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ever happen (if it does, you can just say that we are that damn good). But
regardless this is, this is FICTION!

Also, Kristi and I don't.... DON'T! DO NOT!!! write the following types of
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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

DX CumBack Tour 2006 Part 13: California Lust
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

In Los Angeles, California, Triple H and Shawn Michaels are standing under a
beach umbrella, dressed in black swim trunks and DX tank tops as they watch
an argument take place a few feet away between SmackDown Diva Kristal
Marshall and the director of a future WWE pay-per-view commercial. "Damn
she's really holding things up.." Shawn Michaels says.

"Yeah. we could've had this thing done hours ago." Triple H says as he sees
Kristal storm away from the director towards the large dressing trailer
that's parked on the sand. "Maybe we should fix her attitude." Triple H
laughs as he starts to walk over to the trailer.

"Why do I think you have a plan?" Shawn laughs as he follows The Game.

"Because I'm the cerebral assassin." Triple H laughs as he and HBK arrive at
the trailer and enter the trailer. Triple H stands on his tiptoes to look
over the dividers and racks of clothes. "Come on. and play along" Triple H
says as he walks towards the right end of the trailer and Shawn follows
behind him. "Black tank tops on a 90 degree day. they have got to be joking."
Triple H says as he takes off his tank top after going around a divider right
where Kristal is going through some clothes.

Kristal Marshall grits her teeth as she shakes her head, while sorting
through her clothing "That director is such a fucking idiot!" Kristal
complains aloud to herself, while she's dressed in a short red bikini skirt
and a red bikini top.

Shawn Michaels takes off his own tank top, revealing his toned, tanned and
slightly hairy chest, "So that's why you stormed off the beach?" Shawn laughs
as he purposely gets Kristal's attention.

Kristal slowly turns her head to glances over her shoulder and narrows her
eyes as she turns to face Triple H and Shawn Michaels. "What do you two
want!?" Kristal Marshall rudely snaps as she places her hands on her hips.

"We're just here to get a change of clothes... wearing black out there is
just brutal..." Triple H smirks as he lowers his black swim trunks to let out
his twelve inch cock. The Game then starts shifting through the clothes as
Shawn Michaels starts to take off his own swim trunks to let out his eleven
inch dick.

"Yeah... totally sucks... we need something less heat attracting..." Shawn
says, "Although there are times I get heat when wearing nothing all..." Shawn

Kristal presses her lips together as she glares at Triple H and Shawn
Michaels "With you two coming in here like that and now being naked...if you
two aren't here to fuck...get out...NOW!" Kristal snaps.

Triple H laughs, "Hey we're looking for other clothes.... what's your excuse
for being in here?"

Kristal glares at Triple H and grits her teeth "Shut up...and both of you get
the fuck over here! I want to fucking suck it!" Kristal says as she
surprisingly lowers her short red bikini skirt down from her waist and down
her incredible legs to reveal her nicely shaved pussy.

"She said the magic words before we did.... that ain't right...' Shawn laughs
as he steps over to Kristal.

"Yeah... but what are ya going to do..." Triple H shrugs as he also steps
over in front of Kristal.

Kristal rolls her eyes "Why don't you two do everyone a favor and just shut
up!" Kristal snaps rudely at the two degenerate friends. Kristal grits her
teeth as she kneels down in front of Triple H and Shawn Michaels. Kristal
firmly grabs hold of both shafts and pulls them towards her bitchy lips, she
then proceeds to slides her tongue across the head of Triple H's cock before
moving to the head of Shawn's cock.

"Mmmmm and here I thought Melina was a real bitch..." Shawn moans and laughs
as Kristal smacks her tongue around the head of his eleven inch cock.

"We'll have to find out sometime..." Triple H laughs as Kristal pulls his
cock closer to Shawn's. Kristal slaps her tongue against the head of Triple
H's cock, slapping his piss-slit while she strokes her left hand against his
rock hard cock. Kristal moves her head to Shawn's cock and slaps her tongue
against his shaft as she begins to wickedly drag her tongue down his long

"Mmmmm.... fuck... I wonder how she got to be in the commercial we're
shooting...." Shawn moans as Kristal's tongue presses against his dick as she
licks it all the way down to the base.

"I have no idea... oh wait... yes I do..." Triple H chuckles as Kristal
steadily strokes his fat foot long dick. Kristal lifts her eyes and glares up
at Triple H and Shawn Michaels before she jerks their shafts and forces them
to press together. Kristal suddenly opens her hot and bitchy mouth as wide as
she can, while she lowers her head and impressively takes both cocks into her

"Ahhhh shit.... now I know too!" Shawn moans and laughs as Kristal Marshall
starts to bob her head smoothly and rather easily on both his and Triple H's
thick hard cocks.

"Uhhh mmmmm she's had practice..." Triple H laughs and moans as he feels
flicking her tongue between his and HBK's dicks as she sucks them both.

"Mmmmm...mmmmm!" Kristal Marshall moans roughly as she presses her lips
around both rock hard shafts as her mouth is stretched wide to hold both
cocks. Kristal closes her eyes as she lowers her head further down on both
cocks to impressively orally worship the cocks of DX.

"Ohhh shit... mmmmm.... she has a big mouth..." Triple H comments as Kristal
deep throats both his and HBK's huge cocks.

"Yeah.... she knows how to pay lip service..." Shawn laughs as he tosses his
long hair back. Kristal keeps her glared and bitchy eyes locked with Triple H
and Shawn Michaels as she lips massage both cocks while she lifts and lowers
her head at a quick pace, causing both shafts to grind against the other.

"Ahhh she seems to love two dicks at once...." Shawn Michaels moans.

"Yeah... that gives me a real good idea..." Triple H laughs before he pulls
Kristal's head off of his and HBK's dicks. Before Kristal can protest, The
Game lifts her up from the floor and impales her hot tight cunt onto his
twelve inch cock.

"Mmmm...ohhhh yeah you mother fucker!" Kristal moans and grits her teeth as
she wraps her incredible legs around Triple H's muscular waist as she
wickedly bounces on his thrusting cock.

"Since when am I a back door man...." Shawn Michaels asks with a laugh as he
steps behind Kristal in order to ram his eleven inch cock into Kristal's
tight ass.

"Mmmmm since I got into her cunt first!" Triple H replies as he pumps his
cock quickly into Kristal's pussy as Shawn starts to catch up.

Kristal tilts her head back as Shawn Michaels starts to pump his cock up into
her incredibly hot ass, forcing her to bounce swiftly on Triple H's massive
cock "Ohhhh! Ohhhh yeah fuck!" Kristal Marshall moans as she slams down hard
on both cocks.

"Ohhh ahhh shit... mmmm what a fucking hot bitch..." Triple H grunts as he
thrusts his twelve inch cock deeply into Kristal's cunt. Shawn puts his hands
under Kristal's legs as he manages to speed up his thrusts to where he's
matching Triple H's pace.

Kristal places her hands onto Triple H's muscular chest as she rocks forward
against his cock as he and Shawn jointly thrust and slam their cocks into the
bitchy SmackDown Diva "Ohhh yeah I'm the fucking best fuck around here!"

"Mmmmmm I wouldn't know about that.... Ashley was a hot fuck..." Shawn moans
as he pumps his cock balls deep into Kristal's ass.

"And Victoria was pretty wicked..." Triple H adds as he slows down his
thrusts slightly.

"Plus there's Mickie... and Kelly..." HBK says with a laugh.

"Ohhhh shut up!" Kristal moans as she aggressively slams down on Shawn's
cock, while grinding her pussy sharply against Triple H's cock, while sweat
forms on her bitchy, hot body.

Shawn Michaels and Triple H both raise eyebrows before they lift Kristal off
of their big hard dicks, "You know... we don't like being bossed around too
much... we know how to really screw people..." Shawn says.

"Yeah..." Triple H says as HBK lays on the floor before The Game lifts
Kristal up and lowers her hot wet twat down onto Shawn's eleven inch cock
while keeping her facing him.

Kristal Marshall grits her teeth and tilts her head back as she starts to
swiftly bounce on HBK's cock inside of her warm, wet pussy. "Ohhhhh...fuck...
fuck!" Kristal moans as she grinds her pussy down on his shaft.

Triple H kneels in front of Kristal and lines his cock up with Kristal's
already stuffed cunt, "Time to really play the game...." Triple H says as he
forces his twelve inch cock into Kristal's pussy along side HBK's dick.

"Ohhhhh...ahhhhh fuck!" Kristal groans as she rocks forward against Triple
H's shaft as he begins to pump his cock into her pussy while forcing her to
rock on Shawn's shaft. Kristal leans back and places her hands onto Shawn's
toned waist as she is fucked by both DX members.

"Ohhhh shit... mmmm fuck... yeah..." Shawn moans as he lifts his hips to
thrust his cock upward into Kristal's double stuffed pussy. Triple H grabs
Kristal's legs and lifts them up to be able to pull himself deeper into
Kristal's cunt.

" that all you got?!" Kristal moans as she rocks forward at a rough
pace against Triple H's cock as she grinds against HBK's cock as the two DX
teammates double fuck her pussy impressively.

"Mmmmm shit.... fuck.... she must've been around the SmackDown locker room a
few hundred times..." Triple H laughs as he slams his cock in and out of
Kristal's tight double filled pussy.

"Mmmm well... we can try her ass..." Shawn Michaels laughs and grunts.

"Nice idea..." Triple H smirks as he pulls his cock out of Kristal's pussy
and pulls her off of HBK's cock. Triple H lays on his back and turns Kristal
around before forcing her to sit on his cock that goes deep into her asshole.

"Ohhhh....awww fuck..." Kristal moans as her asshole is filled with Triple
H's twelve inch cock "Ohhhh yeah fuck my ass..." Kristal as she leans back
and starts to ride his cock.

Shawn Michaels licks his lips as gets up onto his knees in front of Kristal,
"Ok..." Shawn laughs as he forces his eleven inch cock into Kristal's ass
when Triple H lifts Kristal high enough. The two member of DX then start to
thrust their cocks in and out of Kristal's tight asshole.

"Ohhhh...ohhhh shit!" Kristal moans and grits her teeth as she digs her
fingernails into Triple H's muscular chest as she feels HBK's cock entering
her deeply stuffed ass.

"Ahhh shit yea.... fuck she's used to two in the ass..." Triple H moans as he
and HBK drive their cocks deeply into Kristal's tight ass as they stretch her
asshole apart with sharp, rough thrusts.

"Mmmm...yeah...ohhhh yeah fuck that ass!" Kristal grits teeth as her sweat
covered body slams between Triple H and Shawn Michaels as they deeply drill
her asshole, stretching her ass for both cocks.

"Ahhhh shit.... mmmm fuck... yeah..." Shawn Michaels groans as he starts to
cum inside of Kristal's stretched asshole. HBK holds his cock inside of
Kristal's pussy as he shoots his load and Triple H continues to slam his cock
in and out with ease.

"Ohhhhhh! Ohhhhh yeah....cum in my ass!" Kristal moans as she aggressively
pushes herself forward against Triple H's swiftly thrusting shaft.

"Mmmm fuck..." Shawn moans as he pulls his cum spent cock out of Kristal's

"Ahhh I don't follow anyone when I cum..." Triple H grunts as he almost
shoves Kristal up off of his twelve inch cock so that he can get up to his
feet. "Bitch... you want to suck it... so..." Triple H smirks as he performs
a quick crotch chop. Kristal Marshall slyly smirks as she opens her mouth and
takes Triple H's throbbing cock into her mouth. Kristal wraps her lips around
his shaft and begins to smoothly bob her head, lifting and lowering her head
to suck his cock with ease.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmmm fuck!" Triple H moans as Kristal easily bobs her head
along the length of his twelve inch cock. Shawn Michaels gets dressed and
gets an idea before he heads over to other side of the dressing trailer.

"Mmmmm!" Kristal moans as she twists her head, grinding her bitchy lips
against Triple H's throbbing cock as she continually bobs her head at an
impressive, quick pace.

"Awwww.... fuck" Triple H moans as he starts to shoot his warm thick cum into
Kristal's warm wet and bitchy mouth. Meanwhile Shawn Michaels is filling up a
small bucket off water which he brings back down to the end of the trailer
where Kristal and Triple H are and quietly steps behind her as The Game fills
her mouth with cum.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Kristal softly moans as she lifts her head off of
Triple H's cock and swallows his warm cum.

"Now that's finished.... how about you fucking cool off with the bitch
attitude..." Triple H asks as he looks down at Kristal.

Kristal narrows her eyes as she looks up at Triple H while she remains
sitting on her knees "I could...but I don't want to..."

Triple H shrugs, "Ok... Shawn... if you please..."

"My pleasure..." Shawn Michaels laughs as he proceeds to dump the bucket of
cold water down on Kristal's hot sweaty body.

"AHHHHH! What the hell!" Kristal moans yells as the cold water rains down on

"Four words bitch..." Triple H starts to say before he and Shawn say
together, "Don't fuck with DX!"

Kristal grits her teeth "You bastards! GET OUT!" Kristal yells.

Triple H gets dressed before HBK puts the empty bucket on top of Kristal
soaking wet head "See ya back out side!" Shawn laughs before he and Triple H
head to the exit of the trailer.

"You think she's pissed?" Triple H asks with a laugh.

HBK shakes his head "Nah... she probably loves getting wet...."


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