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Damn You Jeff Hardy Part 1
by "Sugar" Shawn Alexander

Trish Stratus was wet with excitement. "Finally" she thought "Jeff Hardy
single." It had been a particularly ugly break up, he caught her having sex
with her girlfriend, then she came out of the closet all together saying the
only reson she stayed with him was the money, and she then kicked him out of
his own house. Trish being the opportunist thought this would be perfect, her
horny as hell and him depressed "It's a perfect match" she thought but she
wasn't with out competition.

Molly Holly was starting to get tired of little, very little Spike and
needed a real man to take care of her needs and Jeff fit every aspect of the
perfect lover to a sinch. He was cute, flexable, hung quite well she hears,
and in his time of sorrow very submissive every thing she wants.

Trish was waiting in the parking lot for Jeff. Matt had told her he was
going to be a little late when he and Lita arrived "So what. Now we can be
alone" or so she thought only to be joined my Molly.

Trish, curious asked "Are you waiting for some one?"

"Jeff," Molly replied.

"Why?" Trish said.

"Well, I heard he and his girlfriend broke up and I thought he could use
a shoulder to cry on."

"That bitch!" Trish thought "she's gonna try to get my man!"

"Molly," Trish said, "um, I was going to do the same thing."

"Oh really! Um, that's nice he could use a friend about now"

"Shit!" she thought "I can't compete with Trish, and I'm so horny I would
fuck her... I could fuck her!"

Finally Jeff arrived, looking either extremly bummed or really, really
high or both. Trish was the first to greet him.

"Hey stud, I heard what happend and if you want to talk about it give me
a call, okay cutie," Jeff just smirked and took the card with her number.

Next Molly was up "Hey listen, if you want to talk here's my hotel room
key. I know breaking up can be hard so just drop by if your up to it. We'll
have some drinks, talk, and I have a big bed so if you get tired you can
crash there, ok." Jeff took the key and went into the building.

Everyone was really nice it was actually scaring him. He wasn't getting
over it at all until there was a knock on the door, "Come in." it was Trish.

"Jeff hun, could you help me with something?" she was wearing only a towel
and a smile.

"Sure, what do ya need?" said Jeff.

"This outfit is so tight I need help getting in it," she said as she
revealed a skimpy on piece latex mini skirt and blouse.

"Okay, sure I'll help," he replied.

"Really, thank you so much," she then dropped the towel and at the same
time it and Jeff's jaw hit the floor. Now she was only wearing a sultry

"But, you know the only way I can slip in this thing is if my body's oiled
up. So could you do that first?" Jeff simply nodded "But don't do my whole
body just my ass, legs, and tits please" he nodded again and grabed the baby

He started on her legs and worked his way up. As his hands moved up and
down massaging her legs he was examining the rest of her body. His eyes be
came glued to her hairless cunt, dripping wet from his handy work "Jeff,
babe. Is there somthing you like?" Jeff stopped and looked at the floor
"No it's okay," she said "in fact, could you do something else now."

"What?" he said staring into the hazel eyes giving him a come hither look.

"Oh, I think you know and I think you want to," she said as she laid on
the floor with her legs spread wide. Jeff could take a hint and slowly
lowered his head between her legs and started eatin'. His crafty tougue work
was making her breath quicken. He was munching a mile a minute without taking
breaths. Trish thought she was going to explode and she did all over his
face. Jeff began to drink all the juice pouring out and when he finished that
he licked her completly clean very quickly.

Jeff stood up and Trish went to her knees. She slowly undid his pants only
to reveal the silk boxers that encased her prize. She stuck her hand in and
came out with a thick, 9 inch monster. She quickly put in in her mouth and
started sucking away. Her head was bobbing at a steady pace, taking in 6
inches when she first stuck it in her mouth, as she kept sucking she took
more in until she was sucking the whole 9 at a steady pace.

"Oh shit" he groaned "Take it out" and she willingly obeyed. She stood up
and backed her self onto wall where Jeff lifted her legs onto his waist and
started to bounce her up and down on his swelled prick. They started out slow
and soft but he was gradually bouncing her faster and harder until he was
slam fucking her at a blinding speed. This was to much for her and came hard
again. She got off his waist and back down on her knees where she licked her
juices off his dick and began to throat him again.

Jeff knew he wouldn't last long and pulled his dick out of her mouth and
jerked himself to climax on her face and tits. She licked his cock and her
tits clean of his goo and wiped his nut off of her face and licked them clean
as well. With a sultry smile on her face she glared at his limpening member
took it in her hand and slowly jerked it to arousal. Once at it's full
height, she sucked him to climax again but this time she didn't pull out and
just swallowed his ropey load.

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