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Debra Star In A Porno
by Sin City Playa

Debra was getting real fed up with the way Austin has been treating here
the last month. He would always be ordering her around, humilating here and
just plain pissing here off to all hell. So one day as Debra was sitting at
home while Steve was out, she starting watching a porno. Debra got really
hot watching a girl take loads of cum onto her face.

Shortly after awhile, Debra begun fingering her clit, bringing herself to
an orgasm. When she was done she saw an advertisment for a role an a film
called "AMERICAN BUKKAKE." She thought to herself, this would be he perfect
way to get back at Steve for treating her like shit. She went down and
applied and got the part in the film. A few weeks later she told her husband
that she had to leave that her parents needed her to come home for a family
get together, but knowing she was going to star in the film. She pack her
bags, kissed Steve and left.

When she arrived at the building, Debra started getting nervous not
knowing what would happen, but she built up her confidence and went in. She
was greeted by the director and a group of 100 guys all butt naked. He asked
her if she was ready and told her there is no backing out now. Debra was
nervous but went through with it. She stripped down butt naked and walked
over to the table set up. She hopped up onto the table and said bring it.
From there five guys walked up to here and began massaging her breast and

Debra began to moan, "Oh yeah, fuck my pussy, yeah harder baby." They
flipped her onto her hands and knees, and without warning a guy rammed his
10 inch dick straight up her virgin asshole. Debra screamed "Ooooooohhhhhhh
my GGGGAAAAAWWWWWDDDDD. Take it out of my ass! Oh oh oh, ouch, ah" She
started getting used to the feeling whe another guy shoved his dick straight
into her pussy. Debra was soaking wet and didn't mined that. She was being
double pentrated, rocking back between both cocks. She was on a verge to the
huggest orgasm she has ever had, when another guy who was only six inches,
rammed his dick into her ass along with the 12 inch dick. This bought a rise
out of debra, as she screamed at the top of her lungs. "OH MY GOD, IT HURTS
MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" She squirted out tons of cum onto the floor. While
the three men worked over debra, all 97 other were getting blow jobs by
fluffers. After the three men were done ther pulled out of debra and cummed
all over her tits.

The director then got up and yelled ok time for the "97 Cum Shot Special"
Debra looked up in fear and she was tied down to the table and all 97 guys
one by one approached Debra and began shooting their spunk onto debra's face.
She took load after load after load of cum onto her face. When everyone was
done, debra's face to her stomach was covered in man jizz. They helped her to
her feet and snapped about 10 photo's of her cum covered face and body. Debra
was amazed by what she had done, and headed for the shower with cum dripping
off her body and her asshole sore from the double pentration she received.
When she was thru she arrived back home to austin waiting for here. She
pecked him on the cheek and said she was dead tired from the trip and needed
some rest. Austin said ok.

Three months later, Debra and Austin where out renting some movies. Both
couples were horny and decided to rent some pornos. Not thinkin debra walked
into the porno section with steve right behind here. To her shock, she froze
and her jaw dropped, cause right in front of her, she saw a bideo with her
jizzed covered face on it saying "WWF STAR TAKES 100 CUMSHOTS IN AMERICAN
BUKKAKE" Austin soon saw this and got suddenly pissed off and was screaming
at Debra, but he was also getting turned on by the fact that his wife took
all that cum onto her face. He Dragged debra out of the store and drove to
an arena where the WWF supestars where at waiting for RAW to start. He walked
up and told Vince to gather all male and female stars and get them by the
ring cause Austin had a suprise for them. Vince and all the other stars
gathered outside the ring with Debra and Austin in the ring. Austin spoke
"My dirty slutty wife has made a porno film behind my back, now she gonna get
what she deserves. All of you guys can have her and fuck her anyway you want,
in her pussy, ass, mouth whatever." Austin looked at Debra and said next time
maybe you'll think twice before doing something so stupid.

Debra just smiled back at Austin said thanks, thats the nicest thing
you've done for me an awhile, she then stripped and awaited the fucking that
was cumming to her.

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