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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

DX CumBack Tour 2006 Part 15: Boston Bang
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Backstage at a SmackDown / ECW television taping, Triple H and Shawn Michaels
are in the backstage area, watching ECW's CM Punk compete in a match against
Mike Knox. Triple H, dressed in jeans and a DX shirt, strokes his chin, "Hmmm
he looks like he has some serious potential."

Shawn Michaels nods his head, as he's dressed in jeans, a DX t-shirt and cap,
"I don't know. he's straightedge. what the hell is that?"

"It means he doesn't drink, do drugs.." Triple H starts to answers.

"Some people would call that being boring." Shawn says before he sees CM Punk
make Knox tap out with the Anaconda Vice. "But if he can do that to someone
that big, he'll make a great member for Team DX."

Triple H shakes his head and laughs, "Shawn. Nevermind." Triple H says as HBK
looks at him with a confused look.

The sultry and sexy ECW Correspondent, Rebecca DiPietro, casually steps up
from behind Triple H and Shawn Michaels "Excuse me..." Rebecca, dressed in a
short black skirt and a navy blue buttoned top, says as seductively clearly
her throat. Rebecca presses her luscious lips together and locks her sly eyes
on Shawn Michaels and Triple H turn to face the Extreme Correspondent.

Triple H and Shawn both look at Rebecca and smirk, "Damn..." HBK says with a
smirk as he starts to check the ECW Correspondent out.

Triple H chuckles a bit, "You need something?" Triple H asks Rebecca as he
elbows Shawn slightly.

Rebecca slowly nods her head and smirks "Oh yeah...I need something..."
Rebecca slyly narrows her seductive eyes as she looks directly at Triple H
and Shawn Michaels "I've heard around the locker room that you plan on
picking someone from the Land of Extreme to be on your team at Survivor
Series...and I want the complete inside scoop..."

Shawn Michaels laughs a bit, "Hey we can't reveal our plans... we don't want
our team being sabotage..." Shawn says.

Triple H smirks, "That's right... and we're not set in picking an ECW
wrestler yet... but we may be looking for a Diva to be a ringside."

Rebecca DiPietro smirks and licks her lips "Mmm...I know I would love to be
at ringside with DX..." Rebecca pauses and seductively bites down on her
bottom lip "Do you know why?" Rebecca asks in a sultry voice.

"Nope... but I'm sure you're going to tell us..." HBK laughs a bit.

Rebecca presses her luscious lips together and she raises an eyebrow
"Because...I love to suck it..."

Triple H raises an eyebrow and looks at Shawn, "Gee Shawn... should we take
her word for it?" Triple H asks.

"Nah... let's see if she's telling the truth..." Shawn says as undoes his
jeans and pulls out his eleven inch cock.

"Good idea..." Triple H says as he also undoes his jeans in order to bring
out his twelve inch dick.

Rebecca slyly glances around in the hallway to make sure that the coast is
clear. "Perfect..." Rebecca says, seductively smacking her lips together,
before she kneels down on the floor of the hallway in front of Shawn Michaels
and Triple H. Rebecca wraps her left hand around HBK's cock and her right
hand around Triple H's cock before she playfully smacks her tongue against
the head of HBK's cock, and then proceeds to do the same to Triple H.

"Mmmmmm.... damn..." Triple H licks his lips and moans as Rebecca guides her
tongue back and forth against the head of his cock. Shawn smirks as he lifts
up his DX t-shirt and takes it off to reveal his slightly hairy, but
perfectly toned and tanned upper body. Rebecca closes her sly, seductive eyes
as she slaps her wet tongue against the head of Triple H's firm cock, causing
her wet saliva to drip into his piss-slit. Rebecca moves her tongue back to
HBK's cock and seductively brushes her tongue around the head of his cock.
Rebecca smoothly strokes both cocks with her impressively skilled hands
before she takes HBK's cock into her sultry mouth.

"Ahhhh fuck.... she seems eager to suck it..." HBK moans as he puts his hands
on Rebecca's head as she starts to bob her head along the length of his stiff
cock. Triple H smirks as he takes the time to remove his DX t-shirt to reveal
his muscular and tanned body.

"Mmmmm..." Rebecca seductively moans as she wraps her luscious lips tightly
around his shaft while she eagerly and smoothly bobs her head to impressively
suck the cock of Shawn Michaels. Rebecca starts to lightly twists her head on
his cock while she moves her head on his cock as she guides her right hand up
and down Triple H's cock, stroking his shaft at a quicker pace.

"Ohhh shit... she really seem to love to suck dick..." Shawn moans he looks
down at Rebecca twisting her head around his cock as she blows him.

Triple H smirks, "Well I got two words for her... blow me!" Triple H says as
he does a crotch chop as Rebecca strokes his cock.

Shawn looks at The Game, "Thank god we went with suck it as a catchphrase..."
Shawn laughs as Rebecca lifts her head off of his cock.

Rebecca hungrily licks her lips as she looks up at Shawn Michaels "And I have
two words for you...FUCK ME!" Rebecca says with a seductive laugh before she
turns and flicks her tongue against the head of Triple H's cock before she
wraps her luscious lips around his cock and starts to bob her head on The
Game's cock.

"Pushy ain't she?" Shawn laughs as he steps around Rebecca and kneels down.
HBK pulls down the ECW Correspondent's black skirt to reveal her hot ass
before he firmly thrusts his eleven inch dick into her shaved, warm pussy.
Triple H puts both of his hands on Rebecca's head as she eagerly increases
the pace as she sucks his stiff twelve inch shaft.

"Mmmmmm!" Rebecca seductively moans around Triple H's cock as Shawn Michaels
pushes his hard cock into her warm, wet pussy. The sultry and seductive
Extreme Correspondent closes her eyes and smoothly pushes back against the
thrusting cock of Shawn Michaels. Rebecca places her hands up on Triple H's
muscular waist as she quickly rocks her head against his cock, taking him
deeper into her hot mouth.

"Ahhhh.... fuck.... she's pretty good ahhh...." Triple H licks his lips as
Rebecca takes his cock all the way into her hot wet mouth so that his balls
press against her chin. Shawn smirks as he holds onto Rebecca's smoothly
rounded hips as he pumps his cock quickly in and out of her tight wet pussy.

"Mmmmm...ahhhh...mmmm ohhh..." Rebecca moans as her sultry ass smacks against
Shawn's toned waist as she pushes back firmly against HBK's thrusting cock.
Rebecca lustfully moves her tongue around Triple H's shaft as she lowers her
head and takes him deeper into her incredible mouth, while her wet saliva
drips down on his twelve inch cock.

"Ohhhhh damn.... shit...." Shawn Michaels moans as he looks down to watch
Rebecca's ass cheeks smacking against his toned waist as he pounds her cunt
with hard thrusts. Triple H grits his teeth as Rebecca holds his twelve inch
dick deep within her incredible mouth.

Rebecca presses her sultry lips tighter around Triple H's cock as she locks
her lusty eyes with The Game. "Mmmmm...." Rebecca moans as she deep throats
his entire cock with ease, while her wet saliva drips onto his large balls.
As Shawn Michaels quickly and firmly slams his cock deeper into her wet
pussy, he causes the sultry Extreme Correspondent to move forward against
Triple H's cock, forcing him deeper into her mouth.

"God damn... ECW sure has some good cock suckers..." Triple H grunts as
Rebecca slowly lifts her head off of his saliva soaked cock. The Game grabs a
metal chair and sets it up so he can sit down. "How about letting her show me
what her ass can do..." Triple H smirks.

Shawn Michaels smirks and grunts as he continues to fuck Rebecca's pussy,
"Ahhh sure.... maybe she can suck my dick again..." Shawn replies as he pulls
his eleven inch dick out of Rebecca's pussy.

Rebecca bites down on her bottom lip and slyly sits up onto on her knees. The
sultry Extreme Correspondent tosses her smooth dark brown hair back as she
moves over towards The Game and turns to face him with her sultry and tanned
ass before she sits down and guides his cock into her asshole. "Mmmmm...ohhhh
yeah!" Rebecca moans as she grits her teeth and rocks back on Triple H's cock
while sitting on his lap.

"Ahhh damn.... fuck...." Triple H grunts as Rebecca smoothly lifts her self
up and down on his cock that's deep inside of her tight asshole. Shawn smirks
as he steps in front of Rebecca and puts a hand on her head to help her lean
forward to reach his throbbing eleven inch shaft. Rebecca wraps her left hand
around Shawn's cock and lowers her head to take his cock into her warm, wet
mouth as she starts to hungrily suck his shaft while quickly bouncing on
Triple H's cock. Rebecca rocks back and forth with her sultry, sexy tanned
body grinding against his cock as Triple H manages to thrust up into her
desirable ass.

"Ohhhh yeah.... shit she's really multi-talented... reminds me of Pam
Anderson..." Shawn moans as Rebecca bobs her head on his eleven inch cock.

Triple H reaches around Rebecca's body and begins to rub her pussy as she
bounces her ass up and down on his dick, "Ahhh shit... fuck... was that
before or after Tommy Lee demanded you stay away from her..." Triple H

"Before..." Shawn laughs and moans as Rebecca presses her tongue against the
bottom side of his dick.

"Mmmmm...ohhhh" Rebecca's soothing moans vibrate against Shawn's shaft as she
deeply sucks on his cock, twisting her head perfectly to grind her lips on
his cock. Rebecca looks up at Shawn as she aggressively lowers her ass down
on Triple H's cock, feeling him deeply ram his cock inside of her.

"Ohhhh shit... mmm fuck..." Triple H grunts as he rocks on the chair in order
to drive his cock upward into Rebecca's tight ass as she rides him.

Shawn licks his teeth as he pushes Rebecca's hair back as she turns her head
sharply on his throbbing cock, "Ohhh damn.... fuck!" Shawn moans as he starts
to cum.

"Mmmmmmm!" Rebecca moans as Shawn's warm, thick cum sprays into her sensual
mouth. Rebecca slowly lifts her head and licks her lips before she grinds her
sultry ass back on Triple H's cock feeling his shaft throb inside of her
incredible ass.

"Awww.... damn.... fuck what a tight ass...." Triple H moans as Rebecca
grinds her ass on his throbbing foot long cock. The Game grits his teeth as
he begins to shoot his thick cum into her asshole.

Rebecca grits her teeth back and tilts her head back as she guides her ass
back against his cock "Ohhhh...I love cum in my ass"

Triple H licks his lips as Rebecca sits on his cum spent cock, "Hey Shawn...
I think we should bring her down with us at Survivor Series..."

"Hmmm I don't know... I think if she really wants to be there... she'd want
us to see how much more she loves to suck dick before we make that
decision..." Shawn replies.

Rebecca smiles "Hey...since we're in Boston...why don't we go fuck Boston
style with you two tagging my ass?"

Triple H laughs, "I like that idea..."

"Me too..." Shawn says, "Cause babes in Boston love to bang non-stop..."


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