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Debra The WWE Divas' Sex Therapist Part 1: Stephanie McMahon
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Debra Michaels as she had become known again after her devorice from Steve
Williams (Stone Cold Steve Austin) had had a hard time trying to decide what
she was gonna do as far as her career went she was offically dropped by the
WWE and of course Steve was still in there as Co-General Manager of Raw. But
Debra then hit upon a way she could remain in the wrestling business and so
she set her plan into action. She bought herself an office with the money
she'd gotten from the devorice made cards of her trade and got a few "items"
she may need to help her customers Debra then went to both a Raw show and a
Smackdown show and went into the divas locker rooms luckily when she went in
they where empty she dropped a card of her's into each diva's locker and she
pinned one to Stephanie McMahon's office door and then she simply waited for
her first customer to call and make an appointment.

Stephanie McMahon's life was as good as ever she was General Manager of
Smackdown she was set to marry the love of her life Paul Lavesque (Triple H)
her family was doing well her family's business was doing well Stephanie
didn't have any troubles at all.....except one big one as far as her and Paul
went in the bedroom they had been together for a good 3 years maybe more and
they'd been fucking like rabbits however Stephanie had always managed to make
Paul come but when it came time to play the game Paul could sure as hell play
but he could never finish the game in other words he could never give
Stephanie an orgasam. Stephanie tried everything she could think of in the
end she gave up ever expecting to have sexual pleasure and put all her
efforts into giving her future husband sexual pleasure. But then one day
Stephanie found a card pinned to her office door which read "Debra Michaels
WWE Diva's Sex Therapist please call to book a meeting" Stephanie knew it
couldn;t be a joke Debra didn't work for the WWE after her and Steve Williams
got devoriced after a few hours of thinking about it Stephanie called Debra
and they arranged a time for them to meet and Debra gave Stephanie direction
of her office after a few days Stephanie pulled up outside of Stephanie's
office she made sure she looked tidy in her usual onscreen black business
suit she then knocked on the door and Debra answered it.

Debra was clad oddly enough in her typical divas wear. A gray business suit,
with her lacy white bra bursting through the top, baring most of her clevage.
She greeted Stephanie happily and invited her to sit on a leather couch.
Debra took her place at her desk and opened the conversation.

"So Stephanie, what brings you here today?"

Stephanie was timid in her response, so Debra walked up and got her a glass
of water. Stephanie drank it and cleared her throat. She bared down and

"Well,as you know I'm engaged to Paul. He's a great guy and all, but we have
this sort of sexual problem."

"Go on," pushed Debra.

Stephanie continued, "Well, he's great in the sack, and gives lots of
pleasure...the problem is he never really finishes what he starts."

"He can't make you orgasm," Debra put it plainly. Stephanie nodded.

"Hm." Debra said. "What have you tried to aid him in making you orgasam?"
Debra enquired.

"Everything we can think of porno magazines, porno movies, sexs toys, him
watching me as I screw somebody else, me watching him as he screws somebody
else, me with him and another man, nothing seems to work when it comes to
him fucking me he can fuck me from the night till the break of day and he'll
have countless orgasams but me i won't get one." Stephanie broke down and
beared all to Debra. "What the heck is wrong with us Debra!?"

Stephanie almost cried out needing this problem and wanting this problem to
be solved so badly.

"Sorry, I'm just writing this all down dear. Okay, the only thing I can think
of would have to be his technique. Can you tell me, how did it feel when that
other man had sex with you compared to Paul?"

Stephanie thought, and commented, "I suppose it just felt deeper, like he was
more inside me, hitting parts that Paul just hadn't explored before."

Debra took more notes. "And does he engage in foreplay?"

Stephanie retorted, "What constitutes to foreplay?"

Debra listed things such as him eating her out, or kissing her breasts.

"Well, not really actually, we're usually pretty bare-boned when it comes to

"That's your problem," Debra noted, "He's going for it too quickly, you need
to have him slow down, explore your body."

"You really think that's it Debra?" Stephanie asked looking over at Debra who
smiled at Stephanie.

"One diffence between men and women Stephanie is a mere rub against them and
they're ready to go where as women we love to be warmed up we like to be
teased and then pleased." Debra then stopped writing and walked over and sat
down next to Stephanie, "Would you like a demonstration of the type of thing
Paul should be doing?" Debra asked looking Stephanie dead in the eye.

Stephanie rose. "I suppose, if it'll help our relationship."

Debra reached down and grabbed Stephanie's wrists, and put her hands on her

"Feel the heat there?"

Stephanie nodded and simply stared down at Debra's chest. She could feel
Debra's nipples grow stiff.

"It's a scientific fact that nipples are one of the bigger pleasure points
on a women's body."

Debra moaned lightly as she smiled at Stephanie. She could tell she liked

"Now get him to keep at this, sometimes using his tongue as well."

Stephanie smiled. "I think I'll need a demonstration of somebody using
they're tounge on my tits that way I know what I like and what I want him
to do..."

Debra didn't say a word simply unbutton Stephanie's jacket took that off and
placed it on the floor followed by her shirt and then her bra Debra then
moved her head down to one breast and began to lick the nipple and around the
nipple and Stephanie cooed in pleasure as Debra moved from either of them
continueing this technique for a while before she took on e in her mouth and
sucked on it and licked it and continued this technequie with Stephanie's
moans getting louder and more turned on as Debra continued pretty soon Debra
was licking sucking and gently nibbling on one of Stephanie's breasts she
then removed her mouth from the breast and then said, "Finger to nipple play
can also be important as can mouth and finger play."

An then Debra first demonstrated finger to nipple play as she called it by
rolling the nipple between her thumb and first finger and then took one
breast into her mouth while her finger to nipple play continued on the other

Stephanie continued to moan as her knees got weaker. Debra lifted her head up
and commented, "A little pain can also bring alot of pleasure."

With that, Debra began to lightly pinch one nipple and nibble the other.
Stephanie thrust her chest forward as she played with Debra's hair.

Stephanie had to pull back and sat on the leather couch. She pulled Debra on
top of her and passionately kissed her.

Debra then broke it and said with a bit of a laugh and a smile

"Kissing is also a good place to start off I'm sure you two french kiss and
all the rest of it but a woman's tounge is much softer and much more
sensative than a man's for example if a person where to suck on another's it
would feel pretty good as would one person using they're tounge to massage
and play with the other person's tounge."

Of course Debra provided a demonstration and as Debra sucked and massaged
and played with Stephanie's tounge Stephanie moaned and moaned before Debra
locked Stephanie's mouth in a french kiss.

Stephanie worked up the nerve to suck Debra's tongue. Debra moaned and smiled
as Stephanie grew slightly more and more courageous. She moved her hands up
to Debra's blouse and undid the only two buttons left on Debra's blouse.
Debra moaned even louder as Stephanie's hands groped her ample bosom.

Stephanie took off both the jacket and the bra and then she stopped kissing
Debra and began to give Debra the kind of "foreplay" Debra had been talking
about and Debra cooed and moaned with pleasure as Stephanie grew in courage
with every move she made wanting to learn as much as she could.

Debra gave advice in between moans. "Pleasuring a ...ugh!...woman can..
oooh...teach you about...oh God....yourself..."

Stephanie listened intently and kept practicing, growing more and more
fascinated with every moment. She went down further, kissing Debra's flat
stomach and waist. She began to undo her skirt, when Debra stopped her

"Baby, I'm here to provide a service. Customers first."

Stephanie shrugged and said. "Whatever you say Miss." acting like this was a
school lesson or something and she went back up and just layed there while
Debra went down kissing all the way down Stephanie's flat and partly well
toned stomach before she got to Stephanie's black trousers which Debra had
no trouble taking off to find a pair of lace white panties underneath.

"Of course when your with a man it's provisable to have him really tease
you." Debra said and with that she managed to slip her tounge through or
underneath the lace panties and get to Stephanie's neatly trimmed pussy
and she began to lick all the way around it while her fingers massaged
either of her thighs.

Stephanie's moans reached a fevered pitch, even if Debra hadn't gotten all
the way there yet. Slowly she pulled down Stephanie's panties, with her
teeth, causing Steph to just melt in anticipation. Debra's hands creeped
their way up to Stephanie's breasts, and she finally stuck her tongue deep
inside her as she simultaneously squeezed her nipples.

"Oh GOD!" Stephanie screamed as she could feel her own wetness meet the
saliva in Debra's mouth.

Debra's tounge explored Stephanie thouraly before she began to search for
Stephanie's clit which she found and began to massage lick and play with
like she had previously done with Stephanie's tounge Stephanie was growing
breathless and when Debra nibbled Stephanie cried. "HERE I CUM!"

And she did all over Debra's face and what Debra couldn't swallow she
covered her hands with and then moved back up to Stephanie and said,
"Tasting yourself can also be rather erotic." She then offered Stephanie
her cum covered hand, "Care to try it?" She asked.

Stephanie smiled. "This is something I'm good at."

She took Debra's middle finger, and deepthroated the entire digit. She
pulled it back out, clean of all substances. Stephanie grinned her devilish
smirk and said "Thank you for your services mam, I'll be paying you
momentarily, but until then, here's a tip."

She grabbed Debra by the waist and flung her to the couch. She greedily
grabbed at her skirt and tore it off, revealing a silky black thong.
Stephanie kissed it and licked the fabric that was covering her pussy,
making Debra moan and moisten her own underwear.

Stephanie smiled and said, "Doesn't take long to get you ready does it?"

Debra shrugged and smiled Stephanie then took down Debra's thong and
instantly went to work lapping at Debra's pussy and clit like a starving
dog and pretty soon Debra was tossing and turning with pleasure her whole
body then went ridgid like a peice of brick and then she shook violently
and cried, "HERE IT CUMS!!!!!!!!!!"

An then her body went limp as her body exploded and she had a unbeliveably
strong orgasam.

Stephanie happily and hungrily swallowed every last drop, and climbed up to
kiss Debra, so that the scent of her own pussy was still strong. Debra
enjoyed the sweet aroma. Debra caught her breath and told Stephanie, "Now if
you just have him do this to you, you shouldn't have a problem. Alot of guys
will like it when a girl commands him to do things to her body, and gets
rewarded with moans."

Stephanie nodded, as the two of them got dressed.

"Oh and Stephanie?" called Debra as she was leaving. "Do two things for me
will ya? Tell the other ladies about how I can help, and don't be afraid to
call me over if Paul still has problems."

Stephanie smiled mischeviously as she left. Debra went back to her desk,
and made a note to buy a calendar. She'd need one for all her incoming

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