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Debra & Jackie Part 1
by Big Blue (

After Debra and Steve Austin seperated, Debra decided to take an offer that
Vince McMahon had given her. She could come back to the WWE as a manager.
Debra was given the assignement of being Jackie Gayda's manager. Debra did
never managed a girl before, but she decided to take the offer. So Debra
went to RAW on Monday Night and was waiting in her and Jackie's locker room
for Jackie to arrive. Debra was wearing the dress suit she wore when she
managed Jeff Jarret. Debra was sitting in a fold out chair readin RAW
magazine when Jackie walked in. Jackie was wearing skin tight jeans and a
Trish Stratus type top.

"So you are my new manager huh?"

"Yes, I am."

Jackie closed the door and sat down in the folding chair next to Debra.

"How many people have you managed before?"

"I have managed, The Rock, Stone Cold, Jeff Jarret, and Owen, I never really
managed a girl before though."

"Oh, well have you ever had... SEX with a girl?"

Debra grew a suprised look on her face. "No I can't say I have."

Jackie grinned and said, "Well, would you like to try it?"

Jackie leaned over and started to kiss Debras neck. Debra looked kind of
nervous. Jackie then pulled Debra's face towards her and they started to
make out. Debra then started to feel herself. They stopped kissing and
Jackie dropped down off the chair onto her knees. "Stand up Debra."

Debra stood up as she was told. Jackie then slid her hands up Debras dress.
She started feeling Debras ass.

"You got a nice firm ass Debra."

"Thanks, I work hard on it."

Jackie then slid Debras thong down her legs and threw it onto the floor.
Jackie then pulled down Debras dress. Jackie then stood up and started to
unbutton Debra's top. She started kissing her as she did this. Jackie got
the top off and Debra was not wearing a bra. Jackie started to feel Debra's

Debra then said, "My turn."

Jackie smiled and lifted off her own top revealing her nice firm tits. Debra
bent Jackie over on the table in the room. Debra then pulled down Jackie's
skin tight pants, revealing her thong. Debra then pulled down Jackie's thong.
Debra then got to her knees and shoved her face into Jackies ass crack. Debra
started to lick it up and down. "Ohhhhh fuck, that feels so good!"

Debra stopped and Jackie turned around. "Wait, I have something even better."
Debra had a look of wonderment, as Jackie walked over to her bag. Jackie then
pulled out a 9 inch strap on. "Use Mr. Johnson."

Debra smiled and took the 9 inch cock and straped it on. Jackie then got on
her hands and knees. Debra then got down behind her.

"Have you ever had it stuck in your ass before?" Debra asked.

"No, but I heard it is real good."

Debra then started to spit on Jackie's ass to lube it up. She got it to how
wet she thought it needed to be. Debra then put the tip of the cock near
Jackies ass. She then shoved about half the cock into Jackies ass.

"OHHHHHHHH MYYYYY GODDDD!" Jackie exploded in pain and pleasure.

Debra then stuck the rest of the 5 inches in.


Debra then started at a fast pace humping away at Jackies ass.

"FUCCCCKKKKK, THATT FEEELS SSOOO GOOOOOOD!" Debra continued to thrust away.


Debra started to pick the pace up faster.


Jackie started to squirt her juices out. Debra then pulled the cock out.
Jackie started catching her breath.

"Now its my turn."

Debra smiled and unstraped the Strap on. Jackie quickly straped it on. She
leaned Debra against the table.

"So, have YOU ever done it in the ass before?"

Debra grinned and said, "No, take it easy on me," she said in a sweet voice.

Jackie put the tip of the cock near Debras ass. She then shoved all 9 inches
in with out lube.

TIMMME!" Debra moaned.

Jackie then thrusted in and out real hard. Debra's tits swayed back and
forth. Jackie grabed a hold of one of Debras ass cheeks and pushed in harder.
She then used her other hand to grab one of Debras tits.

"Fuck girl your ass is Tight."


Jackie thrusted in and out vigorously.


Jackie started slamming away at Debras ass.


Jackie smacked Debras ass hard. Jackie rammed in and out, in and out.


Debra's juices flowed out. Jackie took one more thrust and then pulled out.
They both laid naked on the couch in there room and started kissing. As they
did this Road Agent Josh Snake walked in and saw them making out. "Whats
going on here?" he asked.

"Nothing we where just..."

Snake cut them off, "Don't worry, but later on after the show us three have
a little meeting in my VIP Locker Room, if you know what I mean."

"Don't worry Josh, we will be there."

Debra and Jackie smiled and Josh left closing the door behind him.

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