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Debra The Horny Housewife
by Dr. Feel Good (DFG) (

The following story took place in February 2002.

I had just moved near the San Antonio, Texas because I was taking classes at
the University of San Antonio. I was older than most students that started
out because I worked for seven years out of high school as a bartender and
only got to start taking my psychology program when I was 25. I was living
off campus at an apartment, but I needed a job after not working to end 2001.
In early 2002 I sent my resume everywhere for every kind of job possible, as
long as the pay was good. I considered myself a fairly handsome man, so I
thought finding a job would be easy. I couldn't find a job I really wanted
until late January when I applied for a job titled "gardening, pool boy and
other tasks around the house." While I never considered myself a great manual
labourer, I couldn't stop looking at the pay for the job: "$40/hr for 20
hours per week maximum, plus benefits." I thought $800 per week was fucking
great, so I quickly applied for the job and then went to the house to meet
the owners.

I drove up to this huge mansion on a private lot. Before I rang the bell I
looked into the yard and saw it wasn't that big considering it was a four
storey home. There was a pool, a big grassy area and a lot of bushes and
trees around. I was starstruck after I met the owners because it was arguably
the most famous wrestler ever Steve Austin (real last name Williams) and his
wife Debra. I was always a huge wrestling fan and still was, so when I got
to see them that close I was in a state of disbelief. I don't really remember
what I said or how I said it, but they gave me the job and I started
immediately. For the first couple of weeks I rarely saw Steve or Debra since
Steve was travelling the world wrestling on the shows from Friday to Monday
every week while Debra went along with him even though she wasn't performing
on the shows anymore. I only worked on the weekends and sometimes on Mondays
if I wasn't done by Sunday, so I only saw them maybe once a week when they'd
pay me in cash. I didn't know much about them personally. Steve was 36 years
old while Debra was 35. She still looked hot, though, with her blonde hair,
pretty smile, tight ass, curvaceous legs and maybe the best tits I've ever
seen in my life. Even though were fake they were very tantalizing.

In the first few weeks of February, Steve was only working on Mondays because
his neck was starting to hurt him, so I got to see them more. Often times
when I'd be doing yard work Steve would sit out by the pool and we'd chat
about football or wrestling or just about life in general. I found him to be
a really nice guy and very easy to talk to. It was like he was just another
guy to talk to, not some world famous celebrity. What was odd was that Debra
rarely sat outside with him or talked to him that much. I could sense there
were some marriage problems, but I never really thought about it all that
much since it didn't concern me. Debra was always nice to me, always smiling
and generally being a nice host.

It was the last Saturday in February, my fifth week on the job, when Steve
came out to talk to me by the pool. It was about 8pm or so and dark out, but
the pool lights allowed me to work through most of the night.

"Listen son, I gotta go catch a flight to San Diego for a show tomorrow, but
Debra's staying here," he informed me.

"Oh yeah, how come?" I asked.

"She said she doesn't feel like it. Some shit like that. Fuck if I care

"Something wrong?"

"I don't know if I should tell you, man. I mean it's kinda private."

"Steve, come on man, you can trust me. I wouldn't tell anybody," I promised.

So he confided in me. "She's been giving me a hard time for months now. I
haven't been able to...uh...fuck it, I'll just say it. I'm impotent, man.
These fucking pain pills I'm on for my neck and my knees are killing me down
there. But if I don't take the pills I'll have to retire and I'm not ready
to do that yet. It's fucking frustrating, man. I wanted to have a kid with
her too, but last year she had that surgery to make sure she never got
pregnant. Now she threatened me with a divorce. We both want it because
there's no love there. She doesn't love me and I don't love her anymore. She
said she's filing the papers next week unless I meet her demands."

"Demands? What demands?" I wondered.

"I'll get to that in a second. I don't care if I'm miserable being married
to her, but if we get a divorce she'll get some of my money. Half of it
probably. Do you understand why I can't get a divorce? That money is too
important to me. I worked my ass off for it and I don't want to lose it."

"I understand, Steve. I'm really sorry to hear about that man," I told him.
"I really am."

"I appreciate that. You're a good kid and that's why I need to ask a favor of
you. This is where that demand comes in."

"Sure, what is it?" I asked.

"Keep my wife company tonight and tomorrow if you could. You're coming to
work tomorrow, right?" I nodded yes in response to the question. "Then you
can stay over and you can work in the morning or afternoon. Feel free to use
our showers and whatever."

"Steve, I'm flattered, but I have to ask why?"

"She asked me to ask you," he admitted. "She doesn't like staying alone in
the house too much. If you're there she'll feel safer. We'll pay you too, the
same rate. Forty bucks for every hour you spend here. So will you do it?"

I hesitated a bit, but then said, "Sure man, I can do it. For you."

"There's one more thing," he continued "and then I gotta go. She kinda told
me that if you fucked her tonight then she'd drop the divorce idea for now."

I was shocked. "Steve, I'm not sure if I can..."

"Well, she didn't say it exactly, but she mentioned it during one of our
arguments," he informed me. "I know that's asking a lot and you may be
uncomfortable with the idea, but I really can't have another divorce. I've
had two already and if I have another it'll kill me. At least with you I
know you're a good guy that'll treat her right rather than some guy who I
don't know."

I was just stunned by this and before I could even say anything he was
heading out.

"My plane's leaving, I gotta go. Talk about it with Debra. She'll answer any
questions for ya."

As he walked off the property he said bye to her. I saw her standing on the
balcony outside her window in the master bedroom as she didn't even look at
him. Instead she looked at me and with her mouth and hand she blew me a kiss.

She spoke loudly from the bedroom, "John, honey, no more yard work tonight.
Meet me in the kitchen, please."

I put the pool cleaner away, then saw Steve drive off. It was already hot
outside, but I was sweating even more after Steve basically gave me
permission to fuck his wife. I didn't know if it was legit or not until I
got into the house.

Debra was sitting in the kitchen as I walked in and she tossed me a water
bottle. She was dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. Nothing was out of the
ordinary. I took a sip out of the water bottle as she stood there looking
very sexy with that pretty smile of hers.

"Did Steve tell you about the deal we made?"

"Yes. He certainly had some interesting stuff to say," I admitted to her.

"Tell me what he had to say," she demanded. "All of it."

"He told me you threatened him with a divorce if he didn't meet your
demands." I admitted. "Then he asked me to spend the night with you and that
if I didn't you'd divorce him and get his money, which he didn't want."

"There is something else he forgot to mention," she added. "I'll never
divorce him if you give me what I want tonight."

"Oh yeah," I asked. "What's that?"

She walked over to me, put her finger on my lip and rubbed my chest with her
other hand. I wanted a kiss, but didn't push it.

"You'll find out soon enough." She said as she flashed that cute smile. "Go
take a shower in the bathroom down the hall. I've put a bag with some clothes
I want you to wear as well as this erection oil called VigRX. Take it. Trust
me. Put on the cologne too. It's my favorite scent."

I didn't really say anything because I wasn't sure about the erection oil. I
had a very good sized cock already both in length and especially in width,
but I figured since she's been so nice to me and I was in this incredible
situation that it would be hard for me to say no. So I told her I'd see her
upstairs. "Hurry up. I'll be waiting and I hope you like my outfit," she said
with a smirk as she grabbed my ass on my way out the room.

As I got to the bathroom I noticed the clothes. The underwear wasn't really
underwear. It was like a male thong with the front part there to cover the
dick and the ass hanging out completely. The top and bottoms were very high
quality silk. Even though I had never worn underwear like that before I was
willing to do anything to fuck this woman, so I planned on putting them on.
As I undressed to get into the shower, I noticed the oil on the counter too.
I read the label with it saying to rub it on your dick and your balls, so I
did after the shower. It was weird to even do because I was already hard in
the shower and from just thinking about Debra that I wasn't sure if this was
the best thing. I did it for her and then I dressed. I thought about
masturbating before going up, but I decided against that. Then I sprayed on
a lot of the cologne she had set out for me and I made the trek upstairs.

Walking upstairs was pretty nerve wracking just because I don't know if I
was prepared mentally for what was to come. Physically I wanted Debra badly,
she's the hottest woman I've ever seen, but it was a little hard because just
an hour ago I had no idea this was happening. I say it was a little hard
because once I opened that door to see the room I REALLY got into the mood.
The ambiance was terrific. The room was huge and was complete with what had
to have been 10 or 12 scented candles all around. There was some soft
romantic music playing, there wasn't much light save for a few bright ones
around the bed. I also noticed the mirror on the ceilings and four cameras
all focusing on the bed. One up on the ceiling, one by the head of the bed
and one each on the back corners. Then I looked at the best part, the bed
with Debra sitting on it. It was even bigger than a king sized bed. It was
high off the ground and huge in area covered with what else, satin. I'd never
see anything like it. Debra looked amazing in a black fur coat that went from
shoulder to toe, so I couldn't see what she had under, although I saw signs
of a black bra, black panties and pantyhose, plus back heels.

"Dance with me," she said as I helped her off the bed. I took her in my arms
and we slow danced in the middle of the room. She smelled my neck, noticing
that I put on the cologne she wanted. I smelled her too. I really liked her
perfume. As the dancing continued, she spoke to me.

"I've been waiting a LONG time for a night like this. I've never been so
ready for something in my life. I want to do EVERYTHING with you and to you
tonight, John. I want to feel every bone in your body, especially this one,"
she winked at me as she squeezed on my dick. "Give me all that you got
tonight and I promise you'll get it all from me."

For the first time in the night, we kissed. It was a slow one at first, but
then I picked up the pace and really stuck my tongue in her mouth. She came
back at me aggressively. It was a long, wet, tongue-filled kiss that must
have went thirty seconds or so.

"You don't mind the cameras, do you?"

"With you, I don't mind anything." I assured her.

"Hmmmmm. Right answer." She kissed me again. "This is just the start of a
beautiful relationship." After another kiss she said one final thing. "Fuck
me, John. Fuck me now. Fuck me all night long."

She held my hand as we walked back over the bed area. She undid the bow on
her fur coat, opening it up wide and showing me her goods underneath. There
were her massive tits under a black bra, black undies and pantyhose along
with the heels. She then took off my shirt rather quickly, ripping it off
and tossing it to the floor. Then she reached for my pants, ripping them
right off. She got on the bed on all fours in front of me as I got on my
knees on the bed. She reached for my short undies, then with her teeth she
bit them down on the side. With her hands, she pulled the front part down
and was met by my very erect cock. She rubbed it some, then turned around
and I yanked down her undies.

"Fuck my pussy," she demanded.

First as a tease I stuck my fingers in her as she rode back and forth slowly.
Then I went into her with my cock. I went in real slow, wiggling my dick
inside her innards before I went all the way in. When I finally went in all
the way I went in really hard and she let out a really big moan.

"Oh God! Yessssss! That feels soooooooooo good!"

I went really deep inside her with my dick and I pumped her good. She rocked
back and forth as I fucked her at a slow pace. Then I felt her hand hit my
leg as if she was some jockey riding a horse asking it to go faster. I
decided to tease her.

"You want more, huh?"


With my hands on her inner thighs and her face down I put a lot of pressure
down onto her pussy. I really went hard into her, my dick was unbelievably
hard as I throbbed inside her causing her to moan all the while. I put my
hands all over her lower back, thighs and stomach, rubbing them ever so
gently while I fucked her hard. After a few more minutes of her riding me I
couldn't hold it in anymore.

"I'm gonna cummmmmmm."

"Do it! Now!"

So I did.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh." She moaned. "Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

I stayed inside her until I could feel every last drop of the cum shot was
out of me. When it was done, I pulled out and then dropped down beside her
on the bed. We kissed eachother passionately for thirty seconds or so as I
rubbed my hands across her breasts, which still had the bra on top of them.
She reached back to unclip that bra while I brought her tits to my mouth.
They were massive, a true mouthful, and I cupped them with my hands to
really take them all in. I licked her nipples getting them really hard as
she pushed down on me with her tits giving them to me. I stopped for a few
seconds mainly just to get a breather as she looked down on me.

"Don't stop, sugar! Don't ever fucking stop!"

Debra re-aligned herself so her body was at my head while she leaned forward
to give me her tits. I continued to kiss her tits passionately as I felt my
dick really get hard again. It was sprouting to full length now. Debra took
her tits out of my mouth then crawled on top of me in the 69 position with my
mouth near her pussy and her mouth near my dick. She rubbed my throbbing cock
with her hands.

"Now THIS is what I'm talking about!" She exclaimed.

She bent forward to rub my dick some more and then she started to lick it.
Meanwhile, I had her pussy right on her my face, so I put my hands on the
top of her ass, then brought her clit closer to my mouth. I had my tongue
deep inside her while she continued to lick and caress my cock, taking the
beginning juices of it.

"You go first, sugar," she told me. I assumed she wanted me to eat her out,
so that's what I did. I took her pussy all inside my mouth, nibbling on the
outer edges of it and then sticking my tongue really deep inside her clit.
I could feel her getting wet as she was sitting up in a vertical position
now rubbing her own tits.


I continued to fill her pussy with my tongue, taking her in my mouth and
licking her pussy all over. I could feel her throbbing as I licked her, her
body shook and her hips moved up and down while I continued to take care of
her. She was breathing heavily as I felt her try to get off my face, so I
let her go. She leaned down towards my face to kiss me some more.

"Stand up. I want your dick."

I quickly got up to my feet and stood on the bed while she got on her knees
in front of me. She took her left hand and started caressing my balls.

"You like that?"

"Oh yeah," I told her. "I fucking LOVE that."

"How about this?" She said with a twinkle in her eye. She shoved my whole
cock in her mouth, taking it all deep inside her. I could feel it reach
the back of her mouth. She then took it out and licked my tip a bit while
continuing to rob my cock with her other hand. Then she really went to work
on it, sucking my shaft up and down while I let out a few grunts. She then
put her hands on my ass cheeks and really put my dick deep into her. I
thrusted my hips forward to give her all of me while she did it. She went
to town on me, licking, sucking and stroking my dick for what had to have
been a good four or five minutes. I tried my best not to cum, but then I
knew I had to do it.

"Debra, I'm cummmmmmmmming," I said with shortened breath.

"In my mouth," she ordered. "I'm ready."

She took her hands off of me, setting them down onto the bed and I shot my
load right into her mouth. She took it all in wonderfully and spit some of
it off the side of the bed. She pushed me onto my back.

"Lay down," she told me. She leaned forward over my face with her tits. I
rubbed them with my hands and put them in my mouth, sucking on the nipples.
As I continued to pleasure her tits, she looked up straight into the camera
and spoke.

"Steve, you selfish son of a bitch," she said obviously talking to her
husband through the camera. "You remember this necklace and these earrings
you bought for me?" She asked as she leaned her body up more so I couldn't
grab her tits. I was just rubbing my hands on her body now. "You thought
you could buy my happiness with a $10,000 necklace and $5,000 earrings?
You're wrong. All I wanted was to be fucked hard and you couldn't do it.
But now I found somebody that can and you're going to see it for yourself."
She looked down at me and we kissed briefly. Then she looked at the camera
again. "You can take your jewelry and shove it up your ass." She threw her
earrings at the camera, then the necklace. "Watch and learn, Steve. This is
how I fuck." Then she kissed me on the lips again. "No. This is how WE fuck."

She dropped down to my face, we kissed for about ten seconds passionately
when she whispered in my ear: "This is our main event, baby. I want
everything you've got." It was almost as if she was pacing herself earlier
just for this. She was more aggressive now and I was ready for it.

She put her body down by my cock with her tits surrounding it. She was
rubbing my cock as it was throbbing between her tits, around her mouth and
in her mouth. She sucked it some more like earlier, but it was faster than
before, more direct. She wrapped her mouth all around my cock, then throbbed
her head up and down all over my cock. Then she got on her knees on top of
me as I held her hands and she dropped down with my cock going hard into her
pussy. She smiled at me, then thrashed up and down on my cock as if she was
a jockey riding a racehorse. I tilted my body up as she leaned forward and
I started kissing her tits while I used my hands to balance her body on my
dick. She was yelling.

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooo. FUCK! SHIT! GOD YES!

I slowed down a bit since I could tell she was panting, but she pushed my
body making me give it to her more. As I continued to rock her body with
mine, I could see her licking her lips.

"Goddddddddddddddddd! YES! Uhuh!"

She dipped her head down towards me as I moved my head up and our lips
locked while our hands also locked. Our bodies were completely locked in with
eachother as she moved her hips all over me, riding my cock to perfection. We
continued to kiss with while I felt my cock get harder and harder every step
of the way. Finally, as she broke off from my mouth and let my hands go she
pushed me some more wanting to cum in her. I nodded my head to her as she
braced herself and I felt it come through my body. The cum flowed out at a
quick pace and there was a lot of it as she reached her orgasm.

"Oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Goddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"

Her body collapsed onto mine and she lay on top of me. We both let out a big
sigh of relief after that incredible sex.

"Baby," she said to me. "Wanna go on a trip?"

"Where we going?" I asked.

"San Diego, to see Steve. We can catch a flight out in the morning. Sound

I wasn't in a position to say no, nor did I ever want to say no to this
woman, so I just nodded my head. Then she spoke out again to herself.

"I used to be a stewardess. We can join the Mile High club, sugar."

I big smile crept up on my face as we both laid to rest...for now.
_ _ _

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