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Now... Kristi and Dice present:

DX CumBack Tour 2006 Part 20: Final Destinations
by Kristi (
and Frederick "Dice" Casden (

Following the last RAW brand live event of 2006, Triple H and Shawn Michaels
are in the locker room, talking about their accomplishments from the past
year. Triple H, dressed in black DX wrestling trunks leans back on the locker
room bench, "Let's see we kicked the ass of Big Show, Shane, Vince, Edge,
Orton, the Spirit Squad." Triple H says with a smirk

Shawn laughs a bit and he's dressed in black and green wrestling pants,
"Yeah. not to mention tapped the asses of Ashley, Trinity, Mickie, Lita,

Triple H licks his lips, "Don't forget about Kelly, Michelle, Francine, and

"How could I forget them?" Shawn asks rhetorically, "I was just thinking
about Trish, Lilian, Maria, Kristal and Candice." Shawn laughs.

"Plus Rebecca, Torrie, Jillian, Stephanie and Ariel." Triple H laughs, "Damn
we've had just about every Diva get down for two magic little words."

Shawn smirks, "Yeah. I doubt we missed anyone..." Shawn says as the door to
locker room is shoved open.

RAW's A-list and extremely bitchy Diva, Melina, storms into the locker room
of D-Generation X with her teeth gritted together and her manipulative eyes
narrows "Just what the hell is going on here?!" Melina snaps at Triple H and
Shawn Michaels as she places her hands on her lips, showing off her horrible
A-list arrogant attitude. Melina, dressed in a short jean skirt and a tight
fitting black top, impatiently looks at DX "Well!?"

Shawn looks at Triple H, "You wanna take this one?" Shawn asks.

"Sure..." Triple H says as he stands up, "Well Melina what's going on here is
that me and Shawn were in the middle of a conversation that you rudely
interrupted..." Triple H says with a smirk.

Melina slowly shakes her head and glares at Triple H "Don't think I don't
know what's been going on! I've heard the talk in the Divas' locker room...."
Melina grits her teeth as she points at Shawn Michaels and Triple H "You true
going around to all the Divas and banging them! And yet you forgot the top
Diva here in the WWE..."

Shawn raises an eyebrow as he looks at Triple H, "I thought we fucked

"We did..." Triple H laughs, "But I think Melina is feeling left out."

"Yeah! I am!" Melina snaps at Triple H as she wickedly glares "How could you
about RAW's true A-List Diva!?"

"Well you see it's like this..." Triple H says, "Word is... you're not a good

"Yeah... what was Mercury's exact words..." Shawn says as he acts like he's
trying to remember, "Oh yeah... that you fuck like an amateur..." Shawn

"Mercury!? Joey Mercury!? What the fuck does he know!?" Melina snaps as she
points once again at Shawn Michaels and Triple H "Joey couldn't even last
five minutes with me!" Melina says with an arrogant smirk before she tosses
her perfectly styled hair back "You're clearly not hearing from the right
people! Ask Johnny Nitro...ask Dave Batista...they'll both tell you I'm the
best fuck ever!"

"That's what we heard... so if you want to prove us wrong..." Shawn starts to

"We'll be more than happy to let you show us what you got..." Triple H adds
as he completes HBK's sentence.

Melina raises an eyebrow and slyly smirks "Oh...I'll show you! I'll show just
how good I am!" Melina narrows her eyes to fiercely glare at Triple H and
Shawn Michaels "Now...drop those fucking pants!" Melina rudely snaps.

"I bet she'd sell a lot of t-shirts with that phrase on them..." Shawn laughs
as he lowers his wrestling pants to bring out his eleven inch cock.

"As if Vince would allow it..." Triple H laughs as he lowers his wrestling
trunks to expose his twelve inch cock.

Melina smirks as she steps a bit closer to Triple H and Shawn Michaels before
the bitchy and hot A-List Diva drops down onto her knees in front of the two
DX Superstars. Melina glares up at Triple H and Shawn as she wraps her left
hand around Shawn's cock and her right hand around Triple H's cock as she
starts to roughly stroke her manipulative hands against both shafts "I'll
show you just how good I am!"

"Are you just gonna talk about it?" Triple H asks as he grits his teeth when
Melina roughly tugs on his thick twelve inch cock. Melina leans her head down
to Triple H's twelve inch cock and roughly smacks her tongue against the head
of his shaft while she glares up at him as she continues to stroke both his
and Shawn's cock. Melina brushes her wet tongue against the head of Triple
H's cock and begins to expertly circle her tongue around the head of his

"Mmmmmm... damn..." Triple H smirks as Melina moves her tongue around the
head of his rock hard cock. Shawn Michaels tosses his long hair back as he
steps slightly to the left to make it easier for Melina to stroke his stiff
dick. Melina keeps her glared eyes locked with Triple H's as she laps her wet
tongue around the head of his thick cock, before flicking her tongue against
his piss-slit. Melina opens her hot, bitchy mouth and lowers her head on The
Game's cock to take his shaft easily into her expertly skilled mouth. Melina
instantly wraps her lips around his shaft and starts to bob her head on his
cock, while smoothly guiding her left hand up and down Shawn's shaft,
brushing her hands steadily against his cock.

"Ahhhh mmmmm.... that's fairly good..." Triple H smirks as he puts his hands
on his waist as Melina bobs her head quickly on his cock.

"Yeah... nice style..." Shawn adds with a moan as Melina twists her hand
around his cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Melina roughly moans around Triple H's cock as she steadily
bobs her head on his twelve inch shaft while she laps her wicked tongue
around his shaft to coat her saliva. Melina's head skillfully rocks back and
forth on Triple H's cock as she blindly moves her left hand up and down
Shawn's shaft, gripping his cock tighter with her hand.

"Ohhhh shit..." Triple H licks his lips as the A-List RAW Diva takes his cock
further into her mouth as she sucks it.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm!" Melina moans as she slobbers her saliva all over Triple H's
while she impressively forces his entire cock into her skilled, bitchy mouth.
"Mmmmm!" Melina moans as she twists her left hand around Shawn's cock, gently
raking her fingernails against his shaft.

"Ahhhhh fuck Shawn... Melina sure can suck..." Triple H moans and laughs as
Melina deep throats his foot long cock.

"Sure looks like it... I mean she's got to be used to sucking..." Shawn
replies with a slight laugh.

"MMMmmmm! Ahhh shut up!" Melina snaps as Shawn Michaels, after she lifts her
head off of Triple H's cock. Melina narrows her eyes to glare up at Shawn as
she scoots closer on her knees to him "You'll learn to respect the A-list..."
Melina says before she lowers her head and easily takes Shawn's eleven inch
cock into her incredibly hot, bitchy mouth.

"Mmmmmm you think you can tell me want to do?" Shawn moans as he places his
hands on Melina's head.

"Shawn, please, do not start singing our theme song..." Triple H laughs as he
gets behind Melina and pulls her up to her feet so that she's bent over. The
Game then roughly jerks down Melina's short jean skirt from her slender hips.

"MmmmM! Mmmmmm!" Melina moans as she eagerly and skillfully bobs her head on
Shawn's cock, brushing her lips against his eleven inch cock, while she takes
his cock deeper into her bitchy mouth. "Mmmm!" Melina groans as she grinds
her teeth against his shaft.

"Ahhhh mmmm.... fuck..." Shawn moans as he moves his hands to the back of
Melina's head as she lifts and lowers her head on his thick cock. Triple H
smirks as he pulls off Melina's black panties, exposing her A-List ass. The
Game then firmly forces his cock into Melina's tight and warm pussy, which
causes her to jolt forward.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh yeah fucker!" Melina moans, pressing her teeth against Shawn's
cock, while she quickly bobs her head as she rocks forward on her feet from
Triple H's thrusts. Melina closes her eyes as she forces her head further
down on Shawn's cock as she rocks forward against his shaft as Triple H slams
his cock quicker into her pussy from behind.

"Ahhh uhhh...." Triple H grunts as he steadily pumps his cock in and out of
Melina's tight pussy as he holds onto her hips. Shawn Michaels licks his lips
as Melina swirls her tongue around his eleven inch cock.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmm fuck! Fuck!" Melina roughly moans around Shawn's cock as she
bobs her head at a quick and wild pace, forcing the head of his shaft to
smack against the back of her bitchy mouth while she constantly pushes back
against the firmly thrusting cock of Triple H, with his muscular waist
smacking against her A-List ass.

Shawn Michaels licks his lips as he pulls his cock out of Melina's hot wet
mouth, "Boy... you can really suck..." Shawn laughs as he steps back away
from Melina. Triple H chuckles at Shawn's latest insult towards Melina as he
roughly slams his cock into Melina's cunt.

Melina narrows her eyes and grits her teeth as she looks up at Shawn
Michaels, fiercely "'re laughing now you bastard!" Melina
moans as she breathes heavily while she roughly rocks back against Triple H's
hammering twelve inch cock, deeply fucking her pussy.

Shawn Michaels sits on the locker room bench and smirks, "You're not
breathing hard are you?" Shawn asks.

"She is?" Triple H grunts as he rams his cock balls deep into Melina's pussy,
"Maybe she needs a break..." Triple H says as he suddenly removes his cock
from Melina's twat.

Melina grits her teeth and glares back at Triple H "I don't need a break!"
Melina rudely snaps before she tosses her perfectly styled hair back and
proceeds to walk over to the locker room bench to join Shawn Michaels. Melina
slyly smirks at Shawn before she straddles his toned waist and lowers herself
down on his eleven inch rock hard cock. "Mmmmm! Ohhhh fuck!" Melina moans as
she sharply lowers herself on his cock before she starts to rock back and
forth on his shaft.

"Ahhhhh shit.... mmmm fuck..." Shawn laughs and moans as Melina sharply
herself on his eleven inch cock.

"Really? Ok then..." Triple H says as he steps over to join Melina and HBK.
The Game bends a bit behind Melina and firmly impales his twelve inch cock
into Melina's A-List ass.

"Ohhhhh yeah you fucker!" Melina screams, gritting her teeth together as she
feels Triple H's cock entering her ass from behind while she rocks back and
forth on Shawn's cock. Melina closes her eyes and digs her fingernails into
Shawn's toned, hairy chest as she sharply rocks between the two DX

"Ahhh.... damn..." Shawn grunts as he thrusts his cock upward into Melina's
pussy as she bounces on his cock to push back against Triple H. Triple H
licks his lips as he once again grabs Melina's hips as he firmly pumps his
cock in and out of her asshole.

"Mmmmm! Ohhhh! Ohhhhh fuck!" Melina screams and sneers as she sharply slams
down on Shawn's cock while roughly slamming her A-List ass back against
Triple H's cock "Ohhhh! AHHHHHH!" Melina screams as her bitchy, hot pussy
grinds on Shawn's cock.

"Ahhhh mmmm hey you mind keeping it down... we're not deaf..." Triple H
chuckles as he leans forward to give himself some extra leverage as he rams
his cock repeatedly into Melina's asshole. Shawn Michaels grits his teeth as
he pistons his cock repeatedly up into Melina's wet bitching cunt.

"Ohhhh! Ohhhh shut up!" Melina screams as she slams down roughly on Shawn's
cock as her pussy tightens around his shaft. "Ohhhh fuck!" Melina moans as
she rocks back on Triple H's cock in her ass while she starts to cum on
Shawn's cock.

"Mmmmm damn.... cumming so soon?" Shawn asks with a laugh as he and Triple H
continues to fuck Melina's dripping wet pussy and hot A-List ass.

Melina tilts her head back and sharply digs her fingernails into Shawn's
chest as she continues to rock back and forth between Shawn Michaels and
Triple H as they slam their cocks into her "I wasn't ready..." Melina starts
to protest.

"Mmmm well you better get ready..." Triple H says as he pulls his cock out of
Melina's ass and lifts her off HBK and kneels her on the floor. He and Shawn
Michaels then get in front of the A-List Diva.

"Yeah Melina... we got two words for you...." Shawn says before he and Triple
H do a crotch chop while saying "SUCK IT!" Melina raises an eyebrow as she
slyly leans forward on her knees and opens her bitchy, wet mouth as wide as
she can. Melina places her hands around both hard shafts and forces both DX
cocks incredibly into her mouth.

"Ahhhh yeah... mmm now that's impressive..." Shawn moans as Melina strokes
the lower half of his and Triple H's cock while smacking her tongue against
both their throbbing dicks within her mouth.

"Ohhh fuck... really damn good..." Triple H grunts as Melina shows off her A-
List skills.

"Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Melina roughly moans against both throbbing DX cocks as her
A-List lips brush back and forth against both shafts. "Mmmmm! Mmmmmm!" Melina
moans as she rapidly bobs her head on both cocks at an incredible, quick

"Mmmmm shit.... ohhh damn..." Triple H moans as he start to cum inside of
double stuffed and widely stretched mouth.

"Ohhhh yeah... mmmmm!" HBK grits his teeth as he also starts to cum inside of
Melina's mouth.

"Mmmmmm!" Melina moans as she closes her eyes and lightly bobs her head along
both throbbing cocks as she feels and tastes their warm cum flooding into her

Triple H smirks as Melina lets him and HBK pull their dicks out of her cum
filled mouth. "Hmmmm looks like that was a good way to end the year..."
Triple h smirks.

Melina narrows her eyes and wickedly smirks up at Triple H and Shawn Michaels
"So...I'm better than what you heard, right?"

Shawn thinks, "Yeah... I guess so... you're real good at suckin dick.. so
it's good that you suck," Shawn says as he once again insults Melina.

Melina raises an eyebrow as she looks up at Shawn Michaels "Yeah...that's
right, I'm the best"

"But when it comes to fucking... you really need to step it up." Triple H

Melina grits her teeth "Oh! You don't know anything!" Melina snaps.

"Ok... then go get Dave to show us we're wrong..." Triple H laughs.

Melina stands up from the floor "You know what!? You two need to really grow

"Us? Grow up?" Shawn raises an eyebrow.

"Yeah right..." Triple H laughs.

Melina starts to gather her clothing " know what!? You two suck!"

Shawn Michaels and Triple H smirks, "Hey... we don't suck... you suck..." HBK

"Yeah... you suck off the entire roster..." Triple H adds.

Melina grits her teeth "Ahhh! You! AHHHHH!" Melina screams before she storms
out of the locker room of DX after being insulted.

Shawn smirks, "Hey don't go...." Shawn says as he watches the locker room
door close. "Was it something we said?" Shawn asks.

"Who cares..." Triple H shrugs, "She's a bitch anyway."


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