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Damn You Jeff Hardy Part 4
by "Sugar" Shawn Alexander (

Jeff walked into the Smackdown! tapings feeling like a million bucks. He
walked up to Trish, grabbed her ass, and stuck his toung down her throat.
"Had fun. We should do that again." he said with a shit-eating grin on his
face. "Yeah. I had a blast. Later babe." she replied.

Jeff walked into the Hardy dressing room and saw something rather odd. He
was used to seeing Lita on her knees giving Matt a "pre-show blow job" and
the "post-show blow job" and the "right befor the match" and, well, you get
the point. But this was different because there was a blonde head bobbing
back and forth next to the red head. "Dude, who's that?" Jeff asked because
in wrestling, blondes are a dime a dozen. Matt snapped his fingers and the
blonde turned around, it was Stacy Kiebler. She smiled at Jeff and returned
to her duties. "Dude, did you see Steph yet?" Matt asked. Jeff's jaw dropped

"Oh shit, I forgot!" "You better get the fuck on then." Jeff rushed out of
the dressing room and headed towards Steph's office.

"What was keeping you?" a stern voice commanded.

"Um, I was running late." he replied awaiting a 30 minute bitch raving in
about 4.2 seconds.

"That's okay." she said to Jeff's suprise. "I need to ask you a few things
and lucky for you if you do well you will benefit." she said. "First, how
long have you known Amy (Lita)?"

"Shit, I've known her for years."

"That's nice, how would you like her to be Women's Champ?"

"That would be great but how does this concern me?"

"I'll ask the questions sweet-heart. Lastly, how do I look with my new

"Honestly, if you weren't going with Paul I would be on you like a rash."

"Good, I like that answer. Now this is how they connect. Come here." Jeff
walks over to Steph "Jeff dear, if you want your little friend to be the
champ you are going to have to fuck me 'till I'm conviced she deserves it."

Jeff was stunned. He was going to fuck billion dollar pussy and Lita
would benefit, "Sounds good to me."

"Wonderful, let's get started."

Steph pulled a condom out from the desk drawer as Jeff whipped it out.
Steph quickly popped it in her mouth as she was opening the rubber. She
sucked him to his full, x-treme 10 inches then stopped. She put the cock-hat
in her mouth and put it on him in one gulp. She streched the latex glove to
as far as it would go but it only covered 8 of his 10.

"Jeff, you have to understand. It's not you, if I get pregnant while
Hunter is in his unable to fuck post surgery thing, he would kick my ass."
she said and Jeff nodded.

Jeff cleared off her desk as she removed her clothes. She let her new
36D's free to everyone's delight. She wasn't wearing much. Only a short
dress, no underwear. "You better hope Irvine (Jericho) don't put you in the
Walls without underwear. Cause last time..."

"Last time I did that to put on a show for him and let's just say he's
forgiven for all the shit he's done to me." she finished. She laid on her
desk spread eagle, Jeff quickly got in between her legs and started to pump

Jeff was fucking her hard. So hard that it was making her boobs bounce
giving Jeff a show. Steph was moaning loud enough for anyone who passed by
her door could hear her, "Oh Jeff. Your better than a vibrator." she said,
Jeff smiled because he heard a vibrator was hard to compete with. Jeff
continued to stare at her huge breasts and thought 'That has got to be the
best money she's ever spent.' and put one in his mouth. Steph could hold back
no longer at let out a shreik in ecstacy and lubed up the rubber some more.

"Oh shit that was amazing! Give me more." she said catching her breath.

Steph got off the desk and Jeff laid on it and she on top of him. She got
it in her and started to ride like a cowgirl. She started slow but quickly
picked up the pace and soon was riding him like a bull. Steph loved being on
top, she even had a little cowgirl outfit she would wear when she fucked Paul
like that. Jeff was kneading her tits as she rode him. Between his huge cock
and his wonderful massage, she was going to explode again. She slowed her
pace and laid on top of him. She began to hump again at the same pace she was
riding, she bit into Jeff's shoulder as she came even harder than the first

Breathless, she looked into Jeff's green eyes and asked "Did you?" He
shook his head. "Well," she figured "he earned the right to cum after the two
big ones he gave me." She got off the desk and sat on her chair backwards,
giving Jeff a nice look at her soft ass. "Come here and fuck me 'till you
cum." is all she had to say before Jeff was on her again.

Jeff's favorite position was doggy style and her letting him fuck like
this already made his balls burn. He crammed it in and humped her like a
rottweiler in heat. Jeff knew she was gonna cum again and tried to hold out
so they did together. It only took a matter of minutes before Steph screamed
again and Jeff yelled, "I'm gonna cum!"

He released his orgasm in the bag and pulled it out of her. Steph looked
at the used rubber still on his cock and went to her knees. She pulled it
off with her teeth and emptied the contents into her mouth. And with a smile
on her face said, "It's hers."

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