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DX Invades World Championship Wrestling... And The WCW Divas Part 2
outline by Kristi
written by Dice

Somewhere in the Norfolk arena, Road Dogg and X-Pac are roaming the halls
looking for another hot WCW babe to fuck, but so far they have had no luck.

"Damn, man I knew we should've gone with Hunter and Billy to fuck that Madusa
chick," Road Dogg sighs as they round a corner.

"Stop complaining, man, she was in the WWF remember, we used to tag her ass
every night," X-Pac replies.

"Yeah I know, but we both know she can fuck like no one can..." Road Dogg is
cut off when X-Pac pats him in the chest.

"Oh I think she can..." X-Pac smirks as he points down the all towards Nitro
Girl AC Jazz. Road Dogg takes a look at her and gets a grin on her face.

"Shit man, where does WCW get these broads?" Road Dogg asks.

"I don't know... but I got a plan... let's do with her what we did with that
Fyre slut..." Road Dogg nods his head in agreement, remembering how they
tricked Fyre into thinking that all of D-Generation has signed with WCW.

"She looks just as dumb, let's go for it." Road Dogg grins again and X-Pac
lightly chuckles as the two of them approach AC. "Hey excuse me... we're
kinda lost," Road Dogg grins as he and X-Pac reach her. AC turns a bit and
when she sees them she gets an excited look on her face.

"Oh my god... I know who you are," AC says with an excited smile on her face.

"You do?" X-Pac smirks as he looks at her clothed body.

"Oh yea, Fyre told me that you two and some other guys jumped from the WWF to
be here," AC Licks her lips excitedly. "I heard about all the stuff you do...
you guys are going to so famous here."

Road Dogg and X-Pac laugh a bit before X-Pac asks her, "We're pretty famous
already, but since you know about us, do you know our famous saying?"

AC thinks for a long moment before shaking her head, "No, what is it?"

"Well..." X-Pac jumps into the air and performs a crotch chops, "SUCK IT!"

"What?!" AC laughs a bit.

"You heard him..." Road Dogg grins.

"I thought Fyre took care of you...." AC smiles as she lightly bites her

"Yeah, well, we want you..." X-Pac grins.

"Really? Wow... not even Hogan wants me..." AC licks her lips as she gets
down onto her knees. Before X-Pac and Road Dogg can undo their pants to pull
out their cocks, AC does it for them. She unzips their pants and sticks her
hands inside them. She fishes her hands around in their pants until she pulls
their cocks out. AC holds both of their dicks tightly and begins alternating
sucking on one than the other. AC opens her mouth wide and takes both of
their dicks into her mouth.

"Oh damn man... this chick has a big mouth..." Road Dogg laughs a bit. As
AC starts to deep throat most of the cocks at the same time, X-Pac grabs a
handful of her head to control the way she bobs on their dicks.

"And it's built for two... she's got one hell of an oral garage for out hot
rods," X-Pac laughs.

AC smiles around both of their cocks before going down completely on them.
Both Road Dogg and X-Pac are amazed by AC's lack of a gag reflex.

"She must suck a lot of dick..." Road Dogg laughs.

"No shit Sherlock..." X-Pac replies as he runs one hand through his hair.

"Damn man, she's going get me to bust a nut before I fuck her..." Road Dogg
says as he pulls his cock out of her mouth. AC hears him and hikes up her
skirt as she adjusts how she's kneeling to stick her ass out. Road Dogg grins
as gets behind her. "Time to bang this chick Doggy style." Road Dogg kneels
behind her and slips his cock into her pussy.

As Road Dogg bangs her ass, AC moans around X-Pac's cock. She reaches between
the man formally known as Syxx's legs and sticks a finger into his ass. X-Pac
slightly lets out a scream, but quiets down, not wanting to reveal that he's
not man enough to take something up his rectum. Road Dogg takes hold of her
hips as AC begins to push back again him every time he thrusts forward.

"Fuck man... let's switch up..." X-Pac moans.

"I was just going to suggest that..." Road Dogg laughs. The two degenerates
pull their cocks out of AC and they literally turn her around. Road Dogg
pushes his cock into her waiting mouth, while X-Pac slams into her pussy. AC
starts rocking her whole body back and forth, pushing back onto X-Pac's dick
while bobbing her head on Road Dogg's. AC moans are very audible despite
having a mouthful of cock. X-Pac and Road Dogg thrust their cocks in and out
of AC at both ends. AC's body starts to shake quite a bit as she cums after
X-Pac gives her some sharp thrusts before unleashing his load into her pussy.
She clamps her mouth close around Road Dogg's cock and milks it with her
mouth until he cums.

X-Pac pulls his cock out of her pussy as Road Dogg pulls out of her mouth. AC
sits up on her knees and takes their cocks into her hands. She starts licking
both cocks clean as Road Dogg and X-Pac smirk at each other.

X-Pac gets a big grin on his face, "Wait until we tell Hunter about her..."

A Short Time Later...

All four members of D-Generation X have reunited back at the catering era,
each with big smiles on their faces.

"You two should've came with us, Alundra, I mean Madusa was so excited to see
real men..." Hunter smirks.

"Yeah, she was all over our cocks before we could say anything," Billy adds.
X-Pac and Road Dogg exchange smirks.

"Well, we didn't totally miss out... we found another Nitro slut..." X-Pac

"And trust us... she was the best of the bunch we've nailed so far..." Road
Dogg says as the quartet start to walk down a hallway that they haven't
explored yet. As they go along, they pass a dressing room door and something
about it catches Billy's eye. He stops, looks at the door again, and gawks
for a moment.

"Hey guys... check this shit out..." Billy calls out. The other three come
back and look at the door.

"Whatcha got?" Hunter asks.

"Look at this bullshit... this cunt gets her own dressing room..." Billy
point to a large yellow start on the door that reads Kimberly Page.

"I wonder who she had to fuck to get her own room?" Road Dogg wonders out

"Who gives a shit?" X-Pac asks.

Hunter laughs a bit, "Good question ‘Pac... but listen guys... since she's a
start here in WCW... I say we give her the full DX treatment."

"Sounds like a blast... let's smoke her ass..." X-Pac laughs, as does the
Outlaws. Hunter smirks and opens the opens the door to Kimberly's dressing
room. All four men slowly step into the room, getting a perfect view of
Kimberly's ass as she changes outfits. Billy closes the door, but it slightly
slams shut and it gets Kimberly's attention. Kimberly turns around, dress
only in stockings, panties and a bra. She glares at the four men.

"What the hell! Don't you know how to knock!?" She yells as she puts her
hands on her hips.

"Hey relax... we just wanted to get a look at the hottest girl here..."
Hunter says calmly.

Kimberly smirks a bit, "You have better meant Woman, because I am no girl...
if you want a girl, go some place else."

"Of course he did... Only a woman would get her own dressing room," Road Dogg
says with a smile. Billy and X-Pac nod their heads in agreement with him.

Kimberly smiles, "That's right... because here in WCW it's all about ME and
what I want!"

"That's where you're wrong..." Hunter smirks as he starts to undo his pants.
"It's about what D-Generation X wants and right now we want you on your knees
before us."

Kimberly glares at Hunter for a moment before she gets a smirk on her face.
Kimberly reaches behind her back and unclasps her bra, then tosses it to the
side before she gets down on her knees.

"Ok, I'm all my knees... what do you want ME to do?"

Billy and Road Dogg approach her with their pants around their ankles. They
each slap her face with their cocks, and Billy speaks for both of them. "Two
words, Suck it!"

Kimberly smirks up at both men before she takes hold of their hard cocks.
She lightly pumps them both as she turns her head towards Billy's. She parts
her lips, sticks her tongue out a little and licks in a circular motion
around the tip of his dick. Kimberly then turns her head towards Road Dogg
and repeats the action before she opens her mouth to take his cock into her
mouth. Kimberly bobs her head on his shaft as she twists her hand around
Billy's cock before switching back to Billy's. Kimberly goes down all the
way on his dick, deep throating his cock rather easily. Hunter and X-Pac
have stripped out of their clothes.

"Hey Kimberly...get over here... we got two more cocks for you..." X-Pac says
with a smirk on his face. Kimberly lifts her head off of Billy's cock and
crawls over to X-Pac and Hunter. She sits on her knees as she takes hold of
their cocks.

"Are these really for ME?" Kimberly smirks before she starts licking the
sides of both their cocks.

"Yeah they are..." Hunter laughs. Kimberly grins as she fills her mouth with
his cock. She pulls back half way and closes her lips tightly around his
cock. Kimberly starts sucking on his dick like a straw while she's constantly
changing her grip on his cock. Hunter suddenly pulls his cock out of her
mouth and he lies down on the floor. Hunter strokes his cock and looks at
her, "Get those panties off and get that cunt of yours on my dick."

Kimberly smirks at him before she sucks on X-Pac's cock for a few moments.
She stands up and lowers her panties, which she tosses across the room.
Kimberly stands over Hunter's cock, swivels her hips then slowly squats down
until his cock enters her pussy.

"Oh fuck that's big..." Kimberly moans as she sits down completely on his
cock. She slowly begins to ride him as Road Dogg comes close to her. He waves
his cock near her face.

"Don't use your hands..." Road Dogg tells her. Kimberly smirks as she places
her hands on Hunter's chest. She opens her mouth and Road Dogg pushes his
cock a bit into her mouth. Kimberly takes care of the rest by closing her
lips around his shaft and starts bobbing her head on his dick at the same
rate she's moving on Hunter's dick. Kimberly moans around Road Dogg cock when
Hunter begins squeezing her tits. Billy elbows X-Pac as he grins.

"Check out her ass... there's not an ounce of fat there."

Kimberly hears him and moves her head away from Road Dogg's cock. She looks
over her shoulder at Billy as she gets off of Hunter and gets down onto her
hands an knees. "My ass is not for looking at buster... it's for fucking."

"I agree..." Billy laughs as he gets behind her. He pushes his cock into her
asshole, and is amazed a bit at how her ass just accepts his dick as if it
was made for it. Billy starts banging her ass steadily as X-Pac gets in front
of her. He does the crotch chop before he sticks his dick into her open

"Suck it bitch!" X-Pac says as he thrusts his cock in and out of her mouth.
Kimberly starts slurping on his cock and moving her from side to side to get
her tongue over more of his cock. Billy's thrusts get harder and sharper,
making Kimberly deep throat X-Pac's cock. Kimberly rocks back against Billy
as she looks up at X-Pac with her mouth full of his cock. Hunter, who has yet
to get up from the floor, is stroking his cock to keep it locked at ready to

"Hey... my dick needs a warm pussy on it..." Hunter laughs. Kimberly slightly
gags on X-Pac cock, before pushing him away. She crawls away from Billy and
back to Hunter. She lifts on leg and moves herself so she's straddling
Hunter. She comes down on his cock, then leans forward, sticking her ass out
as she moves her rips to rock on back and forth on Hunter's prick. Road Dogg
doesn't allow Billy or X-Pac a moment to think about fucking her ass for he
hurries to get behind her. The former Roadie for Double J sticks his cock
into her ass and starts to bang her rear at a brisk pace.

"Oooo ahhh..." Kimberly moans as both Hunter and Road Dogg thrust into her
pussy and ass respectively. Billy and X-Pac are jerking off as they watch the
action unfold in front of them.

"Hey guys, I haven't fuck this bitch yet..." X-Pac complains.

Kimberly turns her head a bit to look at him. "Well lay down honey..."
She says in between moans. X-Pac smirks and lays down on the floor of her
dressing room. Kimberly reaches back and presses her hand on Road Dogg's
leg to get him to pull out of her. She gets off of Hunter's dick and goes
to X-Pac. She sits on his dick. Before she can begin to ride him, Hunter
gets behind her and shoves his cock into her already filled pussy.

"Ohhh fuck me!" Kimberly screams after the sudden intrusion.

"Ok..." Hunter smirks as he begins thrusting his cock in and out of double
stuffed taco. Kimberly starts pushing back against him and starts to slightly
bounce on X-Pac's dick. X-Pac takes hold her breasts that are hanging over
his head like fruit on a tree. X-Pac lifts his head a bit and begins sucking
on her tits, switching back and forth between the two perfect mounds on her
chest. Hunter grunts and he waves Road Dogg over, "Take over..."

"You got it Trips..." Road Dogg smirks as he shoves his cock into her pussy
along with X-Pac's. Kimberly doesn't get a chance to adjust nor to cry out
in pleasure, as Billy gets near her head and brushes his cock against her
lips. Kimberly opens her mouth and takes his cock into her out, and as she
sucks on it, X-Pac and Road Dogg pound her pussy. Hunter moves near her head
and slaps her face with his dick. Kimberly stops sucking Billy and turns her
head towards Hunter's to give him head. Kimberly takes hold of Billy's cock
and starts jerking him off with her left hand. As she's jerking off Billy and
blowing Hunter, Kimberly's whole body tenses up as she cums on Road Dogg and
X-Pac's dicks.

Road Dogg continues to fuck her cunt for a few more moments before he pulls
out of her and dumps his dick snot on her back.

"Ahhh fuck man..." X-Pac moans as he starts to unleash his sperm inside of
her pussy after Kimberly tightens her pussy around his cock. Kimberly bounces
a bit on his dick, and uses her pussy to milk every drop of cum out of his
dick. Kimberly remains on his dick and begins alternating sucking the dicks
of Billy and Hunter.

"Ohhh damn, here it cums..." Billy groans as he cums in her mouth suddenly
as she's jerking off Hunter. Before she can swallow his cum and return her
attention to Hunter, Hunter dumps a huge load of his banana juice on the
right side of her face. Kimberly releases Hunter's cock and stands up while
wiping the cum off her face with her hand, and then licks her hand clean.

"Yummy... that's defiantly good enough for ME... you can go now" Kimberly
says as she loses interests in the four men. All of D-X gets dressed and
leaves the room. Once they are out in the hall, they all start laughing.

"Damn what an weird slut," Road Dogg Laughs.

"Yeah but what an ass..." Gunn replies.

Hunter laughs, "She's defiantly a World Class Whore...."

X-Pac sighs "Yeah...but I miss our WWF Girls..."

Road Dogg nods his head in agreement "Yeah me too man.."

Hunter smirks "Well how about we throw ourselves one hell of a welcoming home
party with all the girls!"

D-X starts to make their way out of the arena and leave it without incident.
They head back to their armor tank, where they find Chyna wiping something
from her mouth. X-Pac realizes what it is, especially once he sees that Chyna
is not wearing her pants.

"Damn, what happened here?" X-Pac asks.

"Nothing I couldn't handle..." Chyna replies coolly. Road Dogg, Hunter and
Billy laugh as they pile onto the tank. Road Dogg starts to drive it, and as
soon as they hit the road, he stops.

"Guys... we got company...." He points in front of them at a large contingent
of WCW wrestlers, being lead by Eric Bischoff. The entire New World Order is
there, as well as most of the WCW locker room, is blocking the road, and they
are all holding weapons ranging from baseball bats to lead pipes to chains.

Hunter pats Road Dogg's shoulder, "Run ‘em down..." Road Dogg smirks and
starts driving the tank again. The vehicle moves slowly at first, but then
Road Dogg hits the gas and the tank speeds up. Everyone blocking their path
jumps out of the way before D-X runs them over. Once the tank is a decent
distance away Hunter taps Road Dogg's shoulder. "Hey stop the tank... I got
a killer idea." After Road Dogg stops the tank, Hunter stands up, cups his
hands around his mouth to amplify his voice.

"Hey Bischoff!" He calls out "You and WCW can...." Billy, Road Dogg and X-Pac
catch on quick to what Hunter has in mind and they all get out of the tank,
allowing Chyna to slide into the driver seat.

Then all four male DX members do the classic crotch chop and yell out "SUCK

That enrages all of the WCW wrestlers who start running towards them to cause
some serious bodily harm. Everyone jumps back into the tank laughing, and
Hunter yells to Chyna, "Let's get the fuck out of here!"


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