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DX Experience
by DGenXPac (

Me and my friends had just finished viewing the Smackdown tapings and we
were really excited because the WWF has been here 3 times in less than a
year, so we get to see a lot more than other towns around us! I've been a
WWF fan for forever, and every show that's in a 100 mile radius is one that
I attend. On this night I went with a few friends from school, and it turned
out to be a lot more fun than I originally planned on having!

Well, anyway like I said, we were done with the tapings. My buddies and I
decided to mill around the parking lot to see wrestlers leave. We had seen a
lot of wrestlers and other people come to the arena earlier, and Alex pointed
it out to my attention that he'd seen all the members of Degeneration X
arrive together. I'm a huge fan of DX, and I was upset that I'd missed them
coming in, but I wasn't too worried since I knew we'd see them all leave
together now that we were in the lot.

After we'd seen most of the wrestlers and production crew leave, including
some of the bigger stars like The Rock and Vince McMahon, we thought it was
weird that no one from the DX crew had left yet. I told the guys that maybe
we'd missed them coming out, since there were a lot of vehicles moving and
people were leaving all at once. My two friends refused to believe it, so we
hung around while most of the people that stuck by were leaving. I suggested
that we go back inside the arena so we could maybe get an autograph or
something. They agreed and we split up to go look around for anyone left
before they locked the doors, telling each other that we would meet back up
at the entrance in 30 minutes.

I wasn't afraid to go walking around the big arena alone, since I used
to work concession there and knew it okay, so I had the advantage over my
friends of finding anyone. The only problem I had was avoiding security,
which wasn't hard since most of them know me already. So I walked around the
arena for a while, stopped and watched them taking down the ring, and went
on the other side to the big double doors that led to the backstage where
all the stars would hang out. I was sure they were locked now, so I wasn't
so ready to try them. But something told me to at least try the door handle,
so I walked back to the huge doors and pushed at one of them. I was really
surprised when it gave way and opened up for me! I guess the security hadn't
gotten around to locking that part of the arena yet, or may be tonight was
just my lucky night! Either way I made it back there.

I was kind of scared now that I was sure I would find someone back here,
and I knew I wasn't supposed to be here. But still I was determined not to
get caught! I was also determined to get an autograph if I could. It was
only a few hallways down from the big doors that I found an open room with
the light still on. It was pretty well set up in there, kind of like the
rooms you see Hunter Hearst Helmsly and Stephanie hanging out in on Raw. I
swear this looked like the one I saw on the tapings earlier but I wasn't
very sure. None the less it was still awesome hanging out someplace where
the stars might have been!

It wasn't so awesome when I realized that people were on their way in,
I could hear their voices from outside of the room! I have to admit, I
panicked, and I found a small closet space to hide myself just in case
anyone went searching around the room. I was scared as hell when the voices
got closer and I realized whoever had been so close was now in the room!
There was a little slit between the sliding doors of the closet I was hiding
in, and I decided to be brave enough to peek out and see who it was.

And I was so fucking shocked at what I saw! I could barely hear the
voices, but the two guys in the room were unmistakably Hunter and X-Pac! I
almost shouted out loud, I couldn't believe my luck, but I knew any sudden
move would problably land me in deep shit. Something inside me wanted to
burst out of there and say something but it would be a direct path to jail
if I did that. So I was stuck for now, and I was going to be quiet and enjoy
the moment for what it was. When my heart stopped racing a little, I was
able to listen to what they were saying.

"All right then, I think they went back to the hotel, I'm going myself."
This was X-Pac talking and grabbing a bag from off of the sofa.

"You riding with me?"

"No," Hunter said. I could see that he had a big grin on his face.

"I'm staying behind for a while. I think you would too if you knew what
was going down here in a little bit."

X-Pac put down the gym bag again. "I see that sly grin. What have you got

"Steph's coming around here in a minute so we can fuck around a little
before we get back over to the hotel. You're more than welcome to stay and

"Look, but can't touch, huh? Well, I'm not letting you get some of that
sweet cunt all by yourself!"

X-Pac was licking his lips already. I could not believe what I was
hearing, and all I could think of was getting out of there before anyone saw
me. Instead of getting arrested, now I was facing the risk of getting killed!

I knew I was too late, they weren't going anywhere now so I'd have to be
as quiet as I could. But you just had to be there to know how surprised I
was. Not only was I seeing my most favorite WWF people but from what I just
heard I was about to see something that should have been really private!! I
had heard off of the internet that HHH was dating Chyna in real life and I
assumed that's who he'd only be intimate with, but was I ever wrong!
Understand me, I think Chyna is pretty good looking but I could not blame
HHH for wanting to fuck Stephanie. If you have ever seen her, you will know
what I mean. She is so hot and her big tits and ass just make you want to
reach out and, well, you know the rest!! So I was going to be way quiet now
if I was going to be able to experience all this from my hiding place!

Don't mis-understand me because I am not a pervert or a voyeur or
anything, and if I could have left maybe I would have. But I had no time to
because just as X-Pac had finished talking, Stephanie walked in the room.
Damn she was even cuter in person with her crimped hair down and wearing a
tight white shirt. If you are not a WWF fan, she would really make you think
about watching on a regular basis!!

I could not hear what she was saying at first, but there was a smile on
her lips and she must have known what she wanted because after she'd said
something to X-Pac, she went right over and gave Hunter a really hot kiss.
Even from where I was standing I could see that her tongue was all up in his
mouth and her hands all rubbing on his ass. He was reaching around and
rubbing her ass too!

X-Pac was watching this all along and after a little bit he went over to
made sure the door was locked and when he did he pulled off his shirt and
started stroking Stephanie's hair and kissing her neck while she and Hunter
were still hot French-kissing. I must tell you by now I was starting to get
a huge erection just by watching them kiss! And this was only the start of

Hunter pulled away then and pulled off his shirt just like X-Pac had done,
then he undid his pants and sat down and told Stephanie to sit on his lap. I
could see that he was getting quite a hardon too and who could blame him?!?
After she sat down Hunter told her to take off the tight white shirt so he
could see and feel her big tits. She did what he said and pulled her shirt
off and now she was wearing a bra and her little leather miniskirt. HHH felt
on her tits and X-Pac did too, then he put his hand up her skirt and started
playing with her underneath there.

I could tell that Stephanie was really getting turned on now because her
nipples were starting to show through her bra cups. I wanted to suck on them
soooo bad!! Well, Hunter knew just how I felt because while he was feeling
all up underneath her skirt he pulled Stephanie's tits out of her bra cups
and started licking and sucking her nipples. X-Pac joined in too and they
were both sucking her tits and feeling her up under that leather miniskirt.

By this time you could really see Hunter's erection through his un-done
jeans and now it was time for the real fun!! He told Stephanie next to get
up and take off her skirt and panties, and now I was un-doing my own pants
and stroking my hard dick just watching her take off her skirt and panties
and leaving her sexy leather go-go boots on. X-Pac started feeling on her
bush after she took the clothes off and Hunter told him to stop for a moment
so he could have a little fun. His dick was now out and really really huge,
and then he laid back and told Stephanie to come and get fucked. I couldn't
wait to watch it, I was already jacking it now!!

So Stephanie did what she was told and now she was riding her man's huge
prick! She looked so damn hot bouncing up and down on his rod, and I was
watching her tits bounce up and down and jerking myself off. X-Pac reached
from behind and started feeling her up while she and HHH were humping,
really getting into it. "Come on, little girl, yeah!!"

This was HHH while he was reaching up and pinching Stephanies huge erect
nipples. X-Pac got up then and went in front of Steph, putting his hardon in
her face and telling her those two words, "Suck it!"

She did it right then while she was getting Hunter's dick rammed into her
hot fuckbox, she was sucking X-Pac's cock! He reached behind her and stroked
her hair while he humped her face, it was fucking great. My balls were tight
now and I knew I was going to shoot a huge load watching this awesome fucking
that Stephanie was getting. HHH was about to blow his cumload too and he
humped her faster and faster until his dick shot off a hot load of jism
inside Stephanie's tight box, but he wasn't done yet!! While Stephanie was
still giving X-Pac a good wet blowjob HHH got from underneath her and bent
her pretty ass over to fuck her again!

So now Stephanie was taking Hunter's still hard prick up her ass and
X-Pac's cock in her mouth! This babe was a fucking pro at taking some cock!!
I was so turned on that I blew my first wad right there in my hiding place,
but they were so busy fucking and sucking that I dont think they noticed
anyone else was in the room.

Then it got even hotter when X-Pac was about to blow his load, he pulled
out his tool from Stephanie's mouth and started jacking off over her face
while HHH fucked her from behind and reached under her to play with her cute
titties while he was humping her ass. He blew a fucking geyser load over her
face!! I mean her face was covered with all of his cum and it made her look
even more sexy! Then X-Pac told Stephanie to swallow and she did. Just by
seeing all that made my prick even harder so I was jacking off again seeing
her lick up all of X-Pac's cum.

Hunter was about to cum again too and so he humped her ass even faster
and I loved watching his balls slap against her sweet ass! She was screaming
his name now and telling him to fuck her hard and he was!! He fucked her so
hard and her screams were making me sooo fucking excited that I blew an even
bigger load that time! But when he was about to shoot, HHH pulled out and
jerked it all over her cute ass, he shot a big load too! Now Sexy Stephanie's
face and her ass were covered in jizz!

"Damn that was fucking great!" X-Pac said after a few minutes, since he
was very out of breath.

Hunter was sitting down now and Stephanie was playing with his dick and
he was playing with her tits. "We'll have to meet up like this again
sometime, huh?"

They all laughed at that and decided to clean up a little so no one knew
what they had been doing in there. I watched them straighten up and leave, a
little relieved but not happy to see them go! Now I was free to leave but I
promise you that even though I have not told anyone what I saw, I will never
forget what happened that night and I am an even bigger DX fan than ever now
because of it!!

The End

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