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Debra Done Wrong Part 1
by Andrew (

Stone Cold Steve Austin's wife Debra has been getting very upset lately
at the way her husband has been treating her since winning the WWF title
back at Wrestlemania. He's completely turned against everyone except Vince,
and has been treating her like shit too. She's getting tired of it but
decides to give him one more chance at this week's taping of Smackdown.

Into the arena walks the WWF champion with his beautiful wife Debra, whose
dressed in her usual ridiculously short skirt, showing her really sexy legs,
and top that would make any guy want to stare at the way it makes her huge
tits pop out. Lately, noone has because they know Stone Cold would kick
anyone's ass who does. Upon entering, Debra is carrying her, and Austin's

"Let's go woman you're too damn slow, what are you good for?" says the
champ. Debra continues walking a little faster in response to her husband's
verbal assault. They reach the locker room to be greeted by the devil
himself, Vince.

"I need to talk to you Austin." says Vince. "Oh yeah, what the hell
about?" asks the rattlesnake. "I'm sure you wouldnt mind me borrowing your
husband for a minute, Debra," asks Vince. Debra still is speechless and
really upset and can't take anymore of her husband. she bends over to get her
things out of her bag only to feel her ass being grabbed by Vince.

When they left, Debra just sat there for a few minutes thinking, very
upset, but just got up and started walking. Down the hall she passed Hardcore
Holly who doesn't acknowledge much, but sees that she looks upset.

"Debra are you ok?" asks Holly.

"No Hardcore I'm's that damn husband of mine Steve."

"Oh...well can I do anything to help?" After asking, Hardcore Holly pulls
Debra closer to him and starts putting his hands on her.

"Look, we are out in the hallway here, plus Steve will beat you to death
if he found out about this." said Debra in a very upset tone.

"Oh come on baby you know this is what you need." Hardcore starts rubbing
Debra's ass, bringing his hands up to her huge tits, feeling them vigorously,
and then getting a reaction out of her.

Mmmmmm (Debra starts to squirm a little in enjoyment). She takes her hand
and puts it on Hardcore Holly's throbbing, huge dick thats now so noticably
sticking out.

"You want that baby?, Havent had any dick in awhile?" asked Hardcore.
Debra begins feeling and rubbing Hardcore's hardon right out in the middle of
the hallway. Without thinking, Debra looks to both ends of the hallway, then
starts to pull out Hardcore's huge dick out of his pants, then slowly going
down on her knees. Anyone could see this.

"MMM Debra, you are a cocksucking whore aren't know you want it,
yeah suck it slut." No response from Debra except to start putting it in her
mouth and quickly got into giving Hardcore Holly a really enthusiastic
blowjob right there in the hallway of the locker rooms.

"Oohhhh shit baby...yeah, suck that shit.." Hardcore grabs Debra head and
begins thrusting his huge cock in Debra's mouth continuously. "You like
getting your mouth fucked bitch?" Debra begins gagging slightly from having
his huge dick forced in and out of her mouth constantly.

"Yeah, you know you like it bitch, and you're gonna take every fuckin drop
of my cum in your mouth, I shoot huge loads..oohhhhhhhh!"

The sounds coming from Debra now are almost as if she enjoys this
treatment, being on her knees getting her mouth fucked hard. Hardcore
continues to do his best not to be too loud so anyone would hear it, but
keeps fucking Debra's mouth.

"Oh yeah gonna cum......God you suck fucking great cock."

"Here it comes bitch...ready to take the biggest fuckin load you've ever

Hardcore Holly finishes drenching defensless Debra, still on her knees...
cum dripping from her mouth, but she never said a word for him to stop, just
swallowed all of his enormous load that she possibly could.

"Thanks bitch..I needed that," Hardcore pulls Debra up, smacks her on the
ass. "I didnt know you loved cock that much, maybe I'll give it to you more
often slut."

Debra so confused as to what she has just done, stops in the ladies room
to get something to wipe all of Hardcore Holly's cum from her mouth, whatever
is left from what she didnt swallow..and just looked at herself in the

After leaving, she continues down the hall, bumps into none other than

"Ha ha..well hey there Debra, you just look like you been to hell and
back, old Stevie go on a rampage again?" asked the Ayatollah of Rock and

"Chris, just leave me alone, ok?" said Debra in an almost silent tone.

"Leave you alone? Oh, I forgot...filthy, stinking, no good, lowdown,
bottom feeding trashbag ho's like you dont talk to people of higher stature
like me do ya? Well...Ill tell you what im gonna do Debra..."

WHAT IS Y2J gonna do to poor defenseless Debra..Part 2 will tell...

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