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Debra The WWE Diva Sex Therapist Part 2: Stacy Keibler
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

It wasn't too long after Debra solved Stephanie's little problem that Debra
got her next customer Stacy Keibler. Stacy had been the first diva who
Stephanie met up with after her apointment with Debra and Stacy raised the
subject of Debra's card which led to Stephanie telling her in quite some
graphic detail about both Stephanie's session with Debra and her session
that night with Paul. Stephanie advised if Stacy had any trouble she go and
see Debra Stacy said she would. If she had any trouble. Truth was however
Stacy was in a little bother as far as a sexual way went and so she decided
to go and see Debra see what she said as well as she what she did. An so
about 3 days after Stephanie's visit Stacy Keibler stood infront of Debra's
office door and knocked and waited nervous as hell

The door cracked open a small bit, and Debra peered through. She saw it was
Stacy, and opened the door wide, a cheerful grin on her face. She was dressed
in a similar blouse as to Stephanie's description, but with black underwear
instead of white. Stacy herself was clad in her usual skirt and shirt outfit.
Debra had her sit down on her couch and asked her what her problems was. Like
most, Stacy was hesitant, so Debra tried to start it off.

"Well, is it something in your relationship?" she asked. Stacy shook her
headas Debra sat and pondered.

"Well, if it's not dissatisifaction in your relationship, I'd have to guess
it's dissatisfaction with yourself."

Stacy nodded.

"Is it physical or mental?" Debra then asked.

"Physical." Stacy spoke finally.

"Ok," Debra said

"What is it about your physical apperence that you find displeasing?" Debra
then asked

"My breasts."

Debra was a little shocked by this. "What's wrong with them?"

She said with a slight shrug, "Well look at yours." Stacy said Debra did so.
"Now look at mine and let's say you where a man which woman's tits would you
rather stick your dick inbetween?"

Debra smiled, "Oh Stacy it doesn't matter the size of the woman's breasts and
it may shock you but it doesn't matter the size of the cock either." Debra
said being as plain as she was with Stephanie. "Just so long as it isn't too

Stacy laughed.

"What matters is that you know how to pleasure him when you have a titty fuck
and he knows how to pleasure you." Debra said with a smile. She added as an
afterthought, "Is it that you get self-conscious when in the women's locker

Stacy nodded, and Debra put it rather nonchalantly, "Honestly hon, how many
of those things do you think are real? You should be proud of yourself for
not giving in and buying yourself a better standing in the company. The fans
love you allready, even if you aren't DD." Stacy smiled happily, cheered by
the thought. "Well if that's all you can..."

Stacy cut her off by saying "Well there..." and immediately stopping,
regretting speaking up. It was too late now, Debra's interest was piqued.

"Something else?" she inquired.

Stacy confided. "Well I guess, but it's more of a mental thing than a

"Stacy I'm here to help any sexual problems the WWE divas are having weather
they be mental or physical.....what is it?" Debra said in a soft tone.

"I have this kind of fetish."

Debra sat back in her chair. "What sort of fetish?" She enquired intreged.

"A foot fetish."

"Male or female or both?" Debra asked.

"Female." Stacy admitted.

"Interesting...Tell me what is it that attracts you to a woman's feet and why
is this a mental problem for you?" Debra asked.

"I don't know," Stacy began, "I guess it's just the curves in the foot, how
delicate they are, and how sensative to touch sensations feet can be, it just
makes me really hot."

Debra jotted down notes.

"And why do you consider this a mental problem?"

Stacy retorted, frustrated at past experiences. "Debra, you're really open
about your sexuality, so I figure you haven't had the problem. I'm bi myself,
and so it's kind of rare when I get with a girl. And when I do, I don't want
to screw it up by bringing up odd fetishes that may scare her away. So I keep
this fascination inside me except for fantasies I can masturbate too. Do you
have any idea how hard it is to keep your innermost desire locked away?"

"Actually yes I do." Debra said this stunned Stacy.

"You do?" She said Debra nodded.

"What fetish did you have that you had to hide?"

"It wasn't a fetish it was my sexual prefrence."

Stacy clicked straight away. "You tried to hide the fact you where a

Debra nodded again.


"Because of my family because of my husband neither of them where very
aproving to same sex relationships they both felt it was wrong and disgusting
and Steve even once said "It's against the law's of nature it's adam and eve
not eve and amanda." Debra said swallowing hard due to the fact the memories
where still a little painful.

Stacy came forward and looked Debra in her eyes, who now stood in front of
Stacy, after recanting her story. "Sweetie, I...I didn't know."

Debra smiled, "Hey it's ok, I figure what they don't know won't hurt them,
so I'm just free to do what I like, as long as I keep it confidential. But
this isn't about me, it's about you. What you need to do is find a partner
who's willing to experiment. Trust me, there's alot of people with fetishes,
many the same as yours. I probably even know a few that would love to have
you worship their feet."

Stacy perked up, hoping it was someone she knew too. "Who's that?"

Debra hesitated, then smiled sheepishly at Stacy. "Me for one." Debra said
Stacy if she had any shock left would of been but she didn't so she just
looked stunned.

"Don't look at me like that there are many women I find attractive many of
them in the WWE and I have had plenty of fantasies about me and them some of
those fantesises involve you and me together and i do admitt one of them
involves you worshiping my feet after a long hard day and in all honestly
it's one of my personal favourite fantesises to finger myself too."

Stacy just sat back down on the couch, obviously shocked and wondering about
everything that she had just heard.

"Listen," said Debra, "I'm and adult, as are you. If I feel a way and have
experiences I'm going to be honest. To both myself and to those that it
concerns. You needed to know you're attractive and that you aren't alone in
your sexual fantasies. Now it's your turn. I'm not asking for anything
ground-breaking. I'm just asking that you be honest with yourself, and with
me, on the subject. We're not going to break this problem if you can't open
yourself up to me."

Stacy stared directly into her eyes, taking in every word of advice Debra
had to give.

"If you're not ready I can understand that, but you've got to tell yourself
that your fetish needs to come out, otherwise it's going to drive you

Stacy then looked down at her lap her hands where clasped together Stacy took
a deep breath and then nodded and then looked at Debra with a ear to ear
smile on her face. "I admit I have a foot fettish I'm not ashamed of it and
I'm ready to do something about it." Stacy said feeling a huge weight being
lifted off her chest with each word she said untill the weight was gone
finally as she finished her sentance.

Debra smiled, and slowly walked back to her desk. She sat in her big leather
chair, kicked off her shoes and sat her bare feet upon the top of her desk.
"Now what is it exactly you intend to do?"

Stacy grinned evilly and sexily walked to her desk. She leaned down and began
playing with Debra's feet, lightly massaging the soles, causing Debra to
lightly sigh with comfort. Like she had said, a foot massage felt great after
a long day.

Stacy after working on the soles moved around to the actual toes and began to
work her magic on them and also rubbing a finger up and down inbetween the
toes as well Debra cooed and moaned lightly in pleasure causing Stephanie to
smile and increase the way she was rubbing and massaging Debra's feet.

Stacy was enjoying this more than she could possibly imagine. She began to
bob her head down, but pulled away, unsure.

Debra smiled at her and whispered, "Go ahead, it's your fantasy."

With permission, Stacy leaned down and began softly licking each of Debra's
toes, sucking on one or two occasionally. Debra had never actually
experienced a foot fetish before, but the feeling certainly was nice, and
she was not in a complaining mood.

Stacy continued to lick and suck and kiss each toe and then moved from the
big toe to the small toe giving each one it's own personal kind of blowjob
before she moved to the sole of Debra's foot and began to lick and kiss
that Debra couldn't help but begin to moan with pleasure at the attention
care and time Stacy was taking and giving to Debra's feet.

Stacy began to suck lightly on each heel of Debra's feet, before moving back
up to the soles, causing Debra to mix both ecstatic moans with giggles due
to the ticklish nature of her own feet. Debra asked between moans.

"Did you..mmmm...always fantasize about performing for girls, or did you ever
think about...oooh...getting your feet pleasured as well?"

Stacy stopped and looked at Debra smiling none stop.

"Most of my fantesises where based on me giving the pleasure...but since this
is a day of new experiences for me...I wouldn't mind reciving the pleasure as

Debra lifted her feet off her desk, and got out of her chair, inviting Stacy
to sit in it. She sunk in as Debra dropped to her knees, delicately removing
each of Stacy's shoes. Stacy just stared down at Debra, as she had no idea
what to expect. Debra began lightly, using her hands to massage her toes and
soles, making Stacy melt in the chair and coo in bliss.she worked her fingers
between each toe to feel the skin-to-skin contact to further relax Stacy.
When Stacy's eyes were shut, Debra began to use her mouth. She was dynamic,
and began sucking on Stacy's pinky toe with no warning.

Stacy let out an uncontroable moan which gave Debra the signal to continue
and so she moved on sucking each toe in turn and then going back and this
time giving each one it's own type of blowjob by this time Stacy was in
heaven. Debra then licked all the way down to the heel of Stacy's feet and
began licking and kissing them and then kissed and licked the actual sole of
her feet loving the sounds she was causing Stacy to make.

Debra, though inexperienced at foot worship, knew how to use her tongue, and
adequetely did so on Stacy's feet, running her wet tongue all the way from
her heel, to her big toe, licking across the top of each successive toe, then
to the other foot, working the toes there as well before moving down to the
heel. Debra though was human, and had far more passion than just for feet.
And so she began to kiss lightly upwards, reaching Stacy's ankles. She looked
up at Stacy who smiled down at her.

"You want my legs, don't you?"

"I want more than that" Debra said. "I want all of you."

Stacy smiled bashfully. "Then take me." Stacy then said and so Debra licked
her way up one leg of Stacy's loving the firmness and yet the softness of
Stacy's legs and then licked her way down another Debra then lifted Stacy's
legs up and first took off the skirt and then the thong and then put either
leg on her shoulders and looked at Stacy who with a singal nod gave Debra
the clearence to go and Debra did she dived into Stacy's snatch and went at
it 100%.

Stacy was aware of Debra's experience, but all the knowledge of her in the
world couldn't have prepared her for the tongue lashing she was in for.
Stacy's moans were loud and lustful off the top, as she'd rarely experienced
anything so pleasurable, and certainly had never been eaten out the way Debra
was. She used her tongue to probe around Stacy's slit, searching for points
that made her jump, and focusing her attention there, before rapidly moving
to another. The jolts caused Stacy to not only moan, but squirm in the chair,
gripping the arm rests with all her strength.

Of course that was nothing for what Stacy exprerienced when Debra finally
found Stacy's clit at first Debra was gently licking it and sucking it but
then she became very firary as she sucked hard and nibbled and licked it and
really showed it no mercy like she had done with Stacy's love-box.

Stacy's pain turned into pleasure though, as she urged Debra on. "Ugh...
YEAH!....Ooooh, harder!! Oh God...OH GOD!"

Stacy could feel her innards bubbling up, and knew that it wouldn't be long
before total pleasure overtook her. Stacy took all her energy into taking her
hands and pushing Debra's head, rubbing it in her pussy, trying to give
herself even more pleasure. Debra didn't mind, and only continued her work,
faster and faster.

TOKEN OF MY APRECIATION!" Stacy cried and then shaking like never before as
her orgasam first took a hold of her and then ran through her as if somebody
had ran a cold ice cube down her backbut that didn't stop Debra half blinded
due to cum on her face she instinctivly continued her task untill she
couldn't taste any webtness or fulids and then Debra sat back and smiled a
job well done indeed.

Debra crawled up Stacy's body and kissed her deeply, sharing her own fluids
with the blonde bombshell.

"Thank you so much Debra, I'm so much more confident in myself, I've never
felt so happy before. I'd like to pay you."

Debra's smiled sort of faded.

"Oh, okay...will that be cash or.."

Stacy cut her off with another French kiss.

"Oh no, not there yet, I mean pay you in my newfound confidence. If you
believe in my tits so much, we'll just have to see what they can do."

Debra looked at Stacy puzzled.

"You sit down and I'll show you what I mean."

Stacy explained and so they swapped places Debra sat in her leather chair
and Stacy kneed on the floor and imdiaitly took off Debra's skirt and thong
and then moved her legs out of the way and then kneed as tall as she could
making her breasts level with Debra's cunt she then took her tip off and her
bra and then got a breast and licked and kissed and sucked it a little making
it nice and wet as well as make Debra wet wit the show she was putting on.

Debra herself had unbuttoned her blouse and was massaging her own breasts.

"Mmm...that's not all they're good for," whispered Stacy, as she moved closer
to Debra's pussy. She took one of her breasts in her hands, and quickly ran
it across Debra's cunt.

"UNGH!!" Debra moaned. She'd never felt anything like that before and
instantly craved more. Stacy did a quick one again, and Debra again let out
a swift, loud grunt of pleasure. Stacy decided to stop playing around and get
right to it. She began to work each of her breasts across Debra's pussy,
literally humping her with her chest.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhh thought...your breasts wern't good enough to
pleasure a man...or woman...well you sure as hell...are pleasuring me." Debra
said loving this almost as much as Stacy was.

"Am I?" Stacy asked loving the feeling she was getting from doing this as
much as Debra was

"Uh!" Debra said.

"Do you like this?" Stacy demanded.

"Uhh..yes!" Debra gasped.

"Do you love my tits?"


"Do you want to cum all over my breasts?!"

"YEESSS!!" Debra screamed as Stacy's erect nipple hit Debra's clit. The
friction gave Debra far too much pleasure to handle, and she roughly came
all over Stacy's chest.

Stacy then had an idea of her own she then raised her self up to Debra and
when she had her breasts level with Debra's mouth she then said, "You want
to lick my breasts clean then lick them and lick them good" Stacy said in a
rather demanding voice really comming out of her nervous shell.

Debra was content getting a little action, being submissive or aggressive
didn't matter to her. She happily obliged and leaned forward, running her
tongue over Stacy's perky breasts, cleaning up every last drop of herself
and enjoying the taste. Debra of course decided to help herself by going a
little further, and lightly sucking on Stacy's nipples, even if they were

Debra then felt Stacy's hand onthe back of her head gently but firmly holding
her to Stacy's breast while Stacy moaned and groaned and cooed with her head
flung back and her eyes closed.

Debra pulled back, and looked Stacy right in the eyes.

"Your breasts are amazing, but mine are the original puppies, let's just see
how they stack up."

Debra reached around Stacy's thing body, and brought her chest up to Stacy's.
They began to bob up and down, causing their nipples to cross each other,
rubbing sensually against each other's breasts. Their moans were near
simultaneous, as whatever one did effected the other.

They then tried to out match each other in moaning when Debra moaned Stacy
moaned louder and visa-versa but then the pleasure got so intense they where
lost in they're moans and they didn't care who was moaning loudest they just
loved the feelings they where getting from each other's breasts.

Debra had grown weary of being the pet for Stacy's coming out experiments,
and now decided to show that she drew the line at breast competitions. She
grasped Stacy's arms and pinned them over her head, rendering her defenseless
against Debra's full breasts. They continued to absolutly engulf Stacy's,
though the nipples on Stacy poked Debra, sending waves of pleasure. Stacy now
could not move, and Debra merely bucked her body up and down, continuing to
stimulate her breasts through Stacy's. Their moans built up in unison as a
2nd orgasm for each girl built, though without the requirement of pussy play.

And before either of them could warn the other they both exploded with loud
moans and pleasure filled groans.

They each whispered, "Oh God's" as their bodies sunk to the floor. They
continued to kiss lightly as they regained their strength. It was getting
late, and Debra's office was closing for the day. Stacy commented on it all
as she was dressing, "Wow, I can't believe I was so forceful there."

Debra just smiled and replied, "That's just another part of your sexuality
you'll have to explore. But remember, no matter how confident you are in your
body, nobody's breasts outdo mine."

Before the two women left the office Debra asked Stacy to be sure and tell
more divas about her "hands on technique" and Stacy made sure that she could
come back if she had anymore "Problems" and Debra of course said yes and even
said she'd give her a discount and then the two women left the office both
satisfied one a satisfied customer the other a satisfied servicer.

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