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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

DX CumBack Tour 2006 Part 1: Banging In New York
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Behind Madison Square Garden in New York City, D-Generation X members Triple
H and Shawn Michaels are exiting the world's most famous arena. "What a
night... those Spirit Jerks are so goofy..." Triple H laughs and he's dressed
in jeans and a DX t-shirt.

"Yeah... and then add Vince and Shane-O to it and it's even worst... so
terrifying..." Shawn Michaels replies, and he's also dressed in jeans and DX
t-shirt, but is also wearing a DX baseball cap.

"Terrifying?" Triple H asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Yeah... since Vince totally loves cocks... he has five of them with those
cheerleaders..." Shawn answers.

"Ok.... That makes sense..." Triple H laughs a bit.

Shawn Michaels smirks as they start to walk over to where the DX tour bus is,
"Hey Hunter... just out of curiosity, why the hell is this a comeback tour, I
came back four years ago..."

Triple H laughs, "Yeah you came back as part of the nWo and then I talked you
into reforming DX..."

Shawn nods his head, "Oh yeah I remember, then you drove my face into the mat
with your pedigree..."

Triple H shrugs a bit, "Sorry about that.... Anyway... so we never got DX
back together till now... so we're going to paint the WWE green all over

"Ok... gotcha..." Shawn says as they approach their tour bus where the 2005
WWE Diva Search Winner, Ashley Massaro is standing, "Hey there little lady...
need a ride?" Shawn asks.

"Hey guys...what's up?!" Ashley Massaro as she presses her pierced lips
together as the smoking hot blond and black streak haired Dirty Diva places
her left hand on her hip while holding a camera with her right hand "I'm so
stoked that DX is back!" Ashley says with a smile "I remember back when I was
younger and watching wrestling...I loved DX so much!" Ashley says while she
is dressed in a gray and black plaided short skirt and a tight fitting black

Triple H smirks, "You hear that Shawn, she loves us...."

"Yeah I heard her..." Shawn says before he makes a face as he looks at
Ashley, "But did you really have to say when you were younger..." Shawn says
before he laughs.

Ashley raises an eyebrow as she looks at Shawn Michaels "What? Oh...when I
was younger?" Ashley asks with a laugh "Sorry about that..." Ashley presses
her pierced lips together as she looks at Triple H and Shawn Michaels "But
you guys still aren't that what...30?" Ashley says with a shrug.

"More like..." Shawn Michaels is about to reply when Triple H cuts him off.

"Anyway... what's with the camera?" Triple H asks as he notices it in
Ashley's right hand.

"Oh..." Ashley laughs as she raises her camera up "I was just wondering if I
could get a picture with you know something to prove that I got to
hang with the greatest team ever, DX!"

Shawn Michaels smirks a bit, "That's pretty cool...."

Triple H strokes his chin, "Hmmmm... hold on Shawn... hey they call you the
Dirty Diva right?" Triple H asks as he begins to smirk a bit as he looks at

Ashley nods her head "Yep! The Dirty Diva...down and dirty, that's my style!"
Ashley says with a laugh as she presses her pierced lips together and looks
at Triple H with a sexy smirk.

Triple H smirks a bit, "Really... well... I have a bit of a classic DX
idea..." Triple H says as he leans forward to take Ashley's camera. "How
about some down and dirty pictures... DX style?" Triple H asks.

Shawn looks at his partner and friend, "Say what?"

Triple H smirks, "You know, down and dirty pictures... the type a hot DX fan
like Ashley here would appreciate..."

Ashley laughs and shrugs her shoulders before she nods her head "Sounds like
a kick ass idea to me!" Ashley says as she seductively licks her lips, which
gets the instant attention of Triple H.

Triple H licks his lips, "Shawn would you mind taking the first few
pictures..." Triple H says as he tosses the camera to Shawn.

"Sure... why not..." Michaels says as he turns his hat around to examine the
camera, "Great... it's one of them digital ones..." Shawn says as he plays
with the buttons as Triple H undoes his belt and jeans.

Ashley raises an eyebrow as she watches Triple H unbuckles his belt and
unzips his jeans "Fuck! This is down and dirty!" Ashley Massaro says with a
laugh as she tosses her blond and black streaked hair back while she takes a
step closer to Triple H.

Triple H lowers his jeans to bring out his twelve inch cock, "Damn right...
now get ready... cause I got two words for you...." Triple H raises his arms
up to do a crotch chop when the flash of the camera goes off. "Hey!" Triple
H yells.

Shawn smirks, "Oops sorry..." Shawn says with a laugh.

Triple H shakes his head and turns his attention back to Ashley, "Suck it!"
Triple H says as he does a crotch chop.

Ashley licks her lips "Oh yeah! I'll fucking suck it!" Ashley says with a
laugh before she kneels down on the ground in front of Triple H, placing her
hands around his thick shaft. Ashley gently pumps her hands against his shaft
a few times to completely get his cock hardened. Ashley then lowers her head
and slides her hot, wet tongue across the thick head of his cock.

Shawn Michaels unbuttons his jeans as he takes a few pictures of Ashley
sliding her tongue against Triple H's shaft. "Mmmmm... fuck..." Triple H
moans as Ashley covers the head of his cock with her warm, wet saliva.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah!" Ashley moans as she slides her tongue around the head
of Triple H's cock before tapping the tip of her tongue against Triple H's
piss-slit. Ashley locks her smoking hot eyes with Triple H, before she opens
her mouth and lowers to her head to take in Triple H's cock.

"Ohhh shit... fuck Shawn get a good picture of this..." Triple H moans as
Ashley closes her mouth down on his cock and begins to bob her head on his
twelve inch dick.

"No problem..." Shawn says as he snaps a few pictures of Ashley sucking The
Game's rock hard dick.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm..." Ashley Massaro seductively moans as she bobs her blond and
black streaked hair smoothly back and forth on Triple H's twelve inch cock.
Ashley's pierced lips lightly rub back and forth against his shaft as she
starts sucking at an eagerly quickening pace.

"Mmmmm ahhhh damn... mmmmm..." Triple H moans and licks his lips as Ashley
twists her head around his cock as she eagerly blows him.

"Well that proves she's a DX fan... she knows how to suck it!" Shawn laughs
as he takes some more pictures and pushes down his jeans and boxers to bring
out his thick eleven inch show stopper cock.

Ashley closes her eyes as she slowly lowers her head further down on Triple
H's cock as she impressively fills her hot, wet mouth with the entire twelve
inches of Triple H's cock. "Mmmmmm!" Ashley moans as she tightly presses her
lips around his shaft.

"Ahhh fuck... mmmm hey why don't you suck Shawn's dick for a while..." Triple
H moans as he takes the camera from Shawn when he steps close to him.

Ashley slowly lifts her head off of Triple H's cock, as her wet saliva drips
down his cock. Ashley smirks and tosses her hair back before she turns on her
knees to face Shawn Michaels "Mm...time to fucking suck it again!" Ashley
laughs before she places her hands on Shawn's toned waist and leans her head
forward to take his cock into her hot and wet mouth.

"Damn straight..." Shawn Michaels moans as he leans against the side of the
DX tour bus.

Triple H begins to take pictures of Ashley as she starts to suck Michaels'
eleven inch cock. "Hmmm... what do we got back here..." Triple H says as he
steps around behind Ashley and lifts up her short black and gray plaided
skirt to reveal her hot, juicy bare ass, which he takes a few pictures of.

"Mmmmmmm..." Ashley moans and laughs around Shawn's cock as she smoothly
and eagerly bobs her head, slapping her wet tongue around his shaft. Ashley
Massaro lifts her eyes and locks her smoking hot eyes with Shawn Michaels,
while she gradually bobs her head at a quicker pace as well as taking him
deeper into her mouth.

"Ahhh... uhhhh fuck...." Shawn licks his lips as he looks down at Ashley as
she bobs her head along the length of his eleven inch cock.

Triple H snaps another shot of Ashley's ass before he notices a video
recording feature on the digital camera. "Now this could be fun..." Triple H
says as he puts the camera on the trunk of a parked car. The Game then kneels
behind Ashley and proceeds to push his twelve inch rock hard cock into her
warm tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm! Ohhhh fuck!" Ashley moans, lightly pressing her teeth around Shawn's
cock, as Triple H's shaft enters her warm and tight pussy. Ashley closes her
eyes as she starts to gently push back against the increasing thrusts of
Triple H's twelve inch cock while her pierced lips smacking around Shawn
Michaels's cock as she holds him deeper in her hot mouth.

"Mmmmm ohhh yeah... let's play the game..." Triple H moans as he puts his
hands on Ashley's hips as he pumps his cock in and out of her warm tight

Shawn leans his head back against the side of the DX tour bus, "Ohhh fuck...
mmmm damn... you do like to get down and dirty...." Shawn moans as he looks
down at Ashley as she sucks his dick.

"Mmmmm...hmmmm..." Ashley moans as she wraps her lips tighter around Shawn's
cock as she lowers her head and expertly twists her head on his cock, while
her saliva showers every inch. Ashley's nicely rounded and juicy tanned ass
smacks back against Triple H's muscular waist, while he firmly slams his cock
into her warm pussy.

"Ahhhh.... ohhhh fuck shit... she's tight as fuck..." Triple H grunts as he
firmly thrusts his cock in and out of Ashley Massaro's tight pussy as she
rocks back against him to meet his thrusts.

Shawn licks his teeth as Ashley deep throats his entire cock as her saliva
drips from his cock down to his ball sack, "Ohhh fuck... mmm yeah..." Shawn

Ashley slowly lifts her head off of Shawn's cock and licks her lips as she
smoothly rocks back on her knees to push her smoking hot body back against
Triple H's cock "Ohhhh fuck! I can't believe I'm getting down and dirty with

Triple H licks his lips as he pulls his cock out of Ashley's pussy, "Believe
it... and we're just getting warmed up..." Triple H says.

Shawn Michaels looks down at Ashley and pulls her up to her feet, "That's
right cause we can keep it up all night..." Michaels says as he hoists Ashley
up and lowers her hot pussy down onto his saliva covered eleven inch dick.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh fuck!" Ashley moans as she places her hands on Shawn's slightly
hairy chest as he lowers her pussy onto his cock. Ashley grits her teeth and
starts to smoothly bounce on his shaft as the Heartbreak Kid fucks the Dirty
Diva while standing.

"Uhhhh awww ohhh yeah..." Shawn Michaels moans as he pumps his cock into
Ashley's pussy as she bounces on his dick. Triple H stands up behind the
smoking hot Dirty Diva and smirks slyly before he pushes his rock hard cock
into her tight asshole.

Ashley presses her pierced lips together as she rocks forward on the cock of
Shawn Michaels, while she feels Triple H's cock entering her tight asshole.
"Ohhhhh fuck yeah!" Ashley moans as she wraps her smooth, tanned legs around
Shawn's toned waist as she is sandwiched between the Shawn Michaels and
Triple H.

"Mmmmm damn... mmmm you think this is the first time she's been double
teamed?" Triple H asks with a grunt as he pounds Ashley's hot ass.

"Are you kidding me? If she's been less then triple teamed I'd be shocked!"
Shawn Michaels answers as he speeds up his thrusts as he and The Game turn
the Dirty Diva into the meat of a DX sandwich.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh I love DX! Fucking love it!" Ashley moans and laughs as she
quickly bounces between Triple H and Shawn Michaels, while their cocks deeply
ram into her smoking hot body.

"Ahhhh uhhh fuck... mmm shit... damn..." Shawn Michaels moans as he sharply
thrusts his cock deep into Ashley's cunt.

Triple H grits his teeth as his balls bang against Ashley's ass with everyone
of his thrusts, "Ahh fuck... damn... we should really think about adding a
Diva to DX..." Triple H says as he slams his dick deep into Ashley's asshole.

Ashley's pussy grinds roughly against Shawn's shaft as Triple H deeply slams
his cock into her ass, which causes Ashley to quickly jolt forward on Shawn's
cock "Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Ashley moans as sweat drips off of her body.

"Uhhhh mmmm fuck... ohhh shit yeah... mmmm!" Triple H grunts as he starts to
cum inside of Ashley's tight asshole as she bounces on his and Shawn's rock
hard degenerate dicks.

Ashley smirks as she glances back over her shoulder to look at Triple H,
while he pulls his cum spent, throbbing cock out of her ass "Mmmm...yeah I
fucking love you guys!" Ashley laughs as she continues to firmly bounce on
Shawn's cock in her warm pussy.

Triple H picks up the digital camera and switches it back to it's photo-only
modes, "How about you suck Shawn's dick again..." Triple H says with a grin.

"Ohhhh that sounds good... to me..." Shawn says as he lifts the Dirty Diva
off of his throbbing eleven inch cock. Ashley Massaro smirks as she sits on
her knees in front of Shawn Michaels and his throbbing eleven inch cock.
Ashley leans her head forward and seductively taps her tongue against the
bottom side of his shaft before she opens her mouth, taking the head of his
shaft into her warm, wet mouth.

"Mmmmm fuck... ohhh shit..." Shawn Michaels moans as he leans his head back
and puts his hands on Ashley's blond black streaked hair head. Triple H
smirks as he starts taking photos again as Ashley sucks The Heartbreak Kid's
show stopping cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Ashley lustfully moans as she smacks her lips around
his shaft while she skillfully and smoothly bobs her head to take his cock
deeper into her mouth.

"Ohhhhh shit... the show's over...." Shawn Michaels moans as he starts
cumming inside of Ashley's mouth.

"Hey babe... let's get a photo of what's inside..." Triple H says as he
stands right next to the Dirty Diva as her mouth gets filled with Shawn's
cum. Ashley slowly lifts her head off of Shawn's throbbing shaft and turns
to seductively look at Triple H. Ashley locks her eyes with Triple H and
opens her mouth to show off the thick load of Shawn's cum.

"Oh yeah.... damn I love these new Divas..." Triple H smirks as he takes a
picture of Ashley's open, cum-filled mouth and then of her beautiful face as
she looks up at him and the camera.

"Whew.... what a great way to kick off a tour..." Shawn Michaels says with a

Ashley closes her mouth and tilts her head back as she presses her pierced
lips together and swallows the thick load of Shawn's cum. "Mmm...ohhh

Triple H hands the camera down to Ashley, "You know... we're going to want
copies of those photos..."

"We would?" Shawn Michaels asks as he looks at his long time friend.

Ashley raises an eyebrow "Why do you want copies?"

Triple H smirks, "Well... me and Shawn are on a CUM-back tour... we got to
have souvenirs...."

"A tour!?" Ashley laughs and lightly tosses her hair back "Hey...then can I
hitch a ride to the next town?"

"Sure... we're heading down to East Rutherford in Jersey next..." Shawn
Michaels says.

"Awesome! Fuckin' awesome!"

Triple H smirks, "Then let's get rolling... cause we could do a lot of
bangin' along the way..."


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