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Damn You, Jeff Hardy! Part 2
by "Sugar" Shawn Alexander (

Raw was finished and if Trish didn't tire him out it must have been TLC 5. He
got all his shit together but as he put his wallet away something fell out,
it was Molly's room key! "Well" he thought "she did give it to me it wouldn't
kill me to drop by" he put the key away and headed for the Sheradin. Once on
her floor he wandered around aimlessly looking for her room and finaly he
found it. "I'll just have some drinks, we'll talk, no big thing" he calmly
knocked on the door.

"Oh! Hi Jeff, I thought i gave you the key so you wouldn't have to knock on
the door?" she said in her underwear.

"I know but I don't wanna be rude." Jeff calmly replied.

'Ohh, how sweet', she thought, 'but this does set me back a bit. Now how is
he supposed to catch me masturbating? Oh well, plan B.' "Come in." she said

"ok" he dully replied. When he walked in however his attitude changed

"What's that smell?" he curiously asked.

"My man, Jack Daniels. Want some?" she replied.

"Sure." he said, he could use something to kill the pain in his back.

"Take a seat, I was just watching TV" she said confidently.

"Yeah, okay that's cool" he said lying back, trying to maintian his cool but
that all changed once he heard the familiar sounds of bad jazz and orgazmic

"I hope you don't mind but I love this movie" Jeff a little shocked asked
"Do you like porno?" she replied "Like? I love prono. It gives me so many

Jeff now completely understanding the set up sarcasticly asked "Like what?
Show me." with that Molly seductivly peeled off her bra and crawled across
the bed to softly kiss him on the lips. She slowly pulled his shirt off and
started to lick his chest and stomach. She got down to his lower abdomen when
she started to undo his pants. As soon as she undid his boxer button his cock
sprung out right in front of her face. With a smile she grabbed the base,
kissed the tip, and began to choke on it like a pro.

It didn't take long before she could handle it hands free. She throated it
faster and was bobbing faster than Trish did which either meant she did a lot
of studying or got a lot of practice, either way Jeff could care less, he was
getting the best head he had ever recieved. He felt like he didn't have a
long time left but Molly knew so she stopped much to his disappointment. She
crawled away from him on all fours and wiggled her round ass in front of his
face. Jeff, never one to disappoint, pulled her panties down and started to
lick her pretty, little, pink slit.

He started slow but as her breathing increased so did his tougue speed.
Pretty soon she was panting like she had just run a mile in a minute and Jeff
was working that fast as well. Molly was holding out trying not to cum
because she wanted to fuck. She softly told him to stop and he did
reluctantly. She jerked him back to full arousal and bent over again and told
him to fuck her doggy style, he didn't need to be told twice.

He slowly entered the tight twat with much regard, he didn't want to hurt
her. But once all the way inside he started to fuck her with reckless
abandon, and she loved every second of it.

She was sraeming at the top of her lungs, "OH MY GOD!!!" she screamed "FUCK

Jeff willingly obliged and pumped even faster and harder. Slam fucking the
petite frame for what it was worth. Molly managed to open her eyes, and
another idea popped into her head.

"STOP!!!" she yelled and he did "Lay back for me" he obeyed, Molly examined
the tired body lying on her bed. His body covered in sweat and his dick
covered in her slick juices.

"Relax babe, I'll take care of the rest." Jeff nodded and waited for her to
do something and she did. First she spat on his cock and worked her saliva
all over it. Jeff paciently waited, still trying to figure out what she was
doing, but he figured it out once he saw her turn around and squat over his

Molly grabbed the base and took a deep breath. She then pressed the dick head
into her ass and sat down on it all the way. This time it was too much and
she let out a hiss in pain but Jeff held her waist to prevent her from
getting off. He slowly lifted her ass off his abdomen, keeping some if his
dick inside of her. She put her arms behind her for support and Jeff kept his
hands on her waist so she wouldn't fall. Slowly, Jeff started to pump her ass

Even though it hurt like hell, Molly was starting to enjoy it. She let out
soft moans after awhile. Pretty soon she was as hot as a firecracker again,
matching his trusts by sitting down on it at the same time. They were both on
the verge of orgasm. Molly's cunt was juicing so much it was lubing Jeff's
cock even more making their thrusts and bouncing smoother. Jeff wasn't doing
any better, his balls were burning, waiting to release his orgasm but he
managed to hold out for her command. Molly's actions were commands enough,
she went to her knees and opened wide. Jeff didn't even need to jerk it, it
just shot out like a cannon, covering Molly's pretty face. "You know" she
said "there is so much here that I must share. So Jeff, do you still have
Trish's cell number?"

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