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Debra The WWE Diva Sex Therapist Part 4: Torrie Wilson
by Cerberus & Brent M Denny

It had had been 3 weeks since Debra had received any calls or clients. Her
problem wasn't so much that she needed the money. With what her husband made
and the expense she could charge from the divas she'd all ready consaulted,
she could be comfortable for months. Her problem was her sex drive. She was
getting huge cravings for sexual activity. Masturbation was fine, but she
needed more, she needed interaction. Suddenly a thought raced across her
mind. She figured if she couldn't get someone physically, she might as well
talk to one. She scrambled through her files, looking for an old issue of
Penthouse she had. After securing it, she flipped through the pages to the
phone-sex ads.

There was one that immediately caught her eye called "Amazing Amazons".

Debra picked up her phone and dialed the number she heard all the usual

"You have to be 21 or over to call this number if you are not 21 please put
the phone down now otherwise please hold for our next avalable Amazing

Debra waited a couple of minute and then a voice answered the other end.

"Hello there, thanks for calling. Before we hook you with our live amazons,
I'll just have to ask you a few questions to get you the best possible

Debra replied with a simple, "Okay."

It was more than the operator needed.

"Oh, a woman eh? All right, that's a start. Now, describe your ideal woman,

Debra thought about it as she went along. "Well, I suppose I want her to be
tall enough stand over me easily. Long flowing black hair is a major turn
on. I have pretty large breasts, so I'd like someone who could match them.
Someone who can be domineering and yet feminine, and totally comfortable
with their sexuality."

Debra could hear scribbling on the other end, assuming that the operator was
finishing up these notes.

"Okay, black hair, tall, muscular yet curvy, and very sexual, is that right?"
Debra confirmed this.

"So, someone like that one wrestler, Chyna?"

Debra's heart skipped a beat. She hadn't even realized that she had described
her good friend, Joanie Laurer to a perfect description. She couldn't deny
her attraction, but she didn't realize it was this serious.

"Y..yes, please."

"Okay," the operator replied.

"I think I have just the girl, hold please."

After a few minutes silence a much more femanine voice answered, "Hi I'm
Janine what's your name?"

Debra swallowed hard. "Debra." she said finally

"Well hello Debra. I understand your looking for a Chyna impersonation."

Debra smirked. "I guess I am." she said still unable to belive she had
described Joanie so well and that her attraction was this serious.

"Where would you like the scene to be set Debs if I may call you that?"
Janine asked.

"You may." Debra said knowing that was Joanie's nickname for her.

"I'd like it to be set backstage after a PPV we've both just had our showers
and we're now drying ourselves off we're alone in the locker room with all
the other WWE divas having gone home already apart from the lockers and the
door that leads out of the locker room and another door that leads into the
showers there are two benches one on the left and one on the right next to
the lockers that are placed against the walls and in the center of the room
there is a large wooden table." Debra said remembering the last woman's
locker room she'd been in.

"Very descriptive Debs." Janine said Debra blushed.

"All right, well I guess it starts out with me noticing that you just checked
my ass out when I went to put my g-string on. I won't say anything for now,
since you just did the same, and you could feel my eyes watching you."

Debra unbuttoned the top of her blouse, exposing her all ready massive
cleavage, and began lightly rubbing her upper chest.

"Well, this happens again with each of us as we put our bras on. But I'm
tired of this game. I walk up to you, and say 'Look, I know you want me. I
want you too. What are you going to do about it Debs?"

Debra sighed lightly, completely immersed in the illusion. "I let you push
me against the locker and kiss me."

Jannine chuckled. "You like to be controlled, do you?"

"Only by an imposing woman such as yourself," replied the blonde.

"Good, because I like being in control. You can feel my lips on yours, and
my strong firm hands groping your large chest. Do you like that Debra? Can
you feel your nipples getting harder?"

"Oh yes I can." Debra said as her hand slithered it way down into her thong
and began to finger herself.

"I like it too, so much that I don't think you need this bra, and so I'll
just pull it right of your skin. Now I'm going to use my tongue not to kiss
you, but to please your breasts. Can you feel that wetness on your tits, my
little Debra?"

Debra moaned audibly and sat the phone down. She changed it to speaker phone
mode in order to keep her hands free. They weren't free for long, as one went
back into herself and with the other, she licked her fingers and massaged her
own breast. "Oooh, God, that feels so good. But I want to please you now."

"Okay," replied the phone whore.

"I want you to get on your knees. Are you down? Good. Now I'm going to turn
around. All I'm wearing is a tiny piece of black string some women would call
underwear. It's practically dental floss. Don't you love my ass Debra? Don't
you want to kiss it? Go ahead, please my ass."

Debra took over, concentrating on prolonging her orgasm for as long as

"Okay, I start with light kisses, but then I start to use my tongue. I use
long wet lashes all over your ass, and even on your thong straps."

"Mmmmm..." replied the impersonator.

"That feels good. But I'm going to pull you back up. While you were down
there, I did the honor of unclasping my bra. We're each topless now. What
would you like to do?"

"I take a nipple into my mouth while my right hand plays with your right
breast and my left hands moves down to your cunt and I begin to finger fuck
you slowly at first then faster and faster untill i have all four fingers
in your cunt and my mouth is really giving your nipple a good seeing too by
this time as well" Debra said.

"Oh Debs this feel so good," moaned the impersonator.

"At this point you can hardly stand, so now I press you up into the lockers
to give your support."

"Thanks, Debs, I don't know if my knees would last much longer if you didn't,
right now I've got one hand going through my hand with another hand massaging
the breast you aren't sucking on. My head is tossing back and forth, trying
to hold out for you. But God, you're so good, you're so goooooodd..." The
impersonator moaned loudly, urging Debra on. At this point, Debra was totally
immersed in the fantasy.

"It's okay Joanie, cum for me, cum right on my hand!"

"OOOOOOOOH!" screamed her phone partner. She moaned lightly a few times after
before just breathing lightly.

"That was incredible Debra. I've got your hand in mine now, and I'm licking
each finger clean. I taste wonderful."

Debra who had also came just breathed a heavy sigh of relife and then once
she got her breath back simply said, "Thank you."

"Your entirly welcome if ever you need relief again just call and ask for

"I will." Debra said smiling uncontrolablly from ear to ear.

"Bye Debs." Janine said.

"Bye Janine," and with that Debra put the phone down.

Debra decided to have a shower and clean herself off. After a fresh change,
she got out of the shower and was about to prepare dinner when she got a
phone call.

"Debra's Therapy Service, Debra speaking."

"Umm, hi, Debra? This is Torrie Wilson. I've been having quite a game of
phone tag with you."

Debra laughed, "Indeed, seems when one of us is free, the other's busy."

Torrie agreed, "That's what I wanted to talk to you about. I'm going to be
in town doing a photo shoot tomorrow, and should be done by noon. Are you
available around 2:30 tomorrow?"

Debra asked her to hold while she flipped through her schedule. Thankfully
she didn't have any meetings that day. "You're in luck, I'm free, you know
my address, I'll see you tomorrow dear."

"Okay! Thanks!" said the always-perky Torrie. Debra hung up and muttered to

"Damn, I'm gonna end up paying 20 bucks for that call and tomorrow I've got
a girl. I just get all the luck." Debra laughed lightly to herself and
decided to head to bed. After an intense night like that, and her plans for
tomorrow, she'd need her strength.

The next day she woke up bright and early, going through her usual morning
procedures. She had to clean up her office, and was just about finished when
Torrie walked in. Debra didn't even hear her, as she was both vaccuuming and
had music blaring that she happily sang along to.

She shut off the vaccuum and was still singing, as Torrie had to restrain
herself from laughing. Torrie walked over to the radio and turned it off as
the song ended. Debra whirled around and her face immediately flushed red.

"Am I early?" Torrie asked with a smile.

"Well we didn't exacterly arrange a time did we but yes in a way you are
earlier than I expected." Debra said.

"Do you want me to come back in a little while?" Torrie asked.

"No no no no it's ok my Office is just gonna be half clean and half dirty I
hope you don't mind that." Debra said.

"No I don't mind." Torrie said showing how easy going she was.

"Won't you have a sit down on the sofa?" Debra said as she put the vacum and
radio out of the way and then went to her desk and got the usual things she
needed for a session out while Torrie went over and sat down on the sofa
it was then that she turned from easy going to rather rigid and stiff Debra
noticed this from the way she was sitting evidently it was nerves.

"Nervous?" inquired Debra.

Torrie smiled uncomfortablally, a bit embarrassed.

"Hey, don't worry, everybody is their first time. Hang on a sec."

Debra walked back to a mini fridge she had on the right side of her office
and pulled out a bottle of wine. She poured it in a glass and handed it to
Torrie, who happily accepted it. Debra helped herself and the two quietly
sipped their beverages, relaxing them both. Torrie removed her coat, showing
she was loosening up.

"So, you're obviously here because you're nervous or unsure about something,
so why don't you try and tell me what's wrong?"

"Well Debra this isn't a sexual problem as much it is a relationship
problem." Torrie started off by saying

"Oh?" Debra said a little suprised despite her past clients needing help with
they're relationships all of them had been in a sexual way but the way Torrie
was talking Debra really belived there would be no hands on sexual help
needed in this session.

"It's mine and Billy's aniversary." Torrie said with a sigh.

Debra couldn't help but laugh. "Sorry Torrie but how the hell can it be your
anavisirary so quickly you've only recently got married."

Torrie smiled, it was true Billy and Torrie had just gotten married so Torrie
decided to explain. "Me and Billy have agreed to have two Aniversaries 1 will
be our offically anaversary meaning the one to celebrate when we got married
and the other will be our unoffically aniversary for when we first met and
got together." Torrie explained.

"I see." Debra said smiling at how romantic and sweet it was.

"Well our unoffical anniversary is comming up and I am racking my brain as to
what to get Billy for the aniversary. And I was wondering if you would have
any ideas both sexual and non-sexual." Torrie said with a smile.

"Well, I guess jewelery for a guy would be good, a nice new watch, or does he
wear necklaces?"

Torrie thought a moment before replying, "No, not really. I just want
something that we can treasure for a long time together. Something we'll both

Debra thought very hard for a few minutes. "Well I guess a home movie would
be good."

"Home movie?" Torrie inquired.

"Like a video that'll turn him on of you. Maybe you masturbating in front of
a camera."

"Well that would turn him on but I know something that would turn him on even
more...because ever since the Dawn Marie and me storyline it's been one of
his wildest fantasies." Torrie said the ideas begining to swirl in her head.

"Let me guess." Debra said. "You and Dawn Marie actually going at it?" Debra

"No." Torrie said with a smirk. "But close his wildest fantesy is to watch me
and another woman go at it."

Debra could obviously see where this was going, and decided to play coy, but
in the obvious sense. She kicked her feet up on the table and twirled her
hair. "Now Torrie, what ever could you be suggesting?"

Torrie stood up and slowly walked to Debra, intentionally rocking her hips
back and forth. She leaned over Debra, who was still in her chair. Debra
could plainly see right down the front of Torrie's shirt. "Now Debra, you
wouldn't happen to have a digital camcorder now would you?"

Debra again played easy. "Well I don't know, I'll have to look." She quickly
pulled one out of the drawer of her desk and quickly pulled it up. "Oh, look,
I managed to find one," she said in a wooden, joking tone.

"Excellent but we have a problem Debs." Torrie said.

"Oh?" Debra said.

"This isn't the most erotic setting for us to do this is it."

"Hm are you and Billy sharing a hotel room?" Debra asked.

Torrie smiled "Yes." she said.

"What could be more erotic or dirty than having sex with a woman in the same
bed you sleep in with your husband?" Debra asked.

"My my my Debra you do have a filthy mind don't you?"

Debra blushed.

"Ok but we can't do it now cuz Billy is there however tonight is Smackdown
taping night I'm not involved so when Billy leaves for the show I'll call
you give you the hotel and meet you out front of the hotel I have an idea
how to start this video off." Torrie said

Debra listened attentively as Torrie still bent right over her. The sight of
her chest made Debra want her right then and there.

"You bring the camera tonight. I'll sign on your name when I check in so
they'll let you right up. Bring the camera and start filming a few steps out
of my room, N-23. Just push open the door, and I'll be there waiting for

Torrie then took out the tape that was inside, and helped herself to one of
Debra's pens. She wrote something on the front of it before reinserting it
back in the recorder.

"Oh, Debra, remember, this thing has a 4 hour limit, so be sure to eat your
Wheaties, because we'll be going as long as we can."

Torrie than quickly licked the base of Debra's neck, just above her chest,
before confidentally strolling out the door. Debra looked back in the
recorder to read what Torrie wrote.

"Happy anniversary Billy, One Wild Night.

Debra then locked up went back to her place got a nice hot bath done her
hair and make up and then got dressed in the most kinky tarty slutty sexy and
erotic outfit she could find she then waited untill around 8pm when she got
the call she then got into her car and drove to where Torrie had said Torrie
was waiting out front and Debra walked up to her with the camera

"You look perfect." Torrie said eyeing Debra up and down.

"So do you." Debra said giving Torrie the eye up and down back.

"Start filiming please Debra."

So Debra set up the recorder and then aimed it at Torrie.

"Hey Billy Happy Anniversary sweetheart ya know Billy before today I didn't
know what to get you but then a friend of mine who you'll see in a short
while gave me a few ideas and I figured what could be a better aniversary
present than forfilling the man you love's ultimate fantasy and catching it
all on film for him to watch time and time again so Billy love this is for
you I hope you like it. Just so you know Billy this took place at the Ramada
Hotel the same hotel we stayed at while in Detroit with the WWE so lets go
to the room where this event is gonna take place."

And with that Torrie led the way and Debra kept filming all the way upto the
floor where Billy and Torrie's hotel room was on they then reached the actual
hotel room.

"And here we are baby Hotel room number N-23 funny wasn't that the same hotel
room you and me stayed in Bill?" Torrie said with a naughty smile on her face
she then pushed open the door and led Debra in closing the door behind her
she then led the camera and Debra to the bed.

"Well here's the bed where this "Wild Night" is going to take place so get
ready for a hell of a show Billy Baby as this wild night is about to begin."

And with that Debra paused the recording.

"Go ahead and set it up here, Debra," said Torrie, as she rolled a television
stand over to the center of the room.

Debra placed it right on top of it then looked into the window as to focus on
the front of the bed, making sure it wasn't lopsided. When she was satisfied
with the angle, she gave Torrie a thumbs up. Torrie then climbed on the bed,
modeling it just to make sure.

"A little to the left," called Debra.

Torrie obliged, and Debra was happy with the look of it. With that she walked
over to the front of the bed and crawled up. She sat next to Torrie, and
intertwined their legs, getting into the most seductive position they could.
Once they were both happy, Debra hit the remote control for the video to
resume playing.

"Hi there, Billy. It seems your ladyfriend wants me to help her give you the
best possible gift she can. So I'm here to help her make sure you get your
money's worth. Happy anniversary to both of you."

Debra then took Torrie's face in her hands and moved it closer to her's both
girls smiled as they began to make out with small "closed mouth" kisses but
as they began to get a little turned on they slowly opened they're mouths and
then placed they're lips on each other's and began to let they're tounges
explore one and other's mouth as they french kissed.

Debra acknowledged the need to start slow, but it didn't take long for Torrie
to open up to her. It was amazing, she didn't even notice the camera, she
was just totally focused on turning Torrie on. The two women explored one
another's bodies, pushing up the cloth on one another's shirts. Torrie began
to fumble with Debra's blouse, which was all ready nearly unbuttoned at the
top, and moved down rapidly. Torrie was wearing just a tank top on her body,
so Debra had no problem pushing her hands underneath to run her fingertips
over Torrie's toned abs.

Debra decided to take control since this was for Torrie's boyfriend and all
so she layed Torrie down on the bed and then moved to the side of her the
side facing the camera and layed down and began to kiss her way up and down
Torrie's flat well tonned and tanned stomach and abs and just to the bottom
of her chest she then went back to where she'd started and licked her way up
and down again not touching the chest area yet just making sure that Torrie
was getting turned on enough for what Debra had in mind for later.

She took the teasing further, unbuttoning the top of her lowrise jeans, and
unzipped them lightly. However, she didn't pull them down at all. She merely
ran her lips and tongue over the newly exposed flesh. Torrie's moans were
now audible, and she had her head leaned over the side of the bed, so that
her face, in all it's ecstacy was right in front of the camera, catching
every reaction in addition to Debra moving up and down her stomach.

Debra then decided to go north she took off the top Torrie was wearing and
then got to work on the breasts first she kissed all over and around them
then licked all over and around them and then she attacked them with her
mouth taking the nipple and breast into her mouth sucking licking and biting
hard and gently (a mixture of the two) and moving from one to the other
Debra's goal was simple Torrie's first orgasam as Debra intended was to be
without Debra even touching down between Torrie's legs she wanted to send
Torrie over the end with just teasing her then after the first orgasam she'd
find out if Torrie was as kinky as she seemed to be.

Torrie's moans grew louder and louder as her nipples were teased vigorously.
She couldn't believe how quickly Debra had turned her on. She hadn't even
touched her down there either. It was absolutely unbearable. She could feel
her womanhood absolutely throbbing, begging for touch. But she honestly
questioned her ability to last that long. Debra seemed to have no intention
to go down on her yet, and Torrie just assumed she would just be prolonging
the best for later. She let the sensation overcome her and soon she was
moaning constantly, feeling her body flush and beginning to feel an orgasm
rush her body.

Debra sensed it too and went hog wild working on the nipples and breasts of
Torrie's intent on making her orgasam and then finally the momment came when
she knew she had sucseeded when Torrie cried out, "OH DEBRA!"

And then just let her body go limp the orgasm had been fast and ran straight
throught Torrie's body but Debra had no intention of giving her a chance to
catch her breath well maybe a chance to catch her breath but they did have
an audiance watching so Debra figured to continue playing with Torrie while
she caught her breath.

"Say Torrie do you have any toys that Billy doesn't know about for when he's
not around and your horny?" Debra asked she then decided to be more spesific
about what she was after.

"A dildo perhaps?" she said.

"Well, I do have this."

She pulled out a small box from under the bed, and put in a 3 digit number
on it. It clicked and she opened it up, revealing a steel shaft. She turned
the bottom, and it began vibrating wildly.

"Ooh, I like the look of that," commented Debra.

"Well, fair is fair," said Torrie, who pushed back Debra amd ripped open her
blouse, or at least what remained of it. She noticed Debra wasn't wearing a
bra either, and clicked the vibrator on. Rather than using it per the norm,
Torrie began to rub it on Debra's soft breasts. The rapid vibration sent
shivers throughout Debra's all ready trembling body, as wave after wave of
pleasure hit her.

Torrie knew she wasn't as expereinced as Debra was meaning she couldn't get
Debra to orgasam simply due to her teasing her. So she moved the vibrator
down Debra's body when it came into contact with Debra's ribs Debra wriggled
due to it tickling her Debra then moved down and took off what bottoms Debra
was wearing to find her not wearing any panties and suprisingly she was very
wet but none of it had escaped out of her bottoms.

"God, those must be very water resistant bottoms," Torrie said to Debra who
burst out laughing Torrie then figured she couldn't get Debra to orgasm just
by teasing her breasts but what if she could get Debra to orgasam without
going "inside" Debra with the vibrator just going "around" Debra's outside
Torrie then figured "Oh fuck it" and she went in full steam and let the
vibrator work it's magic inside Debs.

"oooohh...GOD!" shouted Debra, completely unprepared for the sudden

Torrie, from her own experiences with the toy, moved it in and out and
twisted it inside Debra, trying to hit every sensative area of her body.
Debra's hips rocked back in forth in time with Torrie's thrusting, as her
eyes shut tight, focusing only on the complete passion she felt. After
several minutes of this, each woman noticed Debra's moans getting louder
and louder, indicating she wasn't able to hold her pleasure for much

Torrie then went as fast as her hand would allow her with the vibrator
sending it as far as it would good and then pulling it out only to send it
back in and turning it all the way around inside of Debra.

"OH HERE I FUCKING CUM TORRIE!" Debra said swearing basically because she
had never ever experienced something/somebody so talented with a vibrator
as Torrie was which made Debra wonder how and if Billy was cutting it in
the bedroom because to use a Vibrator the way Torrie was using it took
countless times of practice.

Debra's body tensed all over for several seconds before she finally relaxed.
Both of them were tired, but to keep the action going, Torrie layed next to
Debra, lightly making out with her. Nothing too erotic, but it was hot enough
without wearing them out too much.

"Oh God, Torrie, that was incredible."

Torrie giggled lightly and blushed. "Well we've still got a lot to go," said

Debra nodded.

"Now shut up and kiss me."

With that the to continued to make out with one another, Debra nude, Torrie
with her jeans unbuttoned and her thong halfway showing. It was a very soft,
but hot scene. Torrie had caught Billy a couple times watching softcore, so
she was sure he wouldn't mind a slower pace. After all, if the plan was going
right, he'd be exhausted after this too.

"Well." Debra said finally "I'm ready for us to go back to hot and heavy if
you are?" She said to Torrie in the form of a question.

"Ready and willing." Torrie said.

"Shall i go first?" Debra asked.

"Be my guest." Torrie responded the two then shared a very passionate french
kiss before Debra went down to Torrie's pussy and pulled off both her jeans
and her thong and then she decided to re-tease her pussy and so with a finger
which she first sucked and licked she then began to play around the outside
of Torrie's pussy.

She traced her name along with Torrie's across the Playboy covergirl's
rapidly moistening lips. Her light sighs hardened as her breath grew deeper
and deeper. Debra then leaned down and blew lightly on her crotch, causing
her to admit her first moan since she came and her entire body to convulse.
Again she blew, again Torrie moaned, again her whole body shivered. Now for
the first time Torrie felt the tongue of another woman in her most intimate
region. Debra quickly flicked her tongue across Torrie's outer lips, causing
Torrie's eyes to bulge and her body to jerk suddenly at the new erotic

Debra continued the licking for a little while but then she figured enough
was enough and she slowly moved her tounge further in but just to make sure
it didn't get lonely she added two fingers to the mix as well. She inserted
both her tongue and fingers simultaneously. Extremely slowly, and the deeper
they all got, the louder Torrie's moans became.

"aaaaaaAAAHHH!!" Torrie screamed as both of Debra's two digits were knuckle
deep inside her womanhood. Debra than began to pump rhythmically, getting a
good slow speed built up before working over Torrie's pussy faster and

"Oh yes Debra that's it." Torrie said her hips now moving up and down to
meet Debra's fingers and tounge. "mmmmmmmmmm...oh I'm gonna come soon Debs."
Torrie warned This only spurred the blonde bombshell known as Debra on even

"Oh yes I'm definatly gonna come soon baby."

Torrie then began to moan until finaly the last thing she moaned was, "Here
I come!!!!!!!!!!!" and then she let loose with a unbeliveable amount of cum
which Debra allowed splash on her face and she swallowed as much as she could
an then when Torrie had finished cumming she decided to clean Torrie up and
so she did and then she crawled up next to Debra and layed there cleaning her
face of Torrie's cum.

Torrie helped her, as she not only ran her finger over Debra's face, rounding
up any juices left over and feeding them to Debra, she even swallowed some
herself. She looked back at the camera. "Bet you didn't know I was such a
dirty girl, did you sweetheart?" Torrie laughed lightly, as did Debra.
", you're my therapist, what exactly should we do next?"

"Well I think it's your turn to go down on me and then for our grand finale
we should get into a 69 position." Debra said she then looked at the camera.
"Don't you agree?" she asked as if Billy was really there with them. "See,"
Debra said after a short pause "Your boyfriend agrees with me."

"All right," said Torrie. "But first, close your eyes, I have an idea."

Debra did as she was told and heard alot of ruffling around. She then felt a
hand on her wrist, guiding her arm behind her back. Then the cold of steel
pressed against her made her yelp lightly. She opened her eyes to realize
what she thought it was. Torrie had handcuffed one of her hands, and was hard
at work at the other. In a few seconds she was set, and Debra rested on her
arms, unable to move them from underneath her back. This caused her to arch
slightly, leaving her all the more vulnerable for Torrie.

"I hope you're good at sixty-nining, since you won't be able to hold my

"You have to go down on me first." Debra said arrogantly Torrie just smiled
and said.

"You make that sound like it's gonna be a problem." and then the two had
another deep long passionate kiss Torrie then moved down Debra's body giving
a kiss to it here a little lick there then finally she reached Debra's pussy.

And so Torrie, who hadn't been one to tease all night, continued her trend by
diving right into Debra. Her cunt was sopping and Torrie worked first to lap
up all the juices still between her legs before actually focusing on her
technique. Of course all of this was of no relevance to Debra, who happily
closed her eyes and moaned happily as she was being eaten.

"'re so good Torrie, I can't believe this is your first time."

Debra was hoping to hold out for her, but she was shocked when Torrie within
two minutes had found her clit. She quickly flicked her tongue across it,
assuring herself it was what she thought it was, when Debra reacted with a
violent jerk, arching her back, and crying out Torrie's name. Torrie merely
giggled and flicked it again, once more getting a huge response. The next
time, rather than just a quick flick was several lashes, driving Debra to the
point of passing out.

But Debra didn't pass out instead she came uncontroablly Debra couldn't
belive she'd been so easy to "eat" Torrie didn't mind in the slightest all it
ment was that they could move on to the 69 quicker as she lapped up even more
of Debra's juice and loved every minute of it untill finally Debra was once
again clean and then Torrie not missing a beat got up onto of Debra and moved
her cunt down onto Debra's face and got her face in positon above Debra's and
as if to say "go" Torrie began to re-eat and this time finger fuck Debra's

"Ungh...cheating bitch..." joked Debra, seeing as her arms were bound, she
could only hope to use her tongue expertly. Thankfully, this was one area she
was far more experienced than Torrie. She moved her face rapidly back and
forth, causing Torrie to shudder. Torrie kept up initially, but after a few
minutes, withdrew her tongue from within Debra due to lack of concentration.
Debra didn't seem to notice, as she just relentlessly attacked Torrie's wet
snatch. With a deep breath and a loud moan, Torrie dived back in, and went
straight for the clit. Simultaneously, Debra found Torrie's and began
nibbling on it. Both women were being driven over the edge with passion. With
a scream from each, they both exploded on to one another. They couldn't even
lick each other clean. The two merely rolled off the bed and immediately
passed out.

* * *

Joanie closed her eyes as she lay in bed and when she opened them again she
found herself in a double bed not a single totally nude spread eaglded out
willingly it seemed awaiting somebody's arrival and then the bathroom door
opened and out walked Debra totally nude herself her blonde hair behind her
shoulders walking in a rather slutty way to the bottom of the bed when she
reached there she stopped turned and looked at Joanie with a naughty smile
on her face Joanie suddenly realized she couldn't move, but for some reason
didn't care.

"I've wanted this for so long Joanie. You're so sexy, I need your body."
Debra's voice echoed throughout the room.

"I want you too Debra," replied Joanie. "Please, just take me."

Debra obliged, and placed her body directly over Joanie's. She matched Debra,
face for face, breast to breast, and crotch to crotch. Debra then lowered her
body down, and pushed hers into Joanie's. Joanie moaned at the sensation of
their respectively hard nipples and we pussies colliding with one another.

The two girls started off rubbing they're bodies against each other and into
each other gently but as lust desire and pure passion for the other began to
over take they started grinding into each other alot harder and deeper and
faster than before.

"OH JOANIE!" cried Debra as she continued to fuck her lover.

"OH DEBRA!" cried Joanie as she continued to try and keep up with a possessed
Debra or so it seemed but Joanie was possesed too as she was intent on not
cumming until both women where ready and then they would come together.

"AAAAHH!!!" cried Debra, as she threw her head back, her long blonde hair

"OOOOH!!" shouted Joanie, who came equally hard.

Only something was different. She was in a single bed. It was entirely dark.
She looked at her alarm clock, and it read 2:40 AM. It had all been a dream.
She reached down to her thong-clad body and felt the juices flow. She
quickly grabbed a Kleenex to wipe herself dry with. She was simultaneously
embarrassed, confused, and totally turned on. Debra was her best friend. But
now, after this dream, she knew it was evoving into something more. She
didn't know what to do yet. She sat up in her bed for a few moments, then
merely smiled, and drifed back to sleep, hoping for a repeat performance.

The End

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