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Damn You Jeff Hardy! Part 3
by "Sugar" Shawn Alexander (

Jeff was so exhausted he could barly move, but Molly insisted on a three
way. Jeff not being a total dumbass was up for one final fuck for the month.
"These bitches are trying to kill me." he thought as he rummaged through his
clothes looking for the cell number, Molly was cleaning her self up for
Trish, she said she would fuck her and now with Jeff it will be a night she
will hold dear for the rest of her life.

After about 10 minutes of looking he finally found it. He dialed the
number and waited, finally a "Hello" was heard on the reciever.

"Hey babe, it's Jeff."

"Hey hun you called so soon" she replied.

"I guess I just couldn't wait."

"Oh, well where's your room and I'll drop by and we can have the rest
of the night. And, I've got a suprise for you."

"Really, cause I got one for you. When you get here I'll show you."

Oh, your so sweet! What was the hotel and room?"

"I'm at the Sheradin, room #69"

"Ok, I won't keep you waiting. Bye" she hung up and Jeff paciently waited.

After about 30 minutes he finally heard a knok at the door. "Molly wait in
here. Your her suprise."

"Okay!" she replied in an innocent voice.

Jeff opened the door to recieve his suprise.

"Hey Jeff." a seductive Torrie Wilson said eyeing his naked body.

"Do you like?" Trish said, Jeff just nodded and let the ladies in.

"Trish, um, here's your suprise."

With that, a nude Molly Holly walked out looking nervous.

"Molly," Jeff said, "Cut the bullshit. You are a nympho and that sweet and
innocent shit don't fly when someone knows this."

"Okay," she replied as she literally threw him on the bed and pined him
"You don't want me to be nice, I won't. But since you want me to be dirty,
hold on because I'm gonna fuck you till you go blind!" Jeff just stared at
her with a hint of fear in his eyes. "And that goes for you two as well."

Trish and Torrie just looked at her and seductivly smiled with an eager
look in their eyes.

It didn't take long for Trish and Torrie to strip completely naked. As
they were stripping Molly was sucking Jeff better than she did the first
time. Torrie climbed onto the bed and strattled Jeff's face and Trish started
to eat out Molly from behind. Molly was running out of breath so she stopped
and crawled onto the bed next to Jeff. Trish climbed on top of Molly's face
and started to grind her cunt in it. Torrie noticing Jeff's sudden decrease
in tongue speed led her look back and see his huge hard on and Molly's
glistening cunt. Torrie climbed off of Jeff's face and crawled in between
Molly's legs and started eating her out. Jeff eyed Torrie's ass as it was
wiggeling in the air. He moved himself behind her and started to fuck her
doggy style.

Now that all four people were getting off, they decided to switch places
again. Torrie was on her back getting eaten by Jeff. Trish was under Jeff
sucking him off and Molly was on Torries face. After about another 10 minutes
they switched again. Jeff was on Trish's mid section fucking her huge
titties. Torrie was eating her out and Molly was eating Torrie out. After
another 10 min. Jeff annouced he was gonna cum soon and got off of Trish
leaving the girls to each other.

Molly got back on her back and spread her legs. Trish dove in between her
legs and started to eat her pussy. Torrie sat on Molly's face and asked Trish
to bring her ass over to her. Trish willingly obliged and stuck her ass in
Torrie's face as she bent over to taste more Molly. With all the girls
pleasuring each other their orgasims were inevitable and all three came at
the same time.

"Hey!" said Jeff awaiting the three. "I know your not done yet." he said
as he was keeping him self hard by jackin' off a little. Jeff not have to let
out another sound before he had all three girls huddled around his thick, 10
inch member that was at full arousal, taking turns sucking, jerking, and
licking it. Jeff knew he couldn't hold out any longer and let out a deep low
groan as he shot the biggest load ever into the faces of his three lovers.
The girls tried to swallow as much as they could but got it mostly on their
tits and faces.

All three girls cleaned up together and all cuddled Jeff as they slip off
to sleep. As all the girls were sleeping he couldn't help but think. Mostly
about how maybe he and his girlfriend breaking up wasn't that bad at all and
about why Steph wants to see him in her office tomorrow?

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