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DX Invades World Championship Wrestling... and the WCW Divas Part 1
outline by Kristi
written by Dice

The year is 1998, and outside the Norfolk Arena, the WWF rebel group known as
D-Generation X is riding a tank around the arena looking for a way in. The
ride to the back of the arena where there are no television cameras and X-Pac
points to an open door where WCW staff members are leaving to make a run to
the production truck for some reason.

"Hey guys look, there's our way in," X-Pac grins as he licks his lips. Triple
H parks the tank a bit of a distance away from the entrance and he looks at

"Stay here and watch the tank... we may need to make a quick getaway," Triple
H says as he, X-Pac and the New Age Outlaws hope out of the vehicle. Chyna
smirks back at Hunter.

"You four better not get talk... I don't want to have to blast a hole in that
building to get you out.

Road Dogg grins, "Why Chyna I didn't know you cared." Road Dogg then wipes
his eyes, "I'm touched."

Billy laughs and slaps Road Dogg's shoulder, "Enough with the mushy stuff...
we got a mission to do."

Hunter nods, "That's right... tonight, D-Generation X not only invaded
Nitro... D-Generation X invades the sluts of Dubya C Dubya."

The quartet of degenerates laugh as she sprint to the door and enter the
Norfolk Arena. Unfortunately for DX, as soon as they enter the arena, Doug
Dillenger, WCW's head of security, spots them. The make a run for it into
the maze of the arena with WCW security guards in hot pursuit. The four WWF
superstars dash down a hall and Billy sees an open door. He looks behind
him and sees that the guards are not following them down this particular

"Hey guys, let's duck in and there and hide out for a bit..." Billy yells as
he leads into the room. The four men quickly enter and X-Pac slams the door
shut and Road Dogg quickly locks it.

"Whew... that was fun," Hunter laughs. The others laugh a bit until they
realize they are not alone. Also in the room is the Nitro Girl known as
Spice. Spice has some headphones on and is practicing her dance steps as
the four men watch. Spice then turns around, sees DX and jumps back about
foot as she pulls off her headphones. Spice thinks about making a run for
the door, but realizes the door is blocked. Spice uneasily runs her hand
through her short hair.

"Ummm hey guys... welcome... welcome to Nitro..." Spice says as the four men
stare at her body, "Do... do you mind... letting me out... I... I've got to
out to for the Nitro Girl segment... and I'm going to be late...."

Hunter smirks at her, "That's too bad.... because there's only one way you're
getting out of her if you..."

X-Pac cuts in and jumps towards Spice. He does the crotch chop a few times
and yells "Suck it!"

Spice's mouth hangs open and she shakes her head. "You... you're guys are
kidding right... I mean... "

Billy waves his hand to shut her up, "You head X-Pac, the only way you're
getting out of here if you suck Hunter's dick."

Spice sighs and very reluctantly gets down on her knees. Hunter undoes his
camo-pants and pulls out his cock. Spice reluctantly takes hold of his stiff
prick then puts it in her small mouth. Spice can barely fit Hunter's cock
into her mouth and sucks hard on what she’s able to. She taps her tongue
against the bottom of his shaft. Hunter places his hand on her head and
forces her to take more of his cock into her mouth. Spice gags violently with
just having half of his cock in her mouth, and that draws cheers from the
X-Pac and the Outlaws.

Hunter starts thrusting his cock in and out of her mouth roughly, his balls
slapping against her chin repeatedly. Spice flails her arms as she tries to
tell him she can't handle his cock in her mouth, but she doesn’t have to
worry about it much longer. Hunter pulls her head off of his cock a moment
before he blows his load all over her face. Hunter then uses his cock to
smear his spunk over her cheeks as Road Dogg looks out into the hall.

"Hey the coast's clear guys..." Road Dogg says. He and Billy step out into
hall, followed by X-Pac. Hunter remains with Spice as he tucks his cock back
into his pants.

"Listen here slut... you're going to perform out there with my cum on your
face... and if you tell anyone you saw us...." Hunter then laughs, "Well I
know a few boys back in Stamford who'd love to gang rape your ass." Hunter
then steps out into the hall, and then jogs to catch us with the others.

"Damn, these WCW Girls are real sluts," Road Dogg laughs.

X-Pac nods his head, "No shit man... but look at the time... it's time for
me to blow a load."

Hunter laughs, "Hey don't worry, WCW has plenty of more fuck sluts..."

The quartet of WWF invaders head down the hallway and make a turn to head
down an intersecting corridor. Hunter looks down a short hallway and spots
two of WCW's Nitro Girls, the vixen Tygress and the sultry Asian Chae.

"Hey guys, I found some sluts..." Hunter says out loud as he approaches
the two Nitro Girls who hear him easily. Chae and Tygress back up as DX
approaches them.

"Well what do we have here?" X-Pac laughs.

"Looks like a couple of WCWs," Road Dogg smirks.

Billy looks at his tag team partner and asks, "What are WCWs?"

Road Dogg points at Chae and Tygress, who remain speechless. "WCWs, man you
know, World Class Whores."

"Ohhhh I get you now," Billy laughs.

Hunter smirks as he now stands within arm's reach of both women. "Well you
two certainly look like you live up to our definition of WCW, so why don't
you both make the WCWs you are and..."

All four members of DX perform the classic crotch chop and yell, "Suck it!"
to the two women. Tygress and Chae each get unsure looks on their faces and
they both back up against the wall, hoping to be rescued. X-Pac then cracks
his knuckles as he and the Outlaws moves in closer to the Nitro Girls.

"There's two ways this can go sluts, the easy way... or the hard way...
either way, we're guaranteed to have fun," X-Pac licks his lips. Chae and
Tygress look at each and silently, both of them get down to their knees.
The four degenerates pull out their cocks, but remain full clothed in case
trouble arrives. Hunter and Billy stand in front of Chae, who reluctantly
takes their cocks into her soft hands, leaving Tygress to deal with X-Pac
and Road Dogg.

Chae gently strokes the cocks in her hands, while Tygress takes a different
approach to dealing with her own task. Tygress grips both of X-Pac and Road
Dogg's cock and pulls both of their dicks in to her mouth. Tygress has no
trouble sucking on both cocks at the same time, which draws smirks from X-Pac
and Road Dogg.

Meanwhile, Chae has just started licking around the tips of Billy and
Hunter's dicks. Chae takes Hunters cock into her mouth first and gently
sucks on it before switching over to Billy's to do the same. At that
moment, Tygress is alternating sucking off X-Pac and Road Dogg, taking
turns deep throating each cock separately. Chae starts to get more into
what's happening as she sucks hard on Billy's cock for a few moments,
and then she goes all out and deep throats Hunter's dick.

DX then forces the Nitro Girls to switch, and Tygress is now kneeling before
Hunter and Billy, while Chae has to handle X-Pac and Road Dog. Tygress
tightly takes hold of Hunter and Billy's dicks and sloppily slobbers over
both cocks. Chae again takes the to slow approach to giving oral pleasure,
gently sucking on the heads of both cocks that are in her hands. Tygress
stops sucking on her two men and spits on both of Hunter and Billy's cocks,
and pumps them both as if she wanted to do it all along.

"Hey guys... I think it's time we fuck these sluts..." Road Dogg smirks. The
other DX members nod in agreement and they all push the Nitro girls away.
Before Chae and Tygress realize it, DX rushes them and strips them of their
silver and red dance outfits as well of any under garments they might have

Road Dogg and Billy force Chae down onto her hands and knees, and Billy gets
behind her and quickly shoves his cock in her tight pussy. Chae screams a
bit, not use to having a dick as thick as Billy's inside of her cunt. Road
Dogg silences her by pushing his cock back into her open mouth. Road Dogg
holds onto Chae's hair and forces her to bob her head on his cock, while
Billy slam fucks her pussy. Chae feels like a toy as she's moving
involuntarily between the cocks of the Outlaws.

Tygress has dropped down onto her hands and knees and wiggles her ass towards
Hunter, inviting the leader of DX to fuck her. Hunter takes her invitation
and inserts his prick into her pussy. Tygress lets out a pleasurable moan and
begs for X-Pac to shove his cock into her mouth. X-Pac complies with her
request and sticks his dick into her mouth. Tygress slobbers all over his
cock and uses the force of Hunter's thrusts to bob her head on X-Pac's cock.

The members of DX soon trade up and X-Pac is soon lying on the ground and
Tygress is on his cock, riding him like a bucking bronco. Billy soon gets
behind her and shoves her forward so her upper body is pressing down on
X-Pac's. Billy follows that up by shoving his cock into her ass. Tygress
screams, but it is out of ecstasy. X-Pac and Billy pound Tygress' cunt and
ass respectively as Tygress pushes back against Billy while grinding down
on X-Pac. Tygress pulls on her own hair as she screams in extreme pleases
as she cums from the double fucking she's receiving.

Meanwhile Chae is still down on her hand and knees, and Road Dogg and Hunter
have successfully worked both of their cocks inside of her hot tight pussy.
Chae bites down on her lower lip as the two men begin to slowly alternate
thrusts. Chae pushes back against Hunter and Road Dogg but her efforts to
participate in the fun is all for naught, for she starts to cum after a few

Each pair of degenerates continues to double-team their Nitro Girl, and they
fuck both women until they pass out. They all pull out of the women, and then
Billy and Road Dogg both drag Chae and Tygress towards each other. DX then
stands over the two unconscious women and starts jerking off until they blow
their loads. Each man then wipes their cocks clean with the Nitro girls'
clothing before they walk off, leaving Chae and Tygress unconscious and
covered in cum.

"Ha, ha, these WCWs certainly live up to what those letters truly mean,"
Triple H, laughs as he leads the others down the hall that happens to lead
towards the catering area. All four members of DX are impressed by the food
laid out for the WCW wrestlers, but something more important catches their
attention, for Nitro Girl Fyre is in the area as well. DX then gets into a
little huddle.

"Man look at the tits on that bitch," X-Pac smirks.

"Shit, they practically stand out like midgets on her chest," Road Dogg

"Hey, let's take different approach with that slut," Billy suggests, which
brings a smile to Hunter's face.

"Good thinking Billy, let's pretend we signed with WCW... I'm sure she'd want
to welcome us," Hunter grins. DX breaks the huddle and approach Fyre, and
Hunter speaks for the group, "Hey there, hot stuff."

Fyre jumps a bit and turns around, she recognizes who they are, "Oh my god,
you're DX! Wow! What are you guys doing here?"

X-Pac smirks, "Oh we just signed with WCW earlier today."

Road Dogg nods, "Yeah, old Bischoff wants us to take on the big bad N.W.O."

Fyre gets a smile on her face, "Wow, that's so awesome, it's going to be
great having you guys here."

"Yeah well, we're thinking we made a bad move," Billy says as he fakes a

"What do you mean? WCW is a great place to be!" Fyre says as she's falling
for DX's trick.

"Well, back in the WWF... all the newcomers great treated like royalty by and
are sexually welcomed by the divas..." Hunter explains and as he finishes,
Fyre gets a big smile on her face.

"Oh we do that here, how come you think we have the Nitro Girls, it's just
because we dance good," Frye smiles, "So whip out those dicks and I'll
welcome you all to WCW the proper way." Road Dogg, X-Pac, Hunter and Billy
all exchange smirks before they take out their cocks. Fyre licks her lips;
"Wow...four big fucking cocks... damn Spice, Chae and Tygress should've
gotten to you oh well."

All four men try not to laugh at the irony of Fyre's statement as she removes
her clothing. Fyre then gets down on her knees in front of X-Pac, takes his
cock into her hand. She strokes him for a moment before she takes his dick
into her mouth. Fyre keeps her mouth wide open to allow herself to swirl her
tongue around the head of his cock. She then closes her mouth and whorishly
starts bobbing her head on his cock. Fyre twists and turns her head to the
left and right. She then reaches to her left and takes hold of Billy's cock.
She pumps Billy's cock to get a feel for her as she stops sucking X-Pac's
cock. Fyre then wobbles over on her knees to Billy to take his cock into her

Fyre attacks Billy's cock with her mouth recklessly as she doesn't waste time
deep throating his cock. She reaches around and places her hands on his firm
ass cheeks. Fyre squeezes his ass as she gags herself on his cock by keeping
her head completely down on his shaft. Billy takes hold of her head and
begins thrusting his dick in and out of her throat. Fyre moans around his
cock, loving what he's doing. A few moments later, Road Dogg pulls Fyre away
from Billy to get some of her oral ability as well.

Fyre realizes what Road Dogg wants and in a split second adjusts herself to
take his cock into her mouth. She wraps both hands around his cock, one at
the base and the other in the shaft itself, as she quickly bobs her head on
the top of Road Dogg's dick. Road Dogg tugs on her hair as Fyre starts
pumping his dick with her hands while slurping on the tip of his cock as if
it was a straw. Road Dogg appreciates Fyre's technique and lets go of her
hair, but then Fyre moves away from him to take care of Hunter.

Hunter smirks as Fyre crawls to him. She then sits up on her knees, places
her hands on his hips as she takes his cock into her mouth. Fyre knows enough
about Hunter to know he's the leader of DX, and she shows her respect for
that face by slowly sucking on his cock. Fyre slowly begins sucking his cock
harder and within moments, she's giving Hunter her sloppiest blowjob. She
holds onto his cock with her right to take it out of her mouth. Frye then
slaps her own face with Hunter's dick before taking it back into her mouth.
Frye continues to suck his cock for a few more moments before she decides to
turn attention towards X-Pac and Billy.

Fyre takes both of X-Pac and Billy's cocks into her hands while Road Dogg
moves behind her with out her realizing it. Just as Fyre takes X-Pac's cock
into her mouth, Road Dogg pulls on her hips to change how she's kneeling.
Fyre, while sucking off X-Pac, catches onto what Road Dogg wants, so she
sticks her backside out for him. Road Dogg smacks her ass twice before he
slips his cock into her tight pussy. As he begins to fuck her, Frye pulls
Billy's cock closes to her mouth and she begins alternating sucking him and
X-Pac off. Fyre pushes back against Road Dogg's cock as he starts fucking
her pussy harder. She then opens her mouth wider to take both of X-Pac and
Billy's dicks into her mouth. Frye stuffs her mouth with at least half of
each man's cock. and Road Dogg makes her take more dick into her mouth a he
gives her some extremely sharp thrusts.

After sometime, Hunter takes control and pushes his friends way from Fyre.
Hunter then lies on the ground; his cock now stands straight up like a mighty
pole. Fyre practically jumps onto his cock and starts riding him as fast and
hard as she can. Road Dogg is with in arm's reach, so Fyre grabs his cock and
takes it into her mouth. Fyre sucks his cock clean of her pussy juices that
are on it, as Hunter places his hands on her hips. Hunter starts rocking her
back and forth as he thrusts upwards into her cunt, making her deep throat
Road Dogg's dick. Billy and X-Pac watch as they snack on a few items from
WCW's catering table.

Eventually, Frye finds herself in a new position. Road Dogg has lain down
on the ground after freeing his cock from her mouth, and Fyre leaped from
Hunter's cock to Road Dogg's. She comes down hard on the D-O-Double-G's
dick, rides him fore a moment before leaving forward to makes her ass an
easy target for whoever wants to fuck her up her shit tunnel. Billy is the
man to take opportunity as he quickly shoves his dick up her ass and he
quickly begins to fuck her asshole. Frye moans somewhat quietly which
surprises all four DX members. Billy doesn't take kindly to Fyre's mellow
reaction, so he pulls his cock out of her ass and jams it into her already
dick filled pussy,

Frye cries out how much she loves two cocks in her cunt and demands to have
one in her mouth. X-Pac happily fulfils her request by standing to the right
of her, taking hold of her arm and as her lean up a bit. Frye turns her head
to the right and slurps X-Pac's cock into her mouth. As Billy and Road Dogg
alternate pumping in and out of her pussy, Frye is moaning around X-Pac's
cock as he fucks her mouth. Billy takes his dick out of her pussy and slaps
her ass cheeks with his cock before reinserting it into her ass. Frye rocks
on Road Dogg's cock in order to push back on Billy's cock, while still
sucking hard on X-Pac's cock.

After Billy slams his cock deep inside of Frye's ass, he wraps his arms
around her waist and lifts her off of Road Dogg's dick. With a bit of effort,
Billy moves her back to Hunter, lowering her pussy onto his face. As Hunter
starts licking her twat, Fyre leans forward and lowers her mouth onto
Hunter's cock. Billy steadily fucks her ass, making it difficult for Hunter
to tongue fuck the beautiful Nitro Girl's pussy. Frye places her hands on
Hunter's knees and steadies her lower body to keep her ass still despite
Billy's powerful thrusts. Hunter takes advantage of her effort and slips his
tongue deep into her pussy as Frye does her best Hoover Vacuum cleaner
impression on his cock. When Billy feels that he's going to unleash his cum,
he pulls out of Ryan's ass to prevent himself from cumming.

Road Dogg and X-Pac, then pick Frye off of Hunter's body. Road Dogg holds
Ryan from behind and she lifts her up. X-Pac spreads her legs apart and
pushes his cock into her pussy. Fyre wraps her legs around his waist and
starts to bump and grind against him. Road Dogg then pushes his cock into
her ass, and the two Degenerates begin sandwich fucking the Nitro Girl.
Fyre snaps her head back and forth whenever Road Dogg or X-Pac slams their
cock into her sharply. Fyre then pulls on her hair as she cums on X-Pac's
cock, but she continues to grind against him until both he and Road Dogg
pull out of her pussy and ass, then they drop her down on the ground. After
Fyre gets comfortable on the floor, all four DX member stand around her,
stroking their cocks furiously.

"All right Frye.... We got two words for ya..." Billy says. Fyre licks her
lips and gets on her knees to prepare to suck their cocks. Hunter and Road
Dogg then push her down, and all four men yell at the same time. "Open wide!"

Fyre catches onto what they want from her so she opens her mouth as wide
as she can; in addition to that, Frye also sticks her tongue out, giving
D-Generation X a perfect target for them to dump their loads on. One by one,
each member of D-X cums and try to get their loads onto Frye's tongue, but
Frye starts moving around to try and catch everyone's cum, resulting in her
whole face to be covered in semen. When the men are spent, Fyre starts to
rub the cum on her face deeper into her skin as if it was some type of skin
cream. After she's done she smiles up at all the guys.

"Wow... man, I'm going to so brag about this to all the girls... they are
going to be so jealous," Fyre licks her lips as she stands up, gets her
clothes and walks out of the catering area buck naked. Once she is out of
sight, Hunter starts laughing.

"Damn... these Nitro chicks are major fuck sluts!"

X-Pac grins as he stuffs his cock back into his pants, "Yeah, but you know...
I heard that the biggest slut here was Kimberly Page."

Billy licks his lips in anticipation, "I heard she had a hot ass..."

Road Dogg shrugs as he grins, "Well then... we'll just have to find out,
won't we?"
_ _ _

To Be Concluded in DX Invades World Championship Wrestling... and the WCW
Divas, Part 2

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