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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

DX CumBack Tour 2006 Part 8: Flying Over Philly
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At Philadelphia's International Airport, Triple H and Shawn Michaels, the two
members of D-Generation X have finished spray painting a huge green DX logo
over the WWE logo that's on the side of the WWE Corporate Jet. "Now we're
going to be flying in style..." Shawn Michaels says, as he's wearing jeans,
a DX t-shirt and a DX cap.

"Yeah... now once this ECW rep gets here we can hit the UK, do the
promotional tour and then get back to business..." Triple H says as he and
Shawn walk up the steps to enter the jet. Triple H is dressed in jeans and a
black DX t-shirt.

"Hey whatcha got against ECW? Those wild guys did lay the ground work for us
to do whatever we want to when we kicked off DX back in 97..." Shawn says as
he and Triple H sit on a couple of the leather seats in the passenger area of
the jet.

"You never had to spend anytime with Tazz, who goes on and one about his road
stories.... He doesn't pause, he just keeps talking in one incredibly long
unbroken sentence, moving from thing to another..." Triple H then pauses and
laughs, "It is good when you want to fall asleep..." Triple H then realizes
that Shawn isn't listening to him. "Hey... are you paying attention?"

Shawn, who is looking out the jet's window, looks at Triple H, "Huh? Oh...
sorry Trips... I was looking at the rep from ECW who's coming with us..."
Shawn says.

"Really? Who is it? Balls? Van Dam?" Triple H asks as the curtain that
separates the front of the WWE corporate jet from the back is pulled open.

"Hey boys...ready to get extreme?" Francine, the original Queen of Extreme
and current ECW Diva, says with a smirk as she steps through the curtain to
join Triple H and Shawn Michaels in the lounge area of the jet. Francine
raises an eyebrow and places her hands at the two DX members are speechless
and looking at the hot Vixen with their mouths hanging up "Well...are you
just gonna fuckin' stare at me all flight or will you talk to?"

Triple H smirks, "Oh we'll be talking... I'm a regular chatter box..." Triple
H says as he composes himself.

"Yeah... every Monday at 9 PM, when he starts talking you can't shut him
up...." Shawn laughs, "Now I may not have been in ECW... but I know a
heartbreaker when I see one..." Shawn says as he checks out the gorgeous
ECW Diva.

Francine raises an eyebrow and smirks slightly "Quite the charmer...but
believe me I've heard all the sweet-talk from just about every guy on this
planet..." Francine seductively snaps as she looks at Shawn Michaels, and
the Queen of Extreme is wearing a red skirt and a black top.

"Yeah Shawn... she's a chick that was in a dog collar match while wearing one
of the tightest outfits possible..." Triple H says.

Shawn looks at The Game, "How do you know?"

"Tazz mentioned it about a hundred times..." Triple H answers.

Francine nods her head and proudly smirks "Yep...I'm the toughest and hottest
bitch you'll ever meet..." Francine says as she steps further into the lounge
area of the jet "So...when's take off?"

"Probably as soon at the pilots get here... you know these days they got to
pass a Breathalyzer test..." Shawn laughs.

Triple H smirks, "So while we wait... I just got to know if you're as extreme
as every one says you are..."

Francine raises an eyebrow as she looks at Triple H "Fuck yeah! You better I
can get extreme!"

"Really? I'm not so sure..." Triple H says, "Cause me and Shawn got to see
how extreme the WWE's original Extreme Diva, Lita, can get...." Triple H adds
as he slightly taunts Francine while Shawn Michaels raises an eyebrow.

Francine rolls her eyes "Lita? Fuck..." Francine laughs "She's an amateur
compared to me..." Francine presses her lips firmly together as she looks at
Shawn and Triple H "She couldn't even lace up my shoes..."

Shawn licks his lips a bit, "That may be true... but we don't know if you're
more extreme than she is..." Shawn says with a grin.

Francine smirks as she looks at Shawn Michaels "Oh yeah? Well I can prove I'm

Triple H licks his lips, "Well... let me give you two words so you can prove
it..." Triple H says as he then performs a crotch crop, "So get down and SUCK

Francine glances back at Triple H and slowly licks her lips "I can do
that..." Francine says as she walks up to Triple H and locks her eyes with
The Game before she kneels down in front of him and aggressively lowers his
jeans from his muscular waist.

"Damn...." Triple H laughs as Francine jerks down his jeans to uncover The
Game's thick twelve inch cock. The ten time World Champion takes off his DX
t-shirt to reveal his muscular and tanned upper body.

Francine raises an eyebrow and smirks " you think you're extreme
enough to handle me?" Francine asks before she firmly places her hands around
the thick cock of Triple H as she forces his cock into her skilled and warm

"Mmmmmm it's a long flight to the UK... so we got time to find out..." Triple
H moans as the Queen of Extreme wastes no time in taking his cock all the way
into her mouth without gagging.

Shawn licks his lips, "You know, this explains why a lot of guys wore baggy
pants around you in all that ECW footage on WWE 24/7..." Shawn chuckles as he
takes off his DX cap followed by his t-shirt.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm..." Francine moans as she smoothly and perfectly bobs her head
on Triple H's cock slightly twisting and moving her head on his shaft while
her lips rub against his cock.

"Uhhh shit.... mmmm fuck..." Triple H moans as he tilts his head back as
Francine bobs her head up and down on his cock. The Game feels Francine's
warm saliva dripping down his shaft as she lifts and lowers her head
repeatedly. Shawn Michaels unbuttons his jeans and begins to take them off
to unleash his eleven inch dick.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm!" Francine moans as she skillfully and wildly bobs her head to
eagerly and smoothly suck his cock. Francine closes her eyes as she deeply
holds The Game's cock in her extremely hot mouth.

"Awwww.... fuck..." Triple H moans as he licks his lips, "Shit... fuck she
can suck dick extremely well..." Triple H says as he watches Francine's head
rise and fall on his shaft.

Shawn Michaels smirks, "Can't wait to see if she's as extreme as she
looks..." The Heartbreak Kid says with a laugh.

Francine tightly wraps her lips around Triple H's cock as she slowly lifts
her head, painfully grinding her lips against his shaft. Francine tosses her
dark brown hair back and smirks as she turns on her knees to face Shawn
Michaels "Ready to go extreme...Showstopper?"

"Ready? I was born ready..." Shawn Michaels says with a grin as he watches
Francine take a moment to remove her tight fitting black top.

Francine smirks as she notices Shawn Michaels starring down are her firm and
juicy tits. "This isn't a free show..." Francine snaps with a smirk before
she instantly forces his eleven inch cock into her extremely skilled mouth.

"Mmmm... as long as it's a show that doesn't stop... I don't mind..." Shawn
Michaels moans as Francine deep throats his entire eleven inch cock with one
gulp. Triple H slides off the leather seat and kneels behind Francine where
he starts to pull off her red skirt from her smooth, slender hips.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm..." Francine moans as her lips massage his shaft while
she skillfully bobs her head to quickly suck his eleven inch cock. Francine
closes her eyes as she easily lifts and lowers her head on his shaft.

"Ahhhh... mmmmm...." Shawn moans as he starts to move his hips to thrust his
cock in and out of Francine's mouth.

"All right... lets see how extreme you can be..." Triple H says after
removing Francine's skirt from her legs to expose her round, juicy ass. The
Game licks his lips before he firmly shoves his shaft into Francine's

"Mmmmmm! Ahhhh fuck yeah!" Francine moans around Shawn's shaft as she presses
her teeth against his cock while she continues to perfectly and skillfully
bob her head along his shaft. The Queen of Extreme begins to instantly push
back her juicy ass back against Triple H's cock.

"Mmmmm... now this is a just an incredible ass...." Triple H grunts and
laughs as he firmly pumps his cock in and out of Francine's asshole, and his
balls bang right against her juicy ass cheeks. Shawn Michaels grits his teeth
slightly as he feels Francine's teeth raking back and forth on his dick as
she sucks it.

"Mmmmm...mmmm" Francine moans as she slobbers her saliva all over Shawn's
cock as she continues to firmly rock back on her knees in order to push her
juicy, hot ass back against Triple H's muscular waist as he rams his cock in
her extreme ass.

"Ahhhh damn... mmmmm fuck..." Shawn Michaels moans as he tilts his head back
as Francine continues to suck his eleven inch cock. Triple H grabs Francine's
hips and jerks the Queen of Extreme back towards him so that her ass smacks
hard against his muscular waist.

"Mmmmm! Ahhhh...mmmmm" Francine moans as she deeply hold Shawn's cock in her
mouth while she eagerly rocks back on her knees at a quickening pace to smack
her ass back against his cock.

"Mmm fuck... I think she likes to be up all night..." Shawn Michaels moans as
Francine lifts her head off of his saliva covered eleven inch cock.

Triple H smirks as he pounds Francine's ass repeatedly with his twelve inch
shaft, "Mmmmm uhhhh... she's pretty extreme...." Triple H grunts before he
pulls his dick out of Francine's juicy ass.

Francine grits her teeth as she looks up at Shawn Michaels with a smirk
"Oh...I can be up all fuckin' night!" Francine says with a laugh as she sits
on her hands and knees on the floor of the jet.

Shawn Michaels sits on one of the jet's leather seats, "Then lets keep
rockin'..." Shawn says as he pulls the Queen of Extreme onto his lap.

Francine tosses her dark brown hair back as she places her hands on Shawn's
toned, slightly hairy chest and lowers herself down on his rock hard eleven
inch cock "Ohhhhh fuck..."

"Mmmmm shit...." Shawn moans as he feels Francine's pussy squeezing his cock
as she starts to rock back and forth on his shaft. Triple H licks his lips as
steps up onto the next leather seat so that his cock hangs perfectly for
Francine to take advantage of it. Francine smirks as she wraps her right hand
around Triple H's cock and guides his shaft into her hot, wet mouth. As
Francine skillfully rocks and bounces on Shawn's cock, she expertly sucks on
The Game's shaft.

"Ahhhhh ohhh yeah..." Triple H moans as he feels Francine's lips brushing on
his cock as she sucks his dick. Shawn raises his hands and puts his hands on
Francine's tits as he starts to thrust his cock upward into the Queen of
Extreme's tight wet pussy.

"Mmmmm...mmmm" Francine moans as she smoothly moves her head back and forth
along his twelve inch cock while she laps her wet tongue around his shaft.
Francine firmly slams her toned body down on Shawn's cock as he deeply pushes
his cock into her pussy.

"Uhhhh... ahhhh fuck... mmmm shit!" Shawn moans loudly as he begins to cum
inside of Francine's warm, wet and tight pussy as she bounces up and down on
his cum spraying dick.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Francine moans as she swiftly bounces on HBK's throbbing
cock as his warm cum sprays into her pussy as she continues to quickly move
her head on Triple H's cock, skillfully sucking his shaft.

"Ahhhhh uhhh awww ahhhhh!" Triple H grunts and moans as he clenches his teeth
together when he starts to shoot his thick warm cum right down Francine's
throat as she continues to bob her head on his dick.

"Mmmmm..." Francine moans as she slowly lifts her head off of Triple H's cock
and licks her lips to swallow his cum.

"Ahhhh.... fuck.... Trips... I think this is going to be an EXTREMLY good
flight..." Shawn Michaels laughs.

Francine smirks slyly and raises an eyebrow "Weren't there more than just two
of you?"

"Yeah..." Triple H nods his head, "But they couldn't cut it without me and
Shawn around to carry them."

Francine smirks "Well...I guess the two of you will be fine..."

"Will be fine?" Shawn says as he looks at Triple H, "This is definitely going
to be an EXTREMELY good flight."

Triple H smirks, "Oh yeah..."


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