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Dark Angel
by Charlie

It's late they had just finished the last shot for Dark Angel's finale the
last scene to be filmed was the upstairs fight between Jessica Alba and Amy
Dumas (Lita), everyone had left except these two still sitting in the
dressing room that they shared, as Jessica waits to sure that they are both
alone. As Jessica looks at Amy undressing her staring at her awesome body
thinking back to the scene were Amy has her nice thighs around her neck
just before she performs her Litacunranna. Jessica then slowly runs her
hands all over Amy's thighs feeling how smooth they are for, Jessica then
began to undo Amy's pants pulling them down her smooth legs inch by inch,
all the way down pulling them right off as she then grabs Amy's thong then
all of a sudden rips them right off Amy moans with excitement. Jessica then
gently begins to kiss Amy's thighs all over her silky skin thighs then made
her way to Amy's pussy then extends her tongue inside Amy's pussy, Amy left
hand grabs Jessica's head as she then began to lick her clit Amy moans,

While Jessica is down on Amy, Amy grabs hold of a nightstick, which she found
on the set and begins to lick the end like it was a long hard cock. As
Jessica looks up at Amy.

AMY: Now I want you to stick this inside me.

Amy then hands Jessica the nightstick as Jessica then licks the same end as
Amy did, then Jessica slowly inserts the wet stick inside Amy's wet pussy. As
Jessica gently pulls it in and out.


Jessica ran her other hand all over Amy's hard body as she feels the hard,
wet nightstick inside her pussy as Amy grabs Jessica's hand.

AMY: Now it's your turn (With a cheeky expression).

As they both swapped places Amy took the nightstick and began licking the
same end that was inside of her once it was wet again she gently inserts it
inside Jessica as she moans loudly.


Amy continues to punish Jessica like she asked, as Amy looks up at Jessica's
face she has this look, like she's never felt anything this big before. Her
mouth making a big O moments later Amy pulls the stick out as she holds
upright, Amy stands up placing the stick between her and Jessica placing it
right on their pussies. As Amy then moves in closer as they both begin to
feel the hard stick against their pussy's with Amy's left hand brings up and
down moving in closer as they both feel it they both moaned.


Minutes later Amy looks right into Jessica's eyes and asks.

AMY: Wanna try the 69er?


They both locking lips with their hands all over each other as they both get
to the floor as they keep going for a while with both girls lying on a side
each. Amy starts to get closer to Jessica's wet hole as she gets their her
lips,tongue dive right into it, as Jessica too does the same. Each with a
hand on each other's ass cheek they kept going a won't stop til someone cums
as they each felt lips, tongue a fingers inside of them. Then Amy rolls over
flat on her back with Jessica on all fours, as Amy holds Jessica's thighs
closer to her face feeling the smooth skin up against her face, while her
legs wide open as they still kept eating each other waiting to see who comes
first. Then all of a sudden they both come mother of all they both come at
the same time, as each of their sweet juices cums all over there wet pussies,
once the whole load came they too began licking it up every last drop of that
sweet load of juice, yet as they slowly sit up, they notice that they each
missed a little bit, both realising that they had a little bit on the side of
their lips. Then they begin to wipe each other's lips then hold it in front
of each others mouth as they both swallowed the very last drop then they
kissed lips and tongues the whole works. As they sit on the floor naked
holding each other close.

JESSICA: Wow I've never been with another girl before.

AMY: Really?

JESSICA: Yeah this was my first time, with another girl.

AMY: Well see you tomorrow then.

The End

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