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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

DX CumBack Tour 2006 Part 5: Louisville Fuckers
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

After a RAW live event in Louisville, Kentucky, Triple H and Shawn Michaels
are inside of the DX tour bus, looking through a local phone book for a place
to get some food before heading off to the next town. "What do you feel like
Shawn... Chinese?" Triple H asks, and he's dressed in swish-pants and a DX

"Nah... how about Thai?" Shawn replies, and he's dressed in jean shorts and a
brown t-shirt.

"No way too spicy... how about pizza?" Triple H asks.

Shawn pauses and thinks, "Sure why not...."

Triple H smirks, "Great... cause I heard of a place near here... and it might
be good stop for our tour."

"Really?" Shawn asks with a raised eyebrow.

* * *

Ten minutes later, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are standing outside of Fat
Tony's Pizza, "This ain't even a Pizza Hut..." Shawn says with a laugh as he
and Triple H enter the restaurant without noticing the 'closed' sign on the

Triple H shrugs, "Hey... Pizza Hut doesn't have a Diva in charge..." The Game
replies as they walk up to the counter of the empty restaurant.

"Not a busy place..." Shawn says.

"Hey it is like close to midnight..." Triple H says as he and Shawn lean
against the counter. After waiting for a few moments, Triple H calls out,
"Hey... who's ass do I got to kick to get some service!"

"What the hell!?" The vicious vixen and the incredibly hot owner of Fat
Tony's Pizza, former WWE Women's Champion Victoria. Victoria raises an
eyebrow and slightly smirks as she walks up to the front of the restaurant,
locking her intense and crazed eyes with Triple H and Shawn Michaels "Hey...
we're closed...beat it!" Victoria snaps as she places her hands on the

"Hey the lights were on... and the door was open..." Shawn Michaels says as
he checks out the sexy owner of Fat Tony's Pizza.

"And we're paying customers...." Triple H adds with a smirk, "And it's bad
for business to turn away people who would pay to eat here..."

Victoria seductively narrows her eyes into a deadly glare and places her
hands onto her smoothly rounded hips "Well...I sent all the staff home...and
I turned the ovens off..." Victoria says as she's dressed in a tight pair of
jeans, a black top and black leather jacket as well.

"There still has to be something you can sell..." Triple H says with a smirk
as he leans against the counter.

Victoria smirks a bit "Depends on what you want..." Victoria licks her teeth
as she looks at Triple H "...But just to warn you, I don't sell for cheap!"

Triple H and Shawn Michaels exchange looks and smirk after hearing Victoria's
reply. "Hey Hunter did you hear that... she said she doesn't sell for cheap,"
Shawn says.

"Yeah I heard her.." Triple H smirks as he looks back at Victoria, "So...
just to be clear... this depends on what we want to eat right?" Triple H

Victoria folds her arms across her large chest and smirks wickedly "Whatever
you want...but like I won't be cheap."

Shawn Michaels smirks, "Ok.... well.. .I'm in the mood to eat some pussy...
how much is that?" The Heartbreak Kid says with a wide grin.

Triple H laughs, "Damn Shawn... you're asking for the main course already?"
The Game asks.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and wickedly laughs "For that $ less."

"$500? Ok... Hunter... dinner's on me tonight..." Shawn Michaels says as he
takes out his wallet and starts counting out several hundred-dollar bills.

When HBK puts more than $500 down on the counter, Triple H raises an eyebrow.
"You put down too much..." Triple H says.

Shawn smirks, "I know I did..." Shawn says as he looks at Victoria, "But I
think she might have a buffet menu to that we'd want to try."

Victoria smirks as she takes the several hundred dollar bills and slides them
into the back pockets of her tight fitting jeans. Victoria licks her teeth as
she steps out from behind the counter. "Ok fuckers...your meal is served..."
Victoria says before she removes her leather jacket and allows the jacket to
simply fall of the floor behind her.

"Damn I love the service here..." Triple H says as he starts to lower his
swish-pants and boxers to free his thick twelve inch cock.

Shawn raises an eyebrow, "Can't we eat first?" Shawn smirks before he puts
his wallet away followed by lowering his jean shorts to expose his eleven
inch dick.

Victoria grits her teeth together and raises an eyebrow as she looks at Shawn
Michaels "Lay the fuck down and you can eat first!" Victoria snaps before she
lifts her black top, exposing her large and rounded viciously hot tits, as
well as her perfectly toned upper body.

Shawn licks his lips as he takes off his t-shirt, "Great... I'm starving..."
Shawn says as he lays down on the clean floor of Fat Tony's Pizza.

Victoria smirks as she locks her eyes down on Shawn Michaels while he lays on
the floor "You obey...good..." Victoria says before she unbuttons her tight
fitting jeans and pushes them down from her toned, smooth waist and down her
tanned, nicely toned legs. Victoria steps out of her jeans to expose her
viciously hot, smoothly shaved pussy. Victoria grits her teeth and tosses her
raven black hair back before she lowers herself onto the floor of her
restaurant, mounting her viciously hot body onto the face of Shawn Michaels.

"Mmmmmm!" Shawn moans as he lifts his head slightly and begins to flick his
tongue back and forth against Victoria's smoothly shaved and hot pussy.

Triple H smirks as he steps towards Victoria, "Here... you look like you need
some meat in your diet..." Triple H says as he moves his hips so that his
dick sways in front of Victoria's face.

" fucker..." Victoria sneers as she rocks back and forth on
Shawn's face, flicking his tongue against her sinisterly hot and wet pussy.
Victoria narrows her eyes as she stares ahead at Triple H's rock hard twelve
inch cock before she wraps her hands around his thick shaft. Victoria glances
up at Triple H "Ohh...I love good ounces of meat..." Victoria hisses before
she wickedly slaps her tongue against the head of Triple H's cock.

"Ahhhh... mmmm... that does not surprise me one bit..." Triple H smirks as
Victoria slithers her wicked tongue around the thick head of his foot long
dick. Shawn puts his hands on Victoria's legs as he pushes his tongue up
into Victoria's pussy while she rocks on his face.

"Mmmmm...Ohhhh ahhh fuck!" Victoria moans with a hiss as she rocks back and
forth smoothly on Shawn's face as he laps and flicks his tongue against his
warm, wet pussy. Victoria closes her eyes as she opens her wicked mouth and
takes Triple H's cock. Victoria wraps her wicked lips around his shaft and
begins to sinisterly bob her head on his twelve inch prick.

"Mmmmmmm.... mmmm!" Shawn moans as he quickly darts his tongue in and out of
Victoria's pussy while feeling Victoria grinding her cunt on his rugged face.

Triple H grits his teeth as Victoria bobs her head at a quick pace on his
rock hard cock, "Ahhh yeah.. mmmmm fuck yeah..." Triple H moans as he takes
off his DX t-shirt to reveal his muscular and tanned upper body.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Victoria moans as she roughly bobs her head at an
impressive quick pace with her wicked lips rubbing back and forth against his
shaft. Victoria sinister saliva drips down Triple H's shaft as she eagerly
sucks the cock of The Game. Victoria's lips presses tighter around his shaft
as she roughly bounces on Shawn's face to force his tongue to fuck her hot

"Mmmmm!" Shawn moans as he tastes Victoria's hot wet pussy as she bounces on
his face while he tongue-fucks her cunt.

Triple H licks his teeth as Victoria sucks his thick foot long cock, "Damn...
guess we weren't the only ones fucking hungry..." Triple H moans.

"Mmmmmm! Mmmmm!" Victoria wickedly moans around Triple H's cock as she lifts
her eyes to lock her glared eyes with him while she impressively moves her
head around his shaft. Victoria's wet saliva coats his shaft perfectly as she
uses quick and deep head bobs to devour his shaft.

Shawn Michaels puts his hands on Victoria's waist and pushes her up away from
his face, "Fuck... that's one tasty pussy..." Shawn says as he scoots out
from under the vicious vixen of the WWE.

Triple H smirks as he pulls his cock out of Victoria's saliva dripping mouth,
"Really? Wonder if her pussy can take a lot of meat..." The Game says as he
looks down at Victoria as some saliva drips from her lips.

Victoria grits her teeth and nods her head "Oh...I can take alot of meat!"
Victoria hisses as she sits on her knees while Shawn Michaels stands up from
the floor.

"We'll see about that..." Triple H says as he pulls up Victoria and turns her
around to face the counter just as Shawn Michaels sits on it. The Game then
pushes his thick saliva covered cock into the vicious vixen's hot, wet and
tight pussy.

"Mmmmmm...ohhhh fuck!" Victoria moans as she places her hands on the counter
and leans her head further to slap her wicked tongue against Shawn's cock.
Victoria slithers her wet tongue around the head of his shaft as she rocks
back on her feet to push back against the thrusting cock of Triple H. "Mmm...
yeah fuck me..." Victoria hisses before she takes Shawn's cock into her
wicked mouth.

"Ahhhh... whew.... don't waste no time and suck it..." Shawn Michaels moans
as he leans back on the counter as the vicious vixen bobs her head up and
down on his eleven inch show stopper cock.

Triple H puts his hands on Victoria's hips as he pumps his cock in and out of
Victoria's tight pussy, "Ahhhh... mmmmm fuck yeah... ahhh..." Triple H moans
as he starts to quicken the pace of his thrusts as he fucks her.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm!" Victoria moans as she quickly bobs her head, splashing her
saliva, against Shawn Michaels's cock as she impressively devours his cock
with her hot mouth. Victoria's wicked lips grind against Shawn's shaft as
she holds him deep in her mouth. Victoria's viciously hot ass slams back
against Triple H's muscular waist he deeply slams his cock into her.

"Mmmmmm fuck... ohhh yeah..." Triple H moans as he slams his cock deeply
into Victoria's pussy and his large balls bang right against Victoria's
smooth tanned skin. Shawn Michaels rocks a bit on the counter to thrust
his cock into Victoria's mouth as she sucks his stiff prick.

"Mmmmm! Mmmm....Ahhhhhh!" Victoria moans as she presses her teeth around
Shawn's shaft and roughly rakes them against his shaft while she moves her
head up and down on his shaft. Victoria lifts her eyes and glares at Shawn
Michaels as her viciously hot body rocks back against Triple H's cock,
slamming back against his waist and large ball sack.

"Mmmmm ahhhh... mmmm... didn't you say you can take a lot of meat?" Shawn
asks as he looks down into Victoria's viciously seductive eyes as she sucks
his eleven inch dick. Triple H smirks as he pounds Victoria's hot pussy from
behind with his big hard dick.

Victoria lifts her head and grits her teeth "Ohhh yeah! I can take alot!"
Victoria says as she pushes back aggressively on Triple H's cock.

"Hey Hunter.... how about we have a double stuffed pizza-shop owner?" Shawn

Triple H laughs as he suddenly pulls his cock out of Victoria's pussy,
"Sounds good to me... I loved things double stuffed..." The Game says. Shawn
Michaels smirks as he gets off the counter and lays back down on the floor as
Triple H steps back away from Victoria.

Victoria raises an eyebrow and wickedly smirks "Oh I'm gonna fuck you good!"
Victoria says with a laugh before the psychotic and vicious Diva lowers
herself down onto the floor and firmly mounts her wicked body onto Shawn's
eleven inch cock.

"Ahhhh mmmmm.... well then I'll get my money's worth..." Shawn moans as he
starts to thrust his cock upward into Victoria's pussy.

Triple H kneels down behind Victoria and pushes her forward so that her ass
sticks up slightly, "This might be a little tight..." Triple H says as he
starts to push his twelve inch cock into Victoria's already stuffed pussy
from behind, and his cock grinds right against HBK's dick as he pushes
himself deeper into Victoria.

"Ohhhhh you mother fucker!" Victoria screams before she smirks wickedly as
she feels Triple H and Shawn's cocks deep inside of her warm, wet and now
completely filled pussy. Victoria glances over her shoulder and licks her
teeth while looking at Triple H before she rocks back to push against his

"Ahhhh ohhh yeah... mmmm fuck!" Shawn moans as he and Triple H pump their
big hard cocks in and out of Victoria's pussy as she rocks between the two
DX Superstars. Triple H grits his teeth as he puts his hands on Victoria's
shoulders as he slowly increases the pace of his thrusts.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh yeah!" Victoria moans wickedly as she places her hands onto
Shawn's slightly hairy chest and digs her fingernails into his chest as she
bounces on his shaft while rocking back on Triple H's shaft as they deeply
double fuck her pussy.

"Mmmmmm ahhhh uhhhh yeah..." Triple H grunts as he quickly thrusts his cock
in and out of Victoria's double stuffed pussy as HBK drives his own cock up
into her cunt as well. Shawn licks his lips as he holds onto Victoria's
thighs as she rocks between him and The Game.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Victoria moans wildly as sweat drips off of her
wickedly hot body while she is sandwiched between the two DX members.

"Ahhhh ohhh shit... mmmm fuck!" Shawn Michaels moans as he starts to cum
inside of the Vicious Vixen's warm, wet and double stuffed cunt. Triple H
then quickly pulls his dick out of Victoria's pussy and strokes his cock
until he starts cumming on her hot, round ass.

Victoria tilts her head back grits her teeth as she roughly slams down on
HBK's cumming cock "Ohhhh fuck!" Victoria hisses as she feels the warm cum
of Triple H spraying on her ass.

"Ahhh.... mmmm fuck... that was a good dinner..." Shawn Michaels moans as he
finishes cumming in Victoria's pussy.

Triple H smacks his cum spent dick against Victoria's ass cheeks, "So... how
much is dessert?" Triple H asks.

Victoria narrows her eyes as she looks back at Triple H "I want double for

Triple H grins "Well... looks like I'm paying for that..."


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