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Debra & Lita Get It On In The Women's Locker Room
by Phat Shady

Debra was alone crying just then Lita walked in and asked her what was
wrong. Debra told her she just couldn't believe how much Stone Cold had
changed she then asked how Lita felt after being beaten buy Austin with a
chair. Lita just smiled while looking at Debra's puppies bursting out of
her suit and said "Hey, I'm extreme don't worry about me".

With that they hugged just as Debra pulled away she felt a kiss on her
neck she did know what to think then she felt another kiss on her ear she
began to wonder if the rumours about Lita being bi-sexual were true then
she felt yet another kiss on her chin. She had to say something as this
might turn out very difficult.

"Wh-wh-what are you doing Lita?" she said.

"Don't worry just relax" replied Lita.

With that Debra pulled away looking at Lita she looked in to her eyes
and then Lita gave her a sexy smile, Debra could feel her pussy getting a
bit wet Lita could sense this and with that she leapt forward and began to
kiss Debra on the lips using as much tongue as possible Debra tried to
resist but then she felt her pussy getting very very wet so she relaxed and
played tonsil hockey with Lita. Lita began to lower her hand down to Debra's
short skirt and then she raised her hand up her skirt and then moved Debra's
wet underwear and began rubbing her soft wet clit Debra let out a little
moan through Lita's mouth.

Lita was getting very wet as well so she broke the kiss and took her top
off to revile her black bra struggling to keep her massive breasts contained
Debra gave her a little smile and Lita unhooked her bra and let Debra get a
good view of her breasts. Debra knew what to do she gently caressed Lita's
left breast, causing the nipple to automatically spring to life. She then
brought her mouth down to the right nipple and started to suck. This nipple
also sprung to life, hard as an eraser. She continued to suck when she felt
a small bead of liquid climbing down her leg, coming from between her legs.

Debra was enjoying this, as was Lita. Debra told Lita to take her combats
off so she did now Lita was standing there hard nipples and a wet pussy Debra
then went over to Lita and slowly took off Lita's underwear as the underwear
hit the floor Debra show a nice tight wet shaven pussy in front of her then
she dropped to her knees and stuck her face in between Lita's legs. Her wet
pussy was soooo sweet! She immediately started to pulsate her tongue in and
out of Lita's snatch. She then tickled Lita's clit with her tongue.

"OH GOD!" Lita cried as Debra jammed her finger into Lita's cunt, "oh oh
oh oh ya ya ya ya oh ya oh ya oh ya!" Lita exasperated through her breathes.

Lita's body then climaxed sending waves of pleasure throughout her body
and spilling all her sex juice in Debra's mouth, she greedily sluppered it
up. Lita then told Debra to take all her clothes off so Debra did, as Debra
stood there naked with Lita's pussy cum all over her face hard nipples and
a wet pussy Lita said it was now her turn she told Debra to bend over she
then began to play with Debra's arse with her finger then in an instant she
rammed her finger into Debra's arse.

Debra let out a loud moan saying "oh yes finger fuck my arse Lita oh oh

Lita increased the speed of her finger going in and out Debra wanted
more so Lita rammed her other finger into Debra's soaked pussy Debra let
out a big scream. Lita continued to ram away until Debra came now Lita's
hand was covered in pussy cum which she licked up. Debra then wanted to do
one more thing with Lita so she lifted up on of Lita's legs and placed her
crotch right up against Lita's.

Debra started to grind. She could feel her juices flowing in Lita,
"OHHHHHHHH", they both moaned in unison.

Debra continued to grind and holding one leg, she used her free hand to
churn Lita's breasts. The nipple were already hard and like erasers. Lita
then grabbed both Debra's legs and pulled her closer so that the fiction
between them was increased.

"Come on HARDER! HARDER! HHAARRDDEERR!!" Lita cried.

Debra's pace increased and just then they both came, "UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHH",
they both moaned as waves of pussy cum shot trough them. Then they both lay
there covered in pussy cum and began kissing again.

The End

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