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Debra The WWE Divas' Sex Therapist Part 3: Victoria
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

Debra had been very content being the WWE sex therapist, as it let her get
to see all her old friends from the WWE again. However, a couple of them were
also unemployed. That's why she immediately accepted an invitation from
Joanie Laurer to go out to lunch that day. It had been almost a year since
they'd seen one another, and she missed her best friend. Joanie was in town
doing a book signing, and Debra sat at a cafe sipping her iced tea, waiting
for her to arrive.

Joanie entered the cafe scouted around looking for Debra the two locked eyes
on each other and gave each other a little wave and then Joanie walked up to
Debra's table and Debra stood up the two hugged each other warmly both
smiling due to the fact they where together again after so long without any
contact no phone call or e-mail or letter or anything.

"Sorry i'm late." Joanie said as they broke the hug.

"Ah don't worry about it Jo your here now that's the important thing." Debra
said as the two women retook they're seats. "Would you like something to
drink?" Debra asked as the waiter came to the table.

"I'll have a diet coke please." Joanie said the waiter nodded and then looked
at Debra

"I'll have the same." Debra said with a smile at Joanie and Joanie smiled

They mostly engaged in chit chat until their drinks arrived.

"So, what've you been up to these days?" Debra asked.

Joanie replied "Well, I'm in town meeting Vince."

Debra had a suprised look on her face. "You mean you're thinking about coming

Joanie agreed. "Actually, it's a funny story. Vince really had no interest in

Debra raised an eyebrow, anxious to hear where the story was going.

"In all honesty he admitted, it was two others who rang me up and asked me if
I'd be interested."

Debra's jaw dropped. "Not them..."

"Yep them the same two who had Vince pracitcally drive me out of the WWE
claiming they couldn't work in the same place or same time or any of that
shit so Vince got rid of me because of them. And then two years later out of
the blue who calls me 10:30am Stephanie McMahon asking me to come back to
the WWE saying the WWE needs me the fans want me and then who should call me
exacterly the same day 4:30pm this time but my ex-boyfriend Paul Lavesque
saying the same shit only he added something extra to the mix." Joanie told
her friend smiling all the time she told Debra the story

Debra took it all in and collected her thoughts. "...So, you're interested?"

Joanie sipped her drink. "Well yeah; I mean I've never been more successful
than when I was in there. Even if that jerk and his whore...oh, before I
start again, did you notice that Stephanie's started to bulk up, square her
jaw, and admitted to having anal with Paul? Gee, wonder where she got that

Debra almost spit her drink laughing. After they both settled, Joanie
continued, "Anyway, even if the two of them are together, they can be happy,
and I'll just be another employee. He won't have my heart to break this time,
simple as that."

"How are you anyway as far as romantically goes?" Debra asked curious about
her friend's love life since Paul and Sean Waltman who was Joanie's last
boyfriend and just like her relationship with Paul her time with Waltman
ended in disaster.

"I'm single and alot more careful and alot more picky about the men I date
even for one night and I've made myself a promise I'm not going to get
involved with another male wrestler they are not worth the bother."

Debra smiled.

"What about you? I haven't heard alot of rumors about your love-life since
your devorice from the rattlesnake (Steve Williams/Stone Cold Steve Austin)."
Joanie said as interested in Debra's love life as Debra had been about her's.

Debra stirred her drink nervously. There was no real getting around the
question. "Well," she started. "I guess you could say my love life is my
career now."

Joanie looked puzzled, so Debra kept going.

"I'm a sexual therapist...for divas in the WWE."

Joanie stared wide-eyed, taking in what that entailed.

"So if your sex life revolves around that...does that mean you...?"

Debra blushed, "I give them help in whatever way they need."

Joanie couldn't belive it and she stunned herself further by saying, "Who
have some of your clients been? And what kind of problems have they had?"
She asked not being able to control what she'd just said comming out of her
mouth before it was too late.

Debra was a little suprised by the rash question by Joanie, but she figured
if her biggest secret was out, it wouldn't hurt to push it a bit further.

"Thus far I've had Stephanie and Stacy; Victoria I'm scheduled to meet after
our lunch break, and I've had a couple calls from Torrie Wilson who's
expressed interest. Nothing official on her yet."

Joanie gulped down her drink hard. "Wow, sounds like you've been busy."

Debra smiled, "Well, it pays the bills and gets me off, and I don't have to
deal with assholes that are the male side of the human race, so I'm not

"Yeah well no offence intended Debs but I like what men have between they're
legs so I think I'll stick to being straight." Joanie said.

"Is that an offer a challenge or a statement?" Debra asked teasingly.

"What do you think it is."

Debra remained silent she didn't know what to say so she figured it best to
move on to something else. "Well, you're a good friend of mine Joanie so if
you ever have any problems I'm pretty sure I'll be able to resist helping
you in my normal way." Debra said with big smile on her face.

"You mean hands on?"

Debra nodded.

"Well, so long as you stick to that promise I'll keep that offer open
hopefully though I won't need to take you up on it." Joanie said with a

Debra and Joanie both laughed, but deep inside, could feel themselves being
turned on by the image. Even if they were just joking, even partially, the
thought of one fucking the other was an exceedingly erotic though. There was
an awkward silence after the joke. Thankfully, Debra's beeper went off. She
glanced at it and cursed to herself, then checked her watch.

"Damn, I didn't realize it was getting so late, I've got to be back in my
office, Victoria's going to be there any minute. I'm really sorry to leave
you like this, but it's business."

Joanie smiled and nodded. "I know, girl's gotta eat sometime. I'll give
you a call tomorrow, ok?"

"All right, here's my card," Debra gave her one of her business cards with
her number on it. They hugged once more as Debra sped out the door. Joanie
rubbed her neck, and for the first time looked herself over. She realized her
nipples were hardened, poking through her shirt gently, and her pussy was
wet. She paid for her drink and drove off a few minutes after Debra, deep in
thought about what it all meant.

Debra while driving kept thing back to Joanie's statement:

"Yeah well no offence intended Debs but I like what men have between they're
legs so I think I'll stick to being straight."

and she remembered her response:

"Is that an offer a challenge or a statement?"

and part of her so wished that it had been an offer or a challenge because
despite them being friends Debra knew what she was and sh knew despite the
fact her and Joanie where friends Debra had always loved offers but she loved
even more challenges.

Debra then shook the thoughts from her head when she saw she was almost at
her office building when she pulled up she got out and went to the door to
her office at that very momment Victoria ran up to her.

"Am I late?" Victoria asked Debra was a little startled.

"No." Debra said with a stunned smile.

"We didn't exacterly set a time all you said was around 1pm and it's 5
minutes past one so I guess technically your right on time." Debra said and
with that the two girls entered the office Victoria sat on the leather sofa
and Debra took her seat behind her desk opeing a draw and taking out a file
and taking a pen out of her pen holder and writing down the date the time
and "her client". "So Victoria how can I help you?" Debra asked.

Victoria opened up immediately, suprising Debra. I guess she realized she
wasn't going to get help if she wasn't going to talk.

"Well, first of all I'm a lesbian, if that helps any at all."

Debra jotted it down.

"Do I know your partner?"

Victoria nodded answering.

"Yeah, Trish Stratus. The sex generally is great, but lately I've been
feeling kind of lackluster. See, I usually end up on top, doing things, or
telling her to do things to me. She tries to take charge some times, but it
just doesn't work, and I have to take control again."

"Mm-hm." Debra said making notes while Victoria spoke. "And that's a problem
for you?" Debra asked.

"Yeah." Victoria responded.

"Why?" Debra then asked.

"I guess it's because I'm always in control or I always feel the need to be
in control and a relationship weather it's in the bedroom or not isnt about
domination and submission it's about sharing."

Debra smiled at Victoria's way of explaining her problem. "Well, I agree a
relationship isn't but in the bedroom can be about dom and sub." Debra said
partly joking and partly being serious.

"The thing is Trish tries so hard to get me to let her be in charge and I do
try my hardest but I just can't let go."

"Not power hungry are you?" Debra asked.

"No not at all it's just...." Victoria trailed off not able to finish her

"It's just you've been in control of your actions and life for so long you
can't let go for fear of what might happen if you did?" Debra said and asked
at the same time Victoria nodded in a very sure and posative way. "Hm let me
ask you something." Debra said. "What if the situation you where in left you
with no choice but to submit not just control but yourself." Debra asked.

Victoria thought. "Well, I guess I'd have no choice but to live with it."

Debra again wrote down some notes. "Is it just in the bedroom that you have
control issues?"

Victoria thought then shook her head no. "I'm also usually the one to arrange
hotel stuff, eating locations, most our travel stuff."

Debra nodded and folded her arms. "So you've never really had many chances to
let things come to you rather than taking charge?"

Victoria again thought back to past experiences, but came up empty. "No, I
guess not."

Debra stood up and walked over to Victoria, talking along the way. "Well, I
tell you what..." she got to the couch and pinned Victoria's arms above her
head, kissing her deeply. Victoria at first struggled, but was held firmly in
place, finally accepting the kiss. Debra released her and whispered right to
her face. "If you want more, come to this address tonight. Wear something
that'll turn me on."

She escorted Victoria out her door, who stuttered for a minute before just
waving good-bye and driving off. Debra went back inside to prepare.

Later that night....

"Bye honey, I promise I won't be out too late." Victoria heard Trish say the
next sound she heard was the door closing behind her.

"Right time to move." Victoria said going into her wardrobe and looking for
something slutty sexy and something that would turn Debra on.

"Jesus me and control issues" Victoria said not seeing or any of her clothes
looked slutty or sexy or turn on like to her they all liked the kind of
clothes Smackdown GM Stephanie McMahon would wear (such as her black business

"She's gonna kill me for this but it's for the good of our relationship."
Victoria said and with that she invaded Trish's wardrobe and then she found
what she wanted and got dressed into it and drove to the hotel and went up
to the hotel room Debra had put on the peice of paper she took a deep breath
this was it the no turning back now she closed her eyes took another deep
breath swallowed hard and then knocked on the door of the hotel.

Debra opened the door slightly, letting only her head appear. She checked
Victoria out. She was wearing a half shirt and low rise jeans. The
combination allowed for a dark green thong to be seen clinging to her hips.
Debra grabbed her by the wrist, pulled her in harshly and flung her to the
bed. She laid on top of her prone body, and it was the first time Victoria
got a good look at Debra. She was wearing a tiny black g-string with a
leather corsette covering her torso. It was sexy, quasi-dominatrix garb,
and being held down just turned Victoria on.

"It's 9:03, slave, I told you to be here at 9."

Victoria was puzzled. "Ummm, sorry Debra, I go got here as fast as..."

She was struck on the cheek firmly by Debra.

"You will refer to me as Mistress Debra, slave. Do you understand?"

Victoria submitted, "Yes, Mistress."


"Mistress Debra!"

"Good now then since your an ameture slave I am willing to make an exception
for your lateness HOWEVER for the rest of this evening you do one thing wrong
the slightest thing and you will be punished for it understood?" Debra asked
quite a ease it seemed in her "dominating" role.

"Yes, Mistress Debra." Victoria responded immediatly.


Debra then got off of Victoria and layed on her side facing Victoria it was
then Debra began by lightly moving her hand across Victoria's chest and
stomach. "I don't remember ever seeing you where this on the show." Debra
said she then smiled whickedly.

"But I do remember seeing Trish Stratus wearing it once or twice... This
belongs to her doesn't it." Debra said resting her hand on one of Victoria's
breasts and gently with her finger nail ran it around Victoria's hard nipple.

"Yes it does Mistress Debra." Victoria admitted trying hard to ignore the
torture Debra was putting her though,

"Does she know you have it?" Debra then asked.

"No, mistress Debra." Victoria again admitted.

"Does she know where you are tonight?" Debra questioned.

"She thinks I'm at home in bed with a migrane." Victoria admitted.

"Did you lie to her just so you could have sex with me?" asked Debra.

"No Mistress Debra, I lied so I could learn how to make our relationship

Debra smiled. "Good answer" she smiled as she traced circles around
Victoria's nipple. She moaned lightly. Suddenly the mood changed, and Debra
sat up. "You will NOT moan unless I tell you it is ok. For that you've earned
5 spankings. You will not orgasm, you will not moan, you will not do anything
without my permission, is that clear, slave?"

Victoria shyed away, "Yes, Mistress Debra."

And with that Debra got up and walked over to a chair and sat down.

"Come over here slave." Victoria immediatly got up and walked over to Debra's
side. "Lay down across my lap with your ass in the air."

Victoria was a little hesitant and then she had no choice as Debra grabbed
her by the arm forcefully and pulled her down onto her lap with her ass in
the air but she still had the bottoms on.

"5 extra spankings for hesitating to do what I said." Debra said as she
forced Victoria's bottoms off of her and then pulled the thong up almost
until it hurt her ass because it was so far up her ass it began to sting
against her pussy.

"You count along and remember to put "Mistress Debra" at the end or else you
will find the 10 spankings becoming as many as it needs to untill you have
said "Mistress Debra" to 10 spankings." With that, Debra reared her hand up
high and smacked Victoria's ass.

"Ah! One, Mistress Debra! Two...ow...Mistress Debra. Ah! Three!" There was a
moment of silence, and Victoria almost whispered. "Mistress Debra."

"Tsk tsk tsk," said Debra.

"That'll be another 5 after these, but we'll save them for later."

Again, she resumed spanking Victoria. But then something changed. After 4,
Victoria began to breathe heavy. 5, she sighed lightly, but still cried in
pain. 6 however, she let out a small moan, suprising both her and Debra.

"5 more to add to those 5 i've already added to the 10 for later." Debra said
trying to hide her smile at the fact that Victoria was being to enjoy her
submissive role and only hoped when this night ended Trish would be able to
do as good a job at being mistress as Debra felt she was doing and pretty
soon the first 10 spankings where over and Victoria's ass was like a tomatoe
two beautiful well toned and now sunburn looking ass cheeks.

"Alright let's move on slave." Debra said not missing a beat she forced
Victoria off of her onto the floor ass first and she watched with relish as
Victoria gritted her teeth which proved how badly despite how much she had
ended up enjoying the spankings how badly her ass hurt.

Debra then walked over to a side of the bed pressed play on the cd player she
had on the bedside table and then layed on the bed with her back against the

"Dance for me slave." Debra said with a big smile on her face.

Debra sat on the bed as Victoria began to rock her hips back and forth. She
was all ready in her thong, and the shirt covered little, so she knew she
had to seduce her with her body and not just rely on removing articles of
clothing. She started by turning around, showing Debra her reddened ass. She
played with the thong, pulling it out of her pussy and putting it back the
way it was intended. She grinded the air, rocking her butt seemingly closer
to Debra, as if asking for more spankings. She then spun around and ran her
hands through her hair, before running them down the front of her body. She
then slowly pulled the bottom of the shirt up, letting it rest just beneath
her breasts, teasing Debra with the removal of it. Finally, at a crescendo
of the music, she popped it off and tossed it to her dominatrix. She sported
a pushup green bra, which displayed her tits in ample fashion.

"Ok Slave enough I want the pleasure of taking off your thong and bra but
since you gave your mistress such a good show i think it deserve a bit of a
reward so let's swap positions."

And so Victoria laid on the bed her back up against the headboard and Debra
stood at the end of the bed.

"Track No.9 please slave." Debra said smiling from ear to ear Victoria
reached over and flipped through to track No.9 which turned out to be
Victoria's entrance music "All the things she said" by TaTu.

Debra's striptease was of a quicker pace than Victoria's, to suit the music.
She began like Victoria, rubbing her own ass as she gyrated it towards
Victoria. Victoria had to sit on her hands in order to keep herself from
reaching out. Debra came right up to Victoria, slightly above her as she was
standing and Victoria sat upon the bed. She reached and took Victoria's hand
in her own, and guided it to the top of her zipper. She let Victoria slide
her zipper down, undoing her leather, torso covering corsette. She backed
away and dramatically threw it off her body, revealing a strapless black bra.
Both women were now in their bras and thongs as Debra clicked off the music.
She then shoved Victoria down on the bed. She was serious again, and looked
to be ready for love.

Debra then reached over behind the cd player and revealed in her hand a small

"Time for the finale of the strip tease." Debra said as she then cut the
straps to both Victoria's bra and then her thong and then Debra done the same
to her own bra and thong and then placed the knife back where she got it from
and then she forced Victoria's entire body to be laying on the bed and then
she positioned herself so her feet where either side of Victoria's head and
she lowered herself just above Victoria's face and she simply said, "Eat me

Victoria needed no other encouragement than that, and began to lick inside
of Debra's snatch. Debra loved the feeling of wetness meeting wetness inside
her. Victoria's hands clutched Debra's hips to keep her positioned, which
caused Debra to stop.

"Ah, ah ah. No touching."

She then reached behind the bed and brought up a long silk scarf. She tied
Victoria's hands to the headboard, not exactly tight, but enough where she
couldn't move them very far.

"Now continue," Debra commanded, which Victoria did. Debra did a good job of
keeping herself steady, but as her breath got heavier, not only did she begin
feeling her own breasts up, she began to lose place. However, she was not
about to lose herself to her slave just yet.

"That's enough for now slave, you did a good job. To reward you, I'll make
you have a harder orgasm then you've had in a long time, I promise you. But
before I do, another suprise."

She reached to where the knife was, but this time pulled out a blindfold,
which she used to cover Victoria's face. She was now bound and blind, totally
at Debra's mercy.

"Can you see anything?" Debra asked.

"No Mistress Debra I can't."

"Can you touch anything?" Debra said.

"No Mistress Debra I can't." Victoria said again.

"Good now wait right here I'll be back." Debra said and with that Victoria
felt the weight on the bed lighten a little which ment to her Debra had
gotten off of the bed. Unkown to Victoria however is Debra had walked quietly
over to the door to the hotel room and opened it just enough for a blonde
haired beauty enter the room Debra signaled the new arrival to be quiet.

"She's all yours Mistress Stratus." Debra said jokingly.

"Thank you Mistress Debra will you be staying?" Trish asked.

"I have er 10 spankings to give your girlfriend, so I will stay but if you
want some privacy I'll wait outside."

"No no need to do that." Trish said smiling as she looked over at the totally
helpless Victoria.

"Debra told me you were having troubles giving in, but now it seems all the
work's done for me, and I have no troubles doing whatever I please, lover."

With that, Debra took a seat, and began watching as a quickly stripping Trish
crawled over to her prey. She began licking Victoria's breasts lightly, but
stopped to lay down some rules.

"Now slave, you may moan, and you may cum, but not until at least 5 minutes
after I begin eating you out. Any sooner and you will be punished; is that

Victoria just nodded as Trish feasted on her tits again. For the first time
that night Victoria let out a healthy moan, and continued to do so as Trish
continued. Watching from behind, Debra began to touch herself. But it wasn't
Trish and Victoria she watching. Her mind began to wander. From behind, the
blonde and black haired ladies could be mistaken for two others, namely
herself and Joanie. She instantly felt even hotter fantasizing about Joanie
being all hers.

Debra closed her eyes and let her fantesy take on a life of it's own the
fantasy was similar to what was happening in the room not to far from her
but the only diffrence was Joanie wasn't bound and she wasn't blind folded
she knew what was happening and she loved it because she was pushing her
beautiful pussy into Debra's face wanting Debra's tounge to go deeper into

Joanie's imaginary moans synched into Victoria's real ones. Deep and with
heavy breath, "Aaah..aaah...ooooooooooh."

Trish at this point not only was eating Victoria out, but had been doing so
for 5 minutes at least. Trish took a break to stare up at her, as Debra
fantasized finally pushing Joanie over the edge, and getting a taste of her
own medicine.

"You've done well, slave," said Trish, "I think we can let you climax now."

She went back to work, but this time, added two fingers to stimulate
Victoria's clit, causing her to nearly scream. Debra also began to scream,
imagining Joanie's long fingers pushing into her pussy as well. Debra
inserted her own two to aid in the realization.

"Trish...oh Trish!" shouted Victoria as she came, Debra shouted "JOANIE!

And came as well. Trish and Victoria thankfully didn't notice.

"mmmmmmmm you taste as good as ever slave." Trish said licking her lips clean
of Victoria's cum as Victoria regained her breath she looked puzzled and
said, "This is the first time we've fucked Mistress." she said the reason
Victoria had been moaning Trish's name was because she figured she couldn't
see anything so why not close her eyes and let her imagination take over and
she imagined Trish doing what Debra had been doing.

"Well you see we have fucked before slave because."

And with that Trish took off the blind fold and let Victoria see who had been
eating her out.


And she saw Debra sitting at the bar, cleaning herself up from her own

"I thought you were moaning my name because you knew, Vicky."

Victoria shook her head, "No, I just wanted it to be. With the blindfold, it
was almost like it was you."

Trish smiled, "Well, you're not done yet," and lowered her face, much like
Debra had, over Victoria.

"Now, my slave lover, eat me, make me cum with just your tongue, you helpless
little thing." Victoria grinned from ear to ear.

"Yes Mistress Stratus."

With that she began to eat out the dantier blonde, causing her to feel her
own breasts and coo in joy. Debra, still exhausted, rested her head on the
bar and just smiled as she watched the two of them fuck each other.

Debra then got an idea how to make Victoria eat Trish even more ravenous and
wild than she already was doing and so she secretly got out her whip which
had like hair beeds on the end and she moved to the bottom of the bed and
quietly sat down and then started giving Victoria her 10 spankings.

She lifted Victoria's legs up in the air, suprising Victoria who could not
see what was happening. Debra then lashed her ass with the ninetails.
Victoria moaned into Trish's pussy, who was riding Victoria's face, rocking
her hips as fast as she could and moaning loudly. Debra counted off and just
as she reached ten, Trish exploded in an orgasm into Victoria, who quickly
lapped up every single fluid.

Debra sat back and saw both women getting they're breath back and she smiled
as she got her clothes back on the courset and and everything and then got
her coat back on and got all her things together she then gave Victoria peck
on the cheek and Trish a peck on the cheek and said, "I think my work here
is done the hotel room is fully paid up so your wellcome to spend the night
and Victoria has my card if either of you ever need my services again have
fun girls." Debra said with a smile and with that she left the hotel room and
the hotel and as she was driving home her mind began to wander back to her

Debra was a bit confused. Joanie was her best friend for a long time, but had
never really thought about her in that way. But suddenly, the images of her
fucking and being fucked by the Ninth Wonder of the World were absolutely
intoxicating. Here she had a great person that she loved to spend time with
and was incredibly sexy to her. However she was hesitant to think about it.
Did she really want to risk her strongest friendship for a lesbian affair?
She honestly didn't know the answer to that question. As she got into her
car, she reached into the back seat, pulling out a 6 inch metallic vibrator.
She looked at it, and whispered "Well, it looks like you've got your hands
full tonight."

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