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Debra McMichael & "Stone Cold" Steve Austin
by The Canadian Badass

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What a hot day it was in the state of Texas. San Antonio, Texas to be
exact. The hometown of the new couple, Stone Cold Steve Austin and Debra
McMicheals. Like most places, people don't usually get sexually aroused
that much thanks to the hot weather. But Debra does.

Even though she doesn't want kids, as does he, she loves to take his
penis in her pussy, ass or mouth and just have great, romantic sex with
her new husband. And they are currently on their honeymoon, which adds to
the mood. The feel good having the honeymoon at home. It gave them more
time to be with their friends, work on their house [Steve does so] and to
have sex in the privacy of their own home. And since Steve's neck was now
at near 100%, sex was sweet.

Present Day - 12:49 p.m.

Steve was outside working on the fence of a horse pen on the ranch,
while his lovely wife Debra, was inside watching a show about "How to
Spice Up Your Sex Life". She had always thought that sex with the cold
one was great, but they always used the same positions. It was either
doggy-style or missionary. She wanted to give Steve a surprise he would
never forget. She especially paid really close attention to the section
talking about how to give the ultimate oral pleasure. And tonight was
the night she was going to do it.

Nearly 6 hours had passed since Steve had last entered the house, to
get a drink [at 2:30pm] and Debra had been busy preparing the most
romantic night the will ever spend together. She had lit about 25
raspberry scented candles that led to their dining room and then continued
on towards to the bedroom’s jumbo-sized bed. She was really excited.

At around 8:15 p.m., Steve entered the incredibly large house, covered
in sweat from the hard labor he had conducted for the past 8 hours or so.
He walked across the carpeted floor, after taking his boots off at the door,
and entered the kitchen. He opened the fridge, grabbed a Steveweiser and
walked into the dining room, searching for his wife. When he entered the
room, he saw the candles and a note on the table, which caught his eye. He
read the note.

"Honey, follow the glowing path and you'll find me. I've got
a surprise for you and I think you'll like it."

Love Debra XXX OOO

With a surprised look on his face and a cold beer in his hand, he
walked out of the dining room and followed the path of scented, glowing
candles, which seemed to be heading towards the bedroom. He walked to
the end of the hallway and proceeded into the bedroom. He saw another
note on the note on the bed. He read that one too.

"Hey baby, take off your clothes, wipe yourself off [the
sweat] and lay in the bed under the covers."

Your loving wife, Debra

He followed the orders, removing his jean shorts, Texas Rattlesnake
shirt and his boxers. He then put his beer down on the nightstand and
slipped under the silk sheet and proceeded to wait. The towel was under
there, so he wiped off his face. Then all of a sudden, a small note
fell out from the rolled up towel.

"Are you ready for your surprise?"

Before he could answer, the bathroom [located in the bedroom] slowly
opened and out walked Debra, in an extremely short silk robe. She didn't
say a word, but started to untie the robe belt, until it was almost
opened fully. She peeled off the robe, exposing the large melons, which
were hidden beneath it, showing the large erect nipples from the sanctuary.
Steve looked in shock as his wife stood before him, fully unclothed,
despite a black thong, which she might as well not be wearing, since it
was really small and exposing. But she wasn't standing before him empty-
handed. In her left hand she had a Trojan scented condom and in the right
hand she had a bottle of lovely body lotion. Right from that moment he
knew he was in for a wild night.

She slowly walked toward him and then paused in her tracks. She looked
at his crotch, which caused him to glance at it as well. He noticed, just
like her, that he had an amazingly large erection, which from what he saw
was arousing her even more. She moved right to the side of the bed and
pulled the sheet off the bed, exposing his hard cock. To add to this
arousing punishment that he was going through, she slowly slipped off her
black thong, revealing a neatly shaved and dripping wet pussy. His penis
began to twitch even more, as she made her way onto the bed. That was all
he could take. He wrapped his big fist around his cock and proceeded to
whack off. She got to the end of the bed made her way between his legs,
her large breasts hanging down, brushing against his legs.

God, how horny they both were. She looked him in the eyes and then
without knowing it, she pushed away his stroking hand and gripped his
cock and began to make a jerking motion [up and down], causing the Texas
Rattlesnake to moan with a wave of pleasure. Her hand continued to make
a pumping motion on his penis, faster and faster, bringing him closer to
orgasm. But just as he was about to pump his semen on her hand, she
released the grip, causing the pressure in his balls to drop. He was
really confused right about now.

What kind of women makes a guy aroused to the extreme and then screws
him over. Well, obviously his wife. But then all of a sudden, Steve
discovered her true intentions. She placed her hands around the base of
his dick and started to move her mouth up and down, dripping her saliva
all over his balls. She removed her hands from his penis and prepared to
do something she had never attempted before, she was going to deep throat
her man.

She slowly took his cock in her mouth, inch by inch, until his entire
cock was making its way down her throat. She could barely breath, but she
could see how much Steve loved it. In fact, from the look on his face,
she knew what was about to come. She slowly slid his shaft out of her
throat and was prepared to inhale his seed. A few seconds later, he began
pumping his cum down her throat, moaning like he never had before. But he
suddenly got worried that she would choke on his cum and cock, so he
grabbed her head and pulled her head off.

As he did so, his juice dripped off of her lips. She had swallowed
his entire load. Holy shit. She used the towel Steve had used to to wipe
the cum off her lips, as she swallowed the rest of his seed. He almost
passed out when all of a sudden, she grabbed his cock and started pumping
him again.

In a matter of moments, he was stiff again and ready to finish this
great night off. She climbed up to the top of the bed and placed each of
her legs over his waist. She then slowly lowered her beautiful pelvis
onto his and pushed his big erect cock into her wet throbbing pussy. It
felt amazing for both of them. It felt so good, he felt like he was going
to cum again. But he didn't.

She began to slowly straddle his hips. For at least 20 minutes, she
peacefully rode his cock and then it was time for her finale. As a wave
of pleasure swept through her body, she started to rock faster and more
violently. She was cumming. An overwhelming scream passed through her
body as she came, and then passed out on top of him as he came.

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