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regardless this is, this is FICTION!

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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

This is our 600th Story! Thanks to all who helped us get to this point!

DX CumBack Tour 2006 Part 17: Backing That Ass Up In Kentucky
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

At the Ohio Valley Wrestling complex in Louisville, Kentucky, Triple H and
Shawn Michaels are looking in on a training session to see the future WWE
Superstars and Divas learn from the WWE's expert staff. Both members of DX
are dressed in jeans and DX t-shirts, and Shawn looks at Triple H, "You know
if we're not careful, these kids are going to make us look out of date."
Shawn laughs.

"Out of date? You're the only person in the entire WWE still using a theme
song by Jimmy Hart." Triple H laughs as he punches HBK's arm.

"Hey it fits me and the crowds, plus the girls, love it." Shawn smirks,
"Besides if it ain't broke don't fix it." Shawn says as he starts to do some
of his entrance dance motions.

"Shawn not in front of the kids." Triple H laughs as some of the trainees
notice what Shawn is doing.

"Ooops. um lets see what else is going on." Shawn says before he and Triple H
leave the main training room and begin to walk to the complex's locker room
area to see if anyone there wants their advice.

As Triple H and Shawn Michaels enter the locker room era, they both notice
SmackDown Diva and professional Fixer, Jillian Hall, looking into the mirror
with her lips pressed together as she works her with gorgeous blond hair.
"Perfect..." Jillian smiles while dressed in a pair of tight fitting black
pants and a red low-cut top.

"Hey Shawn... look..." Triple H says as he starts to walk over towards

"What? Oh..." Shawn says as he looks at Jillian, "Hey... what broke?" Shawn
says loudly as he intentionally gets Jillian Hall's attention.

Jillian Hall raises an eyebrow as she slowly turns around to look at Shawn
Michaels and Triple H "What?" Jillian asks slightly confused.

"I asked what broke.... you're some kind of fixer right?" Shawn asks.

Triple H shakes his head, "Shawn... I think it's safe to say you need someone
to write your jokes..." Triple H laughs as he teases his long time friend.

Jillian places her hands on her smoothly rounded hips "Ummm...I'm like an
image Fixer..." Jillian replies with a confident smile "I'm sure you've seen
the work I've done with MNM and JBL...and countless others"

"Yeah.... I've noticed..." Triple H says as he looks right at the cleavage
that's showing through Jillian's low-cut red top.

Shawn Michaels folds his arms, "I see... so... since you're an image fixer...
what would you fix about us?" Shawn asks as Triple H continues to look at
Jillian's chest.

Jillian Hall raises an eyebrow and presses her lips together as she looks
directly at Shawn Michaels "Well...first...that hairline..."

"What?" Shawn asks with a raised eyebrow.

"Oh come on Shawn... only Donald Trump's comb-over is more noticeable..."
Triple H says. Before HBK can reply, Triple H looks at Jillian, "Just to
speed things up, does this need fixing?" Triple H asks before he performs a
crotch chop while thrusting his pelvis forward.

Jillian Hall raises an eyebrow as she glances at the shirt covered stomach of
Triple H " that you mention it...your abs are getting a bit
flabby..." Jillian says with a shrug of her shoulder before she then points
at Triple H's nose "And that like WAY too big!"

Shawn Michaels breaks out laughing, "Oh she's got you pegged...." Shawn

Triple H raises an eyebrow, "Hey Jillian... you know there's nothing wrong
with having a big nose... cause that means I have a big dick..." Triple H

Jillian looks at Triple H and slightly smirks "Oh really?"

Triple H smirks, "As Stone Cold said, hell yeah..." The Game says as he
undoes his jeans in order to pull out his twelve inch cock.

Jillian licks her lips slightly as she looks down and Triple H's cock, slowly
nodding her head "Not bad, not bad..." Jillian then looks up at Shawn
Michaels "What about you?"

"Well I don't like to brag..." Shawn starts to say.

"BULL SHIT!" Triple H laughs as he takes off his DX t-shirt.

"Ok... ok... I love to brag..." Shawn laughs as he unbuttons his jeans and
lowers them to free his eleven inch cock. Jillian bites down on her bottom
lip as she slyly looks at Triple H and Shawn Michaels before she steps a bit
closer and kneels down in front of the two DX Superstars. Jillian places her
left hand around Triple H's cock and her right hand around Shawn's cock as
the incredibly beautiful and sexy Fixer begins to stroke both hardening
shafts, using her skilled hands to manipulative their cocks.

"I think she doesn't have a problem with what we got down there..." Triple H
smirks as Jillian strokes his cock with her left hand.

"Yeah, we don't need any fixing where it counts..." HBK laughs. Jillian Hall
licks her lips as she lowers her blond haired head and slides her tongue
across the head of Triple H's cock before she moves her head over to Shawn's
cock and gently moves her wet, soft tongue around the head of his shaft as

"Ohhhh yeah..." Shawn moans as Jillian presses her tongue against the head of
his cock as she circles it around it. Triple H smirks as he puts his hands on
his waist when Jillian brings her tongue back to his dick. Jillian lifts her
eyes and locks them with Triple H's before she slaps her soft, wet tongue
against the piss-slit of his cock. Jillian opens her warm, wet mouth and
lowers her head to take his twelve inch. The resident Fixer of the WWE wraps
her lips tightly around The Game's shaft and begins to smoothly suck on his
cock while she impressively strokes Shawn's cock at a quick, smooth pace.

"Ahhhh damn.... fuck... she sure has some talent with her mouth..." Triple H
moans as Jillian smoothly bobs her head along the length of his twelve inch

"Mmmm...mmmm..." Jillian softly moans against Triple H's cock as she smoothly
lifts and lowers her head, moving his cock on his shaft. "Mmmmm..." Jillian
moans as she slides her tongue against the bottom side of his shaft while
taking him deeper into her incredible mouth. Jillian Hall guides her right
hand down Shawn's cock to his ball sack and begins to firmly rub his large

"Mmmm.... so nice to see a Diva who knows how to play with the big balls..."
Shawn moans and chuckles as Jillian moves her right hand back and forth
against his ball sack. Triple H puts a hand on Jillian's head as she takes
every inch of his dick into her warm wet mouth.

"Mmmm...ohhh yeah..." Jillian Hall moans as she lifts her head from Triple
H's cock as her wet saliva drips down his thick shaft. Jillian tosses her
blond hair back and pulls the cock of Shawn Michaels up to her skilled mouth
to take him eagerly inside. Jillian presses her lips around Shawn's shaft and
begins to instantly bob her head on his cock at a quickening pace.

"Ohhh shit..." HBK moans as Jillian presses her lips tightly on his eleven
inch cock as she quickly bobs her head on his dick.

Triple H smirks, "Fuck... we need to get her on RAW...." Triple H says as he
steps around Jillian and starts to pull down her tight fitting black pants.

"Mmmmm....mmmmm!" Jillian happily moans around the cock of Shawn Michaels as
she incredibly moves her head at a quickening pace while she slaps her tongue
against his shaft. Jillian's soft lips grind against Shawn's cock as she
takes him deeper into her pleasurable mouth.

Shawn takes off his DX t-shirt as he moves his hips to thrust his cock into
Jillian's mouth as she turns her head slightly on his dick. Triple H kneels
down behind Jillian and rips off her thong, "Let's see if this need
fixing..." Triple H smirks before he sharply slams his twelve inch dick into
Jillian's smoothly shaved pussy.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhhhh shit!" Jillian moans roughly around Shawn's cock as she feels
Triple H's thick cock slamming into her warm, tight pussy. The sudden firm
thrust from Triple H, causing her to rock forward and she is slightly forced
to deep throat HBK's entire eleven inch cock. Jillian closes her eyes as
Shawn's cock smacks against the back of her skilled mouth.

"Ohhh yeah... fuck!" Shawn moans as he puts his hands on Jillian's head as
she deep throats his entire cock with ease as The Game fucks her.

"Mmmm.... damn..." Triple H grunts as he leans his powerful body forward to
gain some extra leverage to drive his dick harder into Jillian's cunt.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm...." Jillian moans as she quickly and smoothly bobs her head on
Shawn's cock, slapping her saliva all over his cock while she pushes her
juicy ass back against Triple H's cock. "Ohhhh...." Jillian moans around his
cock as she feels his increasing thrusts.

"God damn she's really good at sucking dick..." Shawn moans as Jillian lifts
her head off of his eleven inch cock. The Heartbreak Kid walks over to the
locker room bench and sits on at Triple H pounds Jillian's pussy with nonstop

Jillian bites down on her bottom lip as Triple H's firmly jerks the blond
haired Fixer back against his thrusting cock "Ohhhh...ohhhh fuck!" Jillian
Hall as she pushes back harder against his cock.

Triple H grits his teeth together, "Ahhh.. mmmm shit she doesn't need
fixing... she needs fucking..." Triple H laughs slightly as he keeps fucking
the hot Fixer of the WWE before he pulls his twelve inch cock out. Jillian
Hall slyly smirks before she stands up straight and proceeds to walk over to
the locker room bench that Shawn Michaels is sitting on. Jillian places
herself on Shawn's shoulder before she smoothly eases herself down on his
cock, straddling his lap and taking him into her pussy.

"Ahhhh... damn..." Shawn moans as Jillian starts to rock on his cock. HBK
lifts up Jillian's red low-cut top to reveal her incredibly large and juicy

Jillian places her hands on HBK's slightly hairy, toned chest and begins to
rock back and forth on his shaft, causing her juicy tits to bounce freely.
"Ohhhh! Mmmmm...ohhh yeah!" Jillian moans as she starts to bounce on Shawn's
gradually thrusting cock.

"Mmmm shit..." Shawn moans as he puts his hands on Jillian's juicy tits as
she bounces up and down on his cock as he thrusts his cock upward into her

Triple H smirks as he gets up and walks over to the bench, "Let's really play
the game..." Triple H says as he bends down a bit and pushes his twelve inch
cock into Jillian's tight asshole.

"Mmmm...ohhhh shit!" Jillian moans and lightly digs her fingernails in HBK's
chest as she feels Triple H pushing his cock into her tight asshole. Jillian
closes her eyes and licks her lips as she starts to move between Triple H and
Shawn Michaels as they each thrust their cocks into her.

"Awww damn... fuck..." Triple H licks his lips as he jerks Jillian back
against him as he firmly pumps his cock deep into ass. Shawn leans his head
forward and wraps his lips around Jillian's right tit to begin sucking on it
as he increase the pace of his thrusts as he fucks her pussy.

"Ohhhhh! Ohhhh...yeah!" Jillian moans as she tilts her head back as she
grinds her pussy against Shawn's shaft, while rocking back and forth from
Triple H's firm and quick thrusts to her juicy ass. "Mmmm...I love being tag

"That's... pretty obvious..." Triple H grunts as he increase the pace of his
thrusts as he fucks Jillian's juicy ass with his massive cock.

"Mmmm!" Shawn moans against Jillian's right tit as he sucks on it as Jillian
sharply rocks on his cock, causing her pussy to jerk his shaft.

Jillian grits her teeth as she lifts Shawn's head from her large tits and
leans forward, deeply kissing the Heartbreak Kid as she quickly rocks and
grinds between the two DX Superstars. "Mmmmm..." Jillian moans into Shawn's
mouth as she smacks her tongue against his tongue.

"Mmmmm!" Shawn moans into Jillian's mouth and he smacks her tongue with his
tongue as she rocks between himself and Triple H.

"Ahhh... mmmm!" Triple H grunts as he pulls his throbbing twelve inch cock
out of Jillian's ass and starts shooting his cum right onto Jillian's ass

"Mmmmm...hmmm..." Jillian groans as she wraps her tongue around Shawn's
tongue as she feels Triple H's warm cum dripping onto her juicy ass while she
continues to rock on Shawn's cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Shawn Michaels moans loudly into Jillian's mouth as his cock
starts to cum inside of Jillian's dripping wet pussy as she rides his eleven
inch shaft.

Jillian slowly breaks the kiss and smirks slyly at Shawn Michaels as she
slows down and sits on his throbbing cum releasing cock "Ohhhh shit..."

"Mmmm.... you mind hanging out back here... I think I could use a little more
fixing?" Shawn asks with a smirk.

Triple H raises an eyebrow, "Hey Shawn we do need to actually work..."

"You can do it..." Shawn says laughs as he squeezes Jillian's juicy tits.

Jillian smiles "I would love to fix you two some more..."


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