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Dana's Karma
by BellaBusters

It was Monday Night Raw and Becky had just finished her match against Natalya...which she dominated...thinking of it she was dominating everything recently.

She and Charlotte had a bet on Saturday at the performance center against Charlotte...losers becomes winners bitch. And after Becky wiped the floor with Charlotte she broke the divas champion...However Becky knew she had Charlotte where she wanted her.

Charlotte never knew how good an ass fucking was but to get one by Becky embarrassing!!! Although Charlotte cummed on Becky's strap on 7 times she was still the alpha female of WWE. Hence the importance that she gets her hands on Becky soon...

Becky walked into her dressing room only to find a sweaty Dana Brooke in her ring attire wearing a giant strap on grinning wickedly while feeling her giant tits."Oh just the slut I want...get over her and gimme that Irish ass..."

"Just one sec..." Becky said smiling while quickly exiting. "Get back here you dirty little bottom!!!" Dana yelled knowing she couldn't leave with a sex toy around her waist...

Just outside the locker room Becky rang Charlotte, who was off tonight letting her ass heal.After all everyone knew Dana was Charlotte's slut and feared the champion more than anyone...

"What" Charlotte snapped.

"Hey poodle! Guess who's looking to fuck my ass? Becky teased.

"Don't call me...oh no...she isn't is she? Let me guess you want me to call her off? "Charlotte said knowing who Becky was referring to.

"Not quite poodle...I want you to tell her to bend over." Becky said grinning.

"No way...She's mine and only mine" Charlotte protested.

"Listen...if I don't fuck her I'll tell everyone what I did to you and why your not here...its your ass or hers" Becky said smugly.

After a few moments Charlotte conceded " Fine...she's yours tonight and only tonight".

" can let her know" Becky said entering the locker room.

As Becky entered the room she was pushed up against the wall and held there by Dana inches away from her face." Oh you made a big mistake bitch! I'm gonna make you regret that! Don't you know who I am...I'm the greatest protege ever and future divas champion!" Dana growled.

Becky held up her phone "It's for you..."

Dana snapped the phone and barked "WHAT!!!" Dana's faced turned, her eyes widened, her face went pale " oh no! Please master no...I'll do" suddenly Dana dropped the phone and looked at Becky...

"Becky...I'm sorry...please don't do this...I can give you money...I...I...I..." Dana stuttered to the only diva she never ass fucked.

"Save it loose the cock and come here..." Becky commanded.

Dana gulped and removed the strap on and slowly walked over to Becky. Becky locked lips with Dana invading her mouth with her tongue. At first Dana was tense but soon found herself moaning and placing her hands on her neck.

After a few minutes Dana was soaking wet. Becky slipped her hand over her crotch and suddenly broke the kiss. "Dirty fucking slut...your soaking and we've only been shifting".

"Shut up !!!" Dana yelled defensively.

"Oh Dana you don't tell me what to on your knees!!!" Becky yelled fiercely.

"But I'm..." Dana started before receiving a mighty slap from the Lasskicker." I don't care... on your knees or I'll tell Charlotte" Becky said smiling smuggly.

Dana stopped and slowly dropped to her knees while Becky put on Dana's strap on.

"Somebody has been quite naughty...using Charlotte to try and make herself a top" Becky teased looking at the blonde on her hands and knees.

"I am a top" Dana said shakily. "Bad Dana" Becky said delivering a hard slap to her big ass. Becky then walked in front of Dana "Now! Suck it Bitch !" She commanded while waving the cock in Dana's face.

Dana kept her mouth sealed as Becky's strap on rubbed off of her lips." Listen here you little bitch...if you don't start being a good little bottom I'm going to get all the divas out here and we'll gang-bang this ass!"

At that moment Dana muttered "Ok..."

"Ok what" asked Becky...

"Ok... I'll be your bottom" Dana said quietly before wrapping her mouth around the cock and sucking, slurping and deep throating it. " know what your doing...Charlotte's really got you whipped into shape" Becky laughed.

After a few minutes Becky pulled the cock out of Dana's mouth. " Now gimme that ass before I tell the divas whats happening" Becky threatened as she pushed Dana on all fours." Come to mama" Becky lusted before tearing Dana's ring gear. Now staring at Dana's bare ass "Shake this big ass" Becky commanded before burrowing her head in between her ass cheeks.

Dana began to move her ass up down left and right.. to Becky's delight.

"Now...the real fun begins "Becky laughed squeezing Dana's ass as she kneeled behind then squeezing her own tits. "You'll be gentle, right? I did what you wanted..."

"I'll be first" Becky grinned while slamming her strap on into Dana's ass. "AAAHHH you BITCH!!! What the said you'd be gentle !!! JESUS!!! " Dana screamed.

"I'll do whatever the fuck I want" Becky snapped while slapping Dana's ass " Bottoms don't make they?.....ANSWER ME YOU SLUT!!!"

"AH...OHH SHIT...SHIT...FUCK YOU...YOU...LEPRECHAUN!!!!" Screamed Dana while Becky's thighs smacked off her meaty ass cheeks. "Haha how cute a bottom that thinks she's a top...reminds me of someone else" Becky taunted.

Although Dana was acting different she was loving Becky's ass fucking...Charlotte had nothing on her... Dana knew it was only a matter of time before her body betrays her. To her disappointment Becky pulled out of Dana and walked over to her bag.

"What the fuck!" Dana said turning around disappointed that her ass was now empty. "Listen Dana...if you just admit to being my bitch I'll fuck you even harder" Becky said while changing from her current 7 inch cock to a 10 incher.

Dana stared at Becky...she was loving this ass fucking so much she just knew she'd break sooner or later..."O O OK" Dana muttered on her hands and knees.

"Louder..." Becky smirked as she inserted her 10 inches into her bitches ass.

"I said I'll be your bitch...OK !!! I Dana Brooke belong to Becky Lynch !!! I live to serve...NOW PLEASE FUCK MY ASS!!!" Just as Dana declared her new status as Becky's property her biggest fear occured...

"Oh my God" yelled Naomi as she came into the locker room with Alicia, Eva and Natalya. All the divas Dana used to mercilessly fuck while being Charlotte's protege and exclusive bitch.

"Glad to see you ladies got my invite" Becky laughed as she rapidly fucked Dana." Becky what the fuck are you doing? Charlotte will kill you if she finds out!" Natalya said. "Don't worry she's the one who told me to fuck her...isn't that right my little pet!" Becky mocked slapping Dana's exposed ass.

"Yes it is...I'm your fuck toy...your slave...oh shit...mmmhhhh fuck that ass come on I'm so close...please just ram that cock up my ass!!!" Dana pleaded as she continued to intensely sweat through an amazing ass fucking. She didn't care about the divas watching, she didn't care about her reputation as a top all she cared about was being a good enough slut so Becky would fuck her full time.

"Those are the magic words baby!" Becky said and after a few more seconds of rapid anal abuse Dana squirted like crazy screaming out in ecstasy and pushing her ass against Becky's thighs.

Becky stood up from her newly conquered anal whore "Now show our guest your gaping asshole" she said removing her strap on and stuffing it in Dana's mouth. Dana nodded while sucking the ass flavoured strap on and turning her ass towards her former bitches in a humiliating fashion which only made her hornier. As the divas taunt Dana she's loving the taste of her new masters strap on which was just up her ass and groping and pinching her tits.

"Damn! Becky you really gave her what was coming to her!" Eva smiled.

"What a bitch...begging to cum in front of all of us!" Alicia said.

"She's such a bitch but I thought only Charlotte got to fuck her?" Natalya asked.

"No way...she's my bitch now...isn't that right Dana?" Becky said as Dana took the strap on out of her mouth and agreed with her "Good now come here and kiss my ass slut!" Becky commanded. Dana crawled towards her with a grin and then covered Becky's ass in kisses.

"Mmmhhh yeah good belong to me now...." Becky moaned.

"Yes master I'm your little pet..." Dana moaned in between kisses.

"Good girl! Now ladies don't forget your strap ons next week... Dana is getting gang-banged..." Becky announced to Dana's shameful delight." Watcha think about that you little slut?" Becky said to the diva still kissing her ass." Hhmmm I love it...come on ladies make me all your bitches." Dana moaned while sneakily sticking her thumb up her ass.


After Becky left the divas her and Dana went to Becky's hotel. When Becky got there she sent Dana into the room next to hers and told her to rest her ass before the gang-bang...Dana obliged, she couldn't wait she loved being a slut. When Becky went to her room Charlotte was on the bed when Becky asked what she was doing there, Charlotte simply replied "I wanna be your bitch...but in secret and I'm keeping Dana". Becky laughed and agreed. She fucked Charlotte again and had her begging like Dana was. She couldn't wait to see her face when arriving to Raw and seeing all the Divas fuck her protege...she'd be pissed but she couldn't do anything or Becky would reveal she was her bitch.


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