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Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. I do not know or own Ashley Massaro, Candice Michelle, Mickie James, Torrie Wilson, Trish Stratus, Victoria. I do not make any money from the writing of this story.

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Deal With The Devils
by MTL (

With a confident smirk on her face six times WWE women's champion Trish Stratus walked down to the ring accompanied by her two tag team partners, her good friend Mickie James and their bitch Ashley Massaro. Not that anyone in the audience, or most people in the WWE, knew that Ashley was their bitch or why Trish was grinning so widely. None of them knew that there was more at stake than just pride and money in the upcoming elimination tag team match, and while her ass was literally on the line all that was going to happen was a huge pain in Trish's ass was finally going to be removed.

* * *

"Trish! Trish!" Victoria screamed angrily, as with her bitches Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson flanking her she marched towards Trish, Mickie and Ashley.

"Oh what is this now?" Ashley mumbled nervously.

"Relax bitch." Mickie said, swatting Ashley's behind, "Trish has got this."

"What the hell!" Victoria growled menacingly, getting directly in Trish's face, "Your psycho friend just screwed me again!"

"You mean beat you fair and square." Mickie pointed out, obviously not afraid of the bigger girl.

Neither was Trish, "Yeah Mickie, you beat her ass just like I've been for years."

"You mean cheating me out of wins for years." Victoria snapped.

Trish just laughed, "God your delusional. Face it Victoria, you're all washed up. You used to be so tough, but now you just can't win the big one anymore. Or even the small ones. I mean when was the last time you pinned me? Two, three years ago? And me and Mickie have been wiping the floor with you and your no talent model friends so bad for nearly six months now you must have our footprints all over your asses. It's sad really. You probably couldn't beat me now if your career depended on it."

"Oh really?" Victoria snarled, "Care to make a wager on that?"

"Like what?" Trish asked.

"Like, next week you vs me... the loser is the winner's sex slave." Victoria offered.

The smile fading from her face Trish backed off slightly and murmured, "You can't be serious?"

"What's wrong Trish, not so sure you can beat me?" Victoria taunted.

"No, it's just... you're not worth my time." Trish said, "Besides I'm not allowing you to cheat your way to a fluke win."

"Yeah, but how about this... Vince's Devils vs our soon-to-be sex slaves. Elimination rules." Victoria offered.

There was a moment of silence, then Trish burst out laughing, "You can't be serious. You wouldn't stand a chance."

"Oh I'm dead serious." Victoria said, getting up in Trish's face again, "And when we win, everyone on your team is going to be our sex slaves. And by sex slaves I mean anal slaves. As in getting your asses fucked every night until you can't remember what it was like to sit right. The mighty Trish Stratus an anal fuck toy for not just me, but Torrie and Candice too. Hell, I won't even be the one taking your anal cherry, because I reckon it will be so fucking hot watching you lose your back door virginity to a model."

Glaring back at her long-time rival Trish gritted her teeth and said, "You know what, you're on!"

"Wait Trish, I'm not so sure that's-" Mickie began.

"And when we win again, like the millionth time in a row, I'm going to make sure I'll be the one taking your anal cherry. I'm going to pound your ass hard and deep, completely turn you out until you're nothing but a bitch. Then I'm going to fuck your ass every night until it's you who you can't remember what it was like to sit right! And I'm going to do the same to your bitches, make up for all those once you've hogged like Torrie and Candice to yourself instead of sharing them with the rest of us."

"Trish!" Mickie explained loudly, "I don't think this is a good idea."

"Oh look, Trish's bitch is speaking for her." Victoria taunted.

"That's protege, who just kicked your ass." Mickie snapped before turning to Trish, "And seriously, I don't like this. She's up to something."

"Yeah, getting her ass beaten and fucked!" Trish growled, turning her attention back to her rival, "You've done it now Victoria. I've been wanting to demote you for years but Molly and Lita always talked me out of it. Now Molly's gone and we've got a replacement for you in OVW called Beth. So enjoy being a wrestler while you can, because next week you're going to be just another model who gets ass fucked by us real wrestlers."

"We'll see Trish." Victoria smirked, surprisingly not offering up any other form of protest as she left followed closely by Torrie and Candice.

Once the Devils were gone Trish turned to her protege and warned, "Mickie, don't you ever question me like that again."

"I'm sorry Trish, but considering how much they lose they must have something up their sleeves." Mickie argued, before quickly adding, "Besides, I'm way more worried about Ashley not holding up her end of the deal. She's so shit in the ring we'd be better off leaving behind, or replacing her with Beth like I've been saying for months."

"Relax Mickie, I know Ashley is shit, but it'll be fine. We may have a weak link but Victoria has two, and as long as we work together this will be a cakewalk." Trish pointed out, guiding Mickie's hand to Ashley's ass and encouraging her to squeeze the soft flesh found there, "Besides, you want the chance to fuck some more bitch ass?"

Mickie bit her lip, then nodded, "Well yeah, but-"

"But nothing." Trish said dismissively, "Trust me Mickie, we've got this. It's not even a fair fight, it's a glorified handicap. Two butt busting Alpha females vs one. Victoria doesn't stand a chance. We're going to show her who's boss once and for all, the both of us pounding her ass hard and deep, and then we can have Torrie and Candice for desert. It's going to be a breeze."

* * *

"The following is a divas's elimination tag match. The match will continue until one team has been completely eliminated." Lillian Garcia announced via her microphone.

Before she could utter another word Victoria, Candice and Torrie attacked Trish, Mickie and Ashley from behind. Instantly Trish's music went off and introducing the participants was forgotten as the fight got underway.

Using their combined strength Candice and Torrie shoved Mickie head first into the barricade, then Torrie turned her attention to Ashley while Candice helped Victoria with Trish. That turned out to be a good thing for Vince's Devils as Trish very quickly regained an advantage, something Candice quickly put a stop to by hitting Trish in the back of the head as hard as she could. That was enough to stun Trish long enough so that Victoria could regain control, the two Devils working together to keep the advantage as Torrie dragged Ashley by her hair down to the ring and shoved her back first against the steel steps. Moments later Candice and Victoria threw a weakened Trish into the ring, the bell ringing to signify the match was officially underway.

The next few minutes Vince's Devils beat Trish down, Victoria staying in the ring most of the time and only tagging Candice and Torrie in so they could take cheap shots at the women's champion. The only other times Candice and Torrie got in was to break up a pinful or submission attempt on the few occasions Trish counted one of Victoria's move into a rollup or submission lock, the blonde almost getting a three count a few times despite the beating she was taking. This enraged Victoria further who used various slams, suplexes and throws to repeatedly slam Trish's body down to the canvas.

Eventually first Mickie and then Ashley crawled their way onto the apron, at least giving Trish the chance to tag and giving someone to break up pins and submissions. Which was a good thing as when originally Mickie managed to reach the ring had been in a single leg Boston crab and despite almost getting to the ropes she had been pulled back and oh so close to tapping into Mickie had interfered.

Finally Trish was able to slip from Victoria's shoulders and land a chick kick which brought her fellow wrestler finally crashing down to the mat. Unfortunately out of instinct Trish had used the leg Victoria had spent significant time twisting in unnatural directions, the pain causing Trish to fall to the ground rather than try and make a cover. Luckily this gave her a chance to crawl over to her corner, both Mickie and Ashley holding up their hands for a tag. Like there was a choice.

The second Trish's hand had hers Mickie jumped into the ring, the crowd erupting as she yelled, "Come on!"

By that point Victoria was back on her feet although she was clearly feeling very woozy. Mickie made sure things only got worse for her as the newest RAW diva went on the offensive, knocking the taller brunette down with forearm after forearm, Victoria walking into blow after blow as she constantly scramble to get to her feet.

Eventually Mickie sent Victoria face first into a turnbuckle over on her corner at which point she jumped up, wrapped her legs around the other brunette's head and after a brief pause for a cheer performed her version of the hurricanrana. In the process Mickie swore she could have heard the referee shout 'tag' but as she hadn't felt anything she figured she was mistaken.

Shortly after that Mickie hit a neck breaker followed by Northern lights suplex, both of which got a two count. Mickie then got two and three quarters by doing a Thesz press off the top rope, and Victoria only got out of that because Candice and Torrie rushed into break up the cover. Knowing she had to deal with them eventually Mickie figured now was a good time and proceeded to knock Candice on her ass before ducking a punch from Torrie and giving her a chick kick for her trouble. Mickie then pulled Candice into a front face lock and yelled out, signalling she was about to perform her jumping DDT finisher.

Before she could land the move Mickie felt something really hard whack her in the back of the head, dazing her so much she barely even registered she was being rolled backwards. Which didn't make any sense because she had moved around so that she was facing Torrie and Victoria who were both still down on the canvas. Of course that moment of confusion cost Mickie big-time as the next thing she heard was a three count.

"Mickie James has been eliminated." Lillian mumbled into her mic after a few long seconds, the ring announcer just as confused as most of the audience at what was going on.

None of them were more confused than Trish though who was so shocked she couldn't have moved even if she wasn't exhausted.

Ashley just slid into the ring, slammed what looked like some sort of steel pipe into the back of Mickie's head and then rolled her backwards into a pinning predicament. The treacherous blonde had made sure it was a full on schoolgirl rollup, for once in her life Ashley using a wrestling move to its fullest effect as she stacked Mickie on her shoulders, using her own weight against her. She even pulled back on Mickie's skirt and thong for extra leverage, providing the audience with a brief look at the tiny brunette's big meaty butt cheeks. Not that it seemed to matter as Mickie seemed confused and barely conscious seconds later when Ashley let go of the hold.

The referee hadn't seen the foreign object, Victoria lifting her body up and grabbing him just in time to get his attention before pointing him in the direction of Ashley rolling up Mickie, the ref following the rules of the match and counting the wrestler's shoulders down as her barely trained opponent pinned her to the mat.

Before she could fully comprehend the humiliation she had just suffered Mickie was picked up by Victoria and given the Widows Peak, the force of the manoeuvre knocking the already woozy wrestler out completely. Meanwhile Trish was suddenly being held in place by Candice and Torrie, the two models trying and mostly failing to hurt her as they twisted her arms behind her back.

With pure panic running through her veins Trish was able to roll forward, using Candice and Torrie to knock Ashley and Victoria down like skittles. Seconds later all five women were up and Trish was knocking down Victoria, followed by Torrie, but then Ashley and Candice knocked her down and kept her down. They just kicked her at first, but soon they all piled down on top of her, tearing at her clothes and hair, ripping some of the fabric and pulling a few strands of her beautiful blonde locks from her head. There was also a lot of slapping, scratching and name-calling, Trish barely able to tell that the referee was trying to count them out but every time he got close to a five one of them would distract him or they would back off only to attack again.

Eventually Trish was picked up and held in the Widows Peak position, Victoria holding her just long enough for the other three women to slap her before bringing her crashing down. The next thing Trish knew she was on her back getting pinned by Ashley, but luckily Mickie had woken up and broken up the cover. Unluckily that could have been a disqualification as Mickie was no longer in the match, but the referee chose leniency given the other shenanigans. Not that it mattered.

As Candice and Torrie started kicking the still exhausted Mickie, who in turn was being held down by Victoria, Ashley pulled Trish to her feet, locked her in a Bulldog headlock, posed, and then hit her with her own finishing move the Stratusfaction. Ashley stumbled on the first attempt but it didn't matter, Trish was too weak to counter. She tried to kick out but she didn't have the strength left to push the weaker woman off of her and the referee's hand hit the mat three times.

Immediately the bell sounded and Lillian announced, "Trish Stratus has been eliminated, therefore there are your winners Vince's Devils."

The four triumphant women stood over the beaten bodies of Mickie James and Trish Stratus, posing, hugging each other, squealing and looking down lustfully at their defeated opponent in a way which made Trish practically shiver. Although nowhere near as much as when Ashley mouthed, "See you later, bitches."

With that Vince's Devils and their new friend skipped to the back, leaving Mickie and Trish to slowly follow them as fans in the arena wondered what was going on, the WWE having already gone to commercial break shortly after the conclusion of the match.

* * *

"What are we going to do, what are we going to do." Mickie mumbled hysterically over and over as she and Trish staggered in the direction of the women's locker room.

"I don't know." Trish said grimly, before adding a few seconds later, "But we can't just bend over. We're Alpha females for God sakes, not some worthless models. We just need to be strong and put those bitches in their place."

"Yeah." Mickie agreed, trying to sound as confident as Trish sounded.

Trish wished she was as confident as she sounded, however knowing she had no choice but to try she stormed into the women's locker room and started yelling at Victoria, "Look here you psycho bitch, you blatantly cheated out there so there's no way..."

Her eyes growing wide and her mouth falling open Trish trailed off. Not because she found Ashley, Candice, Torrie and Victoria all wearing massive strap-on dildos around their waists and evil grins on their faces, that was to be expected. No, she was shocked because almost immediately Victoria turned around and in one quick motion bent over, pulled down her strap-on and spread her ass cheeks to reveal that her ass hole was gaping.

"Surprise bitches!" Candice and Torrie called out in unison before giggling like schoolgirls.

"I bet you didn't see this coming?" Candice laughed.

"Victoria didn't." Torrie chuckled.

"See, we're just so tired of you wrestlers treating us models like shit." Candice explained, emphasising the word wrestlers with disdain, like a dirty word, while treating models like it was a word worthy of respect.

Torrie did the same, "The WWE used to be a lesbian paradise. I remember because I was there in the beginning. Then Trish Stratus gets good in the ring and suddenly decides she wants some bitches, so she kisses all the wrestlers' asses and all of a sudden there's a line in the fucking sand. Wrestlers on top, models on the bottom, when it should be the other way around."

"I realised that the moment I slid into this tight virgin ass." Candice said dreamily, bringing her hand up to Victoria's ass, squeezing the cheeks before playing with her former top's gaping butt hole, "Well, it used to be tight."

"Now we make sure it's nothing but a gaping crater so Victoria remembers her place. Remembers that from now on she is our bitch. We own her ass and she has to bend over and take it up the ass whenever we want." Torrie said proudly.

"Isn't that right Victoria?" Candice pushed, briefly moving her head away from Victoria's ass so she could slap it nice and hard.

"Yes Mistress Candice. I'm your bitch, and Mistress Torrie's bitch." Victoria said quickly, completely ignoring the slap.

"Mmmmm, fuck yeah you are." Torrie moaned, delivering a hard slap of her own before turning her attention back to the bound wrestlers, "As you can see we've got Victoria broken in and fully trained, and now it's your turn."

"Yeah, we turned the tables on our top, and now we're going to help someone else do the same." Candice said, looking to her new friend.

Licking her lips and stroking her strap-on Ashley moved forward, pointed her dick had her tops and proudly proclaimed, "Take a good look bitches! Take a look at the dick which is going to pop your anal cherries!"

Candice and Torrie briefly stuck their fingers in their mouths and then pulled them out, thus making a popping sound which caused them to laugh cruelly and Mickie to awake from her daze, "That's... that's never going to happen."

"Yes it is." Ashley grinned, "A deal's a deal, and thanks to Trish if you break that deal you'll be fired. And we both know since this job means everything to you, you're just going to bend over and take it right up the ass like a bitch."

"And hey, if we're wrong, there's the door." Torrie challenged.

"Yeah Mickie, you can leave and save your ass hole anytime you want." Candice grinned.

"You just have to give up your dream of wrestling in the WWE and go back to wrestling in high school gyms." Ashley smirked.

Somehow looking even more pale than she had before Mickie took one longing look at the door she had bravely marched through only a few minutes ago, then turned back to look at Vince's Devils, then whimpered and lowered her head in submission. A tear even ran down her cheek, causing her enemies to cackle cruelly.

"What, no threats? Or attempts to bribe us or beg for mercy? You're just going to give up? Ha!" Ashley chuckled, "You guys were right, Mickie isn't so tough."

Moving either side of their new friend Candice and Torrie wrapped their arms around Ashley and then Torrie said, "We told you, didn't we? All that being tough and topping, that's just for show. Wrestlers are basically just bottoms who desperately want to be butt fucked and enslaved."

The three models giggled and then turned their attention to Trish and Mickie again, Candice grinning as she added, "Yeah, that's right. Enslaved. As in you two agreed to be enslaved if you lost that last match, and thanks to our new bestist buddy Ashley that's exactly what happened. We kicked your asses, and now we're going to fuck them. And Ashley is going first. She was just so helpful with dealing with you sluts it seems only fair that she get your anal cherries. Then me and Torrie will have our own turn."

"Victoria too." Torrie added, "Because she may be our bitch, bitch she's our bottom bitch. That means as long as she does everything we say she'll be able to fuck you sluts whenever she wants. You two on the other hand will just be our anal slaves."

"Which means you're only job will be to take it up the ass for us." Ashley growled eagerly.

"And lick our asses." Candice added, "And if you're really lucky, our pussies. As a special treat."

"But, only when you're fully trained. For now you'll just be our anal sluts." Torrie pointed out.

"There's no way I'm bending over for some bimbo models." Trish finally snapped out of her daze, focusing her rage on the diva who betrayed her, "Especially not for a backstabbing bitch like you."

"Oh, you will. Just not right away." Ashley grinned, before elaborating "You see Trish, Mickie is fucked because she desperately wants to be here so ultimately she'll do what we say, but you've done it all in this business and since you'd probably break your contract with the WWE and your promise to us and run, I thought it would be more fun to renegotiate. So, here's our new deal, one which will help us see who the real backstabbing bitch is."

"It's still going to be you." Trish grumbled.

"We'll see." Ashley said before continuing, "You can both give your anal cherries to me by taking one little ass fucking each, then we'll let you both go. You'll both be completely free of us, except of course when you sit down and your sore little butts remind you of how I pounded the hell out of your big fat asses. You could do that, or Trish can just watch as we completely ruin Mickie's ass hole, assist us in any way we want without having to sexually submit to us."

"Unless of course she begs for it." Candice interrupted, licking her lips.

Ashley grinned, and looked directly at her blonde former top, "So what's it going to be Trish, will you take one for the team, or throw Mickie to the wolves?"

There was a long moment of silence, and then Trish looked apologetically at Mickie.

"Trish!?" Mickie whispered in disbelief.

"I'm sorry Mickie, but better your ass hole than mine." Trish said.

Mickie stared at Trish with her mouth open in disbelief for a few seconds, then she heard Ashley slapping her hands together in glee, "That's fine by me... Mickie, turn around and bend over. Show us that fat ass we now own."

As Vince's Devils looked at her like a pack of hungry wolves Mickie looked at her mentor pleadingly, "Trish, please..."

"Just do it Mickie." Trish snapped, before softening her tone, "I need to stay a pure top if I'm going to get us out of this mess. If that means sacrificing your ass hole, so be it. I'll make them pay, I promise, but to do that I need to save my own ass hole. It's the only way. Besides, it's not like you wouldn't do the same."

That wasn't necessarily true. Mickie loved Trish and she would do just about anything for her, probably including this, and the curvy brunette desperately wanted to save her job, but that didn't stop her from being nervous as hell. Especially because for some sick reason she seemed to be aroused and Mickie honestly wasn't sure why.

"Enough stalling, show us that big booty!" Candice hollered.

"Yeah, show us that wrestler ass we're about to fuck." Torrie added, again making wrestler sound like a dirty word.

Turning back to those hungry wolves Mickie stared defiantly for a moment, then lowered her head in surrender, the brunette blushing and whimpering as she slowly turned around and bent over. She even stuck out her ass to show it off even more, but just because she was proud of her curvaceous booty and not because she was trying to turn the other women on or anything. Although that was a side-effect, Mickie blushing in naturally feel a little proud when she got wolf whistles.

"Mmmmm, good girl. Now slowly pull down that skirt but leave your thong on." Torrie ordered, she and her fellow stable mates briefly becoming silent as they were in awe of the large round ass being revealed to them, almost a full minute passing before the blonde added, "Wow, look at that tiny little thong being eaten up by that huge butt. Mmmmm Gawwwwwwd, it look so fuck-able. Ha, which begs the question why is a top flaunting her ass around all day like that?"

"Because she's in denial about wanting her ass fucked?" Victoria offered helpfully, "Just like me before you put me in my place."

"That's it Victoria. That's exactly it." Candice praised, before giving Victoria quick kiss filled with a lot of tongue.

"Yeah, I used to think the way she dressed was weird, but I get it now... she's just a bottom waiting to be ass fucked." Ashley said, before licking her lips and then adding, "Speaking of which pull down that thong and give us a peek at those sweet fuck holes of yours. Show us those holes we're about to fill with cock. Mmmmm, especially that pretty little virgin ass hole."

Again Mickie blushed but did as she was told, slowly pulling down her thong out of where it had ridden up into her ass crack and let it fall down around her ankles to join her skirt. There was then another long pause as the Devils continued staring at her ass, then Torrie ordered, "Now wiggle it."

Candice, who had broken the kiss with Victoria to watch Mickie remove her thong, quickly added, "Mmmmm yeah, shake that fat ass!"

Once again Mickie blushed but did as she was told, prompting more wolf whistles and Ashley calling out, "Yeah, work that curvy booty. Make us want to fuck it hard and deep."

"Even more than we want to right now." Torrie chimed in.

"If that's possible." Candice added, she and her friends enjoying a good laugh at that as they watched Mickie humiliate herself.

After a couple of minutes of that Ashley quietly approached Mickie from behind and then pulled her up, pressed her body into her back and then whirled them both around to face her friends.

"Look at these big tits." Ashley said, squeezing those big mountains of flesh from behind, "Mmmmm, I'm going to have so much fun hanging onto these as I fuck you. Ohhhhhh, let's get a better look at them, shall we?"

With that Ashley tore her top off of her and then quickly followed that up by removing her bra, Vince's Devils applauding as Mickie was stripped down to her wrestling boots. Most divas didn't bother removing their shoes when fucking in the locker room and this looked like it was going to be no exception. Not that Mickie could stand any more teasing, especially after Ashley pulled her tight against her and told her in detail how much she'd been looking forward to stretching her ass.

"Oh Mickie, I can't wait to pop your anal cherry. I can't wait to pop your anal cherry by shoving this nice big dildo up your butt and pound your virgin ass hole!" Ashley practically moaned as she grinded her dildo in between Mickie's butt cheeks, "I've been waiting so long, looking forward to the moment I would finally bend you over and put you in your place by stretching your ass out. Mmmmm, mmmmm, mmmmm, your ass hole will never be the same Mickie. Not when I'm through with it. Not when I'm through stretching your ass out. Ohhhhhh, but don't worry, I'm not going to rush this and hurt you. No, I'm going to take my time, really savour every moment of taking your virgin ass. After all, I have been so looking forward to watching your little ass hole stretch for my big dildo, that virgin hole stretching, and stretching, and stretching until POP! There goes your anal cherry. And then, mmmmmm, I'm going to slowly fill that big fat ass of yours. Stuff your tiny little tail pipe like it's never been stuffed before. Then I'm going to pump your fat ass, stretch it out real slow, make sure my cock goes as deep as it can into the little hole you shit from with every thrust. And then-"

"Please." Mickie interrupted, "Just do it."

"Do what Mickie?" Ashley grinned.

"Fuck my ass." Mickie said softly in defeat.

"Ohhhhh, aren't we eager." Ashley laughed cruelly, before smacking Mickie's ass, "Not that I could wait another second to take your ass, so get on your hands and knees bitch. It's time you learned what a wrestler's ass hole is really for!"

Without hesitation Mickie dropped to her knees, lent forward and pressed her hands and the lower part of her arms down so she was in the traditional doggy style position. Again Mickie pushed her ass back slightly without knowing why, not that it really mattered as Ashley was busy turning to her other former top.

"Hey Trish, come spread these fat ass cheeks for me." Ashley ordered, "I want you to literally give me Mickie's virgin ass hole!"

Trish glared at her former bitch but slowly walked over, got down on her knees and pulled apart Mickie's ass cheeks. She then grumbled, "You'll pay for this Ashley."

"Yeah, I'm sure." Ashley said dismissively, sharing a giggle with the other Devils as she knelt down behind Mickie and pressed her strap-on against her target.

For a few long seconds the diva search winner didn't move a muscle, then Ashley slowly pushed forward so she could savour every single second of taking Mickie's anal virginity. The way that the puckered little hole resisted at first but slowly stretched for her dick was wonderfully familiar, as was the pure heaven that was watching that tight ring close around the head of her cock, officially announcing she had taken Mickie's anal cherry.

"POP!" Torrie and Candice simultaneously squealed before bursting into laughter, the blonde following up with, "There goes Mickie's anal cherry."

"And Trish's fat ass is next!" Candice added, the two friends continuing to talk trash while Ashley just stared at the magnificent sight before her.

She had done it. She had taken the anal virginity of her top, Mickie James. Her now former top. Ashley had popped the anal cherry of her former top Mickie James. She would forever be the first one to get a cock inside Mickie's big fat ass. Forever be the one to break her in. Because sure, the other members of Vince's Devils had helped and would continue to do so but it was Ashley who got to break Mickie James in. And the best part? Trish Stratus nervously spreading those big fat cheeks, the WWE women's champion staring in disbelief at where Ashley's cock was stretching Mickie's no longer virgin ass hole.

Grinning wickedly at the champ Ashley began to slowly push forward, the blonde not being able to resist looking down so she could watch inch after inch of strap-on cock disappear up her former top's backside. The whole time Ashley's eyes remained glued to that widely stretched back hole, the blonde once again practically salivating as she stuffed Mickie's bubble butt with fake cock, until her eyelids fluttered with joy at the heavenly moment her thighs connected with the curvy diva's juicy cheeks, announcing Ashley had buried every inch of her strap-on dildo up Mickie's virgin ass.

"You did it Ashley!" Candice exclaimed proudly, "You popped Mickie James's anal cherry!"

"Mmmmmm, yeah I did." Ashley grinned, "And like you said, Trish's fat ass is next!"

Candice, Torrie and even Victoria laughed hysterically and made a bunch of other comments but again Ashley was pretty much oblivious to it as she was too busy savouring the moment. Of stuffing every inch of her cock into Mickie's fat ass. Of turning the tables on her top. Or at least that's what she was doing as she began to pump Mickie, Ashley's mind melting away as she began to pump her dick in and out of a wonderfully tight hole, officially beginning to sodomise her new bitch.

While Ashley wasn't really aware of what her fellow Devils were saying it was pretty much unavoidable for Mickie as Candice, Torrie and Victoria refused to go easy on her. All three of them yelled all types of abuse at her, the only saving grace being that at least they were talking over each other so much that Mickie couldn't really understand what they were saying.

Another reason for her lack of understanding was that despite the violent abuse Mickie was overwhelmed by rage. She had first been betrayed by Ashley, then more importantly by Trish. She wouldn't have thought Ashley had the guts, wouldn't have thought some bimbo model would ever stand up to a real diva like herself let alone some snivelling diva search winner and to be butt fucked like this was beyond humiliating. But that Trish betrayed her and was now literally giving Ashley her ass hole was an indignity Mickie could have never imagined.

Not that she had ever imagined herself being butt fucked. That was an absurd idea. She was a wrestler, a great one at that, that meant she was dominant inside the ring and out of it. She ate bimbos like Ashley for breakfast, or more accurately used their ass holes for her own personal pleasure. In fact just this morning she had given Ashley a brutal butt fucking, far harder and better than this one. Although, Mickie was ashamed to admit, this ass fucking did not feel entirely unpleasant. In fact it felt good. Then really good. Then amazingly good.

Suddenly Mickie's rectum accepted its fate and it was like a switch had been flipped, the pain and humiliation quickly forgotten as Mickie moaned in pure pleasure which horrified her to her very core. Mickie had promised herself that she wasn't going to enjoy this. She wasn't going to moan, or beg, or cum like an anal whore because she was an Alpha female. A pure top. A dominant wrestler who wasn't going to let some no talent model humiliate her like that. But... it just felt so incredible, that big dick touching places inside of Mickie which had never been touched before sending fireworks of pure pleasure throughout the dominant Alpha females body which was so strong that she was fighting back the urge to moan after the very first thrust. By the time Ashley was pumping in and out of her pooper Mickie just couldn't hold back any more.

Which of course didn't go unnoticed by the Devils, this time Candice being the first one to comment, "Mmmmm yeah, that's it Mickie, moan. Moan like an anal whore."

"Moan like the anal whore you are." Victoria added.

"Moan like the anal whore you're going to be for us." Torrie beamed, "Mmmmm fuck yes, you're going to be our whore Mickie. Our anal whore who's gonna have to bend over whenever we want."

"We own you now." Ashley joined in, "I own you, Victoria owns you, Torrie owns you, Candice owns you, WE ALL FUCKING OWN YOU! WE OWN YOUR ASS HOLE! Mmmmmm, we own your big fat butt and we're gonna gang bang it until you can't remember what it was like to be a top, and you're going to love every second of it because deep down you know you're an anal whore!"

"No, I'm not. I'm not an anal whore. I'm an Alpha female." Mickie half wept, half moaned.

This made Vince's Devils laugh hysterically, Candice eventually chiming in with, "Awww, isn't that cute. She's still in denial."

"But not for long." Torrie grinned, "Not when we own her little ass hole, which we're going to fuck, and fuck, and fuck, until she realises the truth."

"Actually, I'm going to make her realise the truth right now." Ashley boasted, turning her attention to her former blonde friend, "Trish, let go of Mickie's cheeks and watch very carefully. I'm about to pound Mickie's fat ass and make her admit she's an anal whore, just like the rest of you wrestlers."

Grateful for the small amount of mercy Trish let go of Mickie's ass cheeks and moved back slightly. She wanted to move as far away as possible but she was afraid that might have unpleasant consequences. Also, even though she tried to deny it, Trish had become hypnotised by the obscene sight of Ashley's cock pumping in and out of Mickie's ass. The sight became even more captivating when Ashley grabbed Mickie's hips and began increasing the pace of the ass fucking until the wrestler's juicy ass cheeks were jiggling against the model's thighs and the sound of flesh smacking into flesh were almost as deafening as Mickie's screams of pleasure.

It was so wrong and taboo to watch a model sodomising a wrestler but despite herself Trish was turned on. She told herself it was just because of the taboo nature of the act, after all that's why she had started fucking the other divas up the ass in the first place. And back then she had always been dominant, that was why when divas started ass fucking each other she had to ensure the safety of her own ass hole. That's why along with the likes of Lita she had established the status quo of wrestlers on top, models on bottom, and that's how things would stay. Trish was determined to make sure of that.

Mickie's ass hole was an unfortunate sacrifice, but one that had to be made so Trish could save the status quo and more importantly her own ass hole. Besides this was a good test for RAW's newest wrestler. The chance to prove she was a true Alpha female by hating every second of the butt fucking. After all, what kind of wrestler liked being butt fucked? Not one that deserved to team with the super top that was Trish Stratus, that's for sure, and to be fair Trish was sure Mickie would pass with flying colours.

Instead Mickie had begun moaning like a total anal whore shortly after Ashley began fucking her ass, and when Trish let go of her cheeks and she was given the serious rectum wrecking the new wrestler squealed with joy and came like Trish had never seen a girl cum before. She literally squirted, her cum shooting out of her cunt as she shook and screamed, all the while Ashley continuing to pound her pooper like a pro. Then Mickie started ramming herself back against the now violent thrusts from her former bitch, Trish becoming queasy as she watched her fellow wrestler acting like a submissive bottom.

For her part Mickie had no idea what she was doing, or that the Devils were laughing and mocking her slutty behaviour while her friend and mentor watched with horror. All Mickie was aware of was the pure heaven that was having a dick in her ass, that long thick piece of rubber pounding away at her guts somehow causing her the most intense climaxes she ever known. Then all of a sudden Ashley yanked her strap-on out of the brunette's butt leaving Mickie to whimper and shove her ass up and backwards in a desperate attempt to get the wonderful toy back inside her. That of course led to nearly hysterical laughter from Vince's Devils, Mickie almost dying with shame as she became aware of her surroundings and what just happened to her.

Feeling confused and frightened Mickie looked up at the disgusted Trish and whimpered, "Trish, please... help me!"

Smirking evilly Ashley said, "Yeah, go ahead Trish and bend over. Save Mickie's poor little ass hole from taking any more abuse by offering up your own. It's the only way to save her from becoming a complete bottom."

There was a moment's pause as Trish turned from the triumphant Ashley to the pleading Mickie, then she said, "I'm sorry Mickie but I'm not giving up my ass hole for anyone, especially not a weakling like you."

"But Trish!" Mickie wept.

"But nothing." Trish said, becoming angry, "I brought you up because I thought you were an Alpha female, but turns out you're a disgrace. Honestly, what kind of wrestler cums from being ass fucked?"

"You'd be surprised." Torrie grinned, squeezing Victoria's ass.

"Yeah, don't knock it until you try it Trish. There's nothing quite like taking it up the ass for a true Alpha female." Victoria sighed dreamily, before adding in a threatening tone, "But you'll know soon enough."

"Hush you." Candice giggled, smacking Victoria's butt before kneeling down behind Mickie's luscious rump, "Now roll over Mickie, it's my turn and I want to look in your pretty face as I take your hot ass."

With one more pleading look at her now stone faced mentor Mickie whimpered and then rolled over to get a good look at her tormentors, the brunette wrestler momentarily becoming overwhelmed until Candice mounted her, smiled warmly and softly said, "Hold your legs open Mickie so I can get at your little bitch hole."

Mickie blushed furiously at both the command and having her ass hole be referred to as a bitch hole, and yet she found herself almost immediately grabbing her legs and pulling them backwards, her hands resting under her knees so she could easily expose her cum leaking cunt and gaping butt hole to the model. She then felt a rush of joy as result of the pleased looking smile Candice gave her, Mickie totally confused why she would feel such a thing and then forgetting all about it when the other woman quickly pushed every inch of her strap-on into her ass in one slow but steady thrust.

That thrust caused Mickie no pain whatsoever and she even gasped and moaned softly in pleasure. Then, without a moment's pause, Candice started butt fucking her with slow and incredibly skilled thrusts, Mickie moaning as she was once again introduced to intense pleasure the likes of which she'd never known before. The only difference was before she couldn't think and wasn't aware of anything but her pleasure, now her whole world seemed consumed by Candice, the only slightly taller brunette seeming to tower over her.

"Wrap your legs around me Mickie." Candice softly commanded, a wide smile crossing her face as Mickie immediately did as she was told, "Mmmmmm, that's it. Good little bottom. Wrap your legs around your dominant top. Mmmmmm, you know that's what you are Mickie? What you've always been? That you're a submissive little bottom with a big juicy ass which was made to be fucked? That you're an anal whore made to take it up the butt? That deep down you know the truth, that wrestlers are supposed to be submissive, and models are supposed to be dominant."

Mickie whimpered as Candice continue telling her all these things which were so against what she believed, something she would have laughed at and the a few minutes ago, and yet in that moment it didn't seem so far-fetched. Not when Candice's strap-on was making her feel so good, touching places inside Mickie that she didn't know existed. Even having her legs wrapped around the model's waist in this way was so wonderful, so natural, so... submissive, Mickie keeping her grip nice and loose so Candice could pound that big dick in and out of her ass hole, the brunette wrestler closing her eyes as she became overwhelmed by the pleasure of being butt fucked.

Just before those eyelids were closed Mickie's eyes gave her away. They told Candice that this tough little wrestler who had been kicking her ass for months was on the verge of breaking, just a tiny push all it would take to push her over the edge and turn her into what she was always meant to be. And Candice really, really wanted to be the one giving this adorable little wrestler that push, the model practically salivating over the idea of turning Mickie James into an anal whore. HER anal whore. The anal whore of the new and improved Vince's Devils.

So, while continuing to explain to Mickie how things were supposed to be, Candice slowly increased the speed of the butt fucking, making sure every thrust went as deep as it could go into the other brunette's bowels to maximise her pleasure. Ashley had done a spectacular job stretching Mickie's back passage so not only was Candice easily able to dish out a rougher rectum ramming but the stronger woman continued to moan in pure pleasure and her face was awash with ecstasy.

Candice particularly loved the last thing, but for what she had planned she needed something else, namely, "Open your eyes Mickie. Open up those pretty eyes."

Mickie blushed a little at the complement however she didn't have time to analyse it, not when Candice's soft but forceful command caused her to open her eyes and look at the dominant woman effortlessly fucking her butt, that woman grinning happily and whispering, "Do you wanna cum?"

"Yes." Mickie whispered back throatily without hesitation, adding as an afterthought, "Please?"

Candice smiled, "Then say you're a bottom."

Mickie blushed and tried not to say those words, tried to be strong and defiant, but she was just so horny, "I'm... I'm a bottom."

Her smile widening Candice ordered, "Again."

There only words, Mickie told herself, "I'm a bottom."

"Louder, so everyone can hear you." Candice ordered sternly.

"I'm a bottom. I'm a bottom. I'm a bottom I'm a bottom I'm a bottom." Mickie whimpered over and over again as Candice suddenly pulled her legs from around her waist, put them on her shoulders and bent the smaller brunette in half. Then the model really started brutalising the wrestler's butt, Mickie now screaming, "I'M A BOTTOM! I'M A BOTTOM! I'M A BOTTOM I'M A BOTTOM I'M A BOTTOM I'M A BOTTOM I'M A BOTTOM!"

Candice was really impressed, Mickie continued screaming those three little words almost without any pause through not one, not two, but three orgasms. Even after Candice started losing count Mickie continued calling herself what she was, those words being drilled into her head the same way the model's dildo was being drilled into her ass hole. And even if Mickie continued resisting it didn't matter, because it was all over for her. She had lost the second she allowed Ashley's dildo to slide into her ass, the rest nothing but formality.

Still part of Candice hoped Mickie continued resisting as wrestlers were so cute when they fought against their inevitable enslavement. On the other hand, she really, really wanted to be the one to break Mickie James, Candice feeling like she had a good shot thanks to her final move, namely abruptly stopping when Mickie was about to cum again, leaving the wrestler a whimpering wreck.

"You see Mickie?" Candice said softly, "That's the type of ecstasy you could be receiving all the time, if only you'd admit what you truly are."

"But, but... but I'm a top." Mickie whimpered, unsure if she believes it herself at this point.

No one else seemed to, Vince's Devils having another long laugh at her expense before Candice giggled, "Ohhhhhh, I love it when they fight back."

"Mmmmm I know what you mean Candy, but trust me, she isn't going to fight for much longer." Torrie said, sitting down next to Candice and the anally skewered Mickie and then stroking her lube covered strap-on, "Not now it's my turn."

"I'm sure." Candice smiled, swiftly pulling out of Mickie's butt leaving the hole gaping and the allegedly tough wrestler whimpering in clear disappointment. Grinning at both the sight and the sound Candice slapped Mickie's thigh and ordered, "Mickie, get up and go ride Torrie. Mmmmm, she just loves it when wrestler's bounce their asses on her big dick."

"Especially when they've got a big fat ass like yours." Ashley chimed in, a brief look from her new stablemates telling her she was giving too much away.

Luckily Trish was too busy sulking in the corner and Mickie was too preoccupied with slowly lifting herself up and crawling over to the latest cock she had to take up her butt, Torrie helpfully gripping her dildo firmly by the base so all the brunette had to do was lower her luscious rump on that weapon of ass destruction. Still Mickie managed to fuck up, Torrie having to stop herself from grinning as the curvy brunette positioned herself face to face with her, giving the blonde an excuse to reach out and give half a dozen slaps to that big fat ass, Torrie getting off on making those cheeks jiggle with every blow.

"NO! Not face to face you idiot, I want to see your fat ass jiggle on my dick!" Torrie yelled in between slaps, giving Mickie a couple of extra hard ones before ordering, "Now turn around, lean forward and spread your cheeks. I want to watch my dick sliding into that thick booty of yours."

As she slapped her Mickie had let out adorable little cries. Now she was letting out equally adorable whimpers as she quickly turned around and revealed particularly her left ass cheek was a little pink from where Torrie had been spanking it. The sight made Torrie giddy, although not as much as watching Mickie reach back, spread her ass cheeks as wide as she could and then carefully aim her ass hole to press against that big toy cock. As Mickie's butt hole was still loose and open it was easy for her to slide all the way down Torrie's shaft, the model practically drooling as she watched the wrestler's big butt swallow her cock with ease.

It was probably to make it easier on herself, or because she was nervous, but Mickie went slowly as if she was a well-trained bitch who knew just how to please Torrie Wilson. Then without being asked she slowly began bouncing her ass up and down while continuing to spread her cheeks, Torrie practically drooling at seeing another woman's ass hole sliding up and down her dick. A wrestler's ass hole. A wrestler, the type who had been kicking and fucking her ass for years, was now anally riding her strap-on cock, Torrie becoming overwhelmed with the feeling of dominance for several minutes.

Her fellow Devils also remain silent for a while, all three of them moving around so they could watch the wrestler who had been kicking their asses for months bounce her ass up and down while providing a perfect view of her abused ass hole. Then, again without prompting, Mickie took her hands off her butt cheeks, letting her enemies enjoy the sight of the big meaty globes of her ass jiggle hypnotically with every thrust, Torrie unable to get herself to punish the brunette from acting without orders because she was so captivated by forcing this allegedly dominant top into such a submissive act.

The reason Mickie took her hands off her butt cheeks was so that she could bury her face in her hands to try and hide her shame. Shame which was heightened from having to face Trish, her now perhaps former friend staring at her with revulsion as she continued to ride Torrie's strap-on, somehow closing her eyes and lowering her head not enough for Mickie to block out the intense stare of the blonde wrestler, or her enemies which she knew were staring at her ass. Not that it all helped, especially because her moans, groans, cries and whimpers of pleasure seemed to be echoing throughout the room.

Mickie tried to stop but she just couldn't help it. Having a dildo in her ass was pure heaven, Torrie's long thick toy violating her forbidden passage bringing Mickie more pleasure than anything she had ever known, including butt fucking models. That didn't prove that all wrestlers were bottoms but it did prove that Mickie was in no way shape or form a top, the proud brunette weeping as she was forced re-evaluate her entire life, every thought she'd ever had, everything she thought she knew etc.

In the middle of this Torrie's voice seemed to echo around the room, "Lean back Mickie, so your hands are on the floor, and start really riding me. Come on bitch, I want to see you make yourself cum."

Slowly Mickie did as she was told, still softly weeping for her old life and the shame of being exposed as an anal slut in front of the Alpha female of the WWE Trish Stratus. That it was some bimbo models doing this to her made it even worse, but as Mickie placed her hands behind her and started rapidly pushing herself up and down she stopped caring. Or more accurately her mind melted from so much pleasure she could no longer worry about such things, even Trish's disgusted face becoming blurry as she hammered her own ass on the fake dick.

Somewhere in the distance Mickie was faintly aware of what sounded like encouraging voices and a few blurry figures moving in front of her. On some level she knew it was her enemies further humiliating her and getting a better view of her ass hole wrapped around Torrie's dick. They were also getting a look at her bouncing tits, those large globes almost hitting her in the face they were bouncing so violently, and at her pussy which felt like it was leaking juice like it was a waterfall. Then it was more like a geyser, Mickie's cum shooting across the room as it felt like her body exploded with ecstasy, her mind becoming nothing but a puddle in her head.

The Devils narrowly avoided Mickie's cum but laughed hysterically, Ashley briefly pausing long enough to taunt, "That's it Mickie, cum like a bitch. Cum like a submissive little bitch with a dick in your ass."

"Yessssssss, you see Mickie? You see how much pleasure a bottom gets when she takes it up the ass?" Candice added when she was more or less over her laughter, "You see how hard a natural bottom like you cums with a nice big dick pounding her little ass hole, mmmmmm, turning you out, yeahhhhhh, breaking you and turning you into our anal whore! The anal whore you were always meant to be! Mmmmmmm cum Mickie, cum on Torrie's cock! Get all of your cum out of you by slamming your slutty little ass on Torrie's cock like the anal loving slut you are!"

Finally collapsing down onto Torrie, her body still shaking slightly, Mickie whimpers over and over again, "I never knew... I never knew... I never knew..."

Torrie grinned, caressed Mickie's limp body and murmured into her ear, "You never knew what Mickie?"

"That I could cum that hard." Mickie moaned truthfully, before then blushing as the Devils again burst into laughter.

Knowing all too well what Mickie was going through Victoria kneeled down in front of her and slowly pressed her strap-on against the other brunette's cum leaking cunt. Thanks to all that cum it was a piece of cake to slide every inch of that dildo into her clearly defeated opponent, Victoria barely having to use any of her considerable strength to double stuff Mickie James.

During the preparation Mickie whimpered and writhed, eventually crying out when Victoria was almost all the way in, "No, please, I can't take anymore."

"Yes you can. Trust me Mickie, you haven't felt anything yet." Victoria promised, her words causing a look of disbelief to cross Mickie's face.

Whether she was curious to find out whether Victoria was telling the truth or because she was just too exhausted to fight back, or because she knew it was hopeless, that all the Devils would have to do was threaten her job and she would do whatever they said, Mickie offered up no more words of resistance. Instead she just closed her eyes and whimpered in pleasure as Victoria fully penetrated her, introducing the curvy brunette to her first ever DP. Or more accurately her first time ever taking a DP, Victoria having seen Trish and Mickie DP Ashley plenty of times in the locker room, although from her whimpers it sounded like Mickie preferred being on the receiving end.

It continued to sound that way as Victoria slowly started pumping in and out of the other girl, impaling Mickie on Torrie's dildo beneath her so both holes were being fucked. After half a dozen thrusts Torrie joined in, sometimes thrusting in time with Victoria and sometimes not but either way it made Mickie cry out in clearly overwhelming pleasure. Well, at first the curvy brunette sounded a little panicked, like she wasn't sure what to make of this, maybe even her sore body providing her with something, but that quickly went away and Mickie again started moaning like a submissive slut.

They continued like that for a while and then without warning Torrie started pushing them over. Luckily Victoria remembered the plan and grabbed hold of Mickie tightly so she could help push them over, Victoria grunting in pain as her sore ass hit the ground. She quickly got over that though as she enjoyed this new position, namely on her back with Mickie being skewered on her dildo via Torrie fucking their enemy's big bubble butt.

Candice happily watched Mickie James being double penetrated in those two classic positions, waiting until she was in the second one before she slowly walked around the double stuffed diva. She circled her like a shark, admiring those cocks sliding in and out of Mickie's pussy and ass hole one final time before concentrating on her face. Mickie had her head down, probably still feeling ashamed that she whimpered and moaned in pleasure, Torrie and Victoria taking it easy on her now the only reason she was still conscious. And that was only because they weren't quite done with her yet, Candice moving to the next stage by grabbing hold of Mickie's hair and firmly yanking it upwards.

Mickie opened her mouth to cry out in a mixed response of surprise and pain, providing Candice the perfect opportunity to shove her dick into that pretty mouth and order, "Suck my cock Mickie! Mmmmmm, suck the taste of your fat ass off of my cock. Ohhhhhh yeah, that's it, wrap those pretty lips around my shaft. Mmmmm, fucking work that dick. Clean every drop of your butt juice off my dick while my friends fuck you. Oooooohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, you look so good taking two cocks but now you're taking three. Three cocks into your slutty little body, mmmmmm, taking it in every hole like a good little whore."

"Like a total bottom." Victoria added.

"Yeah, a total bottom." Torrie agreed, "We're fucking all your holes Mickie and making you air tight, mmmmmm fuck, turning you into our slutty little bottom who loves taking it in all of her holes, ooooooohhhhhh, her mouth, pussy and ass available whenever we fucking want because now you're our submissive little bottom! Our sex slave! Our bitch! Mmmmmm, Vince's Devils' slutty little lezzie bitch who just loves being airtight!"

The Devils laughed and continued hurling verbal abuse at Mickie, but it was mostly playful at this point. It was clear that if the poor little wrestler wasn't broken already she soon would be, the latest evidence of that being how eagerly she sucked Candice's cock. Sure, she was hesitant at first, but once she tasted the deepest part of her butt Mickie moaned like the submissive little fuck-toy she was always meant to be and began suckling on the head of the dildo with increasing eagerness. Then she began bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, Mickie choking as she struggled to take the cock down her throat but she was clearly now determined to get all her own ass juice and eventually she did it.

Candice let out a soft moan when Mickie's lips reached the base of her shaft, the model loving the fact that the wrestler who had been kicking her ass in matches for a while now had completely cleaned her own ass off the cock strapped around her waist. Mickie even continued sucking the strap-on dildo like a good submissive should, bobbing her head on the dick, even though it made her choke and gag violently. Which of course made Candice want to fuck Mickie again, the taller diva thrusting into her opponent's mouth while her friends did the same to their rival's pussy and ass for several long minutes before Candice couldn't take it anymore.

"Torrie, stop hogging that fat ass." Candice whined, "It's got to be my turn now."

"Sure thing Candice." Torrie panted, pulling out of Mickie's ass and getting up, "I was just about to suggest the same thing, cause I can't wait to see Mickie James suck her fat ass off my dick."

With that the two Devils exchanged places, Torrie slamming her dildo into Mickie's mouth and fucking the other diva's face right from the start while Candice took a moment to enjoy just how widely Mickie's ass hole was gaping before she slammed her dick into it. That loosened ass took every inch in one swift thrust with ease so Candice didn't bother holding back, quickly building up her speed until she was violently wrecking Mickie's rectum, causing her new anal slave to scream around the dildo stuffing her mouth and throat while cumming hard on the one in her cunt.

Meanwhile Ashley just watched her new stable-mates dominate their new bitch, the original members of Vince's Devils taking great joy in making Mickie James airtight. Over and over again Candice and Torrie took it in turns fucking Mickie's mouth and ass, making sure the woman who had beaten their butts countless times since she was brought up to the main roster a few months ago was now constantly tasting her own butt on one dildo while another dildo was buried in her big booty.

It was such a beautiful sight Ashley honestly wasn't sure from which angle she preferred to watch in, or which hole she preferred seeing fucked. Then again there was a almost equally beautiful sight which had nothing to do with Mickie, namely the horrified, disgusted and maybe even a little turned on face of Trish Stratus as she watched her fellow top being turned out.

Grinning widely Ashley asked, "Enjoying the show Trish?"

Trish glared at her former bitch, "You'll pay for this Ashley."

"Ohhhhh, you better be careful Trish, I'm still technically your top, and just because I can't make you do anything sexual doesn't mean I can't make you suffer." Ashley warned, before smiling again, "But, since I'm in a good mood from popping Mickie's anal cherry and all, I'm going to let that slide. In fact, I'm going to give you a opportunity to get out of here, and trust me you don't want to stick around because what we have planned next for poor little Mickie won't be pretty. All you have to do to avoid witnessing that is get on your knees, and suck my cock."

Trish grimaced, clearly not liking being ordered to do something so disgusting. So degrading. So submissive. And Ashley was totally expecting her to whine and complain, maybe even threaten her, before inevitably begging for mercy. Instead Trish showed she was smarter than that and simply skipped to the part where she lowered her head in defeat, slowly got on her knees and then tried to take Ashley's strap-on into her mouth. Unfortunately for her Ashley had a much more humiliating fate in mind.

Just as Trish was about to close her lips around the cock Ashley dashed backwards, "Come on Trish, follow the dick."

Clearly gritting her teeth at the humiliation Trish started getting up, a glare from Ashley all it taking to get her to stay on her knees and crawl to where Ashley was now standing. Namely right in front of Mickie's face, Candice removing her dick from the nearly broken wrestler's mouth and moving out of the way so everyone could get a good look at Trish Stratus slowly crawling over to a dildo wearing Ashley, kneel before her, close her eyes, scrunch up her nose and then finally take that ass flavoured cock into her mouth.

"Woo hoo, yeah Trish, suck that cock!" Ashley taunted, "Suck the cock which popped your friend's anal cherry. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, suck the cock I used to rob your fellow wrestler Mickie of her anal cherry. Suck the cock clean which I used to take Mickie James's anal cherry, turning her into a bottom forever. You see Mickie now Trish, taking it in all her holes and loving it? That's going to be you soon enough, but for now all you are is my little ass to mouth whore. My cock sucking slut. Mmmmmm, my ATM cock sucker! Ohhhhhh yeah, how does Mickie's fat ass taste Trish? How does the deepest part of that big fat ass taste?"

Completely ignoring the cruel words Trish tried to concentrate on getting this humiliating act over with, the six times women's champion and Alpha female of the WWE women's locker room unable to believe that she was actually tasting another woman's ass on a strap-on dildo. And not the ass of a no talent model, but the ass of a fellow butt busting wrestler. The ass of her now from a friend Mickie James, a woman who Trish had personally made sure got a spot on the RAW roster because she thought she was a kindred spirit. A fellow top to help her dominate the division.

Risking a peek at that fellow top Trish couldn't believe how much Mickie seemed to be enjoying herself, her fellow wrestler's face a wash of ecstasy as she was DP'ed by two talentless models. Even though she was directly facing her Trish honestly wasn't sure if Mickie even knew where she was, let alone what the blonde wrestler was doing, Trish hoping that was the case as she finally began to suck on the dildo in her mouth.

The taste wasn't necessarily pleasant but not as bad as Trish had imagined it to be, the women's champion trying not to dwell on the fact that she was tasting the deepest part of Mickie's bowels on Ashley's cock and simply clean the head of the dildo. Then she began bobbing her head up and down on the shaft, Trish's experience with men serving her well as she took the first half of the dildo without any problems. The rest of the dick caused her to choke and gag as she took it down her throat, but Trish was desperate to finish this quickly so she could leave.

So, with tears streaming down her face as a result of her gag reflex, Trish deep throated every inch of Ashley's cock, thoroughly cleaning every last drop of Mickie's butt juice off of it. Absurdly that fact actually made her feel proud, along with a few other feelings Trish was desperately trying to ignore. Feelings which she had desperately been trying to ignore all night, feelings that she had been telling herself over and over again didn't exist, but in the next few moments she found it hard to convince herself of that.

Ashley honestly wasn't sure what she preferred to watch, Mickie getting fucked in all three of her fuck holes by her new friends or Trish sucking her strap-on dick. Mickie getting fucked was a glorious sight, Ashley getting an extra thrill out of watching the Devils change things up by making Mickie anally ride Victoria's dildo while Torrie and Candice tried to stuff both of their cocks in their new bitch's mouth at the same time. Thankfully Candice and Torrie had graciously positioned Mickie in reverse cowgirl so Ashley could still watch her former top's ass hole slowly bounce up and down on Victoria's dick while also witnessing Mickie's lips stretched wide to take both those big dildos.

Having received similar treatment from her now former tops Ashley had no sympathy and called out, "Yeahhhhh, choke the bitch! Make her fucking choke on the taste of her slut ass!"

Looking around at her Candice and Torrie smiled wickedly, the latter of which quickly calling back, "You too. Mmmmm, choked Trish with the taste of Mickie's ass!"

"And give her a taste of what's to come." Candice added with a giggle, before she and Torrie turned their attention back to Mickie.

For a little while Ashley did the same thing, although she just couldn't help diverting attention to the sight of Trish sucking her cock. The tremendously ego boosting sight of six times women's champion Trish Stratus on her knees in front of her, not just sucking but deep throating every inch of her strap-on cock, Ashley grinning almost non-stop as the woman who had been sexually dominating her for months was now forced to be her cock sucker and clean every drop of Mickie's butt off that dildo.

It had been humiliating for Ashley to taste her own ass but unlike Trish and Mickie she hadn't considered herself a butt busting top at the time so she imagined it was far more humiliating for them. Or at least she hoped it was, Ashley eventually upping whatever amount of humiliation Trish was feeling by literally fucking her former top's mouth. She did that by grabbing a hold of Trish's pretty blonde hair and forced her to stay in place as she began thrusting back and forth, Ashley gradually picking up her speed until she was almost violently fucking the other blonde's face, Trish loudly choking and gagging as Ashley's dildo hammered her mouth and throat.

During Trish's oral assault Mickie continued to be anally assaulted, Ashley watching as cum shot out of her former top's cunt as Victoria slammed upwards into her ass, Mickie notably hammering herself up and down like a shameless anal slut. Then Mickie was pulled off of Victoria's strap-on and anally penetrated by Torrie's strap-on from behind, the blonde Devil giving her defeated opponent a brutal pooper pounding pretty much right from the get go while Candice hovered around and admired the view, and possibly considered moving on to the final stage of breaking in Mickie James.

Wanting to be involved in that final stage, as promised, Ashley pulled her cock out of Trish's mouth and left the Alpha female of the WWE gasping for breath to kneel in front of a nearly delirious Mickie, "So Mickie, how did you like getting double and triple stuffed?"

Mickie blushed, but moaned in reply, "It felt gooooooooddddddd. Soooooooo gooooooooddddddd."

"Well how would you like to get your fat ass double stuffed?" Ashley asked with a wicked grin, before clarifying, "How would you like two nice, big dildos up your big fat slutty ass? Huh? Does that sound good Mickie? Two giant cocks ruining your little ass hole forever? Vince's Devils well and truly wrecking your rectum so you can't ever sit or shit right again, your always loose and open butt hole a constant reminder that you're nothing but our fucking ass whore? How does that sound to you bitch?"

Going very pale Mickie whimpered, "Noooooo, not two, oooooooohhhhhhh, there's no way my little ass hole can take two!"

"Uh-huh, and how many models said that to you? And how many did you show mercy too?" Ashley asked, Mickie whimpering and lowering her head in response, prompting the blonde to continue, "That's what I thought. But hey, if you want to save your ass hole from a double fucking all you have to do is leave. Go ahead, give up your job. Oh, silly me... Torrie, pull your dick out of Mickie's fat ass so she can leave if she wants."

"Just a second." Torrie requested, speeding up her thrusts before anyone could reply, obviously hammering her own clit on the stimulator inside the harness until she came, squeezing more orgasms out of Mickie in the process.

Then Torrie pulled out, she and Candice staring lustfully at their anal slut's gaping ass hole while Ashley grabbed hold of Mickie's hair, forced her head up again and then growled, "So bitch, you going to leave?"

Mickie briefly considered it, but she really wanted to keep her dream job, so she softly whimpered, "No."

"Good, now shut up and take this shit up your ass!" Ashley said cruelly, pushing Mickie's head down as she let go of her hair and then turned to Candice, "Hey Candy, I guess since Torrie just used this bitch you and I get to double stuff her butt. You up for it?"

"Oh yes." Candice exclaimed excitedly, quickly taking Torrie's place behind Mickie and slammed her strap-on into the other brunette's butt.

She made sure every inch was buried in Mickie's bowels with that first thrust and then began pounding in and out of her pooper, the sound of her hips smacking off those big meaty cheeks quickly becoming almost deafening as their new bitch's squeals of pleasure.

Of course it wasn't just in and out, but up and down and side to side, Candice skilfully stretching Mickie's anal passage for the incredible abuse it was about to take. Honestly the way Candice stretched that booty was a work of art, Vince's Devils practically drooling as they watched the display of total anal domination as Mickie clearly forgot what fate was about to befall her.

Taking advantage of that fact Ashley kneeled over Mickie's body and aimed her Trish's spit covered strap-on against her target. Helpfully Candice stopped in her tracks to allow Ashley to enter, her dildo halfway out making it somewhat easier for Ashley to force her way inside that very well stretched hole, officially taking Mickie James's double anal cherry, much in the same way she had taken her single anal cherry.

Unsurprisingly Mickie let out an unintelligible scream which was greeted by cruel laughter from her new mistresses, the tough little brunette then switching to whimpering as she tried to get used to her back hole being stretched like never before. Ashley took a few moments to enjoy the sight of that stretching, then she slowly pushed forwards until she had about half of her dick in Mickie's ass, then she pulled it out to the tip and then pushed it back in. Over and over she repeated this process, officially beginning Mickie's first double anal fucking.

"Woo hoo, yeah, take it Mickie, take it all!" Ashley taunted, "Take it in your whore ass! Mmmmmm, you're our ass whore now Mickie! Our butt slut! Our anal slave! Our Bitch! You're our bitch and we fucking own your ass hole!"

"And it's all thanks to Trish." Candice added with a giggle, "Thanks to Trish Stratus, and your poor choice to team with her, you're now our bitch. Mmmmm, and you're going to make such a good bitch, aren't you Mickie? Bending over for us whenever we want, spreading your meaty ass cheeks, begging us to fuck your big fat sexy ass until your little shit hole is gaping wider than the Grand Canyon! Aren't you? Aren't you! Mmmmmm yeeeeesssssss, you're going to be our good little anal sex loving bitch, just like Trish and everyone else who stands with her!"

Mickie didn't hear a word as she was too wrapped up in her own thoughts and the amazing pleasure she was feeling. Sure, when Ashley first forced her strap-on into her already dildo stuffed butt it had been perhaps the most painful thing she'd ever experienced, more so than any injury or losing her anal cherry. It was also unbearably humiliating, but nowhere near as much as when that pain turn to overwhelming pleasure, Mickie weeping as she realised something about herself. Something which would change her life forever.

She was no top. No, a true top wouldn't get off being butt fucked, and they especially wouldn't love being double ass fucked, so the only conclusion was she wasn't a top. She was a bottom. She was a submissive little anal slut, an ass whore, a bitch who loved it up the butt. And she didn't know how that would affect her career, in a job which involved physically dominating and defeating other women, but from now on, she was going to willingly give up her ass to real tops like Ashley and Candice, Mickie silently promising herself she would be a good bitch for her new mistresses.

Then she came, her cum squirting violently out of her cunt and her ass hole clenching around those massive dildos still pummelling her insides, Mickie James breaking completely as she hysterically screamed from the extreme anal abuse she was taking. That abuse seemed to go on forever, the other two divas thoroughly wrecking her rectum until Mickie collapsed face down on the floor. Then she was ass fucked some more, Victoria grabbing a hold of her waist and using her strength to keep her in place while Candice and Ashley continued having their fun, both tops cumming themselves as they brutalised Mickie's poor butt.

Just when Mickie thought she was going to pass out her new mistresses yanked their cocks from her ass hole, leaving the whole widely stretched, spanked her abused butt and then Ashley yelled, "Spread your cheeks for us bitch."

Despite her exhaustion Mickie obeyed, exposing her gaping butt hole to the dominant Alpha females who had destroyed it, all four of them laughing cruelly as they admired just how widely their opponent's ass hole was stretched before Ashley ordered, "Kiss our feet and thank us for fucking you and making you our bitch."

Even though her entire body was sore Mickie whirled around and started kissing the feet of her owners, starting with Ashley's before moving on to Torrie's, Victoria's and finally Candice's, the whole time softly whimpering, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you."

The Devils laughed at this humiliating behaviour for a little while, then Torrie ordered, "Thank you for what bitch?"

"Thank you for fucking me and making me your bitch!" Mickie whimpered, again repeating herself over and over again as she continued covering the other divas' feet in kisses.

After enjoying that sight, and feeling, for a while Candice ordered, "Good girl, now clean our cocks. Mmmmmm, give us all blow jobs and get the taste of your formally virgin ass off our big dicks. Then we can all get dressed, head back to our hotel room and continue your breaking in."

Quick to obey the broken wrestler went from one strap-on to the other, Vince's Devils gathering around and sticking their cocks in Mickie's face to make it easier for her to clean them. And easier for them to taunt her, although Mickie was far too lost in sucking up all the yummy butt cream, the now very submissive brunette desperately sucking those cocks not just to please her mistresses but because she genuinely couldn't get enough of her own ass juice. It was so distracting, and addictive, she didn't even notice Trish leave, but given how much more distracting being double ass fucked was that could have happened a long time ago.

Not that when Trish left really mattered to Mickie. In fact Trish didn't really matter to Mickie. No, all that mattered was pleasing her mistresses, and getting her big slutty ass fucked, something which happened relentlessly all night long.

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