her forward, kissing her stomach and belly button, with one
hand on her ass and one feeling her breasts.

Lacey looks at the Rock who is sitting there waiting. "Well come on
Jabroni. I am next, aren't I?" he says.

"Well I am shy...kinda nervous."

"Honey there is nothing to worry about. The Rock is gonna take good care
of you. BTW, do you like pie?"

"Um....yeah I like pie."

"What's your favorite kind of pie?"

Lacey gets more comfortable and drops her bra. "I like apple pie...why?"
she adds.

Rock stares at her breasts that seem way too large for her little body. He
immediately grabs them and rubs them. "Well the Rock likes POON-TANG PIE!"
Rock yells as he spins Lacey around, yanks down her panties and whips his
tongue all over Lacey's clean shaved virgin pussy.

"UHHHHHHHHHHNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Lacey moans as Rock's tongue has no mercy on
her pink 1st time pussy.

HHH is now holding both of Stephanie's large breasts and caressing her
nipples. Stephanie rubs HHH's dick through his trunks, then slowly pulls them
down to his ankles. His large cock springs back and stands straight up as
Stephanie puts her warm hand around it and slowly licks the head.

HHH reaches down and slides 2 fingers in her tight pussy and rubs his
thumb on her clit. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Stephanie moans and squeezes HHH's cock
as she is entered for the first time. HHH grins and quickly rubs the walls of
her pink pussy. "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHooooooooOOOOH!" Stephanie's voice trails off
as her eyes roll back in her head and her whacking stops because of the
amazing feeling. She keeps her eyes closed and slowly begins whacking and
sucking again.

Austin already has his trunks off and Danielle is now laying on another
couch with her legs up in the air and spread apart. She is jerking off Austin
very quickly as his head is buried in her pussy. She is moaning the loudest
and her feet and toes are curling like she is about to cum. "OHHH! OHHH!

Austin glances up and sees Lacey now bent over a chair with Rock still
licking away, now pinching her titties. Rock and Austin make eye contact.
Austin stops for a second, then licks Danielle faster. Rock looks pissed,
then licks Lacey even faster. They go back and forth, trying to out do each
other. Danielle and LAcey scream in unison over and over again, with
Stephanie moaning as well in the background as HHH finger fucks her and
begins to nibble and suck her swollen clit. "UHHHHHHH! OH YES! AH! OHHH!
UHHHNNN! OOOO! OOOOO! AHHHH!" The guys work vigorously as one by one the
women give in. Stepanie's face scrunches up and her eyes close tight. She
moans in fast high pitch squeeks. "OOOOO! OOOO! AHHHH! UHHHHH! OHHHHH! UHHHH!
UHHHH!" It looks like HHH is punching her pussy as he rams his fingers deep
in her. Stephanie squirts a stream of pussy juice down her leg and HHH's face
and begins to shake and quietly moan. Danielle follows, squeezing her legs
around Austin's head as he sucks her juices up and caresses her breasts.
Lacey is almost right on cue as she quietly squeeks and lets out a gushing
flow of juice.

The women relax after all having their first orgasms, but these guys
aren't done. They quickly grab their women, bend them all over a large couch
side by side. The girls are heavy breathing and the guys are standing behind
the with large aching cocks. HHH behind Stephanie, Austin behind Danielle,
and ROck behind Lacey. They line up their cocks to the tight wet pussy holes
and push forward together with all their might. The 3 women sound off
together as their pussies are pounded. HHH looks over at the Rock, then picks
up the pace. AUstin does the same. Rock sees that he is getting beat, and
goes faster and faster. All the guys trying to fuck the hardest and the
fastest, all 3 girls getting the fucks of their lives. The sound of moaning
and flesh smacking fills the room up. Minutes pass and the guys are still
full steam ahead. Danielle lets out a scream and more fluid comes out of her.
Austin stops and yells "YES! I won!" HHH protests saying that Stephanie came
a long time ago, but wasn't as vocal about it, so HE should be the winner.
The fucking stops as Rock holds up his hand to HHH and Austin's mouth,
quieting them instantly.

"You jabronis need know your role and SHUT YOUR MOUTHS!"

The 3 girls stand up and back away shocked at what is going on.

"Now the Rock says that he got the short end of the stick in this deal...
but obviously HHH you have the shortest stick in this room!" Rock says.

The girls giggle as HHH looks over at them with a mean look and they
cover their mouths, still smiling.

Austin says "What the hell are you talking about Rock?"

"The Rock is talking about you 2 roody poos get Stephanie the slut and
Danielle the out going one, while the Rock is stuck with a little nervous
broad who doesn't know what to do."

HHH yells "That's B.S. and you know it. It's not out fault that you can't
get a girl to cum before we can."

With that the Rock grabs a lamp and smashes it over HHH's head. Austin
hits Rock with a chair and the fight is on. The 3 girls grab their clothes
and head out the back door. Things are smashing, bodies flying, everything
is a mess.

Suddenly the action stops as Lita enters the room. She looks at the 3
guys fighting in the buff. They turn their attention towards her as she
enters and closes the door. She stares directly at their cocks and licks her
lips. Suddenly all 3 start to walk towards her and ther cocks are growing by
the second. She backs up slowly and says "Whoa! Whoa guys! Hold on a second.

Rock grabs her from behind and pushing her to the couch. Her top is ripped
and her spandex shorts and thong are tossed to the ground. Austin, Rock, and
HHh are standing over her as she struggles. Austin says "Ok guys. The first
one to cum....wins!"

With that said, Lita is bend over the couch, wiggling and protesting. HHH
shoves his cock into her warm mouth and she gags instantly, mumbling on his
dick. Austin manuevers under her and jams his dick into her warm tight pussy.
He pounds away as he holds her in place. Rock watches on and continues to get
harder and harder and harder. Lita's eyes watch his cock grow to an enormous
length. She gets a scared look on her face as she is banged, knowing that the
biggest is yet to come.

"Hey Lita." the Rock says, "do you like what you see?"

Lita shakes her head no as her mouth is now being rammed by HHH's cock and

"Well that's too bad Lita. Because the Rock is gonna shine his cock up
real nice...." the Rock spits in his hand and rubs his cock, lubing it up,
"turn this sum bitch sideways!" he walks behind Lita and lines his cock up
to her puckered up virgin butthole. Lita wiggles and kicks, but Austin has a
good grip pounding away at her pussy. "and stick it straight up your CANDY
ASS!!!!!!!!" Rock yells as he plundges his 12 inch cock all the way up her
butt in one stroke.

"MMMMMMGGGGGRRRRRFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!" Lita screams at the top of her lungs
and tightens her face up with HHH's dick in her throat, Austin pumping her
pussy, and Rock fucking her butt hole. Rock rams in and out as hard as he
can, moving Austin, Lita, and HHH with every deep stroke. He pounds hard and
deep, then lets out a yell of his own as he busts his load in the depths of
her butt hole. He leaves it all the way in as cum runs out of the side of
Lita's pink tight ass. Austin is a close second, and then comes HHH cumming
in Lita's mouth. All 3 guys pull out and leave Lita laying.

HHH says "Rock I guess you are the better man."

"Yeah man", Austin adds "that was one hell of a show. You win."

Rock smiles and says "Are you kidding? We are ALL winners tonight!" The 3
men laugh and grab some Steve-weisers after they get dressed.

Minutes later, Lita is alone still naked, slowly getting up to grab her
things. Suddenly the door busts open and music hits. "WELLLLLLL! WELL IT's
THE BIG SHOW!!!!!!" Big Show enters the room and slams the door behind him.
He looks pissed off as he rushes to Lita. She looks down at his naked body
and sees a 2 foot long cock as thick as a grown man's arm. It is rock hard.
She sobs as she s taken back to the couch, bent over again, and Show holds
her there. She looks back in fear as Show spits in her opened anus and lines
up his thick cock.


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